highly unlikely   (ありそうもない)

This seems highly unlikely because an executioner must be a strong man.

The veracity of this claim has never been documented and is highly unlikely.

It is highly unlikely, though, that the deepest levels will ever be reopened.

very unlikely   (ありそうもない)

It is "very unlikely" to be less than 1.5°C.

As such, it seems very unlikely that the appreneur model will do anything except grow.

However, no other sources support this thesis and Frey's biographer finds it very unlikely.

seems unlikely   (ありそうにない)

Some accounts say Riley locked the saloon doors before shooting, but this seems unlikely.

Over the following months, as Wolfe seems unlikely to return, Archie opens his own detective agency.

This motif is rare as the process resulting in its formation seems unlikely to occur during protein folding.

extremely unlikely   (非常にありそうもない)

However, local legend says that St. Leonard's hermitage was in this forest although this seems extremely unlikely.

Kenneth Farley, a project scientist on NASA's Mars Rover 2020 Project, said: "I would say that is extremely unlikely."

A spokesman for the British Home Office said unofficially it would be "extremely unlikely" that Riley would be extradited to the United Kingdom.

most unlikely   (最もありそうもない)

It is most unlikely that they ever existed in historical fact.

Therefore, the most unlikely candidate passes the trials and receives the reward.

And the savior who was foretold might be found in the most unlikely places..." (from bookcover).

considered unlikely

It is considered unlikely that acupuncture was practiced before 2000 BC.

Laperrière was listed as out indefinitely and his return to the playoffs was considered unlikely.

The Fisher Model was considered unlikely and later dismissed as an explanation for gene cluster formation.