Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

unemployment rate   (tasa de desempleo)

Oberengstringen has an unemployment rate of 3.01%.

Laufen-Uhwiesen has an unemployment rate of 1.22%.

In October 2011, unemployment rate stood at 17.4%.

high unemployment   (alto desempleo)

However, high unemployment rates trouble the Pueblo.

But in fact, the Greek economy suffered a prolonged high unemployment.

The area gained the reputation of a poor neighborhood with high unemployment.

unemployment benefits   (beneficios de desempleado)

For example, unemployment benefits decrease by 50% after 6 months.

The extension of unemployment benefits then passed by a vote of 78–19.

A person that is not a member of an A-kasse cannot receive unemployment benefits.

unemployment insurance   (seguro de desempleo)

In 1960, Albertson sued for unemployment insurance for work for the Communist Party.

Denmark has an unemployment insurance system called the A-kasse ("arbejdsløshedskasse").

He also became the first governor to publicly endorse the idea of unemployment insurance.

unemployment rates   (Tasas de desempleo)

However, high unemployment rates trouble the Pueblo.

domestic inflation or unemployment rates.

Typically, Denmark has had relatively low unemployment rates.

youth unemployment   (desempleo juvenil)

With 7.1% Germany also has the lowest youth unemployment rate of all EU member states.

Denmark's active labour market policies particularly focus on tackling youth unemployment.

, Greater Adelaide had an unemployment rate of 7.4% with a youth unemployment rate of 15%.

unemployment and other   (desempleo y otros)

On Peace Day, 19 July 1919, the Luton Town Hall was burnt down during a riot by ex-servicemen unhappy with unemployment and other grievances.

The inner city areas affected by the 1981 riots were among those hit particularly hard by the recession and the unemployment and other social issues which came with it.

All municipalities in Norway, including Nærøysund, are responsible for primary education (through 10th grade), outpatient health services, senior citizen services, unemployment and other social services, zoning, economic development, and municipal roads.