trade unions   (労働組合)

Most important are therefore the trade unions".

The organization organized various illegal trade unions.

McDonogh was known for being violently opposed to trade unions.

labor unions   (労働組合)

Members of the parliament and labor unions protested.

The city became a stronghold of labor unions and the Democratic Party.

The FSIP resolves disputes between the government and federal labor unions.

civil unions   (市民組合)

The act established civil unions in Illinois.

Ryan supports civil unions and opposes same-sex marriage.

Zimbabwe does not recognise same-sex marriage or civil unions.

credit unions   (信用組合(信用金庫)

He was responsible for the organizing of the world's first credit unions.

Group seven: credit unions.

Some credit unions offer home loans in addition to other financial services.

labour unions   (労働組合)

Numerous labour unions in Canada opposed Motion 312.

Some labour unions stopped work in solidarity with the demonstrators.

Under colonial law, black Angolans were forbidden from forming political parties or labour unions.

other unions   (他の組合)

See below for some other unions that were merged into the CEP.

Rauner's executive order and comptroller instructions were challenged by AFSCME and other unions.

The other unions responded by establishing a rival body, the Reformed Trade Union Congress (RTUC) in February 1960.

local unions

In the past, college rugby competitions have been governed by local unions.

Horton attended Cumberland College in Tennessee in 1924 and continued his work with local unions.

He envisioned "local unions" (communities) establishing the first one at what became the Knox Arboretum.

student unions   (学生組合)

After his GCSEs and A Levels, he was very active in student unions and Islamic societies.

NUS Services Ltd NUS Services Ltd (NUSSL) is a company which provides services to student unions in the United Kingdom.

With about 30,000 student members it is one of the largest student unions in the UK, and hosts a wide array of events and offers services to all students.