uprising against   (反乱)

130) was a failed uprising against the absolute monarchy of Siam.

He was part of a failed uprising against Mohammed Daoud Khan's government.

Together with Iakiv Barabash Pushkar led an uprising against Vyhovsky in 1657.

popular uprising   (人気の反乱)

A popular uprising restored parliamentary democracy in 1991.

This provoked a massive popular uprising in the hitherto-quiet city.

The dominion was highly unpopular, and in 1689 Andros was arrested in a popular uprising.

armed uprising   (武装蜂起)

The Bisu people were entangled in an armed uprising of farmers.

The French feared a recurrence of armed uprising and had related economic considerations.

But he agreed with Bonifacio and Diwa who believed that the time was ripe for an armed uprising.

during the uprising   (蜂起中)

It was either during the uprising or a year after.

Hospital buildings were damaged during the uprising.

Some 100 people died during the uprising.

general uprising   (一般的な蜂起)

In April 1945, the Italian Partisans' Committee of Liberation declared a general uprising.

A general uprising followed in Peru and the government of General Juan Antonio Pezet fell on July 7, 1865.

The PAVN-VC failed to hold the city or spark a general uprising, but they had undermined confidence in the Thiệu-Kỳ Government and the prospect of victory.