remained unchanged   (変わらなかった)

The teams remained unchanged from the 1914 season.

The main cast remained unchanged for all 11 years.

The basic design remained unchanged over the years.

largely unchanged   (ほぼ変化なし)

The station remained largely unchanged for decades.

The body was a largely unchanged Hyundai Stellar.

Rangone kept faith in a largely unchanged team.

remains unchanged   (変わらない)

The rest of the transmission remains unchanged.

This remains unchanged by the deceased's age.

The dance point system, which determines grade, remains unchanged.

remain unchanged   (変わらないまま)

The flag's design may remain unchanged (No.

The tournament format would remain unchanged for both years.

The Engine and safety features for the Rocco remain unchanged.

remained largely unchanged   (ほとんど変わらなかった)

The station remained largely unchanged for decades.

However, most conditions within the prison remained largely unchanged.

Trotha's policy remained largely unchanged until its revocation in November 1905.

virtually unchanged

The road remained virtually unchanged for nearly 30 years.

The original design is still in production virtually unchanged today.

The exterior of the house is virtually unchanged from its appearance years ago.

relatively unchanged   (比較的変わらない)

In 2005, the size of the system was relatively unchanged.

Support among people over 60, however, remained relatively unchanged (14% to 15%).

The Budweiser bottle has remained relatively unchanged since its introduction in 1876.

essentially unchanged   (本質的に変わらない)

The design of the Ravens uniform has remained essentially unchanged since the team's inaugural season in 1996.

The peacetime organisation of the KJRM remained essentially unchanged from 1929 until the invasion of Yugoslavia.

The "écu" design continued, essentially unchanged, on French gold coins until 1640 when the louis d’or replaced it.

almost unchanged

The society's badge has remained almost unchanged since its first use.

Today the church remains almost unchanged and remains without heat or electricity.

The 1955 model remained almost unchanged for years and Madras produced over 20,000 Bullets annually.

mostly unchanged

This policy continued mostly unchanged until 1981.

African production levels have remained mostly unchanged.

Otherwise the truck was mostly unchanged.