other uses   (他の用途)

Affine spaces have many other uses in mathematics.

They can have other uses too in the biological field.

This word is unrelated to other uses of mace in English.

uses the same

The game uses the same Activision game engine as "".

The doubles competition uses the same format.

It uses the same S-box as AES in a custom construction.

system uses

The S-125 system uses 2 different missile versions.

The base ELS Premium system uses 10-speakers.

DragonFly BSD's HAMMER file system uses a modified B+-tree.

uses the term   (用語を使用します)

He uses the term "deja vu art" to describe his work.

He mainly uses the term at the start of most matches.

A 1796 book uses the term "vulgar era of the nativity".

then uses

She then uses robot monkeys to attack Pip.

He then uses Daniel to further clarify his thinking: (Dan.

Gina then uses a video (and Amy's car) to change the tire.

often uses   (よく使う)

The bald eagle often uses this area for wintering.

She often uses family photographs in her practice.

The International Task Force often uses the port as a base.

game uses

The game uses the ClickTeam Installation program.

The game uses the same Activision game engine as "".

Each round of this game uses up one entangled state.

still uses   (まだ使用しています)

He still uses the Hughes & Kettner Coreblades.

She liked the name and still uses it today.

The Community of Christ edition still uses the code names.

uses only   (使用のみ)

Each of which uses only special characteristics.

SAT itself (tacitly) uses only ∃ quantifiers.

are impossible to solve if one uses only compass and straightedge.

now uses

The French navy now uses four Gigs for this purpose.

He now uses Dean acoustic V models.

Agriculture, also very strong, has diversified and now uses modern technology.

uses both

Colman uses both similes to describe the miracle.

French uses both the active voice and the passive voice.

Standard Serbian uses both the Cyrillic and Latin scripts.

uses include

Other uses include the design of computer fonts and animation.

Other uses include storing and fermenting fish paste and chili paste.

Its uses include control of downy mildews, rusts, and redfire disease.

player uses   (プレイヤーが使用する)

Even the armor suit and gun the player uses is there.

Each player uses an eight-way joystick and one button.

The player uses a 1.8-inch 20 or 40 GB hard drive from Hitachi.

many uses

The remaining parts of the plant have many uses.

There were many uses for cacao among the Maya.

They are very popular in Myanmar as they have many uses.

method uses

This method uses the powerfully rising and sinking air in mountain waves.

Another HTTP-based tunneling method uses the HTTP CONNECT method/command.

The theoretical method uses astronomical formulas to know the Sun's place.

land uses   (土地利用)

Principal land uses in the watershed are agriculture and forest.

The two townships, split by the Matchaponix Brook, consist of similar land uses.

This can affect the flows of rivers, and has consequential impacts on other land uses.

uses the word

To explain this, Saussure uses the word "bœuf" as an example.

An open transition usually uses the word "comprises" or "comprising".

Modern fiction instead uses the word "gnomess" to refer to female gnomes.

uses the name

Cavallino Magazine uses the name, but not the logo.

Later on he uses the name "Buddy".

Only the latter uses the name Labeo, so there is no link between Labeo and Bacon.

industrial uses

It has both medical and industrial uses.

Due to its instability, it has no practical industrial uses.

McDonald shirt factory and other light industrial uses for 80 years.

only uses   (使用のみ)

This only uses the center of the lens' projected image.

Atora only uses suet from cattle and sheep.

(A manual is a trick whereby the skateboarder only uses two wheels.)

uses such

The wide trail is open to non-motorized uses such as hiking and biking.

It is also a supplier of plastics for uses such as CD pressing and circuit boards.

The discussing style uses such lines as: That is the way Schweitzer conducted his theological refutation.

currently uses

Wink 104 currently uses the "Z+" jingle package from JAM.

progeCAD currently uses OpenGL hardware graphics technology.

He currently uses a Washburn seven-string single-cut guitar.

uses many

Bosnian cuisine uses many spices, in moderate quantities.

She uses many of the Land's inhabitants.

Holst uses many colourful effects to vary the chaconne theme.

film uses   (映画の用途)

In addition, the film uses Leon Klatzkin's score from the 1950s TV series "Adventures of Superman".

The film uses the Welsh spelling for Arthur's nemesis, "Modred", rather than the more common "Mordred".

The film uses a soundtrack by Lev Shvarts who worked on all three films of the trilogy among many other films.

uses several

Xsan file system uses several logical storages to distribute information.

To achieve this he uses several methods and concepts taken from his teachers.

ISIL uses several cameramen to record the attack, from minimal 3 to maximum 5 camera zoom and angles are used.

uses a variety

Mike Will uses a variety of production equipment to create beats.

Byron uses a variety of materials, such as crayon, wood, and paper.

He also uses a variety of musical styles, including neo-classical and techno.

uses different

The production uses different filming locations.

The team uses different kits for home and away games.

An asynchronous FIFO uses different clocks for reading and writing.

uses a weighted   (加重を使用します)

On Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, the series has a score of 59 based on 15 reviews.

Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the series a score of 56 out of 100 based on 7 critics.

Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned the series a score of 54 out of 100 based on 7 critics.

version uses

One version uses the system's GIO expansion bus.

The following Standard Forth version uses Core and Core Extension words only.

The seventh version uses a streamlined version of "D&D 4th edition" mechanics.

uses a combination

Paul uses a combination of bartering and manipulation to stay by Albert's side.

XAP uses a combination of RAM and Flash to handle both speed and cost requirements.

The Feistel cipher uses a combination of substitution and transposition techniques.

commercial uses   (商用利用)

Agar, a gelatinous substance derived from red algae, has a number of commercial uses.

At one point the watermilfoil covered of the lake, impairing its recreational and commercial uses.

This right is only related to commercial uses and does not cover non-commercial uses of the design.

different uses

There are many different uses for the dative case.

Different drum sounds have different uses in music.

Over the years, Deer Island has had several different uses.

company uses   (会社が使用する)

The company uses proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) that encodes data into sounds.

The company uses antique machinery together with up-to-date equipment, such as a £120,000 scouring machine.

The hybrid electric tractor units were the standard bulk delivery truck the company uses for large deliveries.

uses various

A trained chef who uses various swords to fight.

The poetic work uses various metres for different moods and situations.

"The Number Song" uses various breakbeats and vocal samples of count-offs.

uses a different

The Eurosystem, on the other hand, uses a different method.

SECAM, though, uses a different modulation approach than PAL or NTSC.

Each user in a CDMA system uses a different code to modulate their signal.

uses the following

Robert Gardos uses the following styles for play:

The Boston Police uses the following vehicles.

In the proof one uses the following alternative definition of the canonical map.

uses more

The plant uses more than 4 million tons of coal each year.

It is claimed that the stadium uses more electricity than the whole country of Liberia.

In general, a component that is switching uses more energy than an element in a static state.

various uses

After that time, the building served various uses.

Chervil has had various uses in folk medicine.

Often, multiple CTs are installed as a "stack" for various uses.

uses all

The B-tree uses all of the ideas described above.

She uses all those phallic symbols on the guy."

He is going to have one that he uses all of the time."

uses a single

The mine uses a single black plastic UANU-1 fuze.

And additional variation uses a single set of 6 cards, and regular dice.

The system uses a single piston to directly inject fuel into 5 orbiting chambers.

song uses

The song uses a modified I–IV–V chord progression.

The song uses a I-V-IV chord progression in the key of F major.

The song uses an interpolation of Billy Ocean's "Caribbean Queen".

uses a similar

The Bombardier Itino uses a similar angled window pillar design.

The World Factbook uses a similar definition and adds also Slovenia.

The rosé wine, vinho rosé, uses a similar variety of dark grapes as the red.

variety of uses

Tigers have a variety of uses for their tails.

There are a variety of uses for thyme oil.

The house has seen a variety of uses.

typically uses

Timber framing typically uses a "bent."

A gas forge typically uses propane or natural gas as the fuel.

American old-time music typically uses the five-string, open-back banjo.

frequently uses

This moth frequently uses milkweeds ("Asclepias" spp.)

To be plain and intelligible he frequently uses trivial expressions.

"C. ligatum" frequently uses its radula to rasp on, i.e., bite, its non-predators.

system that uses

Another system that uses a filter wheel is Dolby 3D.

Their size and corrosive nature can present problems with any system that uses them.

Some brands use a standardized numbering system that uses seven ranges of relative thickness of yarn.

instead uses

It instead uses secondary treated sewage water in its cooling system.

Modern fiction instead uses the word "gnomess" to refer to female gnomes.

STORM instead uses immunolabeling of endogenous molecules in the sample with antibodies tagged with organic fluorophores.

series uses

The series uses two pieces of theme music.

The series uses a cel-shaded look.

The 1NZ series uses aluminum engine blocks and DOHC cylinder heads.

uses its own

ReMarkable uses its own operating system, named Codex.

Afghanistan uses its own space satellite called Afghansat 1.

The Association uses its own definition of a production vehicle.

new uses

One of its few new uses is in cadmium telluride solar panels.

Piene is also noted for having explored new uses for broadcast television.

Helen offers to be Anthony's teacher, and help him find new uses for his power.

school uses   (学校の使用)

The school uses StudyWiz and Managebac as its e-learning platforms.

The school uses a 'card' system to either discipline or commend behavior.

The school uses the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) as a curriculum framework.

uses his powers

This is the most times he uses his powers in the movies.

He uses his powers to get revenge on Caulder and his Doom Patrol.

He uses his powers to spread falsehoods to provoke humanity into conflict and war.

medicinal uses

The plant has a number of historical medicinal uses.

1611) published herbals covering the medicinal uses of plants.

It is used as a hedging plant in northern India and has medicinal uses.

first uses

The first uses of the term 'baroque' for music were criticisms.

One of its first uses was to hold three hundred Finnish grenadiers as part of the Crimean War.

Batman first uses the Bat to escape pursuing police officers after being cornered in a dark alley.

usually uses

As for documentaries, Albania usually uses voice-over.

An open transition usually uses the word "comprises" or "comprising".

He usually uses the word "depressingly" as an adjective, much to Rinne's dismay.

uses a number   (番号を使用します)

The Ibrahim Index uses a number of variables to compile its list which reflects the state of governance in Africa.

Tognetti uses a number of violins according to need, most frequently the 1743 Guarneri del Gesù violin he has on extended loan from an anonymous owner.

NYGASP uses a number of different directors and conductors from time to time, but most of the productions are still directed and conducted by Bergeret.

sometimes uses

Paul sometimes uses a style of writing common in his time called a "diatribe".

(Dragon Disks, 2003) Crew sometimes uses the noms de plume Li Min Hua, Quean Lutibelle, and Dr. Ddungo.

The school sometimes uses the HMS Temeraire grounds, and sports facilities offered by the University of Portsmouth.

medical uses   (医療用途)

Collagen has many medical uses in treating complications of the bones and skin.

MDMA is illegal in most countries and, as of 2018, has no approved medical uses.

Trenbolone acetate was never approved for use in humans and hence has no medical uses.

uses the phrase

Marla Gibbs uses the phrase in the 1999 film "Lost & Found".

uses the phrase: "You made your bed in salad days amongst the ruins".

Cursive uses the phrase on the last song of their 2006 release "Happy Hollow".

process uses

An alternative process uses a hydrogen-based solution.

The above process uses the subcarrier.

The process uses abundant materials, and proceeds in high yield.

program uses

The program uses pointers to assign variables to values.

The program uses two groups of organizations to certify awards.

The NASA near-Earth object program uses an assumed albedo of 0.14 for this purpose.

uses a modified

The song uses a modified I–IV–V chord progression.

DragonFly BSD's HAMMER file system uses a modified B+-tree.

Overkill's game, "Payday: The Heist", uses a modified version of this engine.

primarily uses

Prismatic primarily uses Clojure and ClojureScript in production.

DNS primarily uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) on port number 53 to serve requests.

The Central African Republic primarily uses hydroelectricity as there are few other resources for energy and power.