Фразы и примеры предложений

not use   (не использовать)

They do not use quivers but carry arrows by hand.

The VVEL does not use a conventional intake camshaft.

Leibniz, however, did not use the term "psychologia".

through the use   (через использование)

Depth can be portrayed through the use of texture.

This can be done through the use of adequate glazing.

A match penalty is indicated through the use of a red card.

still in use   (все еще используется)

The church is still in use, offering daily masses.

The building is still in use as a Chinese buffet.

The STIR radars are still in use on non-USN vessels.

make use   (использовать)

Some Protestant interpreters make use of typology.

Modern loanwords also make use of j k q v w x y z.

Many of her works make use of biofeedback systems.

made use   (сделал использование)

There are two ways that Gann made use of eclipses.

The BBC Domesday Project made use of the language.

made use of this concept in the episode "Vox Sola".

common use

The most common use is the fermentation of liquor.

Based on the wildcard syntax in common use, e.g.

This general definition is still in common use.

land use   (землепользование)

The main land use in the ranches is cattle grazing.

As at 2019, there is no land use on Hummock Island.

The table below describes land use in Burundi.

able to use   (в состоянии использовать)

As Poitrine, she is able to use magic and use the .

Anup is able to use his Sonic Stunner and escape.

They are able to use a sliding seat in their boats."

drug use   (употребление наркотиков)

However, his drug use eventually gets him fired.

The song paints an unflattering picture of hard drug use.

His wife, Lauren Fisher, called his drug use body hacking.

extensive use   (широкое использование)

Most C programs make extensive use of all three.

Bodywork features extensive use of carbon fibre.

The Carboniferous trees made extensive use of lignin.

continued to use

The Van range continued to use the previous body.

Ma Bufang continued to use this standard in battle.

However, they continued to use New Jersey magnetite.

makes use   (использует)

The calculation makes use of the Beer–Lambert law.

Regulation of processes makes use of ions(Ca/K/Mg).

The opera also makes use of Scottish folk tunes.

use the same

These formats use the same color primaries as Rec.

"We use the same mic Clarence used," Anselmo says.

These use the same principles as a gas refrigerator.

use today   (использовать сегодня)

The route is in use today for cycling and walking.

They are still in use today by the Navy SEALs.

ASCII remains in use today, for example in HTTP headers.

use the term   (использовать термин)

Some authorities use the term "avicularia" (pl.

Leibniz, however, did not use the term "psychologia".

The earliest sources do not use the term "West Saxon".

public use   (общественное использование)

The airstrip is unattended and open for public use.

Alabama includes several types of public use lands.

The hospital also reopened back for public use.

widespread use   (Широкое применение)

1925 saw the south's widespread use of the forward pass.

Both sides engaged in the widespread use of scorched earth tactics.

They remain in widespread use.

first use

The war also saw the first use of the T-90 tank.

The first use of the word in print was in 1928.

The first use of Pyrgomorphinae was by Krauss in 1890.

did not use

Leibniz, however, did not use the term "psychologia".

Jonas Edvardsen did not use the surname "Daae".

Police did not use force in attempting to calm the crowd.

remained in use   (остался в употреблении)

The vehicle remained in use so equipped until 2010.

The school built in 1875 remained in use until 1954.

Most remained in use in this role until 1902.

decided to use

In 2014 she decided to use her real name Elena Mirolioubova.

To achieve this, they decided to use market-based mechanisms.

She decided to use that as her nickname for the rest of her life.

often use   (часто использовать)

Alexander teachers often use themselves as examples.

Moving walkways often use balustrades in the same way.

Singers will often use the falsetto register.

use during

Its use during breastfeeding is not recommended.

Its use during breast feeding is most likely unsafe.

Armoured cars saw use during World wars 1 and 2.

how to use

I didn’t know how to use that footage at first.

There are currently schools teaching students how to use it.

However he did tour the country explaining to how to use it.

does not use

The VVEL does not use a conventional intake camshaft.

a person does not use natural desires in a proper way.

The state does not use a numbering convention.

making use

Mariposa ended up fighting Robin Mask himself, making use of the stolen staff.

A life system was implemented into the single-player game making use of the score.

The length of the boat also allowed any steps to be avoided, making use only of slopes.

commercial use   (коммерческое использование)

This was the first commercial use of a fuel cell.

However, it has been redesigned for commercial use.

Brewing is the sole major commercial use of hops.

first to use

The website is considered among the first to use hypertext.

The AEC Mark IV Regals were the first to use route number 23.

Chinese mathematicians were the first to use negative numbers.

use only   (использовать только)

The Touring type is made for recreational use only.

Makers of handmade rugs use only natural fibres.

This area is restricted for police and military use only.

without the use

The whole temple was built without the use of mortar.

These early epics were oral compositions, created without the use of writing.

The calcium-sodium exchange pump exchanges Ca and Na without the use of energy.

began to use

People began to use it simply in its natural colours.

However, from 2000 Bonaparte began to use cladograms.

King then began to use the banjo as a compositional tool.

use of force

The UN's first problem was that it permits use of force.

Bokor opposed all involvement in the military and use of force.

Wherever possible Rommel avoided the use of force in these confrontations.

use the name

He chose to use the name Clive however in later life.

Stone wanted to continue to use the name "Christians."

The 2011 "Sin Piedad" show was the tenth show to use the name.

use include

The diacritic signs in use include the acute accent, grave accent and the circumflex.

Additional potential areas of use include pH sensors and transition metal cation indicators.

Given names that remain in modern use include: The following names are commonly abbreviated as "Bert":

intended for use

It is intended for use with 5.56 mm rifles such as the M4 carbine.

LORANA is intended for use from land or helicopter platforms for launch.

They are often part of a pressure suit or intended for use with a flight helmet.

allowed to use

Neither were allowed to use their drummers at the Opry.

WSUN-TV was allowed to use the Captain Mac name as well.

They, like vampets, are allowed to use projectile weapons.

not to use

We decided not to use any footage of the children.

On Day 53, Andy chose not to use the Power of Veto.

On Day 84, Andy decided not to use the Power of Veto.

military use

It remained in military use until as late as 1945.

Automimicry has sometimes been put to military use.

It is used in the purification of TNT for military use.

still use   (все еще использовать)

Some anatomists still use Latin to refer to bones.

They still use the letters X and E in ASCII text.

The Foot Guards still use modified ammunition boots.

heavy use

The band Slayer makes heavy use of vibrato bars.

They saw heavy use in ground attack missions against insurgents.

The deadly London smog was caused primarily by the heavy use of coal.

use different

Various online CFM services use different approaches.

Different groups of organisms use different proteins.

Different cuisines will use different types of ovens.

continue to use   (продолжать использовать)

However, some brands may continue to use this logo.

Stone wanted to continue to use the name "Christians."

Astronauts would continue to use the CSM as a ferry to the station.

wanted to use

Both parties wanted to use the other as bait for the hunters.

Porter and Wahl each wanted to use the Thinker for their own ends.

Jon Peters wanted to use a Nike product placement with the Batsuit.

designed for use

"Suburito" are "bokken" designed for use in "suburi".

It was designed for use in web kiosks and digital signage.

The boat hull was designed for use in higher wave conditions.

not in use

Tokmok Airport is currently not in use by commercial airlines.

The royal parts of the palace are open to the public when not in use.

The palace may be visited by the public on guided tours when not in use.

medical use   (медицинское использование)

Palivizumab was approved for medical use in 1998.

It was approved for medical use in Germany in 1985.

Cidofovir was approved for medical use in 1996.

common use include

Other names in common use include: 3β-HSD is potently inhibited by azastene, cyanoketone, epostane, and trilostane.

The control characters in ASCII still in common use include: Control characters may be described as doing something when the user inputs them, such as code 3 (End-of-Text character, ETX, codice_32) to interrupt the running process, or code 4 (End of transmission, EOT, codice_33), used to end text input or to exit a Unix shell.

ability to use   (умение использовать)

In third season (Week 3), ability to use a joker was introduced.

Nix calls himself "The Puritan" and has the ability to use real magic.

In 2013, 20,235 people reported the ability to use New Zealand Sign Language.

personal use

Also, did she allow him personal use of the vehicle.

It is a FDA-cleared ECG medical device available for personal use.

In Canada, possession of benzodiazepines is legal for personal use.

right to use

A landowner who has their property border a river has a right to use that land.

By 1830 the right to use Polish in courts and institutions was no longer respected.

the right to use it for one home premiership fixture against Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

possible to use

It is possible to use several backup profiles, e.g.

It is also possible to use a pot with a steamer insert.

It is only possible to use one drug within each drug class.

general use   (общее использование)

Though, neither the blue nor white saw general use.

Abergavenny, the English spelling, is in general use.

In the following century, the word was in general use.

including the use

Stronach supported electoral reform, including the use of primary elections.

Beetles have a variety of ways to communicate, including the use of pheromones.

Some offenses, including the use of violence, are universally recognized as wrong.

people use

Lot of people use Rajbiraj as border to go to Janakpur.

Today the local people use the space for family picnics.

Medical use is a common reason why people use marijuana.

planned to use   (планируется использовать)

The Pirates had planned to use Kim exclusively in the bullpen.

He planned to use the same tactics with Hancock's entire corps.

He planned to use Deng Xuanzhi to trick Hao Pu into surrendering.

then use   (затем используйте)

People can then use their fingers to read the code of raised dots.

Two parties can then use the noiseless ebits for quantum communication protocols.

After gathering the information he needed he would then use it for his own speeches.

only use   (использовать только)

The Flying Dutchman could only use course 3.

The Europe Female could only use course 1.

The Europe Male could only use course 1.

frequent use   (частое использование)

A frequent use is in describing speech or language.

The Islamic prophet Muhammad made frequent use of raiding tactics.

This property has led to its frequent use in safety signs and labels.

came into use   (вошел в употребление)

The term "Cottonopolis" came into use in about 1870.

The name also came into use by samurai as a title, .

The Rural Telephone system came into use around 1909.

use more

Bach, and generally use more forward-looking structures.

Some teleosts use more than one of these mechanisms (e.g.

It is common for multicycle computers to use more cycles.

no use   (бесполезно)

The city attempted to demolish the home as it had no use.

A few denominations make no use of a liturgical calendar.

She feels her life has no use if he dies.

intended to use

These were intended to use the Keyboard accessory.

The 17th was originally intended to use RAF Bassingbourn.

Boris actually intended to use the body of Rodrigo to win Livia.

use against   (использовать против)

Firearms have largely supplanted crossbows for use against humans.

In the middle of this, he decides to purchase a nuclear device to use against them.

Later on she kills her date with the same axe she tried to use against the Zuni Doll.

remains in use

The bullpen car remains in use in Japanese baseball.

It remains in use as a parish church as of 2018.

But the name Pratu Phi remains in use by many people.

available for use   (доступны для использования)

It is still available for use in France however.

The mine is still available for use in Ecuador.

By the end of 1969, all 758 beds were available for use.

recreational use   (рекреационное использование)

The Touring type is made for recreational use only.

The state legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2014.

Korkeasaari was a recreational use for peorple living in Helsinki.

use both

Most use both steam and diesel locomotives for haulage.

Official documents use both names.

He is able to use both feet, despite being naturally right footed.

own use

The cultivation is almost only for the own use.

Currently, people grow wine primarily for their own use.

Meanwhile, the U.S. discovered their own use for the escort carriers.

energy use

The reduction in friction would reduce energy use.

Some new developments exhibit extremely low energy use.

Lee is able to offset its energy use with the energy it generates.

plans to use

NASA plans to use it in the manned Mars mission.

Jersey City plans to use the house as a museum.

He plans to use Juliana to gain entrance into Camelot.

little use   (мало пользы)

Prior to Bracton, there was little use of stare decisis.

After a little use, she was renamed "Ocean King" in 1980.

The U.S. Army made little use of the fort and soon abandoned it.

fair use   (добросовестное использование)

The term "fair use" originated in the United States.

... wholesale copying does not preclude a finding of fair use.

Using most or all of a work does not bar a finding of fair use.

increased use

This development led to an increased use of colour, and changes in font and styling.

Better pollution and wet performance is leading to the increased use of such insulators.

There was an increased use of text images, and the body of the first cartoons was inserted.

use the word

He was the first person to use the word "protoplasm".

On occasion, I will feel free to use the word.

The Council use the word on signage locally.

use of such

The use of such books on magic continued.

The use of such techniques is steadily decreasing in developed countries.

The use of such stock figures diminished in popularity after World War II.

residential use

It was converted to residential use in 1985.

This includes about 13% for non-electricity residential use.

This building was sold in 2011 and converted for residential use.

use when   (использовать когда)

It will also be available for use when necessary in nearby areas.

The track oval is open for public use when school is not in session.

This endearment term is what the men use when referring to their partners.

continued use

In 1813 the house saw its only sale (for continued use as such).

Local residents were therefore opposed to continued use of the transmitter.

The Tucson resolution explicitly affirmed the continued use of lay ministry.

use airport

Daniel Field is a public use airport.

Dog Island Airport is an untowered, private use airport located by the Eastern bay of Dog Island.

Alexandria Airport is a public use airport located southeast of the central business district of Alexandria.

limited use

So these formulas have limited use in practice.

With the advent of cell phones, the call boxes saw limited use.

Before it was widely banned, it saw limited use in psychotherapy.

pioneered the use

He also pioneered the use of a tent for meetings.

He pioneered the use of DNA evidence in murder cases.

Rosenberg has pioneered the use of adoptive immunotherapy.

good use

Recesses in walls were also put to good use as cupboards.

I also love bungee -jumping, which I could put to good use.

The Ottoman Empire made good use of cannon as siege artillery.

use all

Lord knows, we could use all we can get.

Not all verbs use all of these conjugations, and, in some, the G-stem is not used.

SEL's first computers the 810 & 840 use all silicon monolithic integrated circuits.

permission to use   (разрешение на использование)

Aero Club and eventually got permission to use the P.W.S.

Weaver said that Chris Martin telephoned her directly for permission to use it.

Alice helps him out with giving him permission to use the family home to rehearse.

regular use

The line remains in regular use by passenger traffic.

As a result, they remained in regular use until the 1950s.

The castle, it is believed, was not in regular use for long.

public use airport   (аэропорт общественного пользования)

Daniel Field is a public use airport.

Alexandria Airport is a public use airport located southeast of the central business district of Alexandria.

Mackinac Island Airport Mackinac Island Airport is a public use airport in Mackinac County, Michigan, United States.

water use

It impounds the Canadian River for municipal water use.

All cacti have some adaptations to promote efficient water use.

The domestic water use stand only at about 9% of total water use.

systems use

Most IDI systems use a single orifice injector.

Many systems use low power laser design, e.g.

Most computer systems use this method.

later use

Two junior teams would later use the Monarchs name.

Others can be stored to the inventory and taken out again for later use.

Barks would later use the treasure hunting theme in many of his stories.

order to use   (порядок использования)

In order to use standard NATO ammunition, the FH77B was developed.

In order to use his name or likeness, a company must deal directly with Bonds.

In order to use the system, users need to register and pay a 10 zł initial fee.

use either   (использовать либо)

Message-passing systems use either distributed or local objects.

Clearance divers use either compressed air or mixed gas devices.

, a RAM disk, can use either or both RAM banks, or the base 64KB.

typically use

Children typically use their fathers' last names only.

Boats less than 8 m typically use 6 mm galvanized chain.

"Dumb" computer terminals typically use control sequences.

exclusive use   (эксклюзивное использование)

With the exclusive use of gate valves, i.e.

The 908/03, unlike the 917K, was of exclusive use for the factory teams.

In exchange, the society received exclusive use of the islands as a hunting club.

agricultural use

Adjacent properties have been cleared for agricultural use.

The property remained in agricultural use into the early 1940s.

Resistance was largely fueled by unrestricted agricultural use.

ease of use   (простота использования)

Its ease of use made it especially attractive to beginners.

One reason for the popularity of flat rates is their ease of use.

Bambra concluded that newer games systems provided better ease of use.

longer in use

The ground is no longer in use as a cricket ground.

The oral form of the drug is no longer in use.

The silo owned by GrainCorp was no longer in use as of 2007.

use other   (использовать другие)

Some cultures do, or did, use other bases of numbers.

Packages can use other packages.

Some programs use other African languages such as Dinka, Nuer, Lutuka and Lovo.

practical use   (практическое использование)

Cairns in the region were also put to vital practical use.

In this time he found a practical use for his mathematical skills.

Lin is credited with standardizing the practical use of prestressed concrete.

use the title   (используйте заголовок)

Mayors of major cities use the title "primátor".

He continued to use the title of "Senapati" (general).

Only full and retired members of OPPI may use the title of RPP.

currently in use   (В настоящее время используется)

The facility is currently in use as a museum.

Two different variants are currently in use.

There are nine taxiways currently in use.