Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

not understand   (no entiendo)

There are so many things that I can not understand.

The sheriff does not understand the French term.

Pat does not understand when Doc sides with the Kid.

understand how   (Entender cómo)

Postpositivists work to understand how their axiology (i.e.

And I understand how terrible it must be.

Thus investors must understand how the risk for CDOs is calculated.

better understand   (mejor entendimiento)

Knowing that, in turn, helps us better understand how all galaxies evolve."

McCorkle wanted to better understand management of terminal cancer patients.

Psychologists have attempted to better understand these factors by using models.

understand what   (entiende que)

And tells Donald he can't understand what he's saying.

(It is not important to understand what this function does.)

And in the end nobody could understand what they were saying.

understand why   (entender porqué)

We really couldn't understand why we weren't there.

I don't understand why everyone went, 'Huh?'

You can understand why this would be his favourite album."

did not understand

Aegeus did not understand the prophecy and was disappointed.

33 persons said that they did not understand Faroese at all.

She did not understand Japanese when she first arrived in Japan.

order to understand   (para entender)

we access in order to understand and manipulate our material environment.

Maybe we need a story framed on that individual scale in order to understand it.

Matthew Arnold is an exemplary lens to use in order to understand these sympathies.

fully understand

The scientists in the United States also did not fully understand their own designs.

More information is needed to fully understand the symbiosis within "E. pedicellatum".

The ensuing turmoil intrigued Goldman, although she did not fully understand it at the time.

able to understand   (capaz de entender)

They are able to understand those who speak Yupik in Bethel.

However, Searle himself would not be able to understand the conversation.

As Edward was growing up, he was able to understand more and more government business.

does not understand

The sheriff does not understand the French term.

Pat does not understand when Doc sides with the Kid.

His boss does not understand and dismisses him.

difficult to understand   (difícil de comprender)

The defendant's speech was slurred and difficult to understand.

This made it very difficult to understand the history of the show.

This can be difficult to understand at times (and indeed, the Rev.

important to understand

(It is not important to understand what this function does.)

To understand these two steps, it is important to understand how video and film differ.

It is also important to understand that most T/S parameters are linearized small signal values.

not understand why

I really do not understand why he was going out of the pits".

Zubin could not understand why his health suddenly deteriorated.

Ann cannot understand why anyone would do this and reacts emotionally.

easy to understand

The wordings used in them are very simple and easy to understand.

DisplayML is easy to understand, since XML is a human readable format.

The articles of the magazine were written in a popular, easy to understand and humorous language.

ability to understand

Or is it merely "simulating" the ability to understand Chinese?

The physician will complete a brief assessment of the patient's ability to understand and produce language.

Its vision is to empower the young people of Pakistan with the ability to understand their role in society.

trying to understand

Tommy is conflicted, trying to understand who this woman is to him.

This results in a feedback loop that scientists are still trying to understand.

After reading this, Frannie spends the rest of the book trying to understand hope.

understand each

In the London production ... the characters come to understand each other."

Effective Communication so that the officer and individual can understand each other 2.

Despite little differences in dialects, people among these tribes can understand each other.

understand each other   (Entendernos unos a otros)

In the London production ... the characters come to understand each other."

Effective Communication so that the officer and individual can understand each other 2.

Despite little differences in dialects, people among these tribes can understand each other.

people understand

In addition, many people understand and some can even speak Dari (Farsi).

Youth clubs are there to help young people understand the world around them.

There are studies that prove that languages shape how people understand causality.

attempt to understand   (intento de entender)

Cox, in a similar attempt to understand the neighbourhood effect, attempted to define how people interact.

The same concept of contiguous range is true for human transportation studies in an attempt to understand census geography.

Some analysis of treated surfaces done in an attempt to understand the topic further, with considerable but still partial success.

used to understand

The letter was also used to understand women’s views on polygamy.

If the results of forensic limnology are not used in prosecution, the results are used to understand the crime.

Molecular techniques have been used to understand the signaling pathways between arbuscular mycorrhizae and plant roots.

easier to understand

They are also easier to understand and analyze.

This designation makes the effects of other coat color genes easier to understand.

Johnston makes easier to understand social parallels that can be better understood by the layman.

try to understand

Scientists try to understand nature.

Seismologists study earthquakes and try to understand where they will strike.

Alexander's parents, Joe and Fay Green, try to understand him and he has a sister Renata.

hard to understand

It's hard to understand.

Eventually, it became a Motormouth extravaganza, spoken so fast it was hard to understand.

The book's concludes with a series of dreamlike vignettes that, while intriguing, some readers find hard to understand.

unable to understand   (incapaz de entender)

These patients have to learn all of these skills again since they are unable to understand or express anything.

Asemia Asemia is the term for the medical condition of being unable to understand or express any signs or symbols.

However, in regard to the dialects of the deeper valleys of the Tirol, other Tyroleans are often unable to understand them.

way to understand

Travis kills Ross and then realizes the only way to understand the grass is to touch the rock.

One way to understand this is to think about how a subject can be described in different ways.

One way to understand the motivation of the above definition is to consider the optimal transport problem.

not understand what

during the interview because he did not understand what Rebellious is for.

Pilchowa did not answer, and kept on talking: "I do not understand what it is.

Dawson accepts the verdict, but Downey does not understand what they did wrong.

understand the nature

Researchers think these studies may also help understand the nature of dark energy.

Such graphs are useful in calculus to understand the nature and behavior of a function or relation.

Section three discusses his views of how a Jew should understand the nature of Judaism as a religion.

really understand

Since he was really young when his mother died he does not really understand what happened.

However, further experiments showed that children did not really understand what was being asked of them.

Kershaw told Simon Mayo in 1989: "For reasons she didn't really understand, Elisabeth began to write to him in prison and he wrote back.