upper part   (上面的部分)

on upper part and the stroke of the right hand.

Some forest roads serve the upper part of this valley.

The body whorl is somewhat angulated at the upper part.

upper and lower   (上下)

Corridors connect both the upper and lower levels.

There are two main parts, the upper and lower lake.

There are no distinct upper and lower case letter forms.

upper secondary   (高中)

The county operates 32 upper secondary schools in the county.

The minimum level of education to start this program is upper secondary.

It is also home to the upper secondary school Aurehøj Gymnasium and Gentofte HF.

upper level   (更高级别)

Inside, there is an upper level in the addition.

The upper level houses interpretive exhibits.

Its upper level was lost in a 1545 collapse.

upper house   (上议院)

He was elected to the upper house on 23 March 2018.

The upper house consented to it; the lower house did not.

upper class   (上流)

Unlike PIM 1, PIM 2 more focused on upper class aficionados.

The characters in the story are from an elite or upper class status.

Manet painted the upper class enjoying more formal social activities.

upper hand   (上面那只手)

Lee takes Blood Heat and seems to get the upper hand.

It then gets worse when the figure gains the upper hand.

The next morning, Flintheart wakes with the upper hand (i.e.

upper floor   (上层)

The king's residence was located in the upper floor.

The upper floor was reached by means of a rope ladder.

Two rooms on the upper floor are decorated with flower motifs.

upper reaches

In its upper reaches, the Zanskar has two main branches.

The upper reaches of the valley are usually snow-covered.

In its upper reaches it is also known as the Thimphu Chhu.

upper floors

The government moved into the upper floors in 1979.

Two marble staircases lead to the upper floors.

The upper floors of the gatehouse formed the guest-house.

upper secondary education

Programs at ISCED level 3, or upper secondary education, are typically designed to complete the secondary education process.

Seventy-two percent of Greek adults aged 25–64 have completed upper secondary education, which is slightly less than the OECD average of 74 percent.

However, it does not approve ZIS for its lower and upper secondary education ("Sekundarstufe I" aka "Sekundarschule", and "Sekundarstufe II" aka Mittelschule).

upper surface   (上表面)

The gall is raised on the upper surface of the leaf.

The color is dirty white, darker on the upper surface.

Pupation occurs in a cocoon on the upper surface of leaf.

upper deck   (顶层甲板)

The cars were double-deck, with an open upper deck.

The 747-300 features a upper deck than the -200.

The upper deck was stretched more on the 747-8.

upper classes

He did very well here and moved into the upper classes.

The rest of the property was used as a sports venue for the upper classes.

They were in charge to help people from upper classes and they worked the land.

upper jaw   (上颚)

There is a distinct median notch in the upper jaw.

The lower jaw projects further than the upper jaw.

The head is black and the upper jaw is notched.

upper body

Women use shawl to cover their head and upper body.

The robot also mimics their upper body movements.

The upper body has a semi-elliptical shape.

upper half

The upper half is distinctive for the Doric order.

The stem has a membranous, whitish ring on its upper half.

The iris is dark brown with a golden crescent in the upper half.

upper parts

The roofs were redone, as were upper parts of the basilica.

The upper parts of the west front were rebuilt in the 19th century.

The demarcation line between upper parts and underparts is ill-defined.

upper limit   (上限)

In these cases, there is no upper limit of experience.

Researchers recommend a lower and an upper limit to GAI.

Although nest size varies, the upper limit is around 500 cells.

upper bound   (上限)

This imposes an upper bound on the size of a unitary design.

It gives an upper bound on the resources required by the algorithm.

A "low degree PIT" has an upper bound on the degree of the polynomial.

upper stage

Its upper stage is of decorative timber-framing with a steeply-hipped roof.

The upper stage operated successfully, but it could not reach the intended orbit.

This would have allowed the upper stage to boost micro satellites into a higher orbit.

upper portion

The stem bears a membranous, whitish ring on its upper portion.

The upper portion of which contains intensely bioturbated limestone.

Its upper portion is level with the periphery of the penultimate whorl.

upper end

The upper end of the cane may have some decorative element.

The process feedstock is fed into the upper end of the cylinder.

The staple is then inserted into the farrow at the upper end of the oboe.

upper levels

Large rectangular pillars support the upper levels.

They hunt for living prey in the upper levels.

The upper levels wrap around the stairs.

upper lip   (上唇)

For trumpet, some also advocate upper lip and lower lip.

All lines originate near the upper lip.

Its upper lip has several small warts.

upper wing

Airbrakes extend from the upper wing surfaces only.

Armament was a single Lewis gun mounted above the upper wing.

Aluminium Schempp-Hirth airbrakes extended from the upper wing surface only.

upper left

Have an Evil Gods crest on his upper left arm.

A second rifle bullet wound had passed through his upper left arm.

The upper left SLIMbus Component also contains a Manager Device (M).

upper side

The upper side of male is brown, uniform in color.

The upper side body and roof panels between the ends are sheet aluminum.

Rolling the upper side of the wheel away from your body represents "up".

upper middle

The Cup of Tea depicts a" social ritual for upper middle class women".

This district is mostly inhabited by upper middle and upper class residents.

This Volvo ran into the Malaysian market for the first time in the upper middle class.

upper section

The upper section is popular with paddle boaters.

The building is situated in the upper section.

The upper section has collapsed and it currently stands at high.

middle and upper

It is found in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze in China.

It is found in the middle and upper reaches of the Danube River drainages.

They prefer to roost in the middle and upper canopy strata in the full sun.

upper atmosphere   (高层大气)

Stratosphere (disambiguation) The stratosphere is a region of Earth's upper atmosphere.

The particle called a muon is a lepton produced in the upper atmosphere by the decay of a pion.

Less energy reaches the upper atmosphere, which is therefore cooler because of this absorption.

along the upper

Many hiking trails are found along the upper course of the river.

They live along the upper Kayan and the middle Kapuas and Mahakam rivers.

It was filmed mainly on location, along the upper sections of the Amazon River.

lower and upper

Windows surround the walls and consist of lower and upper rows.

There exists a lower and upper house.

Inside the mosque is illuminated by the lower and upper two rows of windows.

upper right

Insignia on Shield: Portcullis is upper right.

Their lineage relationships are shown in the figure in the upper right.

The poem in the upper right corner was added in 1759 by the Qianlong Emperor.

upper course

Many hiking trails are found along the upper course of the river.

The upper course of Mima Creek contains the Mima Falls, a waterfall.

It lies on the left bank of the upper course of the Poljane Sora River.

upper middle class

The Cup of Tea depicts a" social ritual for upper middle class women".

This Volvo ran into the Malaysian market for the first time in the upper middle class.

Because of the rise of the textile industry, there was also a rise of the upper middle class.

between the upper

The boundary line between the upper part and lower part is the MTL.

Around the building, between the upper storey and the attic, is a modillioned cornice.

Lateral control was provided by twin narrow-chord rudders between the upper and lower planes.

upper storey   (上层)

The upper storey enshrining the Three Saints of Hua-yan ().

The eaves side of the upper storey is also used externally.

In this type, only the upper storey with the bells has four walls.

upper arm   (上臂)

The upper corners of the (upper arm bone) were robust.

The upper arm was robust; the lower arm robust but short.

The preferred site of administration is the deltoid region of the upper arm.

upper school

Ouran Academy is an elite upper school catering to the ultra-rich.

and the upper school (7–12) meets at Centreville Presbyterian Church.

It was previously an upper school, teaching children from the age of 13 to 18.

upper chamber   (上室)

In the upper chamber of the gallery, Charlemagne's marble throne is housed.

In 1917 Barvinsky became a member of the Austrian upper chamber (House of Lords).

Thereafter they frequently held enough seats to give them the balance of power in the upper chamber.

upper edge

Moulding on upper edge of frame front and sides.

The upper edge of the front wings consists of almost square cells.

On the front upper edge of the maxilla a triangular depression is present.

upper secondary school

It is also home to the upper secondary school Aurehøj Gymnasium and Gentofte HF.

Therefore, its upper secondary school is not approved by the Swiss Federation, neither.

When Rikkonen first started working on the game, he was graduating from upper secondary school.

upper respiratory   (上呼吸道)

Individuals with AGU also show increased upper respiratory infections.

Tracheostomy is often used to relieve upper respiratory tract infections.

Cat flu Cat flu is the common name for a feline upper respiratory tract disease.

upper tier

Historical evaluations of his presidency place him among the upper tier of American presidents.

The central bay's upper tier contains another segmented arch, and an aedicule topped by a cross.

The lower tier can seat up to 20,000, the middle tier up to 24,000, and the upper tier up to 22,000.

upper and middle

The upper and middle registers contain narrative paintings.

Generally, the upper and middle classes shun Antiguan Creole.

Slaves were owned by upper and middle classes, by the poor, and even by other slaves.

upper valley

Its territory is crossed by the upper valley of the Scrivia river.

It is the dale or upper valley of the River Ribble in North Yorkshire.

The upper valley, between Lai da Sontga Maria and Olivone, is named "Valle Santa Maria".

gained the upper

Callan finally gained the upper hand.

From there they gradually gained the upper Algiers and Oran plains.

From 1395 onwards, Queen Margaret gained the upper hand politically.

upper primary

It is an upper primary and higher secondary school.

The panchayath has good number of primary and upper primary schools.

There are many lower primary and upper primary schools around Thuneri.

upper slopes

Beech is dominant on the upper slopes and is frequently ancient coppice.

It is a bathydemersal species found above sandy mud substrate on the outer continental shelves and on the upper slopes.

By the close of the eighteenth century most were gone, excepting a few pockets on the steep upper slopes of the mountain.

upper surfaces

The upper surfaces of the hind feet are greyish brown.

This caused the upper surfaces to "lift" from the main spar.

The spore-bearing cells cover the upper surfaces of the fruit body.

upper echelons

Victims also included many of the upper echelons in Richmond society.

Holsteiners that reach the upper echelons of dressage are less common, but do exist.

Any hint at evolution or surprise from the upper echelons of the charts is a welcome development.

upper fuselage

The Jantar's straight tapered tailplane is mounted on the fin just above the upper fuselage line.

Construction was of wood and fabric with the engine cowling and upper fuselage surfaces made of sheet metal.

The wings were lowered so they were placed either side of the upper fuselage, rather than on a pylon above the fuselage.

upper story

Stairs to the upper story were in the central hall.

Three bedrooms were located on the upper story.

The upper story now had a bedroom.

upper case

SIL codes are upper case; ISO codes are lower case.

For a series of words in upper case, a colon is added: .

is used to indicate that an entire word is in upper case.

upper layers

The deep waters do not mix with the upper layers of water that receive oxygen from the atmosphere.

In the upper layers an iron arrowhead, a crossbow and pieces of ceramics from the late Middle Ages were found.

Once this time expires, it is considered lost, and subsequent data blocks may then be forwarded to upper layers.

no upper

In these cases, there is no upper limit of experience.

As in previous years, there was no upper age limit for the contestants.

The spread component is expressed on an open-ended scale; it has no upper limit.

upper mandible   (下颌骨)

The upper mandible is black, the lower is yellow with a black tip.

They look like large dark gulls, but have a fleshy cere above the upper mandible.

The slaty flowerpiercer has an upturned bill with a hooked upper mandible and pointed lower mandible.

upper layer

Outside, on the upper layer of tomb a cubicle body was raised.

Hence, alkanes form the upper layer in an alkane–water mixture.

The upper layer is often richly adorned with embroidery, beading or sequins.

upper stories

The two lower stories are in brick and the upper stories in half-timbering and stucco.

It features a bell tower, gable roof with dormers, stuccoed upper stories, and barrel vaults.

Such restaurants are often located on upper stories of hotels, communication towers, and skyscrapers.

gain the upper

By 1943, the Allies began to gain the upper hand in the Pacific Campaign's air campaigns.

Ecks and Sever eventually gain the upper hand, and Sever kills Ross in a fight in the bunker.

However, when Ghazan began to gain the upper hand Mako, having dispatched Ming-Hua, joined the fray.

both upper

The D.VII had ailerons on both upper and lower wings linked by hinged struts.

Therefore in Kerala, both upper caste Brahmins, and lower caste tribals have an important place in worship.

In a rare case published in 2003, a patient presented with bilateral necrosis of both upper and lower eyelids.

through the upper

It is affixed to the suspender by means of claws and a pin through the upper edge of the medal.

The second stage accelerated the Saturn V through the upper atmosphere with of thrust in vacuum.

Then the larvae travel through the upper respiratory system, making their way to the thoracic cavity.

upper stages

Some launcher upper stages also use pressure-fed engines.

The four-stage west tower is octagonal in its upper stages.

The tower was begun in the late 13th century, although the upper stages are of the late 14th or early 15th century.

upper limb   (上肢)

Billiard players are at risk for upper limb fractures (Figure 11).

Cross Country Canada described LW6 as "Impairment in one entire upper limb.

The upper limb amputee competed in the slalom and giant slalom standing events.

upper respiratory tract

Tracheostomy is often used to relieve upper respiratory tract infections.

Cat flu Cat flu is the common name for a feline upper respiratory tract disease.

Nasal inhalers contain decongestant drugs to relieve nasal congestion in the upper respiratory tract.

upper mantle   (上地幔)

Basalts are extrusive igneous rocks derived from the partial melting of the upper mantle.

High-density upper mantle material is elevated relative to the more landward crustal root.

This process usually occurs in areas with especially weak crust and upper mantle, such as the Tibetan Plateau (Figure 1).

upper reservoir   (上水库)

It is the upper reservoir for the Cruachan Power Station pumped-storage scheme.

Courtright Reservoir serves as the upper reservoir for the Helms Pumped Storage Plant.

Water quality tests are conducted frequently, as well as surveys of silting in the upper reservoir.

upper back

In July, Rodriguez strained an upper back muscle.

The female is olive-brown above, becoming paler below and with a grey tinge to the head and upper back.

Back exercises include the prone press-ups, upper back extension, transverse abdominis bracing, and floor bridges.

upper register

It also lets the player play for an extended time in the upper register.

The dolçaina's effective range is divided into two registers, middle register and upper register.

The upper register of the middle panel is the center of the mural and depicts the solemn scene of investiture.

upper management

The younger crew members took the problem to upper management who would also back Stevens.

This sort of behavior is supposed to be stopped by upper management but is nevertheless very common.

ERGs have the potential to create strained relationships between members of the ERG and upper management.

above the upper

Armament was a single Lewis gun mounted above the upper wing.

They look like large dark gulls, but have a fleshy cere above the upper mandible.

There are no flaps; double plate aluminium airbrakes extend only above the upper wing surface.

upper river

Zambia and Namibia both have plans to expand irrigation in the upper river basin.

Steamers came late to the upper river, the section stretching from Yichang to Chongqing.

Flow on the upper river is measured by a gauging station at Partney Mill, consisting of a Crump weir with a crest.

gains the upper

It then gets worse when the figure gains the upper hand.

Finally, Dietrich gains the upper hand, but Ecke also refuses to surrender.

Negan attacks Rick with Lucille; the two grapple until Negan gains the upper hand.

both the upper

Corridors connect both the upper and lower levels.

There are long furrows at the corners of the mouth on both the upper and lower jaws.

A minimum of two student performances are conducted annually by both the upper and middle school divisions.

upper teeth

The upper teeth are serrated, oblique, and triangular.

The jaws are slightly arched with the upper teeth exposed.

The upper teeth are narrow and angled, with coarsely serrated edges.

upper decks   (上层甲板)

The upper decks were removed and replaced by a light cruiser superstructure.

The fire began in a container on one of the upper decks, and was extinguished 13 hours after it broke out.

Stieglitz's wife Emmy insisted on first class accommodations, and the family had a fine stateroom on the upper decks.

upper left corner

However, what was not common, was Benvenuto's choice to include the children on the hill in the upper left corner.

For example, the 1485 by Domenico Ghirlandaio includes the annunciation to the shepherds peripherally, in the upper left corner, even though it represents an episode occurring prior to the main scene.

A player uses retrieved items by clicking on it in his inventory (shown on the upper left corner), and then clicking on the element within the environment to interact with the element using the selected item.