ran unsuccessfully

He ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1944 and 1946.

In 1854 and 1856, he ran unsuccessfully for Congress.

In 1995, Hahn ran unsuccessfully for office at the age of 22.

unsuccessfully challenged

Okamura unsuccessfully challenged the verdict at the Constitutional Court.

Nicéphore de Saint Eudes Fylla unsuccessfully challenged him for the position.

Covey unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard in 2016.

unsuccessfully contested

Geoffrey Pattie unsuccessfully contested Barking in 1970.

Save Britain's Heritage unsuccessfully contested the conversion.

At the 1885 general election he unsuccessfully contested North Norfolk.

unsuccessfully attempted   (試行に失敗しました)

He unsuccessfully attempted to sell the island nine years later.

Sunderland had in 1883 unsuccessfully attempted to climb the peak.

Adalbert unsuccessfully attempted to protect a noblewoman caught in adultery.

stood unsuccessfully

He later stood unsuccessfully as an independent in .

He later stood unsuccessfully as a Liberal Unionist.

He stood unsuccessfully at the 1954 and 1957 general elections.

tried unsuccessfully

Trump tried unsuccessfully to regain his residency.

Fresnel tried unsuccessfully to recover the manuscript.

McEnroe tried unsuccessfully to persuade Borg to continue.

unsuccessfully tried

In 2001, 2003 and 2005 he unsuccessfully tried to climb the K2.

Conrad unsuccessfully tried to sue to recover the lands in 1258.

He unsuccessfully tried to persuade Tehal and the Jatha to return.

unsuccessfully ran

Field unsuccessfully ran for state treasurer in 1966.

Schauer unsuccessfully ran for Governor of Michigan in 2014.

He unsuccessfully ran to become U.S.

unsuccessfully sought

One of these brothers is said to have unsuccessfully sought the throne.

For years, Gerry unsuccessfully sought the governorship of Massachusetts.

At an 1855 by-election, he unsuccessfully sought election for Cardigan Boroughs.

attempted unsuccessfully

In 2004, he attempted unsuccessfully to regain his old federal seat as an independent.

He then attempted unsuccessfully to take their daughter, but had to leave "very much [e]nraged."

Ferdinand took the command of the Spanish Army and attempted unsuccessfully to break the French lines.

unsuccessfully attacked

"U-373" was unsuccessfully attacked by in mid-Atlantic on 25 August 1942.

She was unsuccessfully attacked by a Lockheed Hudson southwest of Iceland.

While en route, the British submarine unsuccessfully attacked "Vittorio Veneto".

unsuccessfully stood

He unsuccessfully stood for the Republican Senate nominated in 1924.

In the 1906 general election, Jones unsuccessfully stood for Camborne.

He then unsuccessfully stood in St. Pancras West in 1900 and Worcestershire West in 1906.

unsuccessfully tries

Q unsuccessfully tries to produce a painting.

The patient's distraught daughter unsuccessfully tries to seduce Bill.

Winslow unsuccessfully tries to steal the key to the lantern room from a sleeping Wake.