Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

urban areas   (Areas urbanas)

Most of the population is centered in urban areas.

In urban areas, this might be once or twice a day.

US 33 passes through farm fields and urban areas.

urban area   (área urbana)

In 2019, the urban area had a population of 37,557.

Ventimiglia's urban area has a population of 55,000.

There is no urban area under these three blocks.

urban planning   (planificación urbana)

Soans’ urban planning intensified after World War II.

in metropolitan studies and urban planning.

He was also appointed the first Minister for urban planning.

urban development   (desarrollo Urbano)

These indicate an urban development and commerce.

Sustainability has become a key factor in future urban development.

We see the city through an eye disturbed by rapid urban development.

urban renewal   (renovación urbana)

Thus "urban renewal" began in Southwest Washington.

The al-Saggoff Perseverance Estate was acquired in 1962 for urban renewal.

The beautiful and ornate building became a victim of urban renewal and I.M.

urban population

The urban population was 690,138 (only 30.04%).

That means a sixfold increase of the urban population.

The urban population was 30.23% of the total population.

urban centers   (centros urbanos)

This form of OOH advertising is mainly seen in urban centers.

Downtown Orlando is the largest of urban centers in Central Florida.

Large urban centers included Ephesus, Pergamum, Sardis and Aphrodisias.

urban district

Bamberg is an urban district, or "kreisfreie Stadt".

In 1924 it became a separate urban district.

Roadways in the urban district are laid to make a grid plan.

urban and rural   (urbano y rural)

The kitchens can be divided into the urban and rural kitchens.

The hospital serves the needs of patients from urban and rural Pune.

In 1875, the county was divided into urban and rural sanitary districts.

urban locality   (localidad urbana)

Bahrs Scrub, Queensland Bahrs Scrub is an urban locality in the City of Logan, Queensland, Australia.

Thorneside, Queensland Thorneside is a coastal urban locality in the City of Redland, Queensland, Australia.

At the 2002 census, the town had a population of 12,886 people, making it Brăila County's second-largest urban locality.

urban centres   (centros urbanos)

outside the urban centres of Sydney and Newcastle).

Jewish communities were predominantly in urban centres.

Many thousands died in populated urban centres, most significantly Ypres.

urban design

He had 41 commissions on the scale of community planning or urban design.

The city has substantial activity in urban design, historic preservation, and architecture.

Opened in 2003, it was designed by WET and SWA Group landscape architecture and urban design.

urban dwellers   (moradores urbanos)

Over 85 percent of Canada's citizens were urban dwellers in 2008.

This plan displaced many urban dwellers from the original Planet Senen.

Approximately 76% of local residents are urban dwellers; the remainder are pastoralists.

major urban   (gran urbano)

The symbolic purification major urban mosques took place in 1978.

80% of Saudis live in three major urban centers—Riyadh, Jeddah, or Dammam.

It passes through the major urban areas of Zhangjiakou, Datong, and Hohhot.

rural and urban   (rural y urbano)

The cane toad has since become abundant in rural and urban areas.

The population is divided almost evenly between rural and urban areas.

Economic inequality remains widespread, with a major gap between rural and urban areas.

urban legend   (leyenda urbana)

The story that she had a sister named "Ura" is an urban legend.

There is an urban legend about this tape: the viewer will die seven days after watching it.

According to biologists and wildlife management officials, the chupacabra is an urban legend.

largest urban

Grand Casablanca is also the largest urban area in the Maghreb.

Today, Køge is the main part of the 18th largest urban area in Denmark.

According to 2001 census data, Cardiff was the 21st largest urban area.

urban sprawl   (la expansión urbana)

The book has been noted for its insights on urban sprawl.

This era has been marked by urban sprawl.

The city has seen population growth and considerable urban sprawl.

urban districts

They contain 17 villages and 9 urban districts.

The Kherson municipality is subdivided into 3 urban districts.

The largest cities in Belgium have the possibility of installing urban districts.

urban life   (vida urbana)

In the Republic of Ireland ground rents have been a feature of urban life.

Crime and violence were a reality of urban life and culture in Sophiatown.

In particular, Browning often painted New York City and scenes of urban life.

urban environment   (ambiente urbano)

The urban environment of Iraq made it difficult to utilize mortars.

Her artworks frequently embed natural imagery into the urban environment.

They find an urban environment where apes armed with heavy weapons hunt humans.

urban park

Kültürpark Kültürpark is an urban park in İzmir, Turkey.

Ahuntsic Park Ahuntsic Park () is an urban park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It is a 58 hectares (140 acres) historical urban park located along Roxas Boulevard.

urban center

Its seat is Ciamis, also the primary urban center.

They are located southeast of the Tianjin urban center.

The city is within Jinzhou District, east of Jinzhou's urban center.

urban contemporary

"Ring" impacted US urban contemporary radio on August 28, 2018, as the fifth single.

She sings Afro-pop, reggae, dancehall and identifies as an urban contemporary artist.

It is owned by Gillen Broadcasting Corporation and airs an urban contemporary format.

urban centre

It is the administrative and urban centre of Sreepur Upazila.

Sant Miquel is the largest urban centre in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja.

A police liaison program is provided in the urban centre where the officer has a school office.

large urban

Despite large urban centers, population has been depopulating for almost two decades.

Yazzie started NNT to connect the 100+ theaters in town and the large urban native community.

Stockwood Park Stockwood Park is a large urban park in Luton, Bedfordshire, in the Farley Hill estate.

more urban

It's even more urban than anything else i've done before".

I got that with 'Young', so I went even more urban with this second single.

In most of the downtown area there is a more urban cityscape with banks, stores, markets and malls.

other urban   (otro urbano)

There are a number of good hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other urban facilities.

Like other urban friaries, it was surrounded by a high wall to provide a measure of privacy.

There are two other urban localities in Tandlianwala Municipal committee: Mamoon Kanjan and Kanjwani.

population were urban

In the 1994 national census Kuraz had a population of 48,165, of whom 24,489 were men and 23,676 women; 1,857 or 3.86% of its population were urban dwellers.

The 1994 national census reported a total population for this woreda of 90,186, of whom 45,657 were men and 44,529 were women; 4,597 or 5.1% of its population were urban dwellers.

The 1994 national census reported a total population for this woreda of 89,446 in 16,197 households, of whom 44,667 were men and 44,779 were women; 3,934 or 4.4% of its population were urban dwellers.

urban settlement

In 1963, the urban settlement of Abovyan was officially founded.

In November 2005 he was elected head of the urban settlement of Vereya.

The combined deforestation and urban settlement aggravated flood and drought conditions.

urban growth

Rapid urban growth has threatened natural habitats.

Bursa has rather orderly urban growth and borders a fertile plain.

This policy served to militate against urban growth in that province.

urban planner   (planificador urbano)

Lúcio Costa won a contest and was the main urban planner in 1957, with 5550 people competing.

FRIBA (Amsterdam, 1964) is architect, urban planner and one of MVRDV’s three founding partners.

The project notably attracted the attention of the urban planner and educationalist, Patrick Geddes.

urban core

City buses run to destinations in the urban core.

It is the urban core of a rapidly growing urban agglomerate in Nepal.

It is one of the few surviving residential structures in the city's urban core.

urban agglomeration   (Aglomeración urbana)

The urban agglomeration of Kota consists of city only.

The urban agglomeration of the metropolis was home to about 4.5 million in an area of .

Besides Valencia, Alicante-Elche is the eighth most populous urban agglomeration in Spain.

urban landscape

And I wanted to set it in an urban landscape.

The urban landscape of Baku is shaped by many communities.

Boynes more and more depicted the urban landscape in the 1990s.

new urban

But, today, the right bank is developing, including new urban projects.

The Niederräder line had already been replaced in 1907 by a new urban line.

The district is known for its many new urban developments and several skyscrapers.

urban environments   (ambientes urbanos)

Street sports Street sports are sports held in urban environments.

Coverage is greatest in the urban environments and the formal sector.

In turn, folk belief is found in an agricultural, suburban, and urban environments alike.

urban music

Dupli-cation, "This is not an urban music.

The song is a salsa record that fuses the sound of urban music.

In his younger days, he was pretty much influenced by urban music.

urban poor

After leaving Oxford, Rawnsley went to work among the urban poor in London.

Ninh and the "Lutteurs" "focused squarely on the plight of the urban poor, the workers and peasant labourers."

The participants in the demonstrations included workers, students, and the urban poor, living on the outskirts of Baghdad.

urban legends   (leyendas urbanas)

Two main urban legends surround Wilderness Park.

Several urban legends exist regarding the chariot sequence.

Folklore of Italy Folklore of Italy refers to the folklore and urban legends of Italy.

urban setting

Her first book with an urban setting was "Peter and Butch".

Dancehall mostly focuses on love songs in an urban setting.

The aim of the group was to make three dimensional work within an urban setting.

main urban   (principal urbano)

Two main urban legends surround Wilderness Park.

Suburbanization occurs north and east of the main urban area.

The district of Qingjiangpu is located in the main urban areas of Huai'an.

urban and suburban

Aqua Pennsylvania operates in the greater urban and suburban Philadelphia area.

And food truck parks, offering permanent locations, are found in urban and suburban areas across the US.

Populations in urban and suburban areas have been greatly reduced due to building activities and pesticide use.

lived in urban

Of these, 492,603 (99.9%) lived in urban areas and 312 (0.1%) not.

About 10% lived in urban areas.

Of these, 9,564 (86%) lived in urban areas and 1,536 (14%) in rural areas.

urban settings   (entornos urbanos)

born in Canada) and who live in urban settings.

It is invasive in urban settings as well as in more pastoral settings.

In urban settings, the ataaba is often paired with a metric choral refrain called a "mījanā".

urban communities

As of 2010, 78% lives in urban communities with 22% in rural communities.

It was represented in the urban communities by "Steuerkommissar" and in the rural districts by "Kriegskommissar" (later "Kreisdirektor") officials.

The 1945 Attlee Government set up a New Towns Commission to formally consider how best to repair and rebuild urban communities ravaged in World War II.

urban decay   (decadencia urbana)

In addition, the South Bronx saw severe urban decay.

Dr. Sohail Naqvi, Executive Director of the HEC, was equally concerned about the urban decay in Pakistan.

Main focus of NIUIP is to address the persistent urban decay and research in improvement of urban infrastructure of Pakistan.

urban settlements

The method is mostly used for cities and urban settlements.

It is one of the earliest urban settlements in Scandinavia.

In 1910 8,5% of the population of Croatia-Slavonia lived in urban settlements.

urban expansion   (expansión urbana)

In recent years the urban expansion of Jakarta has covered Tangerang.

After the urban expansion of the 19th century, it is now located in the center of the city.

The major threats to this species are from urban expansion, and from the exploitation of the trees which host it.

both urban

The state has a very high church attendance rate in both urban and rural areas.

Under the new system, most territorial authorities cover both urban and rural land.

The European polecat ("Mustela putorius") can be found in both urban and country environments.

urban community   (comunidad urbana)

Surrey-Tynehead is an urban community within Metro Vancouver.

Shequ represent an attempt to restructure the relationship between state and urban community in China.

Residents in Portobello were asked to back the first urban community buy-out under new Scottish Government legislation.

urban inhabitants

Paul Delaoutre, CEO of the branch department stores of the Galeries Lafayette group explained that they “aimed at targeting creative urban inhabitants looking for originality”.

Based on the 2007 census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA), this woreda has a total population of 138,926, an increase of 90,186 over the 1994 national census, of whom 70,504 are men and 68,422 women; 10,758 or 7.74% are urban inhabitants.

The 2007 Ethiopian national census reported that 1,107,163 people (or 1.56% of the ethiopia population) identified themselves as Gamos, of whom 141,233 were urban inhabitants and 965,930 Rural.The national census of 2007 believed to be incorrect, it is widely believed that the population of Gamo is over 3 million The Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People's Region is home to 64.5% of this people.

modern urban

Each character represents a particular social class and role in the modern urban environment.

Colorado Springs has many features of a modern urban area such as parks, bike trails, and open spaces.

Jorge Rigau has stated that these features "signaled the city's coming of age as a modern urban entity."

urban radio

His first single "Phuma" received urban radio airplay.

The first single was "Rock Superstar" for rock radio and "Rap Superstar" for urban radio.

"KOD" was serviced to American mainstream urban radio, as the album's first single, on May 8, 2018.

many urban

The earthquake of 1980 damaged many urban buildings.

This plan displaced many urban dwellers from the original Planet Senen.

Large-scale composting systems are used by many urban areas around the world.

urban space

Gray spacing is a ceaseless process, born out of multiple struggles for urban space, rights and resources.

These discourses are largely absent in modern-day Kazan where the urban space is interpreted in a more spatially integrated system.

William's work deals with the intersection of race, urban space, and color and is heavily influenced by her background as an architect.

first urban

It was also the first urban expressway in Texas.

One of the first urban transportation mean was the trams.

Her first urban book, "Loft Living" (1982, 1989), is considered groundbreaking.

between urban

Cameroon's population is almost evenly divided between urban and rural dwellers.

For sanitation, access rates display a same significant gap between urban (66%) and rural (35%) areas.

Concerning water supply, there is a significant gap between urban areas (91% access) and rural areas (63%).

urban planners   (planeadores urbanos)

The biggest investors and real estate developers act as the city's de facto urban planners.

The writers consulted with real-life government officials such as urban planners and elected officials.

Copenhagen is cited by urban planners for its exemplary integration of public transport and urban development.

urban culture

In this urban culture, the Portuguese heritage has become more and more dominant.

The area known as Shitamachi (下町, "lower town" or "downtown"), northeast of the castle, was a center of urban culture.

Coming from an Urdu medium, rural school, he was struggling to adjust to the urban culture and an English medium college.

urban neighborhood

Kotež Kotež () is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Bunker Hill was at this time "Los Angeles's most crowded and urban neighborhood".

Slana Bara Slana Bara () is an urban neighborhood of the city of Novi Sad, Serbia.

population are urban

Based on the 2007 Census conducted by the CSA, this woreda has a total population of 52,708, of whom 26,935 are men and 25,773 women; 2,361 or 4.48% of its population are urban dwellers.

Based on figures published by the Central Statistical Agency in 2005, this woreda has an estimated total population of 124,530, of whom 62,616 are men and 61,914 are women; 7,041 or 5.65% of its population are urban dwellers, which is less than the Zone average of 10.9%.

urban regeneration   (regeneración urbana)

For example, a redevelopment, such as urban regeneration, could cause a relocation.

By 2010, VR programs had been developed for urban regeneration, planning and transportation projects.

Although not part of the Warwickshire Ring, the route into Coventry is a flagship of urban regeneration.

urban fantasy   (fantasía urbana)

Rhys Ford Rhys Ford is an author of LGBT mysteries, urban fantasy, thrillers, and contemporary fiction.

Specialized in urban fantasy and horror, supernatural and vampire fiction, he rose to fame in 1999 with the novel "Os Sete".

Night Huntress Night Huntress is a series of "New York Times" bestselling urban fantasy romance novels by author Jeaniene Frost.

architecture and urban

Folkers went on to study architecture and urban planning at TU Delft.

Scott Brown has remained a prolific writer on architecture and urban planning.

Opened in 2003, it was designed by WET and SWA Group landscape architecture and urban design.

urban transport

Rickshaws are used for short-distance urban transport.

The preservation of the old town route finally ushered in a turning point in urban transport policy.

Seville In recent years (2016), urban transport in Havana consists entirely of modern Yutong diesel buses.

urban water

He specialized in setting up gas stations and urban water utilities.

Yeşilçay is known one of the main source of İstanbul urban water system, the Yeşilçay Drinking Water Plant.

Once again, this is based on the 2015 plan for urban water development that can change at any time in the near future.

urban parks

The urban parks alone cover 10% of the city ().

The eastern chipmunk lives in deciduous wooded areas and urban parks throughout the eastern United States and southern Canada.

He contributed to policy statements on urban parks as well as contributed to the planning process of the National Park Service.

urban redevelopment

Robinson (1972) gives the flavor of urban redevelopment oriented modeling.

This long-term plan will include large-scale urban redevelopment in the area.

There are several that were oriented to urban redevelopment projects where transportation was not at issue.

urban warfare

Fighting continued into the next day and turned into urban warfare.

The Salvadoran Army received 379 M67s between 1981 and 1992 and used them in urban warfare against the FMLN rebels.

Point shooting is often included in military tactical training, alongside other topics such as combatives and urban warfare.

live in urban

born in Canada) and who live in urban settings.

Almost two-thirds of the Greek people live in urban areas.

The population of Brunei in was of which 76% live in urban areas.

urban infrastructure   (infraestructura urbana)

The development of urban infrastructure created multiple forms of opportunity in communities but decimated others.

Most Iraqi reconstruction efforts have been devoted to the restoration and repair of badly damaged urban infrastructure.

Main focus of NIUIP is to address the persistent urban decay and research in improvement of urban infrastructure of Pakistan.

urban populations

The administrative boundaries were in fact not suitable for defining rural and urban populations.

Lara and Yaracuy are the states with the largest urban populations in the region, followed by Falcón.

China's gender imbalance is further increased by the One Child Policy, although applicable only in most urban populations.

urban municipalities

It is one out of nine urban municipalities of Morang District.

It is a municipality out of 3 urban municipalities in Dhankuta District.

The district is divided into 3 urban municipalities and 3 rural municipalities

larger urban

The beach provides vacationers a level of tranquility and clean air that is unfound in larger urban areas.

Mass deportations were to be preceded by removal of the Jewish population from rural areas and its concentration in larger urban centers.

However, due to its proximity to the larger urban centers of Nagasaki and Sasebo, Ōmura also serves as bedroom community for both cities.

urban adult   (adulto urbano)

EZ also owned urban adult contemporary-formatted WHQT "Hot 105" in Miami.

Owned by Beasley Broadcast Group, it broadcasts an urban adult contemporary format.

Thus, Hudson joined a group of only five other women in urban adult history to reach this accomplishment.

urban neighborhoods

This advocacy included women's rights and for urban neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Territorial graffiti marks urban neighborhoods with tags and logos to differentiate certain groups from others.

The DNC contacted city officials in Chicago to determine the extent of Republican inroads into the urban neighborhoods.

urban youth

Guinea needs an adequate policy to address the concerns of urban youth.

It tells about situations what lower class urban youth encounter in their everyday lives.

Undoubtedly, oversized fashion marked the beginning of a new trend for urban youth during the 1990s.

urban renewal project   (proyecto de renovación urbana)

In December 2009, he championed then urban renewal project "Mushin Makeover".

It is part of an urban renewal project which aims to reduce car use and favour pedestrians, bicyclists and public transit users.

Along with the adjacent Lake Meadows development, this was part of the city's largest urban renewal project at the time of its inception in 1946.

urban heat

This reduces the effect of surface urban heat islands.

Concrete is a contributor to the urban heat island effect, though less so than asphalt.

In central Tokyo, the summer monsoon enhanced by sea breeze is heated by the urban heat island.