death unknown   (死は不明)

Louis Koch Louis Koch (born 1903, date of death unknown) was a Swiss bobsledder.

J. Harrop J. Harrop (dates of birth and death unknown) was an English cricketer.

André Berg André Berg (born 1880, date of death unknown) was a French bobsledder.

unknown reasons   (不明な理由)

However, for unknown reasons, it was not included.

The studio was shut down in 2005 for unknown reasons.

The engagement was broken for unknown reasons.

remains unknown   (不明のまま)

The exact origin of Khorasan wheat remains unknown.

Coalition invasion in March 2003 remains unknown.

The truth of Harborth's conjecture remains unknown .

previously unknown   (以前は不明)

Aditya Narayan plays Khan's previously unknown son.

The conquistadors brought previously unknown diseases.

ECM1 codes for a glycoprotein of previously unknown origin.

unknown whether   (かどうかは不明)

It is unknown whether they landed near the Columbia.

It is unknown whether Clyn perished from the disease.

It is unknown whether either of them reached the summit.

relatively unknown   (比較的不明)

However, despite the awards he is relatively unknown, even in Mexico.

The protein function is relatively unknown and is highly conserved in mammals.

Kerala was a relatively unknown state among tourist circles until the early 1960s.

still unknown   (まだ不明)

The whereabouts of the artwork are still unknown.

The origin of Altare glassworks is still unknown.

The location of Stavisky's wealth is still unknown.

unknown number   (未知数)

An unknown number of slaves were captured.

An unknown number of deportees perished during the process.

Two men were killed; there were an unknown number of survivors.

largely unknown

The total loss of life throughout the conflict is largely unknown.

Non-anime science fiction are still largely unknown to foreign audiences.

The "symbol" type is common to Lisp languages, but largely unknown outside them.

unknown date

He wed at an unknown date, and the two had one son.

She died on an unknown date after 1522, in Florence.

Lucrezia Landriani died on an unknown date.

currently unknown

The release date for Polda 7 is currently unknown.

The title and release date are currently unknown.

The function of the protein is currently unknown.

remain unknown   (不明のまま)

; but the doctrines they adopted remain unknown.

Their fates remain unknown as of February 2014.

The builders of vernacular structures remain unknown.

name is unknown

If the father's name is unknown, a matronymic is used.

The other daughter's name is unknown.

The etymology of the name is unknown.

unknown how

It is unknown how the bomb made its way on board.

It is currently unknown how it made its way to India.

"It is still unknown how this work passed censorship."

reasons unknown

However, for reasons unknown his solo debut album was shelved.

Two years later his membership was revoked for reasons unknown.

The competition stopped running in the mid-1990s for reasons unknown.

unknown origin

The public domain lyrics are of unknown origin.

ECM1 codes for a glycoprotein of previously unknown origin.

Blackjack's precursor was "twenty-one", a game of unknown origin.

virtually unknown

The group is virtually unknown outside Songea.

Now, he is virtually unknown, but there are moves to revive his work.

Prior to the 17th century, glazed shop windows were virtually unknown.

fate is unknown   (運命は不明)

The Insurgency takes him away, and his fate is unknown.

After the collapse of the Factory, her fate is unknown.

His body has not been found and his exact fate is unknown.

unknown what

, it is unknown what the status of the project is.

It is unknown what role he will play in any future novels.

It is unknown what kind of mounting the "Score Board" has.

unknown when   (いつ不明)

It is unknown when Bitola's clock tower was built.

It is unknown when Muzaka family began to control Berat.

It is unknown when they began to associate.

remained unknown

At the time, the cause of the fire remained unknown.

The fate of the submarine remained unknown for years.

The whereabouts of Horn remained unknown.

unknown reason   (不明な理由)

It was abandoned for an unknown reason.

It has however been banned from MTV for some unknown reason."

Quarterback Alan Bowman left the game at halftime for an unknown reason.

death is unknown   (死は知られていない)

The date and location of Andrew's death is unknown.

The date of Argyritzos' death is unknown.

His date of birth and death is unknown.

otherwise unknown

His mother's identity is otherwise unknown.

2, p. 140) refers to an otherwise unknown school founded by Barrett.

Geoffrey identifies this otherwise unknown location with Caer-Caradog (Salisbury).

yet unknown

The host species of "T. scissaria" is as yet unknown.

The disposition of "Suillosporium" is as yet unknown.

The earth did not yet exist and human beings, too, were as yet unknown.

unknown person   (知らない人)

At the beginning of the story the killer is an unknown person.

However, an unknown person arrives on the scene and murders Priya.

An unknown person gave it to the National Library of Serbia in 1943.

birth unknown

Akuila Mafi Akuila Mafi (date of birth unknown) is a Tasmanian-raised Tongan former rugby union fly-half.

Mark Kenneth Woods Mark Kenneth Woods (date of birth unknown) is a Canadian comedy writer, actor, producer, director and TV host.

Les Pearson Leslie "Les" Pearson (birth unknown – death unknown) was a professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1930s.

unknown location

In 1913 a schoolhouse was built at an unknown location.

He stands in an unknown location surrounded by a forest environment.

Cabin 8 matches Cabin 5, and was also moved to the site from an unknown location.

date is unknown

If such date is unknown, the date of publication is given instead.

Its release date is unknown.

His birth date is unknown.

unknown function

C1orf112 has a domain of unknown function DUF4487.

DUF4647, a domain of unknown function, is present from amino acid 1-454.

The domain of unknown function, DUF4641 covers almost the entire protein.

name unknown

Bull (Kent cricketer) Bull (first name unknown; fl.

P. Girod P. Girod (first name unknown) was a tennis player from France.

Family name unknown.

then unknown

There was also a son Henry (age 8), location then unknown.

An uncredited, and then unknown, Robert Mitchum appeared in the film.

While Penney made it down safely, it was then unknown how much damage had been done to Rare Bear.

date unknown

Sébastien de Brossard released a cantate Abraham (date unknown).

She was reclassified as Transport Oiler (T-AOT-79) (date unknown).

The front cover displays his "The Men's Bath" (Das Männerbad) (date unknown).

not unknown

Frost is not unknown, but is not expected in a normal winter.

Scenes showing his developing years are more rare but not unknown.

Despite the wide use of the death penalty, calls for reform were not unknown.

unknown man

This unknown man tells them that they can still win, but they must join him in order to do it.

Her husband explained that an unknown man jumped out of the bushes and knocked him unconscious.

In December 1934, an unknown man surprised Tudor at his "Credința" office, and gave him a severe beating.

hitherto unknown   (これまで不明)

He used the hitherto unknown word "Weltkrieg" (meaning World War).

If so, this would represent a hitherto unknown behavior for vent fish species.

In 1862, Dr Albert Kellogg recognized this as a taxon hitherto unknown to science.

birth is unknown

Cristoforo di Geremia's date of birth is unknown.

Juan Núñez' exact date of birth is unknown.

Lechner's exact place of birth is unknown.

almost unknown

His later life is almost unknown except that he died in 1951 in Scotland.

Use of a ring base was almost unknown in Anatolia, flat and plano-convex bases were worked instead.

The aim of Plogging RRevolution is to spread out plogging in a country in which this activity was almost unknown.

location is unknown

Its location is unknown as it was not tracked.

Nowadays, its location is unknown.

"Snoopy's" descent stage was jettisoned in lunar orbit; its current location is unknown.

unknown assailant   (不明な加害者)

Clarence 13X was shot by an unknown assailant in 1964 but survived the attack.

Once everyone is inside the school, a bullet from an unknown assailant kills Darla.

A currently unknown assailant fired shots at the home of a Labour councillor in Sheffield.

unknown outside   (外で不明)

The group is virtually unknown outside Songea.

The "symbol" type is common to Lisp languages, but largely unknown outside them.

It was unknown outside Bavaria until it was used as a military dog in World War I and World War II.

unknown author

Thus, the unknown author was a literary figure.

The name has remained with the unknown author.

It expresses the unknown author's sense of civic pride.

unknown causes

She died, of unknown causes, on 16 November 1131.

He died on August 28, 1943, officially of unknown causes.

He died in October 1848 of unknown causes, aged 66 or 67.

dates are unknown

This is a timeline- some dates are unknown.

Australian broadcast dates are unknown.

class is unknown

Those whose class is unknown, or assumed, are noted as such.

In a classification procedure, the class for a new object (whose real class is unknown) can be estimated by minimising, across classes, an average of the Fisher kernel distance from the new object to each known member of the given class.

completely unknown

A head, became for me an object completely unknown and without dimensions."

It is not widely celebrated and to many people in the Netherlands it is completely unknown.

Alexius seems to have been completely unknown in the West prior to the end of the tenth century.

unknown why

It is unknown why he didn't make the team.

It is unknown why Reilly & Britton did not publish the latter.

It is unknown why the name "Puff Creek" was applied to this stream.

unknown artist

An unknown artist executed the original frontispiece.

266v and 293) have been attributed to a third unknown artist.

The painting was started by an unknown artist in 1481, but was left incomplete.


Rennie – at that time a relative unknown – agreed to deliver the monologue.

Les Pearson Leslie "Les" Pearson (birth unknown – death unknown) was a professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1930s.

Bob Brown (rugby league) Robert "Bob" Brown (birth unknown – death unknown) was an English professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1930s.

mostly unknown

These works were written for mostly unknown occasions and artists.

The loggers behind much of the reserve’s deforestation is still mostly unknown.

In Spain, it was the 6th most popular Spanish film in 1989, but outside Spain it is still mostly unknown.

unknown woman

By an unknown woman, he had two children:

An unknown woman became the first female judge in Montenegro in 1954.

An unknown woman became the first female attorney in Suriname in 1933.

unknown cause   (未知の原因)

Palindromic rheumatism is a disease of unknown cause.

Those with epilepsy due to an unknown cause have little increased risk.

Transient synovitis is a reactive arthritis of the hip of unknown cause.

due to unknown

However, it was finally cancelled due to unknown reasons.

It was cancelled on Disney Channel in Southeast Asia due to unknown reasons.

However, on February 1, 2017, Catsup have been discontinued its broadcasting due to unknown reasons.

unknown assailants   (未知の加害者)

In October 2019, a FPM member was shot dead by unknown assailants in Da'el.

On 16 November 2007, al-Zaidi was kidnapped by unknown assailants in Baghdad.

Garson Romalis and Jack Fainman were also shot and wounded by unknown assailants.

death unknown   (–死亡不明)

Les Pearson Leslie "Les" Pearson (birth unknown – death unknown) was a professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1930s.

Gilbert Robinson Gilbert Robinson (born – death unknown) was a professional rugby league footballer who played in the 1920s and 1930s.

Bill Horton married Sybil Irene (née Webber) (birth registered during second ¼ 1903 in Bristol district – death unknown) during June 1927 in Wakefield.

death are unknown   (死は知られていない)

The date and place of Franklin's death are unknown.

The date and place of Baird's death are unknown.

The date and location of his death are unknown.

whereabouts are unknown   (行方不明)

His whereabouts are unknown after Toshihiko defeats Ōba.

General Voll's current status and whereabouts are unknown.

Their present whereabouts are unknown.