upcoming album   (今後のアルバム)

The track is to appear on his upcoming album "N.E.R.N.L.

The song will be featured on his upcoming album as well.

It also served as the debut single from her upcoming album.

upcoming season   (次のシーズン)

Conference affiliations are current for the upcoming season.

They subsequently retired his number for the upcoming season.

In October 2018, Farnerud joined Helsingborgs IF ahead of the upcoming season.

upcoming film   (今後の映画)

Bowden is set to direct upcoming film "Becoming Eddie".

She will star in the upcoming film, "The Broken Heart Gallery."

She played Jessica Cabot in the upcoming film "Spring to Winter".

upcoming election   (次の選挙)

He insisted that young people must vote in the upcoming election.

The SDP was expecting to win three seats in the upcoming election.

Both of them urged voters to reject nationalism in the upcoming election.

upcoming release   (今後のリリース)

An upcoming release on vinyl was also announced that day.

His most recent upcoming release is "BumRush" on 1 April 2011.

Her website announced the upcoming release of her first studio album.

upcoming elections   (今後の選挙)

Goud later joined the TRS, and KCR chose him as the party's MLC candidate for the region's upcoming elections.

The circumstances gets murkier with both sides trying every trick to ensure their victory in upcoming elections.

When Jewish Home announced its candidate list for the upcoming elections, five of the top six slots went to ex-NRP members.

upcoming tour   (今後のツアー)

It contained a short clip of a song and a list of upcoming tour dates in the USA.

The original LP release on New Alliance contained an insert with lyrics and upcoming tour dates.

As a result of this incident, Dance Gavin Dance cancelled their upcoming tour and went on hiatus.

upcoming events   (今後のイベント)

Section A is devoted to breaking news, dairy and beef news and upcoming events.

Information about the mall (upcoming events and a store directory) is provided by its media office.

Nathan Brake has an unofficial fan site Nathan Nation where upcoming events are mentioned and contains a forum for fans.

upcoming second   (もうすぐ)

Spears premiered songs from her upcoming second album during the show.

The upcoming second album, with the lead single being "Lock Down" released 15 January 2016.

It was released on May 14, 2018 as the lead-off single to their upcoming second studio album "The Way It Feels".

upcoming debut   (今後のデビュー)

Early February 2018, The Aces teased their upcoming debut album.

On May 17, 2019, she released "Nada Sale Mal", the lead single of her upcoming debut studio album.

On March 18, 2015 Hamilton would release his first single "New York Raining" from his upcoming debut album.

then upcoming   (その後、)

He also announced a then upcoming remix album for "Tuesday Maybe".

It also served as the test event for the then upcoming Winter Olympic Games.

The music video for "Singularity" was released as a teaser for the then upcoming album "".