Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

until his death   (hasta su muerte)

Spence lived in the house until his death in 1890.

She lived with her father until his death in 1760.

Palmer lived in the house until his death in 1916.

until the end   (hasta el final)

The family was not reunited until the end of 1948.

The school remained open until the end of the year.

He served only one year, until the end of his term.

until his retirement   (hasta su retiro)

He held the position until his retirement in 2006.

He remained in Bremen until his retirement in 2005.

He remained a Senator until his retirement in 1996.

until her death   (hasta su muerte)

She resided there until her death at the age of 83.

They were married from 1931 until her death in 1954.

Roy was married to Tatu Roy until her death in 1998.

until the early   (hasta el principio)

The temple remained until the early 4th century.

It was used to hold prisoners until the early 1980s.

In Lyon, the circles survived until the early 1930s.

until the late   (hasta tarde)

Population was minimal until the late 19th century.

The site remained in operation until the late 1970s.

The Q102 moniker remained until the late 1990s.

until late   (hasta tarde)

Wilson remained on Gamenight until late July 2005.

Both shows aired on G4techTV Canada until late 2006.

The ship remained in the area until late July.

until then

They had been stored with crocodile bones until then.

Up until then, all family law cases were held in private.

The station had a ticket office until then.

until early

B. Vallely was programmed here until early 2009.

She remained with the show until early 1998.

Most of the houses were still inhabited until early 2007.

until at least   (hasta al menos)

The six boats were in service until at least 1954.

The Fairlies continued in use until at least 1914.

The name 'Freudenthal' was used until at least 1873.

until recently   (hasta hace poco)

Khandwa was known as East Nimar until recently.

Many of the cars were until recently used by the army.

Women were banned from all combat roles until recently.

until the last   (hasta el ultimo)

He was active as an author and translator until the last days of his life.

The song was played live from 1980 until the last tour with Mercury in 1986.

Each week, a couple will be eliminated until the last couple wins the grand prize.

until he retired   (hasta que se retiró)

He remained active there until he retired in 1992.

He stayed at the school until he retired in 1964.

He remained president until he retired in 1917.

until the age

She lived in Mons, Belgium, until the age of six.

She was educated at home until the age of eight.

Marshal in California until the age of seventy.

until the next

Temporary walls were put up until the next phase.

Betty seems to have some compassion until the next day.

The battles continued at Kringlebotn until the next day.

until around   (hasta alrededor)

This protective fleet existed until around 1850.

They recorded and toured together until around 1980.

The size was not standardized until around 1750.

until his resignation   (hasta su renuncia)

A position he held from 2015 until his resignation in 2016.

He served from March 4, 1849, until his resignation May 24, 1854.

Reelected in 1998, he was in office until his resignation in 2002.

until the final

He was unopposed until the final week of nominations.

She was unopposed until the final week of nominations.

until the following

This arrangement lasted until the following year.

He held his seat until the following election in 1996.

It lasted only until the following March.

until all

This whole process is repeated until all seats are filled.

The process continued until all programs finished running.

The last step is repeated until all the traffic is assigned.

until the summer

The campaign lasted until the summer of 1741.

Then he had three short-lived jobs until the summer of 1942.

Here, the front line was stabilized until the summer of 1942.

until he died

Portmann acted as her mentor until he died in 1982.

He was tried for 9 years, until he died in late 2001.

Daryl Potts was Chief Engineer until he died in 1979.

until now

What has it been until now in the political order?

Later, the area was known as "Kemayoran" until now.

Up until now, It's also a place where people are bustle.

until the beginning   (hasta el principio)

This overlay lasted until the beginning of 1998.

This trend continued until the beginning of World War II.

The mood was more or less optimistic until the beginning of 2001.

until it reaches   (hasta que llegue)

It continues to descend until it reaches Midland station.

Anne and continues east until it reaches PR 210 at Giroux.

Beryllium does not form oxides until it reaches very high temperatures.

until today

With reruns of games all day, since 1993 until today.

Only some small examples survived until today.

Dangdut music starts playing at that time, until today.

until her retirement   (hasta su retiro)

She served as Deputy Surgeon General until her retirement in 1989.

Mossell Alexander practiced law from 1927 until her retirement in 1982.

She represented the 157th District from 1993 until her retirement in 2009.

until its closure   (hasta su cierre)

It kept its star until its closure in October 2016.

It remained in use until its closure and removal in 1961.

7, a former Nazi concentration camp, until its closure in 1950.

until later

Yet other puzzles are not solved until later in life.

Publication of the finding was delayed until later due to the war.

until the arrival   (hasta la llegada)

The prologues to the two works are identical up until the arrival of Venus.

Aerial Capital Group enjoyed monopoly status until the arrival of Cabxpress in 2007.

From then until the arrival of the Great Heathen Army Essex had formed part of Wessex.

until the first

Some are skeptical until the first victim is taken.

It then stays false until the first part matches again on line 5.

From birth until the first year, the child is referred to as an infant.

until the present   (hasta la actualidad)

His descendants took it over until the present.

All the locomotives have been preserved until the present day.

Below is a list of Monagas SC coaches from 1987 until the present day.

until a new

Agius will serve as chairman until a new chief executive is appointed.

This likely would have been the end of touring until a new album was out.

The building was vacated, and stood empty for over 2 years until a new use was found.

until the middle

The hot weather sets in March and lasts until the middle of June.

The elongation of these structures continued until the middle tail.

The Bade family owned the farm until the middle to the 20th century.

until the death   (hasta la muerte)

Relations remained close until the death of Stalin on 5 March 1953.

Their long marriage lasted until the death of his wife some years later.

The Red House remained a family home until the death of Rev Bush in 1909.

until the time

Tracy served until the time of his death in Washington, D. C..

Lollardy survived up until the time of the English Reformation.

Patrick keeps hearing about the game until the time comes for him to play.

until shortly

He saw patients until shortly before his death in 2002.

"After Nine" ran from 1985 until shortly before Christmas 1992.

Barlow lived in the home until shortly before his death in 1812.

until retiring

He remained in the Senate until retiring in 1964.

Schrödinger stayed in Dublin until retiring in 1955.

He held the post until retiring in June 2011.

until it closed

It operated for 7 years until it closed in 2013.

The station was in use from 1910 until it closed in 1973.

The depot served passengers until it closed in about 1948.

until finally   (hasta que finalmente)

A number of bloody battles took place until finally Huáscar was captured.

The dream would get worse for each person until finally Barnabas would be told.

The remnants of Hilda lingered for several days, until finally dissipating on the 31st.

until the outbreak   (hasta el brote)

It was awarded until the outbreak of the Second World War.

She served in the Red Sea until the outbreak of the Second World War.

This service was continued until the outbreak of the Second World War.

until the fall

He remained at these posts until the fall of Saigon in 1975.

Davidson was an ardent Republican from 1860 until the fall of 1872.

William Reese, Jr. served as head principal from 1992 until the fall of 1997.

until reaching

Repeat this procedure until reaching the end of the vertical line.

He served until reaching the mandatory retirement age of 64 in 1886.

Scott was held in indentured servitude until reaching the age of majority.

until the second

Only a few survive until the second breeding season.

The last ones were in service until the second half of the 1970s.

become an important topic not until the second half of the nineties.

until well   (hasta bien)

Curry is simmered on low heat until well cooked.

Malta remained a slave market until well into the late 18th century.

The Ouaddai opposed French domination until well into the 20th century.

until he left

He lived there until he left Bydgoszcz in 1919.

He retained the star until he left in 1993.

From 1872 until he left the city, he was editor-in-chief.

until the latter

Anne took care of Catherine until the latter's death in 1929.

The 308C wasn't seen until the latter part of the 1975 season.

Neidavoud learnt with Hosseinqoli until the latter's death in 1916.

until further

All of this until further notice from either party..

and "Hawaii Five-0" until further notice.

the site is closed until further notice.

until shortly before

He saw patients until shortly before his death in 2002.

"After Nine" ran from 1985 until shortly before Christmas 1992.

Barlow lived in the home until shortly before his death in 1812.

until he resigned

He held his seat in each election until he resigned in February 1940.

Pistone was an FBI agent for 17 years, from 1969 until he resigned in 1986.

Russell was one of the best known patrons of the Congress, until he resigned in 1956.

until his appointment   (hasta su cita)

He was then Rector of Demerara until his appointment as Archdeacon.

He was Prebendary of Westminster from 1797 until his appointment as dean.

He was a parish priest from then until his appointment as Archdeacon of Aba in 1949.

until age

According to his mother, he was paid until age 18.

Also, such IQ gains can diminish until age 18.

Dawn was born in Kentucky, and lived there until age 18.

until the year

The youngest graves are used until the year 146 BC.

Hermits lived here until the year 1874.

Hunter remained as solicitor to the GPO until the year of his death.

until it became

This was repeated until it became a pilgrimage.

KCB relied on second hand purchases until it became profitable.

Early colonizers may have shortened it to Malay-ay, until it became Majayjay.

until just   (hasta que solo)

It wasn't until just over away that they saw it as a faint star.

They were still paying it off until just before the First World War.

Fry until just golden brown.

until the new

The macro expansion is repeated until the new source form does not use a macro.

The congregation met at another church until the new building could be completed.

Afterwards, the city was without a large indoor ice surface until the new Aud was built.

until the mid   (hasta la mitad)

The fortress existed until the mid 13th century.

McVitie's produced a Tunis cake until the mid 1980s.

Rationing continued as in the UK, until the mid 1950s.

until the start

He remained at the Meadow Lane club until the start of the First World War.

Eindhoven remained a minor city after that until the start of the industrial revolution.

The twelfth series began at the start of the year, and lasted until the start of December.

until he became

He remained in that position until he became full professor in 2010.

He served as a Common Councilman until he became its Alderman in 1892.

He was there until he became head coach of Rot-Weiss Essen in April 2005.

until that time

No ruler had dared illustrating his own portrait on coinage until that time.

His 2,929,719 votes were the highest ever for any president until that time.

This was a major change because until that time the individual riders took that decision.

until moving

She lived in London until moving to Thames Ditton in 1969.

It remained there until moving to its own headquarters in 1923.

She lived there until moving to Texas just before she turned 14.

until its dissolution   (hasta su disolución)

Swann wrote for the company until its dissolution in 2005.

In 1210 it belonged to the Templar Order until its dissolution.

The municipality existed from 1923 until its dissolution in 1964.

until the release

There would not be another shoot'em up game until the release of "Line GoGo!

His work was rarely available on CD until the release of EMI’s "Les Rarissimes" series.

It would be their last studio effort until the release of "The Great One Is Dead" fifteen years later.

until the day

He never revealed his identity until the day he was caught.

Hughes responded: "I am an alcoholic and will be until the day I die...

The coffin will be held at the funeral home until the day of the funeral.

until that point   (hasta ese punto)

For five years until that point she had been bedridden.

Subaru sales had been declining up until that point in North American market.

Up until that point the official Christian presence in the region was Greek Orthodox.

until retirement

He held this position until retirement 1990.

He taught at the College of Sion where he stayed until retirement.

Together they ran a coffee shop in the Diarama complex until retirement.

until the introduction   (hasta la introducción)

Sunshine releases continued until the introduction of sound.

In 1984 the electorate was recreated again, until the introduction of MMP in 1996.

However, they remained very difficult to work with until the introduction of the BRST method.

until the spring   (hasta la primavera)

This process would go on all winter until the spring thaw.

The modernisation work continued until the spring of 2008.

Deutsche Bahn operated a DB Service Store until the spring of 2008.

until his defeat

He remained in the Senate until his defeat in 1917.

He remained in the Senate until his defeat in 1913.

He remained a Senator until his defeat in 1990.

until only   (hasta solo)

This cycle continues until only two chefs remain.

This continues until only one farmer and one piggy remain.

This cyst then divides until only uninucleate cells remain.

until such   (hasta tal)

However, until such service has been arranged, they are freed from service obligation.

The girdles are welded on until such time as the crooks prove that they have fully reformed.

until his own

He remained in post until his own death in 1761.

Lebour held this professorial chair until his own death in 1918.

Parthasarathy served as Chief Editor until his own death in 1965.

until a few

until a few months before publication ceased, when only Bates's name is found.

The family remained there until a few years after Anna's death in 1959 from leukemia.

This tax was in force in Mexico until a few years before the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

until the opening

This was used until the opening of the new cathedral for services in 1902 and is still intact.

The Taj Mahal was the highest grossing casino in the city until the opening of The Borgata in 2003.

It was the terminus of Line CII (today U6) until the opening of Paradestraße station on 10 September 1927.

until further notice   (hasta nuevo aviso)

All of this until further notice from either party..

and "Hawaii Five-0" until further notice.

the site is closed until further notice.

until the completion

Eleanor's body remained in this grave until the completion of her own tomb.

This procedure continues through the squad until the completion of the round.

They did this on a single fare, not exiting the system until the completion of the race.

until the very

As a result, NPC behavior was variable until the very end of development.

Who exactly lives or dies is unclear right until the very end of the film.

The narthex or portico was not completed until the very end of the century.

until they reach

Dislocations glide along a slip plane until they reach an obstacle.

Every judge can run for reelection until they reach the mandatory retirement age of 75.

As they progress, the difficulties will increase until they reach an emotional outcome.

until his election   (hasta su elección)

He continued in the role until his election to Parliament in 1999.

Senator from Massachusetts until his election as President in 1960.

He practiced law in partnership with Elihu Root from 1869 until his election to the bench.

until the war

Jasta 66 would serve "7 Armee" until the war's end.

The squadron continued to serve until the war's end.

Meanwhile, the Habsburgs occupied all of Wallachia until the war ended.

until the company   (hasta que la empresa)

From 1947-61 (until the company's demise) he was Technical Director of Avro.

Bic pens struggled until the company launched its "Writes The First Time, Every Time!"

He remained as CEO until 2006 and as chairman until the company was sold to WH Group in 2013.

until summer

He played as regular center back until summer.

He remained there until summer 2012 when he joined S.P.

There he studied at a boarding school in Chelsea until summer 1817.

until it reached

The Egyptian artillery pursued the withdrawing Israeli force until it reached Hill 69.

Δ"T" continued to decrease until it reached a plateau of +11 ± 6 s between 1680 and 1866.

Calvi designed a wall that ran west–east in a straight line from the coast for about until it reached a precipice.

until much

He also argues that this was not known in China or Europe until much later.

Its ROM also contains some DOS bug fixes that didn't appear in the 1571 until much later.

Not until much later, however, did the academy gain its first woman on the Board of Directors in 1950.

until leaving

Tsujimoto worked concomitantly in both companies until leaving the former in 1983.

He played for 10 seasons with the Sphas until leaving to play for the Baltimore Bullets in 1944.

Although she dreamt of becoming a singer, Aloïse worked as a dressmaker until leaving for Germany in 1911.

until they reached

They went on until they reached the river.

They played the flute until they reached the Temple Mount.

BIGs were worn until they reached isolation facilities on board "Hornet".

until returning

She remained in the fight until returning to Subic Bay on the 23rd.

He was a plasterer, until returning to acting full-time with "Emmerdale".

She remained on station until returning home in January 1889 for a lengthy refit.

until the reign   (hasta el reinado)

This new Roman imperial fashion lasted until the reign of Phocas.

Bréifne was part of the province of Connacht until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Censorship was heavy-handed until the reign of Alexander II, but it never went away.

until the advent   (hasta el advenimiento)

2 (ITA2), the most common teleprinter code in use until the advent of ASCII.

Though now an abugida, the Ge'ez script, until the advent of Christianity ("ca."

Cars then moved to the paint shop, until the advent of unpainted aluminium bodywork.

until she died

She remained in the post until she died 47 years later.

Ahern was a member of the party's Albert Park branch until she died on 7 April 1969.

He lived in New York City with his wife, Antoinette, until she died in December 1945.

until much later

He also argues that this was not known in China or Europe until much later.

Its ROM also contains some DOS bug fixes that didn't appear in the 1571 until much later.

Not until much later, however, did the academy gain its first woman on the Board of Directors in 1950.

until becoming

WSTO was originally called Viking Media Corp, until becoming WSTO in the early 1970s.

He remained with the Steelers until becoming head coach of the expansion Carolina Panthers in 1995.

After a curacy in Bodmin he was at St Mary Abbots until becoming the Vicar of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich in 1890.

until his departure

Antony was also guitarist and M.D of the band until his departure in 2000.

The companies acted as a guard until his departure for St. John, New Brunswick.

He remained in this role until his departure from South Vietnam in August 1968.

until the dissolution   (hasta la disolución)

He remained abbot until the dissolution.

This system survived until the dissolution of the CPSU in 1991.

Braley remained underground with the group until the dissolution of WUO in 1977.

until the show   (hasta el show)

They steadily declined until the show was cancelled.

He did so until the show was cancelled in 1991.

Lane starred in "The Nanny" until the show ended in 1999.

until the construction

It was the longest tunnel in the world until the construction of Biassa II tunnel, La Spezia, Italy.

It was the tallest together with the UOB Plaza and Republic Plaza until the construction of Guoco Tower in 2016.

It was the home of Beitar Jerusalem Football Club until the construction of Teddy Stadium in Malha in the 1990s.

until several

Their bodies could not be retrieved until several days after the cease-fire.

The orchestral version was not printed until several decades after Satie's death.

When Johannes was 15 his mother died, and he was not informed until several days after her funeral.

until death   (hasta la muerte)

Though married until death, they had no children.

Originating in her faith, she kept the commandment of love until death."

Zubarev worked under the leadership of Popov until death of the latter in 1905.

until more

They rode the bus until more passengers had boarded, then began the attack.

The uncertain nature of the Dorian invasion defers a definitive answer until more is known about it.

The designs now used widely throughout the United States didn't appear until more than a decade later.

until such time   (hasta ese momento)

The girdles are welded on until such time as the crooks prove that they have fully reformed.

The wait condition will cause the execution of codice_6 to be delayed until such time as codice_7 holds.

A storage tube will continue to display the event after it has occurred until such time as it is erased.