just upstream   (すぐ上流)

Sutton Lake is located just upstream of Sutton.

It is built within a steep canyon just upstream of a bend in the river.

The trail ascends to the right of the canyon just upstream from the lake.

further upstream

Younger sharks are generally found further upstream than older ones.

The current bridge replaced its predecessor, slightly further upstream, in 1924.

The village became the northern terminus of the canal, which was never extended further upstream.

miles upstream

The ruins of the 1923 version of the dam, the Old Eileen Dam , stands five miles upstream.

Canal Flats was close to the midpoint, being just south of Columbia Lake, 124 miles upstream from Golden.

In fact, the actual town of Newchwang was about thirty miles upstream of Liao He, within today's county-level city of Haicheng.

upstream and downstream

It is active in the upstream and downstream businesses.

Lloyd Leno confirmed the existence of both upstream and downstream embouchures.

LocalTalk used a splitter box in the RS-422 port to provide an upstream and downstream cable from a single port.

located upstream

It is located upstream from Teesta Bazaar.

The mangrove limit is located upstream of the pipeline crossing.

The tidal limit of Vineyard Creek is located upstream of the Parramatta River.

km upstream

A barrage was constructed 8 km upstream of the anicut.

The Alster is navigatable some 9 km upstream from the mouth.

The Söse river flows through the town from the Söse Dam lake about 5 km upstream.