housing units   (住宅ユニット)

There were housing units at an average density of .

There are 478 housing units within the community.

55.6% of occupied housing units were owner-occupied.

million units   (百万単位)

The album was certified 5 million units by the RIAA.

The series as a whole sold 1.5 million units by 2004.

It went on to sell 3.1 million units worldwide.

other units   (他のユニット)

There are many other units that vary the mechanics.

Most of the seeds are procured from other units (i.e.

Only then was it topped up with 22 sappers from other units.

military units

Heroes may also fight alongside military units.

He asked for military units to protect a black school in 1869.

Some military units are called "flags" after their use of flags.

multiple units   (複数ユニット)

It consists of 9 multiple units of three cars each.

Trains are formed of modern electric multiple units.

The line is operated with class 628 diesel multiple units.

new units

306th was one of seven brigades formed from these new units.

The captured cities are then set to produce new units as well.

The most common new units made today are to , net for traction.

units sold

In its third week, it slipped to number nine with 24,689 units sold.

and was certified Double Gold album by the SNEP for 200,000 units sold.

It was the seventh-best-selling DVD of 2011 with over 3 million units sold.

units per

Sales reached 4 million units per year for the first time.

The company has manufacturing capacity of 10 units per month.

Capacity of the plant was improved to 300,000 units per year.

following units

The following units have been based at Netheravon.

The Task Force is made up of the following units:

The following units served with the brigade.

rental housing units   (賃貸住宅ユニット)

192 people (78.7% of the population) lived in owner-occupied housing units and 52 people (21.3%) lived in rental housing units.

1,507 people (85.1% of the population) lived in owner-occupied housing units and 264 people (14.9%) lived in rental housing units.

1,008 people (85.1% of the population) lived in owner-occupied housing units and 176 people (14.9%) lived in rental housing units.

infantry units

Afterwards, Macedonian police and infantry units advanced.

The Satnamis initiated their march upon Delhi and overran small-scale Mughal infantry units.

The infantry units would be supported by artillery, M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs), and helicopters.

combat units   (戦闘部隊)

They were first deployed to combat units in September 1944.

As the Type 1 37 mm AT Gun, it was introduced to combat units in 1941.

The 89th, along with all reserve combat units, was mobilized for the Korean war.

support units   (サポートユニット)

In addition to this, there are several special forces support units (FM SOF).

Armed Forces consist of the General Staff, the Land Forces, the Air Force and support units.

The logistical support units spent October and November catching up and eliminating backlogs.

army units

The next day, three Malian army units gave up trying to lift the siege.

In 2014, some army units launched an abortive mutiny over wage disputes.

In the British Army the term "cavalry" was only used for regular army units.

new housing units   (新しい住宅ユニット)

, the construction rate of new housing units was 5 new units per 1000 residents.

In 2015 the rate of construction of new housing units per 1000 residents was 10.4.

In 2014 the rate of construction of new housing units per 1000 residents was 7.66.

business units   (ビジネスユニット)

Other business units are gynecology, dermatology, and anti-infectives.

The division created two new business units – Baldeodas-Kedarnath and Baijnath-Juggilal.

The division created two new business units - Baldeodas-Kedarnath and Baijnath-Juggilal.

residential units

It has 14 floors with more than 100 residential units.

It incorporates 123 varied residential units.

73% of residential units are renter occupied.

administrative units

Muhallas, the smallest administrative units, are neighborhoods.

The city now has headquarters for administrative units of the sub-division.

Eight towns: Four townships: There are also special administrative units:

artillery units

Kozhukhov ordered the landing of troops and artillery units for a ground assault.

Small cavalry and artillery units were raised from legionnaires serving in Mexico.

The army was organized into three units: machine gun, infantry and artillery units.

new units per

, the construction rate of new housing units was 5 new units per 1000 residents.

, the construction rate of new housing units was 6.5 new units per 1000 residents.

, the construction rate of new housing units was 6.2 new units per 1000 residents.

number of units   (ユニット数)

The soldiers that formed these companies came from a number of units.

A limited number of units were sold to audiophiles and audio researchers.

It is the first A level to have an odd number of units since Curriculum 2000.

units within

There are 478 housing units within the community.

The DX7 sold over 200,000 units within three years.

There are six units within the TCJU.

electric multiple units

Trains are formed of modern electric multiple units.

The Bombardier Omneo is a double-deck electric multiple units (EMU).

Its fleet of electric multiple units are numbered in the 8xxx series.

all units

The caltrops deal damage to all units which step upon them.

Only the trunk volume of 660 liters is the same for all units.

Many but not all units also have the words "PAT PEND" or "PAT.

units during

The album sold 4300 units during its first week.

Sasseville served in various operational units during his active duty.

It was withdrawn alongside the other units during March 1953 and scrapped.

smaller units

Over the years, the unit has been split into 3 smaller units.

Some currencies do not have any smaller units at all, such as the Icelandic króna.

Peter Jusczyk argued that infants use prosody to parse speech into smaller units for analysis.

militia units   (民兵ユニット)

Between 1836 and 1860, four German militia units had been formed in Cincinnati, Ohio.

For these militia units to be effective, they needed not only strength in numbers, but also fanaticism.

However, the majority of soldiers remained in militia units, known as the Citizen Military Forces (CMF).

units such

Smaller prefixed units such as mb and μb are also widely used.

Throughout we use units such that the speed of light in vacuum is 1, i.e.

Correspondingly, the differential cross section can be measured in units such as mb/sr.

cavalry units   (騎兵ユニット)

These consisted of infantry troops and cavalry units.

Largely because white cavalry units objected to designating them as “U.S.

The lack of horses was the deciding factor in the reduction in the cavalry units.

reserve units

The satellite was equipped with 3 TV transponders (including reserve units).

ConAC also reorganized its reserve units under the wing base organization system in June 1949.

The preparedness of the reserve units must be taken care of, and reserve duty should only entail training.

police units

They are also used for recreational trail riding and in mounted police units.

At times, however, the frontier wars did see the involvement of British soldiers and later mounted police units.

The Assault Guards were special police units created by the Spanish Republic in 1931 to deal with urban violence.

diesel multiple units

The line is operated with class 628 diesel multiple units.

A type of diesel multiple units in the U.S. was the Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC).

The first diesel locomotives appeared in 1913, and diesel multiple units soon after.

units based

Other units based at RAF Bathurst include No.

Notable units based at Norton Manor Camp.

Flying and notable non-flying units based at Luke Air Force Base.

units were built

The units were built with AAR type B two-axle trucks.

Only five units were built, like the coupé.

43 cast-frame SC units were built between May 1936 and January 1939.

units worldwide

It went on to sell 3.1 million units worldwide.

The product line has sold 200 million units worldwide.

As of 2019, the series has sold over 149 million units worldwide.

naval units

They were supported by American air and naval units.

Air force and naval units also participated in the battle.

HMCS Fraser Two Canadian naval units have been named HMCS "Fraser".

first units

In September 2012, the first units had trial runs.

The first units were delivered by Henschel in 1882.

A month earlier, the first units were made with ABS (option).

subordinate units   (従属ユニット)

Its subordinate units are situated in the Omaheke, Hardap, Karas and Erongo regions.

The 3610th Navigator Training Wing and subordinate units were discontinued on 1 July.

The Goito itself was disbanded on 1 June 1991 along with most of its subordinate units.

processing units

As well as a general purpose CPU, Jaguar contains four processing units.

It uses graphics processing units and chipsets intended for small products.

Python and GPUs; Google's tensor processing units also work with Julia on Colab).

various units

Charbel served in various units of the Internal Security Forces.

During World War I he saw service with various units at home and abroad.

After World War II, he remained in the Union Defence Force and served as chaplain in various units.

many units

By November of that year, his reputation was such that he was in high demand from many units.

The British Army historically included many units from what are now separate Commonwealth realms.

The drive shaft was upgraded by HUSS in 2003, but by then many units had been scrapped or sold for parts.

air units

102 Squadron RAF, no air units were formed as part of the Ceylon Defence Force.

Among the air units of the Northern Fleet was the 121st Fighter Aviation Regiment.

The eight types of air units are produced in the "Air Factory" production facility.

several units

It is one of several units for timekeeping on Mars.

He served with several units, including the 37th Fighter Squadron.

He rallied men of several units, led them forward, and captured many prisoners.

different units

The different units were unveiled on the first day of "Wanna One Go: X-con".

Volunteers were ascribed to different units depending on experience or training.

She also served as a messenger, maintaining communication between different units.

industrial units

There are also light industrial units.

In addition to agriculture, there are now industrial units established in the vicinity of Adad Awagat.

The total number of industrial units in the district in 2010-11 stood at 12908 with 705 registered units.

units were sold

In 2018, 116,324 units were sold in China.

Among these, 1.5 million units were sold for "Pac-Man" alone.

In 1994/95, the bus units were sold.

units of measurement   (測定単位)

"Xiao Erya" sections 5 (funeral terms) and 11-13 (units of measurement) are not included in the "Erya".

The obsolete units of measurement survived in Russian culture in a number of idiomatic expressions and proverbs, for example:

The difference between these two units of measurement is the placement of the decimal point, so 1 milliSiemens is equal to 1000 microSiemens.

training units

It was disbanded on 1 May 1944 as part of a reorganization of training units.

It was inactivated on 1 May 1944 as part of a reorganization of training units.

The squadron was disbanded in April 1944 as part of a reorganization of training units.

units used

The units used above are the standard SI units.

The Kururi Line units used DMF14-HZ engines.

The GPHS-RTG units used on spacecraft were not created by NASA.

enemy units

Allows the Witch Queen to cast curses on nearby enemy units while fighting.

Score is gained by destroying enemy units, and for refugees crossing the screen safely.

In addition all ranged damage dealt to the enemy units and buildings in that area is increased.

fighter units

Groupe de chasse are French fighter units approximately equivalent to a two-squadron wing in the British RAF.

USAAF intelligence had determined that the Japanese had only two night fighter units, and these were believed to pose little threat.

The squadron received additional training with RAF night fighter units at several bases in early 1943 achieving the first victory on 24 July.

units assigned

53rd LAA Regiment was one of the units assigned to provide AA cover under 2 AA Bde.

The airfield was apparently unmanned, had no buildings nor any permanent units assigned.

more units

Plans are underway for more units alongside the new housing.

Two more units were bought in 1986.

26 more units ready in Kolkata.

operational units

Sasseville served in various operational units during his active duty.

One of the key operational units within SO18 is the Aviation and Road Policing Unit.

Founded in 1509 as a tercio, it is one of the world's oldest still operational units.

separate units

The site consists of three separate units.

Prince" that was composed of 2 separate units: Mr. King and Prince.

The two battalions, while sharing a depot, operated as separate units.

individual units

The individual units are called "wigwams," not "rooms" or "tepees" or "cabins."

Regimental flags for individual units became commonplace during the Early Modern period.

Some modern cash drawers are individual units separate from the rest of the cash register.

power units

The aft fuselage also housed three auxiliary power units (APU).

Both power units drove through a friction drive and belt to the rear axle.

Meteorites were built for vehicles, for marine use and as stationary power units.

units stationed

Among the units stationed here were the famed Ninth Cavalry of Buffalo Soldiers.

Air force units stationed at CFB Cold Lake have access to the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range.

Scapula first appears in history as a soldier in one of the units stationed in his father's province of Roman Britain.

small units

Commanders of small units were experienced soldiers.

The small units of ½ sho and ½ tangka were only struck for circulation in small numbers in 1793.

From each of these 'garrisons', small units of rebels established outposts in the surrounding area.

production units

The factory is structured in four production units:

Secunda CTL consists of two production units.

More recently Lycra and Kevlar production units were active.

retail units

It houses over 35 retail units spread over two floors.

The development comprises over 1,400 apartments, as well as offices, retail units and restaurants.

This will include a seated waiting area, retail units, vending area and a new office for bus inspectors."

units called

All polymers are made of repetitive units called monomers.

Stages can be divided into smaller stratigraphic units called chronozones.

Braille is a system of raised dots formed into units called braille cells.

special units

In the aftermath 14 of the 16 attackers were killed by police special units.

Some facilities have special units reserved for those dependent on total care.

The special units include the Hearn Honor Company, Color Guard, and Midshipman Drill Team.

units began

On 25 August the PAVN units began withdrawing into their sanctuaries in Cambodia.

With this new status the Jawei CDF units began attacking RUF positions without SLA support.

A second swap of units began when the 82d Fighter Interceptor Squadron arrived from Iceland.

care units   (ケアユニット)

The city has about seven palliative care units.

Since 2013 the GOCC has been raising funds to support geriatric and long-term care units in Poland.

The city is where one of the earliest paediatric intensive care units (PICUs) was established in the 1990s.

flying units

For the first time since it left for Vietnam, the wing once again had its three original flying units.

1 Operational Group which controlled all the flying units of Indian Air Force, including the flying training units.

In part, because of his maintenance background, he also frequently served as a maintenance officer in his flying units.

units including

There are also small specialist units including police dogs, mountain rescue, and a bomb disposal team.

It moved many of its units including fighter jets to forward air bases to increase the number of sorties.

47 the "Billboard" 200, selling 6,000 copies, or 11,000 album-equivalent units including streams and tracks.

stratigraphic units

Stages can be divided into smaller stratigraphic units called chronozones.

List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Colombia Several stratigraphic units in Colombia have provided fossils.

ground units

The primary role of the BAF was to provide support and medevac services to the ground units of the Bophuthatswana army.

On 18 September 2012 General John Allen suspended all joint combat operations between Afghanistan and American ground units in Afghanistan.

The flak corps, while mainly intended to support ground units with concentrated anti-aircraft fire, in many cases provided also antitank support.

astronomical units

The following table contains some distances given in astronomical units.

It orbits its parent star every 3.36 days at a distance of 0.042 astronomical units (AU).

The dust continuum emission suggests a disk radius of approximately 400 astronomical units.

million units worldwide

It went on to sell 3.1 million units worldwide.

The product line has sold 200 million units worldwide.

As of 2019, the series has sold over 149 million units worldwide.

units across   (単位)

As of 2017, the company owned 21,000 units across Canada.

The total number of family units across India is 440, set up in 35 centres.

EmbroidMe has over 250 units across the world, with regional offices in the United States and Australia.

government units   (政府ユニット)

After a few months, he was hunted down by government units and executed.

The award recognizes best local government practices worthy of replication by other local government units (LGUs).

units averaged

The 723 housing units averaged 176.8 per square mile (68.3/km).

housing units averaged   (平均された住宅ユニット)

The 723 housing units averaged 176.8 per square mile (68.3/km).

armoured units

The Lions were tasked to attack the armoured units.

Both regiments are, presently, armoured units.

Two armoured units were sent to Sandbostel but fighting delayed their arrival until 29 April.

reconnaissance units

They were used as an anti-tank component of the reconnaissance units.

On 18 September, U.S. reconnaissance units encountered Wehrmacht Panzergrenadiers again.

After World War II the dragoon regiments were reorganized as armoured reconnaissance units.

additional units

Two additional units are under construction.

The additional units make it easier for them to achieve their target emission levels.

The same year the brigade gained three additional units and became a mechanized brigade.

municipal units

It straddles the boundaries of the municipal units Lechaina and Vouprasia.

Similar municipal units:

Its territory corresponded with that of the current municipal units Gytheio and East Mani.

control units   (コントロールユニット)

engine control units and sensors).

Some police departments use pickup trucks with cages for animal control units.

Hardwired control units are generally faster than the microprogrammed designs.

such units

By 1965 there were around 20,393 such units.

8 such units were established in Udayapur District, including Udayapurgadhi.

Subsequently, such units have been formed and are functional in Kozhikode, Thrissur and Trivandrum.

both units

For example, kPa and bar are both units of pressure, and .

Charging time for both units is 6 hours.

Coleco mailed an adapter to owners of both units who complained.

supporting units

No Union supporting units arrived.

The Legion and supporting units relieved the Spanish enclave of Melilla after a three-day forced march led by Franco.

As World War II went on, the complement of supporting units attached to a Soviet army became larger and more complex.

apartment units

The project consists of six 20-story buildings containing 1,272 apartment units.

The project consists of thirteen 14-story buildings containing 1,523 apartment units.

1,940 apartment units are contained within the apartment buildings in the Grant Houses.

generating units

Each tunnel is designed to feed two generating units.

Later generating units were British-made turbo-alternators.

There are four 40 MW generating units, each fed by a -long penstock.

forces units

The overseas forces units (then "divisions") were founded in 1980.

In response, the Federation establishes special forces units, such as the Titans and OZ.

The sixth charge claimed three counts of captured Soviet soldiers being illegally recruited into German armed forces units.

units include

Air units include bombers, fighters and transports.

As of 2016, brigade units include:

The special units include the Hearn Honor Company, Color Guard, and Midshipman Drill Team.

larger units

Other calendars have one (or multiple) larger units of time.

However, sometimes they were used in larger units up to squadron size.

An effort to rationalize the larger units in a fashion similar to CANDU 6 led to the CANDU 9.

units were used

The seven former B&LE units were used for hauling the taconite pellets, while No.

The NDH units were used to guard the roads and effect a cordon around the area of the operation.

Some related units were used in Persia in the 19th century, and are still used in contemporary Iran.

aviation units

The expedition had been airlifted by aviation units under the command of Mark Shevelev.

These aviation units were located at Grenada Airport 100 miles north of Jackson, Mississippi, the state capitol.

In January 1951, all army aviation units in Mississippi were ordered to active duty and sent to Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

volunteer units

Armed Protestant volunteer units were set up to protect against an invasion from France.

In German histories of the Second World War, the Legion is noted less than other foreign volunteer units.

At the end of the 19th century, the colony raised volunteer units to form a reserve for the military garrison.

units built

They are among the largest coal units built.

The Indian locomotives were , and were the only narrow gauge units built.

Santa Fe ordered the GP60B model in 1991, which were the final B units built for road service in North America as of 2005.

mobile units

There are 13 mobile units of "Reparto Mobile" located in the main Italian cities.

Some mobile units could be programmed to work on more than one GE Marc V trunked system.

On 6 August 1956, the blue beret was assigned to mobile units (Mobile Battalions and Trucked Units).

remaining units

The remaining units of the 6th Army surrendered.

All remaining units were withdrawn in 2003 when the system closed.

The Alaska Railroad's four remaining units (2802, 2805, 2808, and 2809) are still in service as of March, 2007.

existing units

All training afterwards was for replacement pilots of existing units.

In 1939, the Territorial Army was "duplicated" - existing units formed a second unit.

Once there, they become part of the player's "Force Pool", which they can use to reinforce their existing units.

base units

For example, units for length and time are normally chosen as base units.

Under the 2019 redefinition of the SI base units, this sets 1 eV equal to J.

In the CGS base units, it is equal to one gram centimetre-squared per second-squared (g⋅cm/s).

conservation units

The city is home to seven environmental conservation units.

The park would be part of the proposed Trinational Biodiversity Corridor, which aims to provide forest connections between conservation units in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina in the Upper Paraná ecoregion.

Of these structures from the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are about 100,000 square meters in floor area, four of which have been registered as cultural heritage relics of Zhejiang province (Two of them have applied for being listed as national cultural conservation relics); nine are the cultural conservation units of Huzhou Municipality, and 20 are the cultural conservation relics of Nanxun Town, which was named the Famous Historic and Cultural Town by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province.

local units

They may function as forums for developing competence and are often the local units of a national employer's organisation.

On 24 June, a British prisoner spoke of a five-day bombardment to begin on 26 June and local units expected an attack within days.

Davies threw himself into the role, travelling around the country and inspecting local units to gain an overall idea of their efficiency.

rental units   (レンタルユニット)

Almost half the riding's dwellings are rental units.

Over 45% of the riding's dwellings are rental units, and one family in four is single-parent.

Carlyle and Extell then sold the three apartment buildings with rental units to Equity Residential.

regular units

The last major Somali regular units left the Ogaden March 15, 1978.

Soldiers were drawn from the regular units of the British Army's Corps of Royal Engineers.

His intention was to use the Territorial Force to release regular units from the imperial garrison and line of communications duties in France.