İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

upset when   (ne zaman üzgün)

Shirley is upset when Linda forbids her from seeing Ollie.

Ollie is upset when Kane leaves for good but is happy to be back in the bay.

Carmel is even more upset when she learns that the Valentines are leaving the village.

upset victory   (üzgün zafer)

Tara joyfully shares news of her upset victory with Jillian.

In the following spring he recorded a 25/1 upset victory in the 2000 Guineas.

They won only won match in an upset victory over Akebono and Daichi Hashimoto.

upset win   (üzgün kazanç)

He finished the game with four catches for 91 yards in the upset win.

Although Michaels was heavily favored, Daivari, with help from Hassan, got the upset win.

In his next race, Royal Minstrel recorded an upset win over Fairway in the Eclipse Stakes.

very upset   (çok üzgün)

[Writer] Donald McDonald was very upset about it.

I really am very upset that he has turned on people in this way.

Peter is angry and very upset at Harvey being mocked in this way.

major upset   (büyük üzgün)

A major upset bid against No.

In a major upset, Praveen Nishad wrested the seat from BJP, which had not lost the seat since 1989.

As a three-year-old in 1918 she recorded a major upset when winning the 1000 Guineas at odds of 50/1.

becomes upset

Meanwhile, Paula becomes upset at the home.

As he does, Elijah becomes upset and stands at the balcony.

Hearing this, Bebe becomes upset and leaves the house, clearly upset at Don.

so upset   (çok üzgün)

Barrington was so upset that told his wife that he wouldn't tour again.

This makes her so upset that she attempts to go and live with her father and Yamuna.

Price reportedly became so upset with Reeves that he refused to watch the film's dailies.

upset because   (üzgün çünkü)

She is upset because she does not want to be alone, but Kashi convinces her.

Clara is upset because her husband is gone, but she continues to keep the children together.

Weber's family was upset because his body remained in the street uncovered for hours after the shooting.

gets upset

When Zack gets into fights, she gets upset.

Javier gets upset and leaves.

Manjula gets upset saying that Manul is trying to test her love, and he does not have faith in her.