İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

often used   (sık kullanılan)

Spots are often used to mark the and on the cloth.

Nɛrɛmuku is often used in sauces in Southern Mali.

Metaclasses are often used to describe frameworks.

commonly used   (çoğunlukla kullanılan)

The triangular distribution is also commonly used.

The suffix "-ops" is commonly used for bat genera.

Nipples are commonly used with plumbing and hoses.

widely used   (yaygın olarak kullanılan)

Was not considered successful and not widely used.

The most widely used is "ciao", meaning "goodbye".

It has also been widely used by state governments.

not used   (kullanılmamış)

Usually folded up and not used, except for eating.

Tone is not used to distinguish meanings of words.

This terminology is not used for the 2011 census.

still used   (kullanımda)

This name is still used by the people of Moerzeke.

They are still used on Mongolian tögrög banknotes.

Part of the old Gaol is still used by the college.

sometimes used   (bazen kullanılır)

The term "mainland Europe" is also sometimes used.

Disposable mouth tips are sometimes used in cafes.

codice_19 is also sometimes used to depict shock.

first used   (ilk kullanılan)

This method was first used for MARTA in the 1980s.

When moving, the Cortege automobile was first used.

The BCG vaccine was first used medically in 1921.

used to describe   (tanımlamak için kullanılır)

Metaclasses are often used to describe frameworks.

The name was used to describe Palmerston North also.

Ambulatory is also an adjective used to describe

used during

In Japan, printed parts are not used during lessons.

Clay was also used during the early Parthian period.

The conch was used during the Kurukshetra War.

now used   (şimdi kullanıldı)

The site is now used for quarrying and as farmland.

It is a natural area now used for teaching biology.

Whitby Hall is now used as a youth theatre and café.

used to make   (yapmak için kullanılan)

In Vietnam, it is called and is used to make soup.

The fruits are also used to make fruit preserves.

In China the plants are used to make fragrant oils.

used to refer   (atıfta bulunurdu)

The same word is also used to refer to a speed bump.

In French, "bœuf" is used to refer to both concepts.

The term "anaconda" has been used to refer to:

later used

It was later used as the Camp Crook General Store.

Hydraulic servos were later used to position guns.

They later used the camp to house German prisoners.

frequently used   (sıklıkla kullanılan)

It is the largest and most frequently used zénith.

The church building is frequently used for weddings.

The term is still frequently used by the British Army.

not be used   (kullanılmaz)

This should not be used above S = 1.17874 (40 °Bx).

The R–X cannot be used to react with the alcohol.

Diffie–Hellman cannot be used to sign certificates.

used when   (ne zaman kullanılır)

It is used when subtasks must occur in parallel.

This is used when a skater needs more help on a jump.

A single golf glove may be used when batting.

then used

She then used black magic to make the tree wither.

The whole Aston building was then used for boys.

The data is then used in the product design process.

used only   (sadece kullanılmış)

The first jet is used only at starting or at idle.

Torpex was used only in critical applications, e.g.

The deep hive body is normally used only for brood.

used to determine   (belirlemek için kullanılır)

they are used to determine Singles Chart positions).

Dice are usually used to determine the outcome of events.

Only the phone is used to determine distance, not the APs.

used to create   (oluşturmak için kullanılır)

The same fibers can be used to create fiber lasers.

DrawPlus can also be used to create GIF animations.

It is also used to create the Parachicos masks.

currently used   (şu anda kullanılıyor)

This line is not currently used by regular traffic.

It is currently used mostly for football matches.

only used   (sadece kullanılmış)

The locative case is only used after prepositions.

The letter R̃ is only used in the Gashua dialect.

The MMC2 is only used in "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!"

term used   (kullanılan terim)

Denverites is a term used for residents of Denver.

The colloquial term used for the city is Kipoo .

Lākhe is the term used to denote carnivorous demons.

mainly used   (ağırlıklı olarak kullanılır)

Nowadays they are mainly used for tourist traffic.

Determinants are mainly used as a theoretical tool.

Toe picks are mainly used for the take-off on jumps.

primarily used   (öncelikle kullanılan)

It was primarily used for light and medium bombers.

It is primarily used for general aviation purposes.

3 Squadron was primarily used for reconnaissance.

most commonly used   (en çok kullanılan)

The materials most commonly used are wood and metal.

Today these are the most commonly used markers.

It is most commonly used to accompany throat singing.

used to treat   (tedavi ederdi)

Pink noise can also be used to treat hyperacusis.

The drug was used to treat depression until the 1950s.

Nimodipine is not regularly used to treat head injury.

typically used   (tipik olarak kullanılır)

This term was typically used for a secret activity.

These are typically used as sodium or calcium salts.

Mid-range discs are typically used as approach discs.

used instead   (onun yerine kullanılmış)

In some places, sticks are used instead of swords.

The letter "h" is used instead, as in modern print.

Internal stairs were used instead of ladders from .

system used

For some applications, a dual monitor system used.

The system used is the Single Non-Transferable Vote.

The system used FEC, equipment from Siemens, FEC 100.

previously used   (önceden kullanılmış)

Crushed stems were previously used as a fish poison.

It was previously used in the United States and Europe.

(However, "Lissabon" was previously used in Norwegian).

when used   (kullanıldığında)

the axiom of choice is often mentioned when used.

It often is paired up with chives when used in food.

This duration also holds true when used recreationally.

used mostly   (daha çok kullanılan)

It is currently used mostly for football matches.

used primarily   (öncelikle kullanılır)

The track is used primarily for NASCAR events.

The name "cillín" is used primarily in Ulster.

The M371A1 HEAT round is used primarily against armor.

rarely used   (nadiren kullanılmış)

Biamonti's numbers, in addition, are rarely used.

before their name, although this is rarely used.

The arbitration procedures were rarely used.

used today   (bugün kullanıldı)

It is still used today, although not frequently.

A lot of these medicines are still being used today.

This method of instruction is still used today.

used extensively   (yaygın olarak kullanılır)

It is also used extensively in chemistry research.

The F-4 was used extensively during the Vietnam War.

Feedback is used extensively in digital systems.

originally used

The attic was originally used for office space.

It was originally used to describe "a "blazed" trail."

The term was originally used by Gery in 1914.

used the same

They used the same characters created in SuperPoke!

Players used the same ball until it started to unravel.

The game used the same game engine as "NASCAR Racing 3".

generally used

Cab units were not generally used in Great Britain.

Atsuko Atsuko is generally used as a girl's name.

are not generally used to accompany the choir.

used to produce   (eskiden üretti)

Many printing techniques are used to produce posters.

This is sometimes used to produce chronograms.

The dams would be used to produce hydroelectric power.

never used

The unfinished building was never used as a hotel.

The Moravian Church has never used the "Filioque".

The nuclear-armed ASROC was never used in combat.

used the term   (terimi kullandı)

He rather used the term "billions "upon" billions".

Maurice later disavowed having used the term himself.

Broadcaster Glenn Beck used the term in describing her.

usually used   (genellikle kullanılır)

This set was usually used on the Waterford route.

For outlines dark brown or red was usually used.

For hard rock mining, other methods are usually used.

used throughout

For this reason, it is used throughout mathematics.

Armour has been used throughout recorded history.

There are numerous variants used throughout the world.

mostly used   (çoğunlukla kullanılan)

Boric acid powder is mostly used for this purpose.

Today, boomerangs are mostly used for recreation.

Mask in West Bengal is mostly used in folk dance.

used in many

It is often used in many types of cellular systems.

They are widely used in many electronic devices.

It continues to be used in many other countries.

used against   (karşı kullanılan)

The gun can be used against air, sea or land targets.

It is used against vegetable fly larvae and soil pests.

Public nuisance laws are also used against prostitution..

name used

Canis Syrius was the name used in the 1521 "Alfonsine tables".

Shorewood Shorewood is a place name used in the United States:

"Xena" was an informal name used internally by the discovery team.

used for agricultural   (tarım için kullanılır)

Tractors are used for agricultural works.

Land in the remainder of the locality is used for agricultural purposes.

Of this area, 66% is used for agricultural purposes, while 23% is forested.

used to provide   (sağlamak için kullanılır)

The horn can be used to provide the hold force.

Canals are still used to provide water for agriculture.

who would be used to provide advice to the other characters.

used to build   (eskiden inşa ederdim)

This money was used to build an Engineering block.

In the early stages people used to build dingies.

most widely used   (En yaygın olarak kullanılan)

The most widely used is "ciao", meaning "goodbye".

The first and most widely used tracers are sunspots.

Aluminium is the most widely used non-ferrous metal.

used to identify   (tanımlamak için kullanılır)

Corner detection is used to identify salient points.

It is also used to identify stock items in inventory.

Special tests may be used to identify particular bacteria.

used more

Pencils were used more often for drawing by 1600.

It is currently used more than 1000 people daily.

The term has been used more recently in other contexts.

longer used   (daha uzun süre kullanılmış)

The venue is no longer used for speedway however.

The original sanctuary is no longer used for services.

The cay is no longer used for either purposes.

used mainly   (esas olarak kullanılır)

It is used mainly in northern Vietnamese cuisine.

It is used mainly for leisure and sports activities.

Gracilaria agar is used mainly in food applications.

no longer used

The venue is no longer used for speedway however.

The original sanctuary is no longer used for services.

The cay is no longer used for either purposes.

station was used   (istasyon kullanıldı)

Initially the station was used for communications with shipping.

The JR East station was used by 5185 passengers (alighting) daily.

In fiscal 2000, the station was used by an average of 68 passengers daily.

used to measure   (ölçmek için kullanılır)

DCPIP can be used to measure the rate of photosynthesis.

The modius was a measuring device used to measure grain/corn.

Newton's Second Law can be used to measure the strength of forces.

used both

Mu Xin used both ink and paint to create art pieces.

Kern used both photography and drawing during this trip.

Crème fraîche is used both hot and cold in French cuisine.

method used   (kullanılan yöntem)

By the 1970s, incineration was the disposal method used.

The main disposal method used is burning.

The exact method used was termed the "indicator procedure".

used to help   (yardım ederdi)

They were also used to help sell Christmas Seals.

A larger water pump was used to help aid in cooling.

It was used to help promote "The Great Muppet Caper".

methods used   (kullanılan yöntemler)

The levels of gas detection depend on the methods used.

All are methods used in operant conditioning.

The methods used cover both static and dynamic situations.

used in conjunction   (birlikte kullanılır)

Tobacco was mainly used in conjunction with cigarettes.

Diaphragms and caps are often used in conjunction with spermicides.

The harp stand was typically used in conjunction with the stub switch.

used the name

In later life, Haydn "hardly ever" used the name Franz.

Later the team used the name British Isles.

She never used the name Jeannette Thorez.

used to represent   (eskiden temsil ederdi)

formula_3 and ) are used to represent variables.

Blanks cannot be used to represent "K", "W", or "Y".

This operation is frequently used to represent sampling.

occasionally used   (nadiren kullanılır)

He occasionally used the blues form and acrostics.

"Mainlander" is also occasionally used derogatorily.

The surrounding area is occasionally used for rallying.

song was used

The song was used in the 1981 film "American Pop".

The second theme song was used from 1991 to 1994.

The third theme song was used from 1995 to 1998.

only be used   (sadece kullanılabilir)

This functionality however, could only be used in Japan.

This is a single use ticket, that can only be used by one person.

Therefore, this zone should only be used for leaf-node functions.

used interchangeably   (birbirinin yerine kullanılır)

This term may be used interchangeably with hive mind.

The systems are virtually used interchangeably.

These terms have been used interchangeably by authors.

materials used   (Kullanılan malzemeler)

Cerium(IV) oxide is one of the common materials used.

All materials used were according to VOC’s standards.

The materials used to build the cages greatly affect the price.

formerly used   (önceden kullanılmış)

It was formerly used in mainland China and Hong Kong.

And formerly used to include a college and a university.

Bauer reused a number of the molds formerly used by Cemar.

used to support   (destek için kullanılır)

ANOVA is used to support other statistical tools.

Income from the rental will be used to support Cooma Cottage.

The base is used to support military operations against Boko Haram.

technique used   (kullanılan teknik)

Mental practice is a technique used in music as well.

Blood residue analysis is also a technique used in archeology.

Researchers have discovered the technique used in these frescos.

used to play   (eskiden oynardı)

The instruments he used to play were piano and violin.

In Colombia and Panama, tamboras are used to play cumbia.

The cello bow has also been used to play electric guitars.

building was used

The building was used as the town hall until 1907.

Afterwards, the building was used for church services again.

The building was used as a school by the district until 1986.

language used

The common language used in the village is Nepali.

Thai is the main language used within the hospital.

In the region, the Tsakonian language used to be spoken.

initially used   (başlangıçta kullanılan)

It was initially used as the stadium of Real Jaén.

It was initially used as the stadium of Real Betis.

The cars were initially used on the Piccadilly tube.

traditionally used   (geleneksel olarak kullanılır)

In botany, the term lusus was traditionally used.

"A. fumosa") are traditionally used locally as firewoods.

It is also the colour traditionally used to represent the Virgin Mary.

used to control   (kontrol etmek için kullanılır)

Indian gooseberry was used to control sea sickness.

However, DDT is also used to control malaria.

It is used to control very high population densities, i.e.

used by many   (birçok kişi tarafından kullanıldı)

Grimaldi's design is used by many modern clowns.

Another method is used by many molluscs, themselves.

used to transport   (taşıma için kullanılır)

This type of car is used to transport police dogs.

However trucks are now used to transport the bauxite ore.

This railway was used to transport stones.

used to indicate   (göstermek için kullanılır)

The abbreviations used to indicate the origin are:

once used

The balcony was once used for segregation purposes.

Nearby is a large tower, once used as a convent.

0.2% of the lake was once used for mining.

techniques used   (kullanılan teknikler)

But, as stated above, the techniques used to prove e.g.

There are other techniques used to bypass parental controls.

However, techniques used by Ishii et al.

currently used mostly

It is currently used mostly for football matches.

term is used   (terim kullanılır)

The term is used mostly among Christian theologians.

The term is used mainly in the Scandinavian countries.

The term is used "as if it were a country."

normally used   (normalde kullanılır)

Keystones and corner blocks are not normally used.

The deep hive body is normally used only for brood.

This description is normally used in solid mechanics.

used to write   (eskiden yazardı)

These were used to write his treatise on the law.

This was an angle used to write Taven off of television.

Bhujimol has been used to write Nepal Bhasa and Sanskrit.

used as part

It is most often used as part of two other phrases:

It is used as part of the name or title by the following:

Incendiaries were also used as part of several other raids.

used in other   (diğerlerinde kullanılır)

War Tax overprints were used in other capacities.

The term may also be used in other jurisdictions.

This concept was also used in other Marvel card sets.

used again

MR-63 cars were used again on the Green Line.

Cochrane requested that it not be used again.

The Batpod is used again in "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012).

used to generate   (üretmek için kullanılır)

UV radiation at 185 nm is used to generate ozone.

They can be used to generate rotations in four dimensions.

The water is also used to generate electric power and for recreation.

used to store   (saklamak için kullanılır)

CD-R media have an internal layer of dye used to store data.

The container used to store cookies may be called a cookie jar.

It was used to store grains.

used within

Thai is the main language used within the hospital.

The LRP is used within what is called a workover system.

Chest voice Chest voice is a term used within vocal music.

used up

Wire catchers were used up through the Vietnam War.

Most of it was used up before the infantry assault.

Diluter-demand oxygen systems can be used up to .

used for both

It is used for both civilian and military traffic.

These were used for both passenger and cargo operations.

In practice, the two approaches are used for both types.

used to study

It is used to study human stereoscopic perception.

fMRIs are used to study these possible connections.

"Acetabularia" has been used to study circadian rhythms.

used for growing

Of the agricultural land, 9.6% is used for growing crops.

Of the agricultural land, 4.2% is used for growing crops.

Of the agricultural land, 3.2% is used for growing crops.