unusually high

Turkmenistan achieved unusually high 14.7% growth in 2011.

This is unusually high and results in a nominal density of 1.24 kg/l.

Either way, such relationships have an unusually high rate of divorce.

unusually large

It is unusually large: long by wide.

An unusually large number of storage jars were found at the site.

, the Limyra Bridge has an unusually large span-to-rise ratio of .

unusually long   (異常に長い)

This has an unusually long period of almost 42 years.

The lateral sepals are unusually long.

The primary wing coverts are also unusually long and give a fringed appearance.

unusually low

Peak torque arrives at an unusually low 1800 rpm and maintains a flat plateau up to 4500 rpm.

Some earthquake ruptures travel at unusually low velocities and are referred to as slow earthquakes.

Due to unusually low precipitation for several years after flooding in 1999, Colorado Springs enacted lawn water restrictions in 2002.

unusually strong

Her son, King Ladislaus IV, was noted for his unusually strong links with Kunság settlers.

Openings at the 2 level are either unusually strong (2NT, natural, and 2, artificial) or preemptive, depending on the system.

They discover that Zar is an unusually strong telepath for a Vulcan; he can establish contact without touching the other person.