unable to find   (找不到)

Township youths were unable to find jobs easily.

Sally disappears and the group is unable to find her.

Despite their efforts, they are unable to find the house.

unable to get   (无法得到)

It is about an artist unable to get a satisfactory model.

He was unable to get ice in nearby Niort.

The Germans came upon them once but were unable to get rid of them.

unable to make   (无法做出)

Callahan is unable to make it to the speech.

In 1973 Sugarloaf was unable to make any snow for December.

Abd ar-Rahman's sisters were unable to make the long voyage to al-Andalus.

unable to play   (无法玩)

She was unable to play for the rest of the tournament.

He was unable to play guitar for a year.

During this time, Mavros was unable to play for either side.

unable to take   (无法接受)

Alfred blockaded them but was unable to take Wareham by assault.

Rhadamistus is unable to take the fortress by assault or by siege.

Germanicus was unable to take the well-fortified Splonum by storm.

unable to continue   (无法继续)

Due to failing health, she was unable to continue her career.

He attempted to return to the game, but was unable to continue.

After a lengthy delay, the ringside doctor ruled Santana unable to continue.

unable to attend

Ferrer was unable to attend, as he was still in prison.

Bruckner was sick and unable to attend.

By the end of his life, he was unable to attend any cricket matches.

unable to pay

The fleet sailed back towards Genoa, with Clement unable to pay it.

The problems with Petty were triggered after he was unable to pay Holly.

Disraeli was unable to pay off the last of his debts from this debacle until 1849.

unable to compete

That left him unable to compete for a short time.

Unfortunately, Hlali has been unable to compete.

Both drivers emerged unhurt but were unable to compete in the race.

unable to reach

They were unable to reach Caligula's uncle, Claudius.

She was unable to reach the semifinals.

They drifted within sight of the island but were unable to reach it.

unable to prevent

However, he was unable to prevent the team from succumbing to a 4–3 defeat.

His replacement, Graham Taylor, was unable to prevent the side from being relegated.

Captain America is plagued by guilt for having been unable to prevent Bucky's death.

unable to secure   (无法固定)

She was unable to secure a seat in the elections.

Sky Doll was unable to secure the rights to "W.I.T.C.H."

By November, Maple was reportedly unable to secure the necessary financing.

unable to obtain   (无法获得)

Mills, unable to obtain redress, returned to England.

Once again, officials were unable to obtain reliable evidence of treason.

However, the development team was unable to obtain financing, and the project died.

unable to return

However, due to the rain delay he was unable to return.

Stephen is unable to return the earring before Rex returns.

Stirling was unable to return to La Venta until 1942, due to World War II.

unable to perform

He is unable to perform, and vents his anger by slapping the helpless Subbu.

Three jumpers were unable to perform as well as they had in the qualification.

The issue is not whether Williams was unable to perform her specific job tasks.

unable to stop

He is unable to stop it but can escape with Sam.

They are unable to stop Kenjin as he escapes and Aguri ends up kidnapped.

Despite international attention, they were unable to stop the construction.

unable to complete

They were beset by storms and unable to complete the voyage.

However, he was unable to complete it due to a strong illness.

He was unable to complete it to his satisfaction before he died.

unable to provide

Prosecutors were unable to provide any physical evidence to support the charges.

Nothing came of this as Longayron was unable to provide a sufficient surety bond.

FDR refused to make La Guardia a general and was unable to provide fresh money for the city.

unable to move

Feeling himself unable to move about, he refused.

Many passengers found themselves unable to move.

Scully had been so badly wounded that he was unable to move.

unable to keep

However, some of the smaller vessels were unable to keep up.

Buffalo was unable to keep up with No.

Adamek was unable to keep a distance.

unable to speak

She was unable to speak above a whisper the rest of her life.

He was unable to speak until he was 3 years-old when said "Papa".

This partially paralyzed him, leaving him unable to speak or walk.

unable to meet

Campeau Corporation was unable to meet its debt obligations.

Long Way, however, was unable to meet the high demand for the ball.

The school year was set at 131 days, although some areas were unable to meet that requirement.

unable to afford   (买不起)

However, she was unable to afford the extra fee for art lessons.

The fund supports the cost of treatment of those patients who are unable to afford it themselves.

In 1951, the three Cal Cable lines were shut down when the company was unable to afford insurance.

unable to break

The 4th Battalion, however, remained unable to break its encirclement for several days.

He was however again unable to break into the NHL, playing with farm team the Chicago Wolves.

However, the game was unable to break the top ten, debuting in thirteenth place in national sales.

unable to defend

General Dozier was unarmed and unable to defend himself.

Frank Chesterton was unable to defend his title due to severe rheumatism.

The Chinese team were unable to defend their title because of the Cultural Revolution.

unable to work

's father hurts his hip, leaving him unable to work, D.J.

The regional economy suffered when they were unable to work.

People with chronic SCSFLS may be disabled and unable to work.

unable to participate

Brazil was unable to participate and therefore Austria was being named to replace them.

However, non-polar side chains are unable to participate in hydrogen bonding interactions.

If a player is unable to participate due to injury, the commissioner will select a replacement.

unable to win

However, they were unable to win any of their matches.

He was unable to win a medal and he finished in 4th place.

Pakistan were unable to win any of their 2000 Asian Cup qualifiers.

unable to use

The impairment must be such that the athlete is unable to use poles.

The impairment must be such that the athlete is unable to use poles."

As a result, Germans were unable to use the resources of Krasnodar oil fields.

unable to see

Kahoko is unable to see Lili during the final selection.

The crew was unable to see the Moon for much of the outward cruise.

Madhu witnesses the murder of Julie but is unable to see the murderer.

unable to cope   (无法应付)

However, as his family was unable to cope with the high fees, he dropped out before graduating.

The French soldiers were unable to cope with the tropical diseases, and most died of yellow fever.

The mine was abandoned in 1821 due to the 36 inch cylinder engine being unable to cope with flooding.

unable to hold

With the injury, Wach was unable to hold back Miller.

The Belgians were unable to hold their ground and fled.

He was unable to hold a job and eventually became homeless.

unable to maintain

He was unable to maintain a long-term friendship.

Since then though, he has been unable to maintain his form.

Except for the Munich area, the unit was unable to maintain any momentum.

unable to control

Thakur unable to control this trauma goes into coma.

When she submerged, she was unable to control her depth.

Alec begs her to stop, but she is unable to control herself.

still unable

By dawn, our troops were still unable to advance".

Doherty is now able to smile, but is still unable to breathe, eat, or speak on his own.

Manual tagging is still necessary, as CLAWS4 is still unable to deal with foreign words.

unable to come

He was unable to come up with a site to host the hall of fame.

Ukraine were the only side unable to come to consensus with the rest of the group.

I felt this reflected a society that was unable to come to terms with where it was at.

unable to gain

The BNP remained unable to gain a broad appeal or widespread credibility.

Without allies, the Greens were unable to gain seats and enter government.

Despite his designations, he was unable to gain the status and notoriety of others.

unable to locate   (找不到)

Meanwhile, "Voyager" is orbiting the planet, unable to locate Chakotay.

Increasingly panicked, the pair decides to leave but is unable to locate the road.

However, subsequent surveys have been unable to locate the bank, which may itself be a phantom.

unable to produce

Twenty counties (of 67) were unable to produce any surplus of corn.

Blink-182 cancelled as they were unable to produce their new album in time for their European tour.

Reiner was unable to produce the original cap, but did include a similar cap in the grandson's room.

proved unable

The nun challenged Gutei to utter a word of Zen, but—when he proved unable to do so—she left.

Despite their 1987 division title victory, the Tigers proved unable to build on their success.

Additionally, the government proved unable to make effective decisions regarding decolonization.

unable to help

Even the banshee Yua was unable to help him.

Sam is horrified, but unable to help.

His one regret was that he had been unable to help the club win a trophy for the fans.

unable to leave

But George is in a state of shock and seems unable to leave.

Warwick was unable to leave Portsmouth because of westerly winds.

His wife did not attend the funeral due to grief and was unable to leave her bed.

unable to score

However, the Dodgers were unable to score and lost the game, 1-0.

Assigned to Bougainville Strait, she again made many contacts, but was unable to score.

In a night game, he played well going 20 of 30 passing the ball for 210 yards but was unable to score any touchdowns.

unable to walk

After the fire, Anna is left unable to walk unaided.

Outside of skiing, the competitor in this class is unable to walk.

This leaves him unable to walk.

unable to agree

Maryland and Penn State were unable to agree on the terms for a revival.

Tweed's first trial, in January 1873, ended when the jury was unable to agree on a verdict.

Dinkins and Giuliani never debated during the campaign, unable to agree on how to approach a debate.

unable to save

Crash is unable to save November's boyfriend (Carlo Ljubek).

The veterinarians were unable to save him after he suffered heart failure.

She is unable to save him, but she redirects his path into the enemy missile.

unable to determine

The investigation was unable to determine the cause of the thrust reduction."

If the referee is unable to determine which fencer has right of way, no touch is awarded.

A military inquiry was established but was unable to determine the identity of those involved.

unable to escape

Two were wounded, and unable to escape capture.

Celia is unable to escape or to cry out as he strangles Mme Dauvray.

Unfortunately Xiaolei seems unable to escape from his life of petty crime.

unable to finish

He was unable to finish the game after suffering a torn bicep.

At the 2010 Asian Games, she was unable to finish the marathon.

Unfortunately, he was unable to finish the game after suffering a concussion.

unable to support

They warned that further cuts would leave the armed forces unable to support operations abroad.

Finally, unable to support such events, it was negotiated to return the cenobite to Christianity.

Infants are unable to support their own weight for their first two months and need their mothers' support.

unable or unwilling   (不能或不愿意)

Government officials were unable or unwilling to deter the flow.

State legislatures were unable or unwilling to resist attacks upon private contracts and public credit.

Asantehene Agyeman Prempeh was unable or unwilling to pay the 50,000 ounces of gold so was arrested and deposed.

unable to raise

However the company was unable to raise the money required.

He was unable to raise finance.

Ultimately, ITB stated that it was unable to raise financing for Countryland USA.

unable to go

We have been unable to go in for care-free rejoicing.

It was unable to go ahead due to flooding.

The Doctor is unable to go back to get him, due to the paradox.

unable to recover

The chain of custody is unclear and many graduates have been unable to recover records.

Unlike 2005, Liverpool were unable to recover from going behind, and lost the match 2–1.

The French were unable to recover Fontaine's body nor those of two French sailors killed nearby.

unable to capture

The mughal were unable to capture him.

The Hizam troops seized intelligence material, but were unable to capture the terrorist.

Valaenza was besieged again in 1696, but this time the French and Savoyards were unable to capture it.

unable to defeat

He was also unable to defeat a "yokozuna" or win a special prize.

However, he was unable to defeat Jawhar al-Siqilli of the Fatamids.

The imperial army managed to repel them but was unable to defeat them.

unable to travel

They are unable to travel to Moscow as the people smugglers are detected.

During World War I (1914–1918) ʻAbdu'l-Bahá stayed in Palestine and was unable to travel.

She became extremely homesick in Germany, but was unable to travel home because of the insecurity.

unable to establish

The following batsmen were unable to establish themselves at the crease.

He also said that he had been unable to establish at that point how many Windrush cases had been wrongfully detained.

unable to run

Thus, incumbent Malcolm Nichols was unable to run for re-election.

Thus, incumbent Frederick Mansfield was unable to run for re-election.

Thus, incumbent Andrew James Peters was unable to run for re-election.

unable to accept

Patroklos is unable to accept her form and later kills her during a duel.

Joe's ghost leaves as Allison cries, unable to accept her husband's death.

He returns a shattered man, unable to accept the complexities of the world.

unable to identify

Despite his extensive field experience, he was unable to identify the species.

Prosopagnosia is a disorder that causes a person to be unable to identify faces.

Scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have been unable to identify the species of the whale.

unable to pass

So he was unable to pass the Pre-university course.

There were many alternative routes available for students unable to pass the TAAS.

In the absence of such confidence, the Government may fall or prove unable to pass legislation.

unable to achieve

During the later era, Burma had been unable to achieve similar results like the golden age, due to many factors.

It was ultimately unable to achieve a significant market share, however, and proved commercially unviable for Be Inc.

The Phagmodrupa Dynasty lost any semblance of power after 1564 and its rival Rinpungpa was also unable to achieve unity.

unable to carry

By March 2010, Hopper reportedly weighed only and was unable to carry on long conversations.

This meant that they were then unable to carry out any more public commissions in Rome in their own right.

Occasionally, if a Censor was unable to carry out one of his tasks, an Aedile would perform the task instead.

unable to convince

At this time, Horace was unable to convince them to publish the Reverend's biography.

Patton traveled to Paducah and met with Leeper, but was unable to convince him to remain a Democrat.

The engineers responsible for AIM claimed that they were unable to convince AOL management that free was the future.

unable to match

Overall, however, they were unable to match the power of locomotives from Prussia or Saxony and were retired by 1926.

The Huskies were unable to match their early success in the second half of the season, losing five of their next seven games.

This ignored military realities, as the German armed forces were unable to match the Allies' firepower and were facing total defeat.

unable to read

So fools complain that they are unable to read all the law.

If students are unable to read then, they will be unable to read "Fahrenheit 451".

unable to resist   (无法抗拒)

The two sisters are captivated by him and are unable to resist him.

Without Li Mu, Zhao's defenses were unable to resist the might of Qin.

It held out until 13 August 1914, when it surrendered, unable to resist any longer.

unable to advance

By dawn, our troops were still unable to advance".

Nakano finished the tournament with 1 win and two points, unable to advance to the finals.

On the right (southern) flank of the army, the 51st Division was unable to advance further in Bois 4 on 11 October.

unable to give

The doctor is unable to give Del Arnie's address and hangs up.

Wang and Li Baozhen were unable to give chase because of dense fog.

He was the son of poor parents, who were unable to give him a liberal education.

unable to handle

The airstrip is unable to handle large aircraft.

He is unable to handle being told of his alien origins and runs away from home.

Vivian Merriweather told Jon he didn't have Rust Lung, but he was unable to handle fighting which Jon took offense of.

unable to bear

Women who are unable to bear children are stigmatized.

Puja's grandfather is unable to bear this shock, and dies.

Emily soon faints, unable to bear whatever it is that she sees.

unable to enter

The pair were unable to enter Tibet or Nepal due to the recent Chinese invasion of Tibet.

Van Helsing does this as a test; if Mina is unable to exit the circle, he reasons that vampires would be unable to enter, as well.

From June 27, 1544 to March 4, 1550, he was nuncio to the Kingdom of Portugal (though he was unable to enter Lisbon until September 1545.)

unable to catch

Lu initially was unable to catch up with Emperor Dezong, but eventually did.

She longs for fish, but is unable to catch them; she looks up longingly at Orion.

Kowalski drives across Utah and into Nevada, with the police unable to catch him.

unable to join

Shaggy accepts the offer, while Scooby is unable to join (because he is not human).

Wiseman was unable to join the United States for the 2018 FIBA Under-17 Basketball World Cup because he was injured.

During Hollyoaks Later, Theresa mistakenly takes Carmel's passport so she was unable to join the Myra and Mercedes in Ibiza.

unable to bring

But once he sees the state that Samir is in, he is unable to bring himself to it.

However, she falls in love with Hung Yu and is unable to bring herself to kill him.

Maria tries to perform a tracheotomy on him, but is unable to bring herself to make the cut.

unable to follow

If a player is unable to follow suit, i.e.

"I was always very tired, unable to follow my normal daily routine.

If the first player is unable to follow suit they must pick up one card as normal.

left him unable

That left him unable to compete for a short time.

The move left him unable to assist Burgoyne even if it was required of him.

His career was cut short when a car accident in 1961 left him unable to perform.

unable to understand

These patients have to learn all of these skills again since they are unable to understand or express anything.

Asemia Asemia is the term for the medical condition of being unable to understand or express any signs or symbols.

However, in regard to the dialects of the deeper valleys of the Tirol, other Tyroleans are often unable to understand them.

unable to overcome   (无法克服)

This time, Fluminense won 3–0 and was unable to overcome the four-goal difference.

The Song fleet arrived later, and also attacked Hakata, but were unable to overcome Japanese forces.

Witkin's parents divorced when he was young because they were unable to overcome their religious differences.

unable to access

On 19 April, OPCW still was unable to access the sites.

Women are often, in law or in practice, unable to access legal institutions.

Lesbian couples and single women are unable to access IVF and artificial insemination.

unable to prove

Shane Watson was unable to prove his fitness, which left Australia unchanged.

Samuelson concludes: "Smith was unable to prove the essence of his invisible-hand doctrine.

He was unable to prove successful in the long run in his wars with Russia as he ended up losing more territory than he gained.

unable to form

Rustic is unable to form a riddle.

It made her unable to form the symbolic bond between herself and her daughter.

Though TOP 09 won the most votes, they were unable to form a coalition with any other parties.

unable to communicate

"unable to communicate") sounds similar to "głusz" "wood".

He had the ability to entertain the audience even if the act themselves were unable to communicate well.

Faxes are still seen as safer and more secure and electronic systems are often unable to communicate with each other.

unable to sustain   (无法维持)

They had been unable to sustain a chain reaction.

Voyager, unable to sustain a stable warp-field, cannot pursue.

However, the Brethren in Friesland were impoverished, and the community was unable to sustain itself.

unable to sell

The Americans were unable to sell their prizes.

As a result, even those fishing families who were able to fish were unable to sell their catch.

Developers found themselves, for a time, saddled with property that they were unable to sell or let.

thus unable

Story of a 699-year-old fairy who has lived since the Koryeo dynasty, but has lost her wings and thus unable to ascend to heaven.

Lori has gone into labor, but is bleeding profusely during her contractions, thus unable to give birth properly in the boiler room.

The remaining parties combined received under 3% of the vote and are thus unable to field either a joint candidate or a candidate in their own right.

unable to fully

Despite these efforts, White's team were unable to fully account for the thermal expansion.

Absolute ethanol may inactivate microbes without destroying them because the alcohol is unable to fully permeate the microbe's membrane.

Tezuka filmed scenes in the Godzilla suit but due to his older body, he was unable to fully commit to the physical demands required of the role.

team was unable

The team was unable to improve upon their previous output win total of seven.

However, the development team was unable to obtain financing, and the project died.

After rations ran out, the team was unable to kill enough game on the island to survive.

unable to receive

Viewers in west, north and central Europe are now unable to receive the channel.

During the siege, residents were unable to receive food supplies, including bread, from Aleppo.

I replied that I was unable to receive an award from a government that had led Russia into such dire straits."

often unable

Faxes are still seen as safer and more secure and electronic systems are often unable to communicate with each other.

However, in regard to the dialects of the deeper valleys of the Tirol, other Tyroleans are often unable to understand them.

The tapes captured the three vocalists – Harrison, Lennon and McCartney – engaging in humorous banter and often unable to remember their parts.

unable to respond

Constantius II was unable to respond; the campaign of Julian in 363 ended with his death in battle.

In his mind, he recalls the recurring haunting words of her husband and feels unable to respond to her advances.

In the penultimate sixth lap, Kulhavý was unable to respond to the arrival of a Swiss cyclist and a gap grew gradually between the two rivals.

unable to qualify

On 3 October 1979, Ferencváros won 2–0 but they were unable to qualify for the next round.

On the return match, Ferencváros won 2–1 but they were unable to qualify for the next round.

The Sky were unable to qualify for the WNBA Playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

therefore unable

Ultimately, Crockett was acquitted because he was drunk and therefore unable to control himself.

Jest was then retired from racing: she had never been entered for the St Leger and was therefore unable to attempt the Fillies' Triple Crown.

Some state that certain users can become addicted and therefore unable to decrease use even though they know there are negative health effects.

unable to fulfill   (无法履行)

However, due to the severity of his injury he was unable to fulfill his early promise.

In any case, he realized that he was unable to fulfill his duties as prince-bishop and on 13 October 1382, he resigned.

His party, he said, would resign if it was unable to fulfill its electoral promises within three years of coming into power.

unable to stand

[The] athlete is unable to stand."

[The] athlete is unable to stand".

Athlete is unable to stand."

unable to fight

In the final battle, when Bumblebee is unable to fight, Jazz provides cover.

Vancha is wounded during the battle by Gannen and unable to fight any longer.

Howson sustained a broken foot and nose in his previous fight with Nobuchika Terado, however, and was unable to fight.