Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

made up   (arreglado)

These are made up of one ascender and one tracker.

The train sets are made up of following carriages:

The stamps have typically been made up into coils.

set up   (preparar)

They then set up an employment registry for women.

Temporary shelters were also set up near Acapulco.

In its place, she set up the micro-finance system.

grew up   (creció)

Vera Vitali grew up in Stockholm in a film-family.

Van Dinther grew up in the Netherlands and Sweden.

Tjønveit grew up at Hesthagen in Grimstad, Norway.

up of individuals   (de individuos)

36% of all households were made up of individuals.

33% of all households were made up of individuals.

22% of all households were made up of individuals.

picked up   (recogido)

The other is picked up by Taro's classmate, Miura.

On May 11, 2018, the network picked up the series.

It was eventually picked up and used by the press.

ended up   (terminó)

Some say Cabañas did not die but ended up in jail.

It ended up grossing $1,292,323 at the box office.

He ended up redshirting after suffering an injury.

make up   (maquillaje)

The Chippewa alone make up 0.8% of the population.

He would make up songs and sing them all day long.

Together they make up 13,735 acres of surface area.

took up   (tomó)

Chenevix-Trench took up his new post in September.

When hundreds were arrested, locals took up arms.

So when he died in 1704, she took up the regency.

called up   (convocado)

He was also called up for a friendly against Peru.

On May 11, he was called up to the major leagues.

On May 11, 2012, Dunn was called up by the Marlins.

take up   (comenzar)

Thomas left Britain to take up a post in Calcutta.

He also encouraged others to take up the inquiry.

DDOT expected the work would take up to four years.

setting up   (configurar)

His forte was setting up cars for specific tracks.

He is working on setting up a music school in Ningbo

KINFRA is setting up an industrial park in Puzhakkal.

gave up   (Renunció)

The would-be captors then gave up and sailed away.

The Owls scored 107 points and gave up 498 points.

She gave up teaching to focus on writing full-time.

came up   (surgió)

The record company came up with the idea, I think.

The 100th store came up at Kamala Mills in Mumbai.

Instead Bergman came up with "The In-Laws" (1979).

brought up   (trajo)

The couple brought up three sons and two daughters.

Smith brought up her son and daughter on her own.

She was brought up in the town of Widnes, Cheshire.

give up   (rendirse)

But Agassiz refused to give up hope for the mines.

Bill Ford Jr. refused to give up his chairmanship.

Someday they will make it if they don’t give up."

end up   (terminar)

Then they both pass out and end up in hospital beds.

Sebbe and Sofie end up alone and drunk in a bedroom.

Penha, Cida and Rosario end up in jail for contempt.

ends up   (termina)

The kayaker then ends up sitting flat on the dock.

Gwen ends up unmasking which surprises her father.

During the fighting, Marco ends up by the windows.

pick up   (recoger)

Trucks began arriving to pick up scores of bodies.

UPN declined to pick up the series after the pilot.

This allows individuals to pick up chemical cues.

teamed up   (Unido)

From 2013, she teamed up with Marleen van Iersel.

Ruest teamed up with Andrew Wolfe in September 2015.

In 2016, he teamed up again with Jason Aaaron on Dr.

put up   (Hospedarse)

Temporary walls were put up until the next phase.

Macquarie Film Corporation would put up the rest.

The titles were put up for sale to other publishers.

leading up   (antes de)

Flashbacks show the events leading up to the murder.

The week leading up to the game was marred by injury.

The story leading up to the murder is told.

built up   (acumulado)

The hose is built up with rubber and steel layers.

He built up an insect collection and a herbarium.

Fox built up a private dental practice in London.

broken up   (roto)

The event was broken up by police two hours later.

"Philippines" was broken up at New Jersey in 1924.

She was scuttled in May 1945 and broken up in 1947.

growing up   (creciendo)

Lonergan also supported Richmond while growing up.

This species is an annual grass growing up to tall.

Scowen was born in 1987, growing up in Wokingham.

taken up   (tomado)

This option also has not been taken up by Navarre.

This option was never taken up by the UK government.

However this was not taken up by later cartographers.

broke up   (Rompió)

This led to a cat fight which Yuri Mosin broke up.

Matranga "broke up" Onelinedrawing in August 2004.

Empedocles "broke up the assembly of the Thousand.

moved up

Trail moved up the world rankings rapidly in 1997.

This time he moved up to number 3 before exiting.

Tony Kanaan quickly moved up to second position.

opened up   (Abrió)

On June 7, 1882 a Post Office opened up in Stevens.

They opened up for us on their first American tour".

Lay then opened up a gambling house in Vernal, Utah.

come up   (sube)

Rumors and things come up, it's just ridiculous.

You come up with a big prep school reputation.

Sakall) to come up to Maine and see the theater group.

followed up   (seguimiento)

This was followed up by "Beauty" in January 2005.

It was followed up by "Copenhagen Nocturne" in 2011.

They followed up with the EP "Count the Days".

split up   (separar)

After Fila Fresh Crew split up in 1988, The D.O.C.

Perroncito named the split up pieces "dictyosomes".

The band subsequently split up some two years later.

break up   (dividir)

Police were again called to break up the protest.

In the end, Aspen decides to break up with America.

So, Vincent suggests that they should just break up.

back up   (apoyo)

He was called back up during the end of the season.

They would then get back up, and the group would leave.

These being monastic sites dating back up to 1500 years.

picking up   (recogiendo)

The park supplies bags for picking up animal waste.

Galway got a bye into the final without picking up a hurley.

taking up   (tomando)

However, he resigned without taking up the post.

Bhima then, taking up a mace, rush towards Kritavarman.

Jumping down, he rush at him, taking up sword and shield.

giving up   (renunciando)

He lasted only three innings giving up four runs.

He pitched 11 innings, giving up 17 hits and 12 runs.

St. Louis scored 133 runs while giving up 85.

up against   (encontra de)

I will stand up against President Obama's agenda."

Three tigers are going up against eleven buffaloes.

She helps the residents rise up against these guards.

caught up   (atrapados)

The trauma, the battling we all got caught up in.

Of late prawn farming has caught up with the place.

Arm troubles soon caught up with Perkowski, though.

line up

The original line up formed sometime around 2006.

They may also line up to tip popular performers.

All the detected edge points would line up as edges.

makes up   (constituye)

The brain makes up the largest portion of the CNS.

Seafood makes up a big part of their meat dishes.

In turn, she makes up more fake facts as a prank.

drawn up   (Elaborado)

A new general plan for Sätra was drawn up in 1962.

Plans drawn up for downtown's redevelopment by I.M.

A deed of surrender was drawn up on 19 September.

up and down   (arriba y abajo)

There are free shuttles up and down Skyline Blvd.

However, in 2015, Hartlett had an up and down season.

Nengren Temple is built along the up and down of mountains.

build up   (construir)

and started to build up their fanbase in Finland.

Around permanent ice began to build up on Antactica.

He also helped build up Sturmey Archer Gears.

wakes up   (se levanta)

When she wakes up, she no longer sees Alex Morgan.

The next day, he wakes up and she is already gone.

She wakes up, and the two characters are reunited.

shows up   (aparece)

Drake shows up that evening, seeing he's too late.

The device shows up as a standard bluetooth device.

Broca's aphasia shows up in some people, as well.

show up   (aparecer)

You show up with the blues I play, you lighten up.

The police show up and arrest her because of this.

They show up in the sources from ancient Kashmir.

follow up   (seguimiento)

It is a follow up on the previous Spinner vehicle.

That night, the Germans launched a follow up effort.

A follow up programme was screened in December 2008.

making up   (Componiendo)

album making up the middle third of the concert.

"People don't ask for facts in making up their minds.

census was 19,335,377 making up 74.1% of the total population.

keep up   (Mantenga)

The dish was served cold and could keep up to a month.

To keep up the pretense, all the crew remained below deck.

To keep up her father's prestige she performs the marriage.

up for election   (para la elección)

Three single authority mayors are up for election.

All 25 seats in the Assembly were up for election.

way up

Teare had worked his way up through the company.

agent orders the team to make their way up the building.

The two trek their way up the tower.

grow up   (crecer)

It can grow up to 1.5 metres tall in a bushy form.

The plants grow up to about high and in diameter.

If anyone can get Pell to grow up, it is the major.

held up

Sometimes local running competitions are held up there.

The game was held up as he was taken off on a stretcher.

Respectable people are held up to ridicule.

stand up   (Levántate)

I will stand up against President Obama's agenda."

He did his stand up comedy in the Malay language.

Green started performing stand up comedy in 2003.

up again   (de nuevo)

In 2016, he teamed up again with Jason Aaaron on Dr.

After the lesion has drained, it fills up again.

Calvin blames Carmel for this and they split up again.

picks up   (recoger)

Mason picks up the gun and demands the key back.

It then picks up SR 13 before passing west of Milan.

Basant calls after that and her father picks up.

went up   (subió)

He went up to Trinity College, Cambridge in 1889.

FaZe went up to 10-3 and Astralis had a weak buy.

After Radley he went up to Keble College, Oxford.

grown up   (creciendo)

Yaya, a Han girl was born and grown up in Xinjiang.

After that, this business has grown up to this day.

She came back with a more grown up and mature image.

open up   (abrir)

The claim is made that super grids open up markets.

Therefore, let him open up the flesh and remove them.

He's the kind where you open up and do all the talking.

showed up   (apareció)

Many evenings Allison showed up for work in a tuxedo.

Myles showed up, leading Jones with a knife at his throat.

However, Henry showed up with an army of thirty thousand men.

signed up

Thirty-six teams signed up for the Cup tournament.

In 2015 it signed up to the Right2Change agreement.

Thirteen teams signed up for the Cup tournament.

wound up   (enrollado)

The Committee of 100 was wound up in October 1968.

The answer to the former one wound up being correct.

Currey wound up running 13 Truck races in 2018.

runner up   (finalista)

It was a runner up for the Pulitzer Prize in 1950.

He was also the runner up at the BNP Paribas Open.

He finished runner up to Paul Morris by one point.

breaking up   (romper)

She was sold for breaking up on 22 September 1921.

They released two studio albums before breaking up.

She was sold for breaking up on 23 November 1815.

given up

Charlotte has given up nursing to be a housewife.

Tea soon took over, and coffee growing was given up.

His homer was one of only 12 given up by Lee in 2008.

up for sale   (a la venta)

The titles were put up for sale to other publishers.

The buildings were put up for sale on two occasions.

His family put the business up for sale in 1919.

coming up   (subiendo)

The Park is coming up in Mucherla near Hyderabad.

A Reliance SEZ is also coming up in the vicinity.

The two run but Hunter Scott is coming up fast.

opening up   (apertura)

One day they find a workshop opening up next door.

'A trigger-release mechanism; a way of opening up.

This was the first step in opening up the vast interior.

up residence   (residencia)

Once married, they set up residence in Asunción.

In 1000 the bishop of Piacenza took up residence here.

In 1676, the couple took up residence in Ichtershausen.

up through   (a traves de)

Wire catchers were used up through the Vietnam War.

Teare had worked his way up through the company.

The DraCo can run AmigaOS 3.1 up through AmigaOS 3.9.

laid up   (guardado)

"Spartan" was laid up and then broken up in 1822.

The ship is currently laid up and in reserve status.

In 1812, HMS "Topaze" was laid up at Portsmouth.

clean up   (limpiar)

Evrell first task was to clean up the knife range.

The two reconcile and clean up the Quick Stop.

The rest of the girls must clean up the house.

lined up

4 black spores, and 4 tan spores all lined up.

Alya once lined up to be the chairperson of "This Is Us!

It’s all lined up for us to do pretty good.

turned up

On March 5, two PAVN defectors turned up at the camp.

However, the treasure hunters turned up empty handed.

The brim can be turned up all the way around.

up around   (alrededor)

A legend grew up around the division of the island.

Also, long houses began showing up around this time.

Bowman grew up around film and television production.

stepped up   (intensificado)

In 1990, he stepped up to British Formula Renault.

Deputy Editor, Simon Byron, stepped up to replace him.

However, after the scaffolding, the community stepped up.

building up   (construir)

In January 2016, the city put the building up for sale.

He was also a lawyer, building up a practice in West Africa.

Since 2037, the some classes are running on the same building up to now.

takes up   (ocupa)

It takes up to 21 days for the species' to pupate.

When a bridge is down, the ferry takes up the load.

The work takes up the entire B-side of the album.

catch up   (alcanzar)

They catch up to their targets in the Projects.

He would catch up to the couple in episode 6.

faster electrons catch up with slower ones.

summed up   (resumió)

Oliver Tambo summed up thus: "Close Ranks!

They are summed up in the tables below.

Maynard summed up the concept as "Welcome to the new normal".

ending up

The team improved their record in 1996, ending up at 77–67.

He chases Deckard through the building, ending up on the roof.

finally proposes to Brandi, ending up with the two sharing a kiss.

speed up

The key was for the F-4 to keep its speed up.

And this will speed up the transfer to renewable energy."

STP and BPDUs help speed up convergence.

team up   (en equipo)

In "Risk", two or more players may team up against others.

Cullen finds Elam and they team up.

Three women team up with the common goal of marrying millionaires.

live up

Beavers live up to 24 years of age in the wild.

Molluscs such as the wood snail live up the snow line.

Elephants can live up to 70 years in the wild.

drew up   (elaboró)

Zhang Zhizhong drew up a plan of burning the city.

Seth Raynor drew up re-design plans in 1921.

Paul M. G. Lévy drew up the exact design of the new flag.

up all

The brim can be turned up all the way around.

So it winds up all feeling like empty words.

She became paralyzed again and doctors gave up all hope.

up to long   (hasta mucho)

They can accommodate a vessel up to long and wide.

These are up to long and wide, with a wavy margin.

They can vary in size up to long and in diameter.

tied up   (atado)

He had them handcuffed and tied up with a rope.

This tied up the main force of Roman infantry.

Jane and Dr. James Porter are tied up and left to die.

backed up   (respaldado)

This is backed up by studies in the Midwest.

The team is backed up by HYDRA and A.I.M.

2333, a reason why the government backed up from this matter.

breaks up

An upset Malia breaks up with Darren and leaves.

Valerie calls him a hypocrite and breaks up with him.

This breaks up environmental impact into five stages.

grows up

"Gymnosporia buxifolia" grows up to 9 metres tall.

Thus Ramu grows up accepting crime as his career.

The burrowing anemone grows up to 8 cm in diameter.

up his own

Soon after he set up his own instrumentation company.

He left and set up his own group called "Aiki no Michi".

Bianchi, instead, set up his own office directly in Cardiff.

go up

You would go up to him and say "We have no water".

That threshold would go up to 50% by the year 2030.

By the 1890s, Maling had decided to go up market.

comes up

Chuck often comes up with a title for a song first.

I can't wait to hear what Manson comes up with.

It is here, Hazlitt finds, where Irving comes up short.

move up   (ascender)

Promoted clubs tend to move up to London 3 Essex.

Torbert ordered the rest of his division to move up.

He vacated the title to move up to lightweight.

up when   (arriba cuando)

Sometimes, the past shows up when we least expect it.

The petroleum engine will start up when battery power fails.

His mother and stepfather later broke up when Rivera was 12.

cover up

Miriam is enraged that he used her in his cover up.

Snow, is honest and is not part of the cover up.

Toni sacrifices himself in order to cover up for her.

up during

He was called back up during the end of the season.

He said, “I grew up during the Cultural Revolution.

The teams finally met up during the 2013 season.

sets up   (establece)

The connection sets up based on the user dialing.

Jill kisses Patrick before he leaves and sets up.

He temporarily sets up base in the Greek Embassy.

runners up

Bays were Championship runners up in 1993 and 1994.

The runners up were Ashley Spencer and Austin Miller.

with the runners up being Galway Celtic F.C.