underground station   (地下鉄の駅)

The underground station is only for passenger traffic.

The underground station opened in 1971 was built by R.G.

This two-level, underground station has an island platform.

underground parking   (地下駐車場)

The tower has 17 above-ground floors, and three floors of underground parking.

It is the northern terminus of the Line 2 and provides 120 underground parking spaces.

Stretching up to the Outer Circle, it also came with an adjoining underground parking lot.

underground music   (アンダーグラウンドミュージック)

The show specializes in independent, experimental and underground music.

The song is about the closing of the Brooklyn underground music venue 285 Kent.

Over time, the website evolved to include the underground music community as a whole.

underground tuber   (地下塊茎)

It has a small underground tuber, 20–30 mm in diameter.

They have an underground tuber which is more or less spherical and fleshy.

Its underground tuber is white and generally found 2 – 5 cm under the soil surface.

underground water   (地下水)

It might cause radioactive pollution of the underground water.

Large pumps are required to suck out underground water around the mine constantly.

The underground water holds enough salt content to support small scale salt industry.

went underground   (地下に行った)

With Forge in command, the team went underground.

The Miracle devotion went underground but was kept alive.

He was among the Weathermen who eventually went underground.

underground railway

There are three underground railway stations along the street with two entrances for each.

On 15 September 1993, this new underground railway station was opened, as part of a 2.8 km (1.7 mi) long tunnel.

The Edgware Road and Victoria Railway (ER&VR) was an early scheme for an underground railway under the Edgware Road.

deep underground

Living deep underground, she emerges at night to dance in the gardens.

Caves often form by the weathering of rock and often extend deep underground.

The few Camel Thorn trees take their water from deep underground accumulations.

underground stations

There is a tunnel downtown with three underground stations.

There will be 15 stations on the line, including 11 underground stations.

Initial plans are for six underground stations and seven above-ground stations.

underground scene   (地下シーン)

In Colombia, there is a large underground scene.

Patricio Rey gained popularity in the underground scene.

In 1970, Chamberlain left the underground scene and the art world behind.

new underground

A new underground defense committee was formed immediately, with Louis Blanc as leader.

In 1951 a new underground cable was completed from Sydney to Bathurst, providing 408 trunk lines.

It included a large new underground parking facility, with a park designed by Lawrence Halprin over it.

underground hip hop

The album features MCs from Toronto's underground hip hop scene.

He quickly became entranced by Los Angeles' underground hip hop scene.

Legacy (Akir album) Legacy is the debut album from underground hip hop artist Akir.

underground hip

The album features MCs from Toronto's underground hip hop scene.

He quickly became entranced by Los Angeles' underground hip hop scene.

Legacy (Akir album) Legacy is the debut album from underground hip hop artist Akir.

underground mining

In 1867 underground mining was begun.

Byrnecut Mining Australia is the underground mining contractor.

More accidents occur during underground mining than surface mining.

underground resistance

After the war broke out, Boniecki joined the Polish underground resistance.

When the Nazi Party came to power in 1933, he joined the underground resistance.

They begin by selling bootleg chocolate, and go on to join an underground resistance organization.

first underground

It also contains Greenland's first underground car park.

The São Paulo Metro was the first underground transit system in Brazil.

It is scheduled to open the first underground sanatorium in Poland in Kłodawa Salt Mine.

underground comix

Mr. Natural also appeared in early underground comix titles like "Bijou Funnies", and "Yellow Dog".

DiCaprio was active in underground comix throughout the 1970s, as a writer, editor, publisher, and distributor.

Wilson's underground comix work was praised by such counterculture icons as William S. Burroughs and Terry Southern.

underground newspaper

He was also chairman of "Avatar", an underground newspaper.

That’s why two of my brothers started an underground newspaper.

", an underground newspaper.

underground movement

The underground movement came to light in the fall of 1988.

He took part in various dissident and underground movement activities.

Omah recruits Joel for an underground movement fighting for the liberation of Israel.

large underground

In Colombia, there is a large underground scene.

Gherla prison has a very large underground area.

Beneath the building is the large underground reservoir.

underground passage

The underground passage is currently the only one in the city.

In the underground passage to NatLab artist Daan Roosegaarde installed his project Crystal.

Omoto Station has a single island platform connected to the station building by an underground passage.

go underground

All lines were planned to go underground in the city center.

Some decide to stay in France while others go underground or escape to London.

In reality, Applewhite and Nettles had arranged for the group to go underground.

underground car

It also contains Greenland's first underground car park.

They lead him to an underground car park, where a security guard confronts him.

The building has underground car park, central air conditioning, 7 high-speed lifts.

underground music scene   (アンダーグラウンドミュージックシーン)

The underground music scene in the Cedar Falls area from 1977 to present day is well documented.

After that, in spite of having little success in the underground music scene, he did not present any more demos.

This allowed Cameo to be heard on the UK underground music scene and to gain experience in working on a radio station.

underground storage

Much of the hillside is built up on tunnels and underground storage.

They are herbivorous, mainly eating geophytes (plants with underground storage organs) and grass rhizomes.

Besides causing much damage to American cities, it would destroy the war industry plants and release poison gas from underground storage.

underground city

It is also connected to Montreal's underground city.

The mezzanine gives direct underground city access to the Stadium.

The station also contains several underground city connections, listed below.

other underground   (他の地下)

Ballard and William S. Burroughs, modern primitives, and many other underground topics.

It is staffed entirely by Heathrow Express staff, unlike the other underground stations serving Terminal 4 and Terminals 2 & 3.

Magnif has continued production work for a number of other underground acts, and released a mixtape titled "SupaBeatMaker" in late 2005.

underground press

He was also involved in the underground press.

The "Narodnovoltsy" managed to set up a new underground press in the period and conducted propaganda work among university students.

Alternative newspapers represent the more commercialized and mainstream evolution of the underground press associated with the 1960s counterculture.

underground mines

just over half is from underground mines.

The URI Mining Vehicle is designed to operate in underground mines.

The underground mines are: Lodna, Bagdigi, Joyrampur, North Tisra and Bararee.

underground bunker   (地下バンカー)

A thousand woman survive from being in an underground bunker.

The Biafrans constructed an underground bunker there to serve as the new government headquarters.

In 2019 CSP Partnership purchased the WW2 underground bunker at Raigmore (Inverness) cited in these notes.

located underground

The subway platform is located underground east of Allen Road.

It is located underground at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in Italy.

The station will be located underground in between Wayne Avenue and Plymouth Street.