well understood   (十分に理解)

The cause of BII phobia is not yet well understood.

The causes of quantum scarring are not well understood.

(At the time, surface tension was not well understood.)

fully understood

Bradley fully understood Montgomery's intentions.

Causes of BII phobia have yet to be fully understood.

The function of "C3orf67" is not yet fully understood.

poorly understood   (あまり理解できなかった)

The mechanism is complex and poorly understood.

As yet, the etiology of this condition remains poorly understood.

The cause of the various cicatricial alopecias is poorly understood.

not well understood   (よく理解されていない)

The causes of quantum scarring are not well understood.

(At the time, surface tension was not well understood.)

The reasons for these differences are not well understood.

not fully understood

Drifting osteons are a phenomenon that is not fully understood.

The evolution of the dorsal pallium is not fully understood yet.

However, the presence of two distinct lakes is not fully understood.

not understood

Fertilization was not understood in ancient times.

How vacuum tubes worked was not understood at the time.

The details of how these processes occur still are not understood.

better understood

The richness and cultural diversity of rug weaving were gradually better understood.

Johnston makes easier to understand social parallels that can be better understood by the layman.

Covalent bonds are better understood by valence bond (VB) theory or molecular orbital (MO) theory.

generally understood

Art as we have generally understood it is a European invention barely two hundred years old."

When an apparent magnitude is discussed without further qualification, the V magnitude is generally understood.

Later, as Young is generally understood to have taught, Adam returned to the earth to become the biological father of Jesus.

best understood

Thus, APL is "read" or best understood from right-to-left.

Literally translated, it is best understood as 'Great Lady' or 'mistress'.

Lingat states that inner contentment can be best understood as "the approval of one's conscious".

easily understood

The model is clearly defined and easily understood.

News Stories with a strong impact can be easily understood by a reader.

Brahman is, in western contexts, easily understood as Brahmana or Brahmin, which means "priest".

not be understood

Doctrine cannot be understood unless it is prayed.

Attempted usage of 天 as such will not be understood.

As such, these tasks are relatively fluid and cannot be understood as separate processes.

widely understood   (広く理解されている)

English is widely understood as well as French.

French is also widely understood.

The most spoken language in the village is Oshiwambo but English is widely understood too.

understood what

Cao Pi understood what Jiang Ji meant and immediately rescinded his edict.

It all happened so fast that no one on land fully understood what had happened.

Defense attorney Kunstler said "The jury understood what happened – that he acted in self-defense."

commonly understood

It is commonly understood in the Christian Tradition that Ambrose baptized Augustine.

An esbat is commonly understood to be a ritual observance on the night of a full moon.

In a wider sense, it is commonly understood to only mean abstinence from sexual activity.

understood in terms

This can be understood in terms of probability.

These charges and holes are understood in terms of quantum physics.

Vibrational motion could be understood in terms of conservation of energy.

understood to mean

Sexual maturity in Sharia law is typically understood to mean puberty.

This was well understood to mean against Antony, though he was not named.

An expression such as formula_18 can be understood to mean either formula_19 or formula_20.

completely understood

The dynamics are not completely understood.

The function of this gene is not yet completely understood.

The reasons for this discrepancy are not completely understood.

clearly understood

There is a need for a definite and clearly understood charter for one's operations.

As it remains, the two words are most clearly understood as "what is" and "what should be."

The causes are not clearly understood, but both environmental and genetic factors play a role.

now understood

However, she dies happy, feeling she now understood most people's situations.

Buckton is now understood to be an enclosure castle, with stone walls forming the key defence.

Bati is now understood in Fijian Culture as the term for the island's traditional warrior class or caste.