Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

next two years   (hai năm tới)

Over the next two years, 271 crossings took place.

Two albums were released over the next two years.

The mall was constructed over the next two years.

scored two goals   (ghi hai bàn)

Gary Kagelmacher scored two goals for 1860 Munich.

Tobias Kempe scored two goals for Werder Bremen II.

He played all eight matches and scored two goals.

spent two years   (trải qua hai năm)

He spent two years as a postdoc in Cambridge / UK.

He spent two years on loan with Go Ahead Eagles.

He spent two years at school in Heidelberg, Germany.

first two years   (hai năm đầu)

The 16R-B was produced for the first two years.

Maga inaugurated this system for the first two years.

The first two years' running leg was five miles (8 km) long.

first two seasons   (hai mùa đầu tiên)

The first two seasons were hosted by Akshay Kumar.

The first two seasons adapted one novel each.

James won the NFL rushing title in his first two seasons.

every two years

She has been re-elected every two years since then.

The species produces one generation every two years.

top two teams

The world's top two teams met in the grand finals.

The top two teams qualified for Group I next year.

first two games

They won the first two games, but lost the next three.

He played in the first two games of the regular season.

The first two games went to the Rangers.

played two seasons

In 2006, he moved to Daegu FC and played two seasons.

He played two seasons in Major League Baseball.

He had played two seasons after leaving Sussex.

last two years   (hai năm qua)

During the last two years it appeared irregularly.

In the last two years, circulation has dropped".

He had not played for Trinidad for the last two years.

released two albums

He has released two albums via Toolpusher Records.

They released two albums on United Artists Records.

The band released two albums and disbanded in 1991.

next two seasons

He remained in Washington for the next two seasons.

He played the next two seasons with the SeaDogs.

They alternated regularly the next two seasons.

only two years   (chỉ hai năm)

His father died when he was only two years old.

He attended only two years of high school.

Glazer practiced law for only two years.

first two albums

Their first two albums were engineered by Martin Birch.

Sales of the first two albums were moderate.

He also sang backing vocals on Sharp's first two albums.

scoring two goals   (ghi hai bàn)

He was capped 53 times by England, scoring two goals.

He had 48 appearances for the club scoring two goals.

There he played 26 matches scoring two goals.

served two terms   (phục vụ hai nhiệm kỳ)

She also served two terms on the Cheshire Town Council.

He served two terms (1841–1846, 1846–1851).

He was reelected in 1848 and served two terms, 1847 to 1851.

within two years

He died in Bucharest within two years of his release.

The condition usually resolves by itself within two years.

Because of US-USSR ABM agreements, this was abandoned within two years.

next two decades

Over the next two decades, films were produced sporadically.

The team won every mayoral and council election for the next two decades.

Over the next two decades, 10 water companies fought, collapsed or merged.

spent two seasons

He spent two seasons in the town of Gualdo Tadino.

Noema-Barnett spent two seasons in Ireland with CSNICC.

Vinson later spent two seasons in the New England League.

first two rounds   (hai vòng đầu tiên)

After an evenly matched first two rounds, Groves took control.

In Las Vegas, the pair hit two barrels in the first two rounds.

For the first two rounds, the contestants dub behind the scene.

nearly two years   (gần hai năm)

The album was released nearly two years later.

Christina spent nearly two years on the tour of this album.

The union and board have been in negotiations for nearly two years.

almost two years

His mother outlived him by almost two years.

For almost two years, Worth was absent from the Country charts.

The Seoul–Pyongyang hotline was reopened after almost two years.

made two appearances

He subsequently made two appearances as a substitute.

He made two appearances in "Charlie's Angels".

Yusa also made two appearances in the 2007 J.

serving two tracks

Taşkent station has two side platforms serving two tracks.

Huzurkent station has two side platforms serving two tracks.

Karacailyas station has two side platforms serving two tracks.

last two decades   (hai thập kỷ qua)

The 11 provinces in Africa saw growth in the last two decades.

Haddy suffered ill health for the last two decades of her life.

The last two decades witnessed a true and revolutionary comeback.

just two years   (chỉ hai năm)

He died just two years after his confirmation.

He finished his Ph.D. in just two years.

After just two years, in 1881, Rosa received her teaching certificate.

following two years

The following two years Benite played for Franca.

In the following two years, the population rose to 600.

Several small parcels were added in the following two years.

won two medals

The country won two medals, a silver and a bronze.

Switzerland won two medals at the Championships.

Yugoslavia won two medals at the Championships.

played two games

He played two games that played in Seoul, South Korea.

He played two games for Halifax and 25 games for Torquay.

Each team played two games against each of other two teams.

first two weeks

The band played the first two weeks of the 2011 Vans Warped Tour.

The DLC was free for the first two weeks, and then became paid DLC.

"I am challenged, starting with the first two weeks (of our taping).

won two gold

At the 1983 FESPIC Games, she won two gold medals.

He won two gold and silver medals at a young age.

He won two gold medals at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London.

next two games

The win-less streak continued in the next two games.

Haukar won the next two games and advanced to the finals.

He made seven receptions in the next two games for 83 yards.

just two days   (chỉ hai ngày)

In mid-2010, Hawkins shot the film "Being Sold" in just two days.

Batchelor died on 14 May 1991, just two days after her 77th birthday.

On just two days' notice, he established a well-organized supply depot.

died two years

He died two years late on 11 October 2018, at the age of 80.

In 1935, he moved back to Warsaw, where he died two years later.

His wife of 66 years, Elizabeth, died two years earlier in 2009.

spent two weeks

Their debut album "Fantastic" spent two weeks at No.

The song spent two weeks on the chart in total.

The album spent two weeks on "Billboard"'s album chart.

first two episodes   (hai tập đầu)

The first two episodes premiered on Netflix on May 4, 2018.

On September 7, 2016, FX released the first two episodes of "Atlanta" on YouTube for free.

Turok is an evil sorcerer that is featured in the first two episodes, and the season one finale.

nearly two decades   (gần hai thập kỷ)

However, the project languished for nearly two decades.

For nearly two decades, he worked as an architect and made paintings in Amherst.

Auzenne spent nearly two decades in Corporate America as a manager and executive.

another two years   (hai năm nữa)

Burdett spied intermittently for another two years.

Khrushchev held power for another two years.

After another two years, the work met completion in 1787.

past two decades   (hai thập kỷ qua)

In the past two decades an extensive inventory of the cave has been taken.

It has been distributed for the past two decades in synagogues across Israel.

The club has gone through several ownerships changes over the past two decades.

next two days

The next two days there was a lull in fighting.

The next two days decided the final outcome.

It began to rain at and continued for the next two days.

played two matches

In 1992, he played two matches and scored one goal.

They played two matches at Town Malling and Sheffield.

He played two matches and scored three goals.

published two books

He published two books in Hebrew in 2003 and 2009.

Kaijser has published two books in Swedish: "Stadens ljus.

He also published two books of eastern nations poetry anthology.

first two decades

In its first two decades, the festival changed venues numerous times.

In the first two decades of the 20th century, Neo-Classical designs were preferred.

In its first two decades it built a total of 108 kilometres of standard gauge railways.

won two awards

Del Rey has won two awards from five nominations.

final two years

He also had lung cancer for the final two years of his life.

"College statistics only available for final two years at Arkansas."

He returned to the Steamers for the team's final two years in the MISL, 1986-1988.

only two games   (chỉ có hai trò chơi)

He played only two games in the Ligue 2 for Istres.

He was delisted at the end of 2006 after only two games.

He missed only two games that season, due to a hand injury.

following two seasons

He spent the following two seasons with Spennymoor Town.

That would remain his only cap in the following two seasons.

In the following two seasons, the striker scored seven goals in 29 games.

first two months

Foppert spent the first two months of the with Fresno.

In the first two months of implementation 27 lives were saved.

Tantric was chosen to join Creed for the first two months of 2002.

within two weeks

It was put down by government troops within two weeks.

Do not irrigate water within two weeks after grafting.

Twenty of the escapees were recaptured within two weeks.

past two years

Hamels replied, "For the past two years they've been choke artists."

Associate judges must have been practicing lawyers or judges for the past two years.

The boys' tennis team placed first in the Jefferson County Tournament in the past two years.

first two matches

They won their first two matches but lost in the quarter-finals.

Ahmed had played in the first two matches for the team in the tournament.

Then, each side chooses a map, which will be played in the first two matches.

previous two years

She had been a finalist the previous two years.

The irony is that the young actress was under contract to MGM for the previous two years.

Coach Dick Jauron stated that the shoulder had been bothering Evans for the previous two years.

recorded two albums

While with Alegre, Ray also recorded two albums for UA Latino.

The group occurs mostly in Germany and has recorded two albums.

Mozaik have performed worldwide and recorded two albums to date.

every two hours

The train served the following stations: On working days, the train ran every two hours.

It is operated by First Greater Manchester and runs every two hours Monday–Saturday daytime.

On that date, service between Hoboken and Summit was cut back to once every two hours on weekends.

first two days

For the first two days, it was a one-sided affair.

After the first two days the match was tied at 8–8.

In the first two days, 180,000 copies were sold.

released two singles

In 2012, he also released two singles "I.D.G.A.F.O.S."

Farol released two singles, "Dizzy" and "Hooked" in 2019.

They released two singles on the Major Minor label in 1967.

only two months   (chỉ hai tháng)

The league was disbanded after only two months.

after only two months at the club.

For that reason, she cancelled the tour, and lost the child only two months later.

just two weeks   (chỉ hai tuần)

In 2010 the gap between UK and Australian broadcasts was reduced to just two weeks.

While it was not literally the last train, the railway would close just two weeks later.

It dropped off the chart after just two weeks and has sold over 22,000 copies as of 2013.

took two years

The recording process took two years to complete.

The film took two years to get a cinema release.

Production of "Das Boot" took two years (1979–1981).

least two years

WAMU included access to its HD2 subchannel for at least two years.

By the time he resigned, trouble had been surrounding Murray for at least two years.

Performers must be nationals of that country or have lived there for at least two years.

final two seasons

He captained the Big Green for his final two seasons.

For its final two seasons, "Uh Oh!"

Jelks missed his final two seasons in 2015 and 2016 due to injuries.

just two months   (chỉ hai tháng)

The series was cancelled after just two months.

He arrived just two months after the Pacific Fur Company's ship, the "Tonquin".

The theater opened on December 25, 1929, just two months after the stock market crash.

bottom two teams

The bottom two teams are relegated to Division 2.

The bottom two teams play for the 5th/6th place.

The bottom two teams in Divisions 2 and 3 are relegated.

previous two seasons

The format for the 2018–19 competition was the same as the previous two seasons.

Arbroath had narrowly missed out on promotion in each of the previous two seasons.

His chance came after recording 224 points in the SJHL over the previous two seasons.

next two months

A memorial fund was set up, with $5,600 raised in the next two months.

Khan and Sharif then began to battle for control of Pakistan for the next two months.

For the next two months she patrolled the Formosa Strait before joining on 17 November.

wrote two books

He wrote two books on risk arbitrage (1971 and 1982).

Salter wrote two books about his experiences.

The young Schaff also wrote two books on the life of John Hus.

almost two decades

The FEER enjoyed almost two decades of rapid growth.

Loeb would re-team with Kring almost two decades later for the TV series "Heroes".

Despite large urban centers, population has been depopulating for almost two decades.

first two singles

After these first two singles came his signature song, "That Ain't My Truck".

Although it was a lesser hit than the first two singles, it still made the top ten.

In November, Spears performed the album's first two singles at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

last two seasons   (hai mùa qua)

His last two seasons with Houston, and , were disappointing.

He earned All-Region honors in each of his last two seasons.

Jaroslav: We spent a lot of time at races together for the last two seasons.

only two days   (chỉ hai ngày)

Delius died only two days after Jelka returned.

They were chased off by a hurricane after only two days on-site.

Like McLain in Game 6, Lolich was starting on only two days' rest.

served two years

Julchen Blasius served two years in prison.

Ted served two years in the Navy after High School graduation.

Nathan served two years in the U.S. Army in France during WWI.

final two games

The final two games, held in Detroit, were shutouts.

The Sox would go on to lose the final two games of the series.

The Sox lost their final two games of the month to the Red Sox.

last two games   (hai trò chơi cuối cùng)

The Dodgers didn't score in the last two games.

In the last two games of the season, Brooks scored one goal in each.

They did so after winning their last two games of the season, finishing 5-9.

only two weeks   (chỉ hai tuần)

He lived only two weeks after the accident.

The combined filming schedule for both films was only two weeks.

After only two weeks he quit the show and moved back to Kentucky.

won two silver

He has won two silver medals in these competitions.

At the 2008 Summer Paralympics she won two silver medals.

In Olympic team competitions, he has won two silver medals.

scored two tries

He scored two tries during the competition.

He scored two tries for his national team, 10 points on aggregate.

Gammell scored two tries on his debut for Scotland, against Ireland at Murrayfield in 1977.

within two months

Applicants will be notified within two months.

All to agree upon within two months from October 1993 (Oslo I, Annex II).

Simon & Schuster quickly closed the deal and published the book within two months.

first two books

Ince's first two books concerned the then emerging field of environmental law.

In 2009, Yaldah Media Inc. was founded, and its first two books were published.

His experience as a lineman became the basis for his first two books, "Slim" and "High Tension".

received two nominations

The Jonas Brothers have received two nominations.

The song "Made to Worship" also received two nominations.

every two weeks

The group has met every two weeks since c1960.

The show airs every two weeks.

KCS Uploads about five to six questions every two weeks on KChO website.

only two species   (chỉ có hai loài)

It is one of only two species in the genus "Euryzygomatomys".

There are only two species in the genus and both are extremely rare.

Along with "Astrobrachion constrictum", it is one of only two species in the genus "Astrobrachion".

won two bronze

He also won two bronze medals in the men's team event.

Competing in three Summer Olympics, he won two bronze medals.

He also won two bronze medals in the 1958 European Championships.

scored two touchdowns

Richard Heekin scored two touchdowns for Ohio State.

Russell Davis also scored two touchdowns.

Terry Barr, playing in his last game for Michigan, scored two touchdowns.

spending two years

União, spending two years in the third division.

and spending two years to Anagennisi Epanomi.

After spending two years at the academy, he joined Montpellier.

first two films

Tsui had previously appeared in the first two films in cameos.

Coppola intended "Part III" to be an epilogue to the first two films.

The series began in 1982, with the first two films directed by Eric Tsang.

first two series

The first two series were Teledu Apollo productions.

The first two series are flagships based on full dies.

He appears in two other episodes in the first two series.

first two volumes

She also issued her first two volumes of music.

In 1768 the first two volumes of his work were published.

The first two volumes of "Ranma ½" were released on April 2005.

next two weeks

He was again named at fullback for the next two weeks.

15 more were sold during the next two weeks.

On the week ending 28 October, there were next week and the next two weeks.

died two days

Purdell died two days after his 44th birthday.

He died two days after returning home.

She died two days later, and her ghost is reputed to haunt the house.

released two more

In 2017 she released two more EPs, "Dopamine" and "11.18".

Hughes released two more albums in 2001.

In 2018, they released two more singles "Pictures of Girls" and "These Days".

added two more

In 2013, they added two more teams to their roster.

Grant added two more and named the trio Snap, Crackle and Pop.

The Rebels added two more Shene field goals to make the final score 30-17.

within two days

They earned fare for round-trip plane tickets, about $400, within two days.

According to Epic Sports, the contracts were sent within two days of the purse bid.

The pupae were 10–12 mm long, green at first turning mahogany-brown within two days.

only two players   (chỉ có hai người chơi)

There were usually only two players.

He and Nick Holmes are the only two players to have played in two Cup Finals for Southampton.

along with Sachin Tendulkar one of only two players, at the time, to do so in both forms of the game.

received two awards

Ciara has received two awards from ten nominations.

Residente has received two awards as Calle 13. !

Stormzy has received two awards from two nominations.

first two goals

He scored his first two goals against CS Otopeni in a 2–2 draw.

On 27 May 2016, he scored his first two goals for Morocco, in a 2–0 win over Congo.

On 10 March 2018, he scored his first two goals in a 4–1 away win against Dinamo Zagreb.

spent two months

He actually spent two months in Rome on his return journey.

In 1932, Civella spent two months in prison for bootlegging.

After the war, Chapman spent two months serving on court-martial boards.

played two years

Harbaugh played two years with the San Diego Chargers.

He also played two years of basketball at Norman North.

After that, he played two years with Le Mans Sarthe Basket in France.

released two studio

They released two studio albums before breaking up.

The band released two studio albums, in 1972 and 1974.

With Girls, Owens released two studio albums and an EP.

written two books

Jaffa has written two books dealing exclusively with Abraham Lincoln.

Raja has written two books.

She has also written two books including "How Do You Milk a Moose Anyway?"

made two more

She then made two more voyages as slave ship.

He made two more starts in August, winning one and losing one.

Two weeks later it made two more appearances in the top 50 before exiting again