İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

type species   (tür türleri)

The type species shows a pantropical distribution.

This is the type species of the genus "Neverita".

The type species is "Pfeifferinella ellipsoides".

type locality   (bölge yazın)

The type locality given is "Faro, Caurel (Lugo)."

The type locality for "A. tgifi" is Studers Pass.

The specific epithet refers to the type locality.

new type   (yeni tip)

The new type became known as the Voisin Type Bordeaux.

In 1949, it introduced a new type of alkaline battery.

A new type of artillery fuze will appear soon.

type specimen   (tip örneği)

The type specimen was collected from Loja, Ecuador.

The type specimen was collected at Brunswick Heads.

The type specimen was recovered from Lapland, Sweden.

same type   (aynı tip)

0000 cross bonds of the same type were used every .

The same type of match was also held in Toronto.

He decided to create a pen using the same type of ink.

common type   (ortak tip)

It is the most common type of pre-cancer in women.

This is the most common type of vaginal cancer.

They are the most common type of organic acid.

most common type   (en yaygın tip)

It is the most common type of pre-cancer in women.

This is the most common type of vaginal cancer.

They are the most common type of organic acid.

spectral type   (spektral tip)

The star's spectral type is therefore written as .

Delta Muscae has a listed spectral type of K2III.

Lambda Muscae has a listed spectral type of A7V.

specific type

Signs and symptoms depend on the specific type of problem.

One specific type of mask is called a buffalo or bushcow mask.

A specific type of locusts were eaten.

different type

Each requires a totally different type of breech to the other.

Rather, it is a different type.

Each different type of analgesic has its own associated side effects.

each type

There are five of each type of card in a pack of 25.

"N" bipyramids meet along each type EE edge.

"N" bipyramids meet along each type AE edge.

particular type   (belirli tip)

These candles were made from a particular type of resin.

These models are based on a [[homogeneous space]] metric of a particular type.

Units of account were often defined as the value of a particular type of gold coin.

special type

Wieferich sequence is a special type of Barker sequence.

Block designs are combinatorial designs of a special type.

It operated over a special type of telephone exchange system.

another type   (başka tip)

Neopagans have created another type of drum circle.

NGC 5676 is another type Sc galaxy of magnitude 10.9.

But another type of reader will find it dry and colourless."

other type   (diğer tip)

Lock exists in no other type of radar.

Any other type of sale, use or manufacture is strictly prohibited by law.

At first look, acne mechanica seems very similar to any other type of acne.

type genus

It is the type genus of the subfamily Philopotinae.

The type genus for Hydroptilinae is "Hydroptila" J.W.

"Dugesia" is the type genus of the family Dugesiidae.

second type

A second type of Dyson sphere is the "Dyson bubble".

This second type of Digi-Egg is called a in Japanese.

The second type, the Class S1, was designed by Dr. M.M.

what type

A group code's value indicates what type of data element follows.

The key structural parts of an aircraft depend on what type it is.

There are also more restrictions on who can perform what type of ordeal.

first type

The first type of passion is harmonious passion.

The first type he calls conservation buyer projects.

The first type allows the solid particles, i.e.

data type

The ADT defines the logical form of the data type.

Generic Functions are also a first class data type.

Many programming languages defined the data type "byte".

type strain   (tip zorlanma)

It is the type strain for the genus "Azomonas".

• Not validly published because the effective publication only documents deposit of the type strain in a single recognized culture collection.

; Latin feminine gender noun "planta", plant; Latin masculine gender noun "sponsor", sponsor, guarantor; New Latin masculine gender noun "plantisponsor", sponsor of plants, referring to the potentially plant-beneficial properties of the type strain.)

certain type   (belirli tip)

Objects are stored as references which may be restricted to a certain type.

There is a universal type "any", and a procedure force[] to check that an object is a certain type.

Markov odometer In mathematics, a Markov odometer is a certain type of topological dynamical system.

type of music

Humppa Humppa is a type of music from Finland.

This type of music is mostly popular in the Nordic countries.

Stardumb is the best known European label for this type of music.

cell type

Control of these Cdks vary depending cell type and stage of development.

This means that previous purification needs to be done for mixed cell type sample.

Each cell type is defined by which genes are characteristically active in that cell type.

type specimens   (tip örnekleri)

The type specimens were collected from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

At least 38 dinosaur type specimens were collected in the province.

The type specimens were recovered from the Mamoré River of Beni, Bolivia.

type used

The Ionic column capitals are a type used by Vincenzo Scamozzi.

The type used from this point was sans-serif and this continued in use until 1713.

The yuru-chara for Oyama is (, an anthropomorphized calabash of the type used for kanpyō.

third type

The third type of bolt is the "clench bolt".

Malta recognizes quasi-tort as a third type of liability.

The third type of construction was with stone and masonry work.

every type

Conversely, for every type there is a hypothetical nanotube.

She has written every type of drama.

One was then met by Fatty who sold about every type of drink: whisky, brandy, gin, beer, wine, etc.

blood type

allele frequency, blood type), or phenotypic (e.g.

He is 181 cm tall and his blood type is O.

The third sensitization model can occur in women of blood type O.

wild type

Dun is believed to be the ancestral or wild type color of horses.

In our example "z" (non-silver) would be wild type and "Z" would be a mutation.

In addition to the wild type, white, red, pink and multi-headed varieties grew here.

movable type   (taşınabilir tür)

Many books were printed using movable type.

The first book produced with movable type in the Iberian Peninsula was printed in Catalan.

This was especially common in old-fashioned movable type printing when smaller fonts were not available.

vegetation type   (bitki örtüsü tipi)

Taiga forest is the dominant vegetation type.

This is an endangered vegetation type, which can still be found on the southern edges of Newlands Forest.

The striking and iconic Silvertree grows in this vegetation type and a small population of these massive proteas can still be seen at Newlands forest.

aircraft type

The differences distinguish one aircraft type from another.

From 1947 to 1957, Boyd flew and approved every aircraft type acquired by the USAF.

The institute is participating in the Liberty XL2 aircraft type certification research.

type of project

The type of project, its rigor and its expectations are set by the individual school district.

type of work   (bir tür iş)

That type of work would have carried a huge risk for Anne.

"This is the type of work I want to do, working with kids", he said.

The length of the term can depend on several factors, including the type of work (e.g.

train type

The Turbostar was the first new train type to be introduced after the privatisation of British Rail.

Hokuso 7300 series The is an electric multiple unit (EMU) commuter train type operated by the Hokuso Railway on the Hokuso Line in Japan since 1992.

MTR CNR Changchun EMU The Changchun EMU or CNR Changchun EMU is an electric multiple unit train type of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) system in Hong Kong.

type system

Its static type system prevents unintended operations.

Every CLOS class is integrated into the Common Lisp type system.

Both languages share a similar syntax and a sophisticated (dependent) type system.

similar type

A similar type of result can be derived for damped systems.

Otherwise it is of similar type to other Welsh Mountain Sheep.

Platinum and/or similar type of noble metals are usually used as the catalyst for PEMFC.

soil type

The soil type varies from black cotton to murrumy.

The tables differ depending upon average rainfall as well as soil type.

The key element in soil type for successful banana plant growth is good drainage.

body type

It is an example of a cat body type genetic mutation.

Although his body type is similar to that of Nick's, he has less hair and is even less intelligent.

Any of these body type can incorporate a "cutaway", where a section of the upper Below the neck is scalloped out.

type theory   (tip teorisi)

In type theory, a different kind of statement is known as the axiom of choice.

This work was a precursor of a modern formulation in terms of constructive type theory.

The definition does work however in type theory and in New Foundations and related systems.

type of aircraft

The main drawback of this type of aircraft was its lack of speed.

Large wall posters were produced that showed every known type of aircraft.

Her air group had not changed, but four of each type of aircraft were spares.

type description

Dall's original text (the type description) reads as follows:

Pilsbry's original text (the type description) reads as follows:

Engel's 2011 type description of the new species was published in the online journal "ZooKeys".

type operated

The type operated with great effect in the Central Pacific, Alaska, North Africa, Mediterranean, and China-Burma-India theaters.

Hokuso 7300 series The is an electric multiple unit (EMU) commuter train type operated by the Hokuso Railway on the Hokuso Line in Japan since 1992.

MVG Class C The MVG Class C is an electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft on the Munich U-Bahn system since 2002.

type series

In turn, this definition relies on the definition of a "type series".

The type series consists of three adult females that measure in total length.

Thus, in a type series of five specimens, if one is the holotype, the other four will be paratypes.

type location

It is known from Zaire (including Katakumba, the type location).

It is known from Sri Lanka (including Galle, the type location).

It is found in Greece (including the Peloponnese, the type location).

collected the type

Peck collected the type specimen in Port Jefferson, New York.

The specific name honours the ichthyologist Victor G. Springer who collected the type in the Moluccas.

The specific epithet honours "Miss J. Sudell", who collected the type specimen near Warwick in Queensland.

rare type   (nadir tip)

The opposite reconstruction would represent a rare type.

A rare type of sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, is pink-orange.

On November 25, 2015, Jake revealed that he has sarcoma, a rare type of cancer.

including the type

The length of the term can depend on several factors, including the type of work (e.g.

Mistakes were covered with various forms of correction fluid, including the type used on typewriters.

Lamas recognised four species in the Neotropics, including the type species and three undescribed species.

type certificate

The type certificate was approved on 31 December 1942.

The single ignition O-145-A series, O-145-B1, and -C1 are not covered by the original type certificate.

In 2006, Viking Air acquired the type certificate for the Trident TR-1 Trigull since 2006, along with the three prototypes built.

single type

However, there is no single type of social centre.

It is known from the single type species "Vigilius wellesi".

Many analytical chemists focus on a single type of instrument.

type material

All life stages are known, but the sole record of this species is the type material.

Desjardin and colleagues agreed with this determination after examining the type material of both taxa.

The specific epithet "curtisii" honors Moses Ashley Curtis, who collected the type material from South Carolina.

type of event   (olay türü)

Events are given a code, made of numbers and letters, describing the type of event and classification of the athletes competing.

metal type

Since the 86-character syllabary was new, Worcester made the metal type for each character.

However, depending on the metal type, it may require an oil quench or a salt brine instead; many metals require more than plain water hardening.

Some font families, especially digitisations of older metal type designs, often lack small caps in bold or italics, only having them in the regular or roman style.

type locality given

The type locality given is "Faro, Caurel (Lugo)."

Smith in 1957 with the type locality given as Pinda in Mozambique.

The type locality given is "Aroe-eilanden" (Aru Islands, Indonesia).

only type   (sadece yazın)

In much of Europe, the common buzzard is the only type of buzzard.

The genus is monotypic, with only type species Cearachelys placidoi known.

This was the only type of sculpture available in Canton for her to study at that time.

popular type

The most popular type of dirt full-bodied stock cars are late models.

This is presently (c. 1950-2012) the most popular type of folk music in Mizo community.

It is said to be a popular type of confectionery among the post-80s in their childhood.

type of construction

The third type of construction was with stone and masonry work.

This type of construction is particularly sensitive to earthquakes.

8% of the total municipal area was undergoing some type of construction.

type of data

Data collection varies according to type of data.

A group code's value indicates what type of data element follows.

They define the type of data, the length and the alignment of data.

type known

At present, this curling bridge is the only one of its type known to be in existence.

Pa., and were of the type known as the Harrisburg four-valve self-oiling simple engine.

This is one of the many plants first published by Robert Brown with the type known as "(J.)

train type operated

Hokuso 7300 series The is an electric multiple unit (EMU) commuter train type operated by the Hokuso Railway on the Hokuso Line in Japan since 1992.

MVG Class C The MVG Class C is an electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft on the Munich U-Bahn system since 2002.

JR Shikoku 7000 series The is an electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku) in Shikoku, Japan, since November 1990.

type of cancer   (kanser türü)

Enzalutamide is also being investigated for this type of cancer.

The efficiency of chemotherapy depends on the type of cancer and the stage.

On November 25, 2015, Jake revealed that he has sarcoma, a rare type of cancer.

type and only   (sadece yazın)

The type and only species of "Callophoca" is "C. obscura".

It is the type and only described species of the genus Vulcanops.

The type and only known species for the genus is Loefgrenia anomala.

only one type   (sadece bir tip)

Gameplay involved using only one type of card, the Player card.

Some games use only one type, like "Exalted" which uses only ten-sided dice.

Parental chloroplasts can be sorted so that only one type is present in each offspring.

type of food

Corn allergy Corn/Maize allergy is a type of food allergy.

Space food is a type of food product created and processed for consumption by astronauts in outer space.

Dairy product Dairy products or milk products are a type of food produced from or containing the milk of mammals.

general type   (genel tip)

The most general type of certification is profession-wide.

A topological map is a very general type of map, the kind one might sketch on a napkin.

In late 1936 Agfa introduced Agfacolor Neu (New Agfacolor), a pioneering color film of the general type still in use today.

type site   (site yazın)

The type site is Kebara Cave south of Haifa.

The Baodun type site was discovered in 1950.

Thus, Fell's Cave is the type site for the Fell's Tradition.

rock type

The rock type is predominantly andesite and rhyolite.

Physical form and predominant rock type are not recorded.

The predominant rock type is andesite.

building type

In order to balance between his family's accommodation and his income, he decided to use shophouse as "Lui Seng Chun" building type.

The building is representative of a railway station building type no longer extant on the railway network in NSW although it is unknown how many of the 23 planned buildings were built.

Bundaberg received the third purpose-built high school of the suburban timber school building type, after Gympie State High School and Lockyer State High School, Gatton (similar new buildings were opened at both schools in 1917).

type of system

This type of system was used to detonate remote bombs.

The fourth type of system employs string-through body anchoring.

This type of system is vulnerable to intruders digging under the fence.

type of game

The tolerance for lag depends on the type of game.

It is an adventure and puzzle type of game.

He went as far to say that the Wii was based around "this new type of game".