unfair competition   (不公平な競争)

In February 2013, the company won a trial against Wabtec for the acts of unfair competition and secrets violation.

Ferroul was one of the leaders of the 1907 revolt of the Languedoc winegrowers who were protesting unfair competition.

However, although vintners gave great prominence to this unfair competition, it did not represent more than 5% of the market.

unfair advantage   (不公平な優位性)

Note 2: Courses voided due to unfair advantage

Typically, the other human players look away during a spell choice to avoid an unfair advantage.

However many able-bodied longjumpers protested that he had an unfair advantage due to his blade.

unfair dismissal   (不当解雇)

He was made redundant and claimed unfair dismissal in the Aberdeen Employment Tribunal.

He participated in judgment on the point about fixed term contracts, but not in the judgment on unfair dismissal.

It was reported by BBC News on 29 October 2013 that Sharon Shoesmith agreed to a six-figure payout for unfair dismissal.

unfair treatment   (不公平な扱い)

It was demanded to be reformed, while many faculty members received unfair treatment.

Crispin Glover, during an interview with Colider Live, had strong words about Gale and the unfair treatment.

The Rising opposes the growing power of the First Councillor, the Tier system, and the unfair treatment of men.

unfair labor   (不当労働)

It prohibited unfair labor practices such as discrimination against union members.

CUPE 3903 subsequently filed an unfair labor practices complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

Also this year the city fired it's city manager by a vote of 4-3 Carlos Martinez citing "unfair labor practices" and the ire of the city's unions.