Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

based upon   (dựa trên)

The music is based upon the Usher hit song "Yeah".

Early Shang dynasty thought was based upon cycles.

The Digimon Leviamon is based upon the Leviathan.

called upon   (kêu gọi)

All repeatedly called upon Arjuna to rescue them.

Spira is often called upon as an online dating expert.

Meanwhile, Ybor and Agio called upon Frea, Godan's wife.

agreed upon   (đồng ý)

Many protections for the elder can be agreed upon.

Truces were agreed upon in 1475, 1476, and 1478.

In June 1991, a ceasefire was nominally agreed upon.

dependent upon   (phụ thuộc vào)

It is dependent upon a number of props that hold it up.

All social theories are dependent upon a process of abstraction.

This variability between individuals is greatly dependent upon diet.

built upon   (được xây dựng trên)

ii) Can this action be built upon in future?

This model is built upon four basic tenets.

Hněvín Castle was named after the hill it was built upon.

upon release

The game was met with mixed reviews upon release.

The album received positive reviews upon release.

depending upon

2, 3, and 5, depending upon the FFT implementation).

The advantages of licensure vary depending upon location.

The benefits of certification vary depending upon location.

upon the death   (khi chết)

However, upon the death of its founder, C.S.

This materialized in 1335 upon the death of his son Henry.

He succeeded 11 days upon the death of Naaba Sigiri in 1905.

bestowed upon

This power was typically bestowed upon them by government".

The Head Prefect is the highest position bestowed upon a student.

In 1830 Pope Pius VIII bestowed upon Bernard the title "Doctor of the Church".

upon completion   (khi hoàn thành)

It was given to the Academy upon completion.

The ship was assigned to the Baltic Fleet upon completion.

Each of the seven wings had three stories upon completion.

upon its release

The film was subject to criticism upon its release.

It was "an unprecedented success" upon its release.

The pilot received favorable reviews upon its release.

upon his return   (khi trở về)

He became ill upon his return to the U.S. and was quarantined.

After the fight, Gary flees but he is arrested upon his return.

He has appeared in a number of dramas and shows upon his return.

relied upon   (dựa vào)

The appellants relied upon "Berg Sons & Co v Adams" [1992] BCC 661.

Particularly after his fastball slowed, Young relied upon his control.

As a public figure, he relied upon the strict confidence of his dentist.

upon his death   (khi chết)

This creation became extinct upon his death in 1912.

The pastor-poet Edward Taylor wrote an Elegy upon his death.

His only child, Jane Roberts, inherited the house upon his death.

depends upon

The growth depends upon the extent of animal grazing.

The capture strategy depends upon the kind of sensor.

The BMI depends upon weight and the "square" of height.

decided upon

Following this inquiry, the case may be decided upon.

After doing dramas in college he decided upon acting.

It was, however, decided upon before the album was made.

upon hearing   (khi nghe)

Tang Jun, upon hearing the news, is disappointed.

The residents celebrate upon hearing the news.

Raghavendra feels bad upon hearing this.

upon arrival   (khi đến)

They would be immediately naturalized as Haitians upon arrival.

Yet Canada's first people did not build towns or cities upon arrival.

Immediately upon arrival, they started an artillery barrage of the Polish defences.

fired upon   (Bắn vào)

They closed in a moment and soon were being fired upon.

The two police officers are fired upon and seemingly killed.

Gómez Acosta was also fired upon during an event, escaping harm.

conferred upon   (trao cho)

The following honorary degrees were conferred upon him:

Many great privileges were conferred upon Abbreviators.

In 1888, Yale conferred upon him the honorary degree of LL.D.

embarked upon   (bắt tay vào)

They embarked upon a UK tour in November 2014.

Upon arrival, Varese embarked upon a revision of "Déserts".

The ship embarked upon her first wartime voyage on 17 December.

placed upon

Particular emphasis is placed upon the heart area.

Heavy workers were challenged and bets placed upon them.

In the 1950s restrictions were placed upon churches by the government of Trujillo.

came upon   (đến khi)

It was here that Lady Mary first came upon variolation.

The prince came upon a woman on the seashore, next to a barrel.

The Germans came upon them once but were unable to get rid of them.

upon seeing   (khi nhìn thấy)

Thus the friends were delighted upon seeing him back.

Victor proclaims "Daddy" (his only word) upon seeing the ashes.

Jim assures Orla he felt nothing for Yvonne upon seeing her again.

upon learning   (Khi học tập)

However, upon learning of the veracity, she pursues him back.

Homer, upon learning Wilbur's secret, considers it morally wrong.

severs his ties with the king upon learning he has been manipulated.

looked upon   (nhìn)

The painting was designed to put the fear of God into all who looked upon it.

He soon became close to the Irwin family and was looked upon as a younger brother.

She is without exception the noblest piece of naval architecture I ever looked upon."

upon returning   (khi trở về)

However upon returning to Paradise Island, the Gods of Mt.

She won her medal upon returning to competition from a -year absence from the sport.

The band holidayed in Thailand and decided to take a break upon returning to England.

expanded upon

During 1300, the castle was restored and expanded upon.

This began with maps of Sodor, and was then expanded upon.

Their work was greatly expanded upon by Michael Faraday in 1833.

upon graduation   (khi tốt nghiệp)

He was commissioned an ensign upon graduation in 1915.

He married a model, Joan, upon graduation.

In 1946, upon graduation from the U.S.

down upon   (xuống)

This cliff faces west and looks down upon the Konkan.

At first he was looked down upon due to his low society status.

This brings down upon Liuy private investigators, mobsters, and others.

depend upon   (phụ thuộc vào)

Most of people in this village depend upon agriculture.

Temperatures in Armenia generally depend upon elevation.

Irradiation treatment levels depend upon the pests of concern.

reviews upon

The game was met with mixed reviews upon release.

The film received mixed reviews upon first release.

upon reaching

He retired in 2003 upon reaching the age of 75.

Some missions failed upon reaching orbit including WIRE and TERRIERS.

She retired from the Senate upon reaching her 75th birthday on July 4, 2015.

upon request   (theo yêu cầu)

Other countries may join upon request and a submitted proposal.

GWA has traveling exhibits and speakers available upon request.

The airport is staffed upon request.

call upon   (kêu gọi)

She can also call upon Mother Nature for assistance.

He could call upon three "gruppen" of Ju 87s.

Similarly, TV markets with a large Muslim population would call upon an imam.

improved upon

However, the surface itself was also improved upon.

Joubert improved upon his debut season in 2002–2003.

It is on this version that Falcao, Stolfi, and Lotufo improved upon.

frowned upon   (tán thành)

Conversion to Sufism is frowned upon by the Shi'a religious establishment.

This was frowned upon by parts of the Asian community in Hawaii at that time.

In many games, lag is often frowned upon because it disrupts normal gameplay.

acted upon   (hành động theo)

This was approved by London but not acted upon.

It is unlikely the request was ever acted upon.

The Wikipedia community has not acted upon the petition.

upon entering

Hammerschmid resigned from both positions upon entering politics in 2016.

This scene is located at the right of the entrance door upon entering the hall.

The "Foch" upon entering service with the Brazilian Navy, was renamed the "São Paulo".

drew upon

The paper drew upon Book of Mormon imagery.

Brooks drew upon his own battles with alcohol for his act.

The Cave 19 drew upon on the plan and experimentation in Cave 9.

immediately upon

The other friars were executed immediately upon that news.

In a pre-order campaign, fans are charged immediately upon pledging.

As a rule, commanders and leaders were executed immediately upon capture.

imposed upon   (áp đặt lên)

as distinct from a tax imposed upon a transaction.

A new tax of US$30/month was imposed upon gambling tables.

At home, religious values were imposed upon Viva from her family.

rely upon   (dựa trên)

We may hope that future students will rely upon our friends.

Policy capturing assessments rely upon regression analysis models.

The Russians could not rely upon their financial means as a tool for foreign policy.

influence upon

Leucippus, the founder of atomism, was the greatest influence upon him.

He also exerted considerable influence upon the German educational system.

The New Mutants returned to Asgard due to magical influence upon one of them.

build upon

Several of his works build upon the precepts of "De officiis".

In 2019, DHX would change its name to WildBrain to build upon this use.

According to Beeman, the episode would start very calm and then begin to build upon itself.

upon his arrival   (khi anh ấy đến)

He was also made the vice-captain upon his arrival.

Immediately upon his arrival, Majder joined the Partisans.

He was handed the number 9 shirt upon his arrival at the club.

improve upon   (cải thiện)

The team was unable to improve upon their previous output win total of seven.

The Rays hoped to improve upon their 90–72 record and third-place finish from 2012.

HEGM seeks to improve upon APMI through increased range, reliability, and lethality.

fell upon

By definition, each block fell upon an octet boundary.

… The curtain fell upon a happy home."

The entire charge of the literary and children's departments fell upon her.

depended upon

It depended upon an original unlawful taking by the way of distraint.

I've always depended upon my own melodic instinct, instead of scale like formulas."

All labor on the canal depended upon human (and animal) power or the force of water.

set upon

Sadazo returns during the child's funeral and is set upon by his mother.

The protesters were violently set upon by the state sponsored Sandinista Youth.

The Cathedral is set upon a hillside on the Katajanokka peninsula overlooking the city.

upon all   (trên tất cả)

The mezuzah is situated upon all the doorframes in a home or establishment.

"It will flash a splendid demonstration upon all kindreds and tongues of the truth."

It was admitted that the canon law of the great councils was binding upon all members of the Church.

stumbles upon

Bringing Chris doughnuts, Ted stumbles upon the robbery.

At the mansion, Xiao Ai stumbles upon Qi Kun's researches.

In the river country Ben stumbles upon a sylph named Willow.

effect upon

Trade winds have a significant effect upon the climate of Central America.

This proposal took effect upon the conclusion of the 1959 general election.

The particles produce a scattering effect upon the component parts of white light.

preyed upon

This species may be preyed upon by larger sharks.

It is sometimes preyed upon by gray four-eyed opossums.

The finetooth shark may be preyed upon by larger sharks.

network upon   (mạng khi)

EMF announced that the station will join their K-Love network upon the sale's closure.

Along with Kjellberg, eight other YouTubers signed to the network upon its creation: CinnamonToastKen, Marzia, Dodger, Emma Blackery, Jacksepticeye, Jelly, Kwebbelkop, and Markiplier.

By the end of 1914 the naval situation in the Pacific had eased to a large extent due to the sinking of the "Emden", and it was decided that there was no longer a need to maintain guards on many of the less important facilities, and instead it was decided to concentrate the home defence network upon maintaining the coastal defences and on guarding ships while they were in port.

attack upon

The increase in organised raids and surprise attack upon infrastructure, e.g.

The Maratha attack upon Kunjpura triggered a military response by Ahmad Shah Durrani.

In a subsequent attack upon Silves, Portugal in 1191, his governor of Córdoba took 3,000 Christian slaves.

critics upon

The film was panned by critics upon release.

"The Kid" was acclaimed by film critics upon its release.

"Krater" received mixed reviews from critics upon release.

draws upon   (rút ra)

This draws upon Loan Market Association documents.

She draws upon a diverse musical background.

In the second dispute, Malachi draws upon the Levitical Code (e.g.

upon the privatization   (khi tư nhân hóa)

On 1 April 1984, upon the privatization of the Kuji Line, the station came under the control of the Sanriku Railway Company.

impact upon   (Tác động lên)

Violence has an impact upon African-American life expectancy.

Feral dogs, foxes, and cats have an impact upon local wildlife.

This successful ruse had a markedly adverse impact upon the last week of Labor's campaign.

took it upon

Organizations from across the area took it upon themselves to relieve this lack.

They took it upon themselves to document societies, such as Tibet's, from their perspective.

So they took it upon themselves to use new technology and research how women in the past lived.

act upon

Bush was moved to act upon the request.

As humans have free will, they can choose whether or not to act upon those attractions.

Karthik starts to develop a physical attraction towards Purva but tries not to act upon it.

upon receiving

He retired in 1887 upon receiving the honorary rank of colonel.

Nagumo increased speed from 24 to 28 knots upon receiving the sighting.

However, his father has noticed his absence upon receiving a truancy notice.

stumbled upon   (vấp ngã)

What dangerous secrets had he stumbled upon?

According to Sikka, he stumbled upon the story during the Kargil conflict.

After passing through Murdering Town they stumbled upon an area known as Sakonk.

focused upon

Economic Anthropology remains, for the most part, focused upon exchange.

Whenever the spotlight of truth is focused upon them the cry, "red baiting."

Patches released for the game mainly focused upon improving the game's multiplayer mode.

upon arriving   (khi đến)

Immediately upon arriving, undercurrents of menace are evident.

However, upon arriving home, they find that movers have completely vacated Rikka's room.

Trelawny claimed that upon arriving in Messolonghi, he began overseeing the funeral preparations.

draw upon

Syntactic trees draw upon the words of a sentence with the "grammar" of the sentence in mind.

It has an available reserve of human resources it can draw upon from among active-service soldiers.

Lambert's contributions to "Same Love" draw upon her experiences as "a lesbian growing up in a tumultuous, Christian upbringing."

calls upon

He calls upon us to realize that "we are what we think".

Ursula calls upon Chernabog (from "Fantasia"), who summons deceased spirits.

Sammy calls upon Kadi for help and Mrs. Pollifax decides to accompany her to Africa.

reviews upon release

The game was met with mixed reviews upon release.

The album received positive reviews upon release.

upon themselves

Organizations from across the area took it upon themselves to relieve this lack.

They took it upon themselves to document societies, such as Tibet's, from their perspective.

During the night they test the nanotubes upon themselves and awake with superhuman abilities.

come upon

Finally, they come upon a large convoy.

As they are passing through the forest, they come upon a temple to the goddess Kali.

One day Peter John and Anna go canoeing, and come upon a Danish trawler, the "Tjaldar".

upon their return   (khi họ trở về)

The Arnolds received a joyful welcome from the Chinese Christians upon their return.

These young men and women… can become ambassadors for Australia upon their return home.

The crew members were named "Time" magazine's "Men of the Year" for 1968 upon their return.

inflicted upon   (gây ra)

Minor damage was inflicted upon several structures.

Physical torture was also often inflicted upon victims.

Owen later blames Gary for the predicament that he caused Phelan to inflicted upon them.

upon leaving

He wrote upon leaving Palestine, "My visit to Palestine is over...

In 2011, upon leaving "Live!

They joined this in 2018 upon leaving the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.

relies upon

When a program is designed, it relies upon the API.

This method relies upon immunoprecipitation of RNA polymerase II.

This generally relies upon the problem having some special form or symmetry.

calling upon

Kurus fly away, calling upon the Suta's son to rescue them.

By her example, poor Ella appealed to society, calling upon the people to live in Christian faith.

The duchess, whose hauteur was very pronounced, had considerable scruples about calling upon the wife of Talleyrand.

fire upon   (bắn vào)

When challenged, the vessel opens fire upon the "Intrepid."

Nicaraguan authorities used live ammunition to fire upon demonstrators resulting in hundreds of injured.

"Shannon" refused to fire upon "Chesapeake" as she bore down, nor would "Chesapeake" rake "Shannon" despite having the weather gage.

forced upon

This is a process of assimilation which may be voluntary or may be forced upon a population.

Mary remembers the revolver her suitor, 54-year-old Sir Edgar Swift, has forced upon her as a means of protection.

However, the Pope annulled the "shameful and demeaning agreement, forced upon the king by violence and fear" one month after it was signed.

upon his father

Allen was forced to end his studies upon his father's death.

In 1829, he inherited the family estate upon his father's death.

He succeeded upon his father's death, as Lord of Kilbride in 1247.

commented upon   (bình luận)

Her status as a companion is commented upon in its Episode Guide.

Her physical resemblance to Sarah Bernhardt was commented upon in news items.

He once commented upon his guiding philosophy: "My earnest wish has been to be useful to the State."

founded upon

His kingship is founded upon the hypostatic union.

And this is the reason the law is founded upon that point.

The piers and arches are founded upon a masonry platform wide by thick.

only upon   (chỉ khi)

Exclusivity will be granted only upon a written request.

Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good."

He would often arrive in the studio during this time, but only upon the absence of the presenter.

comes upon

After he leaves her office, he comes upon Jane.

As Soma travels further, he comes upon Dario.

then sudden destruction comes upon them."

heavily upon

This weighed heavily upon them, however.

Time weighs heavily upon us as the darkness slowly advances."

SVU depends heavily upon donations from church members and friends.

positive reviews upon   (đánh giá tích cực khi)

The album received positive reviews upon release.

The game received positive reviews upon release.

The album met mixed to positive reviews upon release.

contingent upon   (phụ thuộc vào)

It could be that their freedom was contingent upon Cuba winning the war.

Babur's liberty to leave Samarkand was made contingent upon his assent to this alliance.

Last, on industrialization, they argue that industrialization is contingent upon institutions.

builds upon   (xây dựng dựa trên)

This work builds upon the earlier works of Suneson et al.

MesoHABSIM builds upon pre-existing physical habitat simulation models (e.g.

Spring Batch builds upon the POJO-based development approach of the Spring Framework.

touched upon   (đề cập đến)

Some celebrities have promoted or touched upon the ineligibility claims, as well.

Many "Cheers" scripts centered or touched upon a variety of social issues, albeit humorously.

Such doubt was touched upon again in later tales such as "Auntie Toothache" and "Old Johanna's Tale".

upon his retirement

He disbanded the company upon his retirement in 1985.

Macherot ended the series upon his retirement in 1990.

He filed for bankruptcy upon his retirement.

upon the completion

Furthermore, research suggests this improvement is sustained upon the completion of TMS therapy.

His stay with the Coyotes was brief as he was released upon the completion of camp on September 21.

Boarman was assigned to the sloop in Baltimore upon the completion of his training in September 1813.

look upon

Morni locals look upon the lakes as sacred.

It is a pleasure to look upon the faces of Hoffman and Thompson, so pleasant, so real.

Upon the whole," Trollope wrote, "I by no means look upon the book as one of my failures..."

upon each

There is no backup, so codes have to be reentered upon each startup.

The mound was added to over centuries, with layers of burials built upon each other.

Developing cells additionally impose geometrical and physical constraints upon each other.

insisted upon   (khăng khăng)

Butler insisted upon surrender, which Barron agreed to.

Alexander Campbell insisted upon "Disciples of Christ".

Coolidge was frugal, and when it came to securing a home, he insisted upon renting.

upon a time

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom Malava.

So Woody starts: ""Once upon a time..."" We flash back to Woody's days as a door-to-door salesman.

Once upon a time, in a timeless place, there were three kingdoms: one blue, one red, and one gold.

drawing upon

It does this by drawing upon its database of knowledge of discrete facts.

Songs vary from melancholic to anthemic with many of them drawing upon art rock and pop references.

As a music producer and songwriter, Goldner is known for drawing upon both acoustic and electronic textures.

upon her return   (khi cô ấy trở về)

Kirkwood described Theresa upon her return as "renewed and reinvigorated".

Kimberly appears different upon her return: stronger, angrier and determined.

She left the police force upon her return to full-time competition at the end of 2017.

stumble upon   (vấp ngã)

Shortly afterward, they stumble upon a settlement.

After a string of failures, they soon stumble upon a cozy cave.

Billjohn and Drake stumble upon Will Arcene's body, take his flame gun, and follow Becky's trail.

upon an annual

Based upon an annual parallax shift of , it is located 149 light years away.

Based upon an annual parallax shift of , it is located 111 light years away.

Based upon an annual Parallax shift of , it is located 387 light years away.

expand upon

She hopes to expand upon this in the future by writing a book and doing public speaking.

The later Vatican Mythographers repeat and expand upon the traditions of Servius and Fulgentius.

Modern FPGA families expand upon the above capabilities to include higher level functionality fixed in silicon.

building upon

These instincts also form the basis of their knowledge with everything building upon it.

The mill is a three-story frame building upon a basement, in plan, supported by large stone columns.

It is a two-story brick building upon a full basement with all three floors used for academic purposes.