Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

ultimately led   (finalmente dirigido)

This ultimately led to Karen's eviction that week.

The annexation ultimately led to war with Britain.

This crisis ultimately led to the Crimean War.

ultimately decided   (finalmente decidido)

American ultimately decided to keep the new look.

Brown ultimately decided to stay in the draft.

Clinton ultimately decided that Breyer seemed "heartless."

ultimately became   (finalmente se convirtió)

SIS ultimately became the occupiers of the building.

What ultimately became of this manuscript is unknown.

Saro ultimately became the Kingdom of Silla.

ultimately failed   (finalmente falló)

The plank ultimately failed by only a single vote.

Roosevelt's legislative initiative ultimately failed.

While initially successful, the campaign ultimately failed.

ultimately won   (finalmente ganó)

He ultimately won the election by a narrow margin.

Cull ultimately won the seat by a sizable margin.

Hoopz (Nicole Alexander) ultimately won "I Love Money."

ultimately lost

Poverty Bay ultimately lost the game by 6 - 24.

Barrett ultimately lost the election to Scott Walker.

The Lions ultimately lost the game, 18–17.

ultimately unsuccessful   (finalmente fracasado)

The campaign was ultimately unsuccessful.

The action, led by Buckingham, was ultimately unsuccessful.

They choose to appeal the rating but were ultimately unsuccessful.

ultimately did

Jakarta had been confirmed, but ultimately did not bid.

However, Bonaire ultimately did not enter the competition.

He ultimately did not obtain the role.

ultimately went

The event ultimately went on to raise $553,130.

The position ultimately went to Guy Morriss.

However, the position ultimately went to Tom Vilsack of Iowa.

ultimately did not

Jakarta had been confirmed, but ultimately did not bid.

However, Bonaire ultimately did not enter the competition.

He ultimately did not obtain the role.

ultimately defeated

Libertad were ultimately defeated 2–1.

The ballot measure was ultimately defeated on November 3, 1992.

Wade was ultimately defeated by opposition candidate Macky Sall.

ultimately successful

The claim was much publicised and ultimately successful.

This effort was ultimately successful.

The Nephites were ultimately successful in their defense against the Lamanites.

ultimately resulted

Complications from the surgery ultimately resulted in his death on November 16, 1927 at age 32.

Although it began in failure for the British, it ultimately resulted in considerable casualties amongst the native population.

This ultimately resulted in the publication of the "Abell Catalogue of Clusters of Galaxies," the definitive work in the field.

ultimately not

The pilot was taped, but ultimately not picked up by Comedy Central.

and Jerome Busemeyer's "Some of these ideas may ultimately not be supported".

He was considered for membership of the Design Council, but was ultimately not appointed.

ultimately lead   (finalmente conducir)

This would ultimately lead to a demise of the nation.

This ultimately lead to pharmacy becoming its own established profession people could pursue.

Around the same time, Thomas Willis concluded that all diseases of the chest must ultimately lead to consumption.

before ultimately

He intended to work out for other teams before ultimately retiring.

He had the fastest swim split of the event before ultimately finishing in 22nd place.

The album's release date was delayed before ultimately being released a week ahead of schedule.

ultimately leading

Instability continued, ultimately leading to the ongoing Libyan Civil War.

Starting in 526, Yǒngníngsì suffered damage from a series of events, ultimately leading to its destruction in 534.

The design was rejected in favor of developing a 17 pounder armed Cromwell tank variant, ultimately leading to the Comet tank.

ultimately rejected

The proposal was ultimately rejected.

Maga relied on Apithy for help in opposing the motion, and it was ultimately rejected.

The school was proposed to Chicago’s Board of Education multiple times but ultimately rejected.

ultimately ended

live show ultimately ended in December 2012 after ten years.

Hearst ultimately ended up purchasing the "Daily Advertiser" in 1917.

He ultimately ended up defeating Cantu by a narrow margin, winning 53% of the vote.

ultimately finished

Delpopolo ultimately finished 7th in his division.

However, with a time of 20' 18", the squad ultimately finished the stage in last place.

With a MAC title already in hand, the team ultimately finished 23rd in the NCAA tournament.

ultimately proved

The change ultimately proved unnecessary as the war ended shortly after.

This led to some changes to the storyline that ultimately proved unpopular.

Leavitt's speeches on the need for a new sanctuary ultimately proved persuasive.

ultimately chose

Nixon ultimately chose Maryland governor Spiro Agnew.

He ultimately chose not to take on the project.

Fleming ultimately chose not to run, however.

ultimately made

None of these films, however, were ultimately made.

Three music videos were ultimately made for "Recover".

It is not clear which decision either network ultimately made.

ultimately released

Newsfront was ultimately released on DVD in 2016.

The report was ultimately released in November 2017.

The concert was a success, and was ultimately released on CD.

ultimately leads

3), which ultimately leads to apoptosis.

This ultimately leads to fatigue.

It is characterized by loss of coordination and control over muscle movement and it ultimately leads to death.

ultimately becoming

In 1905, the "University Farm" of Berkeley was formed near Sacramento, ultimately becoming UC Davis.

Lajjun became the center of an "ʿAmal" (subdistrict) in the "Mamlaka" of Safad (ultimately becoming one of sixteen).

Ranken was invited by Michael Attenborough to work as Movement Director at the RSC, ultimately becoming an Associate Artist with the company.

ultimately forced

Alice Truman, but is ultimately forced to surrender.

The company never recovered, and was ultimately forced to merge with Motorola in 2007.

This injury ultimately forced him to retire from the Open during a Round of 16 match vs Dick Stockton.

ultimately become   (finalmente convertirse)

The name "Dorado" ultimately become dominant and was adopted by the IAU.

All three would ultimately become key players in bringing a championship to Cleveland.

ultimately responsible   (responsable final)

It is believed the LTTE was ultimately responsible.

from designer Dener Pamplona de Abreu, who was ultimately responsible for his wardrobe.

The GM is ultimately responsible for all station operations including staffing and budgetary matters.

ultimately derived

This system is ultimately derived from West Semitic scripts.

The name "dinar" is ultimately derived from the Roman denarius.

The name ultimately derived from the Belgic tribe the Atrebates.

ultimately fell

The Reds made a run at the playoffs but ultimately fell short.

That year Ethnikos tried to make a run at a UEFA Cup berth, but ultimately fell short and finished 7th.

After considerable argument, the decision to proceed ultimately fell to an unlikely political expediency.

ultimately left

From DePaul, he ultimately left in his senior year to pursue his comedy career full-time.

FGTH completed the tour, but Johnson ultimately left the group thereafter, citing musical estrangement.

But one is ultimately left to feel sorry for both men as they are fully detached from supposed "Christian truth" (181).

ultimately losing

Undeterred, Ryuji battles Kiryu, ultimately losing.

Ryomyong reached the 2017 Hwaebul Cup final, ultimately losing to Sobaeksu

Burley would again apply for the job in 2012, ultimately losing out to Mick McCarthy.

not ultimately

He said: However, Graves did not ultimately join full-time.

Although not ultimately his decision, the commander of a mission always held great sway.

After law school, McGinty clerked for a federal judge but did not ultimately take the bar exam or practice law.

ultimately found

This use was ultimately found not to be fair.

The judge ultimately found him guilty.

She ultimately found the craft invigorating and credits it to helping her career.

ultimately settled

The meeting ultimately settled on 27,000t.

The lawsuit was ultimately settled in 1999, with its records sealed.

The underlying claims between the parties in that lawsuit were ultimately settled.

ultimately sold

She was ultimately sold for scrap in 1949.

It ultimately sold 250,000 units.

It reached #20 in the USA and ultimately sold around 500,000 copies.

ultimately gave

He ultimately gave the game 8/10 stars.

Bangladesh ultimately gave "Diva" to Beyoncé and composed another song for Cole.

In any case, that salt ultimately gave ammonia and ammonium compounds their name.

ultimately never

The production ultimately never came together.

The Infiniti Kuraza ultimately never made it to production.

The project ultimately never aired.

ultimately resulting

As they both are auditioning for Biggie Smalls, they attempt to out-sing each other, ultimately resulting in embarrassing Martin.

Both statements would later be introduced at trial, ultimately resulting in Mr. Brown's conviction for the murder of Roger Corpus.

The increase of desertification has also increased the amount of loose sand and dust that the wind can pick up ultimately resulting in a storm.

ultimately cancelled

The "Genisys" sequels were ultimately cancelled.

However the project was ultimately cancelled.

The show was ultimately cancelled in 2015.

ultimately took

2)" ultimately took up the spot of fourth track.

It was this disease that ultimately took his life at the age of 41.

The project ultimately took shape in the Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, William Railton in 1843.

ultimately came

She ultimately came in third place, and voted for Will to win.

She describes how she, "ultimately came to love it" and "loved her colleagues."

They ultimately came 2nd place, losing out to the song "Haba Haba" by Stella Mwangi.

ultimately killed

He is ultimately killed in action by Athrun Zala.

Xavier was ultimately killed when the Bloody Bones restaurant was burned.

Anita ultimately killed Alejandro, barely surviving the experience herself.

ultimately abandoned

However, their plan was ultimately abandoned.

The route was ultimately abandoned by the state by 2013.

The plans were ultimately abandoned.

ultimately winning

In the fourth, the teams traded touchdowns with the Tigers' ultimately winning 20–15.

Sullivan competed in Cycle 11 against thirteen other contestants, ultimately winning the competition.

Worsham left the club for a career as a professional golfer, ultimately winning the 1947 U.S. Open over Sam Snead.

ultimately decides

She ultimately decides to send Sione home.

Blomfeld ultimately decides to confess, and calls the archbishop.

Jax ultimately decides to move on with Brenda, who has become engaged to Sonny.

ultimately replaced

Sawmills ultimately replaced the mining activity in Jayville.

They were ultimately replaced by the team, and as such, formed the event's 19-team peloton.

However, Keto Shimizu ultimately replaced Guggenheim as co-showrunner, to serve alongside Klemmer for this season.

ultimately selected

The Thurman Street location was ultimately selected.

UTSA was ultimately selected for their first bowl game in program history, the 2016 New Mexico Bowl.

He was ultimately selected by the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the draft (26th overall) after the team traded up to make the selection.

ultimately passed

The yacht had ultimately passed through twelve owners.

The network ultimately passed on ordering it to series.

The network ultimately passed on the show.

ultimately dropped

However, Costas ultimately dropped out of the coverage entirely.

Support for the MEP ultimately dropped from eleven to eight seats in the Estates.

Terpstra ultimately dropped back into the main field to allow the gap to increase.

ultimately caused

PNP is ultimately caused by the presence of a tumor.

Cuba's labour regulations ultimately caused economic stagnation.

As PNP is ultimately caused by the presence of a tumor, it is not contagious.