İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

using the same   (aynısını kullanarak)

Chimps also fish for ants using the same tactic.

He decided to create a pen using the same type of ink.

Pistorius has been using the same Össur blades since 2004.

began using   (kullanmaya başladı)

The French Air Force began using the A400M in 2013.

Kanemaru began using heel tactics in his matches.

While there she began using glass in her work.

using only   (sadece kullanmak)

by using only several pragmatic and powerful strikes.

The entire sequence is done using only one paddle blade.

Loads up to and greater are attainable using only hand tools.

when using   (kullanırken)

This is especially useful when using existing library code.

They appear even when using monochromatic light, hence the name.

This complicates the use of SCM systems in IDEs when using Maven.

made using

The platform changes are made using a footbridge.

In 2012 an iPad app was made using the paintings.

The programmes were made using stop-frame animation.

built using

The game was built using the Unity3D game engine.

The surviving remains were built using local basalt.

The inner wall was built using a heavier stone.

using the name

Curry would begin using the name The D.O.C.

Rosie Oddie is a musician, also using the name Rosie Bones.

It began using the name "New Ebbitt Café" in November 1910.

started using

He started using this tool in 1908 at his practice.

The company started using this illustration in 1915.

He started using a new knee prosthesis in 2012.

without using

mean, variance) without using normal theory (e.g.

The ore was crushed in stampers without using mercury.

This is nontrivial, and can be proved without using the condition formula_16.

using different   (farklı kullanmak)

From time immemorial, the Mizo have been using different musical instruments.

There are numerous different types using different semiconductor technologies.

Broadcasters of analog television encode their signal using different systems.

created using   (kullanılarak oluşturuldu)

The statistics are created using Nielsen SoundScan.

The game was created using Macromedia Director.

Conrad's animations were created using motion capture.

constructed using

These are usually constructed using BJTs or FETs.

If constructed using puts, it is a bull put spread.

If constructed using puts, it is a bear put spread.

done using

Probing from the surface is done using a steel rod.

This is also often done using a plate heat exchanger.

These checks are usually done using power flow studies.

using both   (ikisini de kullanarak)

By using both hands, shots are fired more smoothly.

The opponent is controlled using both legs and arms.

not using

She agrees, but is having a very hard time not using her magic.

By not using old-fashioned rivets, it was hoped to save weight.

When the fish is not using its scalpel, it is folded down inside a groove.

using either   (ikisinden birini kullanarak)

The second reaction can be described using either theory.

ONC then delivers the XDR payload using either UDP or TCP.

Generated models can be trained using either CPUs or GPUs.

using various

The state of a process can be changed using various commands.

Numerous other identities can be derived using various methods.

Types 12, 13 and 14 were electronic, using various technologies.

often using   (sıklıkla kullanıyor)

Sauckel obtained new workers often using the most brutal methods.

Pitsuilak works in soapstone, often using female figures as subjects.

His paintings, mixed figurative and abstract, often using large formats.

system using

I mean the system using nine symbols."

In developing a communication system using this magnetron, C.H.J.A.

Jewels can be collected for the "Empress Place" system using e-Amusement.

written using

Yiddish is written using an adapted Hebrew alphabet.

Redmine is written using the Ruby on Rails framework.

"Fig Pudding" is written using an episodic plot style.

using the term   (terimi kullanarak)

In the early 1900s, Steiner began using the term "anthroposophy" (i.e.

Tansley later defined the spatial extent of ecosystems using the term ecotope.

The Alter ego "Aparde" is an ancient Greek word creation using the term Apathy.

instead of using   (kullanmak yerine)

instead of using a darning egg.

Bagh instead of using the bus.

Penn surprised Fitch by taking him to the ground instead of using his stand up skills.

calculated using   (kullanılarak hesaplandı)

The angle can be calculated using the dot product.

Date of divergence was calculated using TimeTree.

The top two teams are calculated using a league table.

produced using

They were produced using the technology of the time, i.e.

A bottle is produced using about of wheat and spring water.

Budweiser is produced using barley malt, rice, water, hops and yeast.

using steam

It drove a single propeller using steam provided by two Morton rectangular boilers.

It drove a single propeller using steam that was provided by two rectangular boilers.

performed using

Dynamic memory allocation is performed using pointers.

This secure interchange is performed using the AKB format.

IFF is also performed using this radar.

using traditional

Most livestock is done by families using traditional methods.

They are still making steam engines using traditional technology and methods.

It was a recreation of the original and was built using traditional techniques.

using a variety   (çeşitli kullanarak)

The band make drone music using a variety of instruments.

Birds navigate during migration using a variety of methods.

It is critical that students learn math concepts using a variety of tools.

idea of using

Initially, the idea of using ultrasound imaging was met with resistance.

Harry borrows her idea of using power sockets and chains for electricity.

The idea of using filmmaker John Waters as a guest star had been around for a while.

still using   (hala kullanıyor)

Only one ISP is still using this law in effect.

Despite this, a small community of enthusiasts are still using it.

Currently, all analog TV stations are still using the NTSC standard.

using more

", using more complicated phrases.

Channel Bonding consists in using more than one channel for Tx / Rx.

The practice of using more saturated colors than the official cloth is not new.

using a combination   (bir kombinasyon kullanmak)

The numbers 6-9 are formed using a combination of basic math and the prefix baa–.

It has a range of and a CEP of when using a combination of GPS and TV for terminal guidance.

This is achieved using a combination of hair coloring, haircutting, and hair texturing techniques.

developed using

"Prime World "was developed using the Unity game engine.

Loteprednol etabonate was developed using retrometabolic drug design.

The user interface was developed using Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports.

using a new

He started using a new knee prosthesis in 2012.

In late 1998 B 104 began using a new jingle package, and streaming on the web.

Main crop Grapes and Sugar cane, nowadays farmers are using a new technology for their agriculture land.

rather than using   (kullanmak yerine)

This schedules processes internally rather than using the Linux facilities.

It allows a user to navigate a menu hierarchy of commands, rather than using the command line.

When lecturing, he would write proofs in chalk on a blackboard rather than using overhead foils.

using a single   (tek bir kullanarak)

Bandy is played on ice, using a single round ball.

Propulsion was achieved using a single shaft, single screw setup.

The radio would handshake with the repeater using a single analog tone.

measured using   (kullanılarak ölçülmüştür)

These are measured using directional derivatives.

Directions are measured using the position of the sun.

Current can be measured using an ammeter.

using data

(2003) using data from the 2MASS and SDSS surveys.

confirmed their findings using data from XMM-Newton and Chandra.

These can often be determined using data collected for other studies.

using other   (başkalarını kullanmak)

They did, however, have more success using other channels.

As a result, most practitioners encourage using other lens styles.

Talents can be upgraded up to four times, using other talents as a resource.

using the new

Trains began using the new grade separation in May 2014.

are recompiled using the new definitions of fetch and store.

Interurban railways began using the new subway almost immediately.

using local

The surviving remains were built using local basalt.

There are also eight dairy farms using local stock breeding products.

Handmade mustard using local ingredients can still be purchased in Tewkesbury.

elected using

The President of Benin is elected using the two-round system.

The President of the Maldives is elected using the two-round system.

Two MPs were elected using separate electoral colleges for French citizens and Africans.

using multiple   (çoklu kullanmak)

The platform supports single sign on feature for using multiple services in on go.

The rationale for using multiple drugs to treat TB are based on simple probability.

Experiment 2 studies the effect of using multiple still images of a person on performance.

stopped using   (kullanmayı bıraktı)

He had mostly stopped using barlines by this time.

He soon stopped using magnets as a part of his treatment.

After several years, the paper stopped using the wire service.

time using

It was her first time using a Cintiq drawing tablet.

This was a machine created to measure time using a pendulum.

Lightning can also pause time using an ability called Chronostasis.

using all

In 1996, Chouinard committed the company to using all organic cotton.

The military is using all its weapons to protect Tokyo for the upcoming attack.

Toward mid-2014, she ceased using all other monikers and only performed as Quilla.

using standard

Almost all were assigned using standard US tube numbers.

The site was updated manually using standard FrontPage software.

Lifting devices allow the hopper to be loaded using standard trolleys.

using the following

Points were awarded using the following system: 2013 V8 Supercar season

Most texts adhere to a canonical naming scheme, using the following naming conventions.

\novocalize Note that one can also overcome the problem with <yah> containing dots using the following command.

people using   (kullanan insanlar)

The militia received a list of all people using the tools, but Tuchlin was not there.

The people using the guns in these loathsome incidents are moral agents with twisted hearts.

In it, the protagonist muses on the possibility of people using books to start fires in the future.

using modern

Most of the opponents insisted in using modern Chinese.

In 1991, all AONBs were measured again using modern methods.

The equipment shed was built using modern balloon framing methods.

using new

[..] I can say he was using new methods for those times.

the resulting project was much cheaper than using new equipment.

The ground-floor storefront was remodeled in 1935, using new masonry and red ceramic tile block.

using such

A protocol using such a choice is for example IKEv2.

In local terminology, one is said to "take a car service" when using such a vehicle.

However, using such harsh methods in the loyal Cape Colony was politically impossible.

using the original

It was rebuilt using the original facade.

It was re-edited by Langdon Jones in 1970 using the original manuscript.

The light was automated in 1978, using the original fifth-order Fresnel lens.

stop using   (kullanmayı bırak)

In addition, some users may find it hard to stop using TikTok.

Fender agreed to stop using the trademark beginning January 1, 2002.

The White House did, however, request that Pearson stop using the letter.

then using

first XORing P17 and P18 to the ciphertext block, then using the P-entries in reverse order).

Migrating data into graphical form and then using the GPU to scan and analyze it can create a large speedup.

: if x=0), then using the standard estimator leads to formula_70, which sometimes is unrealistic and undesirable.

systems using

Among the first integrated systems using EDI were Freight Control Systems.

For example, Compaq actually produced prototype DeskPro systems using the bus.

Other systems using this technology include the Nuremberg U-Bahn and Budapest Metro's Line 4.

conducted using

Frequently the simulation is conducted using software tools.

The Wurtz–Fittig Reaction can be conducted using metals other than sodium.

The launch was conducted using a Molniya-M rocket, flying from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

using their own

Civilians have tested these using their own licensed weapons.

Celtiberian inscriptions, using their own Iberian script, appear later, after about 200 BC.

CE companies wish to communicate video inside the home network using their own protected protocols and formats.

such as using

He also discussed methods to deal with difficult births, such as using forceps.

The head may be fastened to the shell using a number of different systems, such as using ropes.

Cymbals can also be muted with special rubber rings or with DIY approaches such as using duct tape.

using his own

Davros has created a new race using his own body's cells.

Baird also had a sugar refinery using his own innovative method of refining.

Rather than using his own name, Grohl released the cassette under the pseudonym "Late!"

using the pseudonym   (takma ad kullanarak)

Publisher Arthur Longbrake composed the song using the pseudonym Joe Arizona.

Since 2015, Smith has been publishing thrillers using the pseudonym "Alex Gordon."

Young first joined the Dewi Dja' troupe as a dancer, using the pseudonym Dewi Maria.

implemented using   (kullanılarak uygulandı)

Remote viewing can be implemented using a video camera.

Major functional modules were implemented using AMCC ECL ASICs.

Each library is implemented using one or more Emacs Lisp source files.

prepared using   (kullanılarak hazırlandı)

It can be prepared using meat, fish and vegetables.

Glazed ham is a ham dish prepared using a glaze.

The bhakri prepared using wheat is coarser than a regular wheat chapati.

using the word

IN German, emphasis is indicated using the word "selbst".

Comparatives are expressed using the word : "A X [B]" (A is more X [than B]).

Another way to achieve immersion is by using the word "you" when addressing the participant.

achieved using

Roll control was achieved using wing warping.

This is commonly achieved using a consistent behavioral pattern.

Propulsion was achieved using a single shaft, single screw setup.

studies using

A number of pharmacological studies using MEAs on dissociated neuronal networks, e.g.

He supports this phenomenon by relying on his 21 single case studies using the archival research method.

In 2000, scientists performed studies using mouse retina and molecular cloning to find a new subunit of the channel, CNG6.

using several

One can cook french fries using several techniques.

The staff group conducted the study using several methods.

President Servalan was seen using several kinds of ships throughout the series.

up using   (kullanarak)

The show ended up using ten of his songs that year.

The case was covered up using his wealth and status.

Despite multiple attempts, he cannot hoist the sled up using ropes.

practice of using   (kullanma pratiği)

The practice of using the aircraft registration as a callsign was instigated.

The practice of using more saturated colors than the official cloth is not new.

This is due to the Orthodox practice of using icons rather than statues in church.

continue using

The Navy proposed to continue using ammonium picrate.

U.S. Army Ordnance held the same viewpoint and wanted to continue using TNT.

FMR was allowed to continue using the Messerschmitt name and logo on the KR200.

using a different

It had previously blessed same-sex couples using a different ceremony.

The Kiev 88 can shoot the 6x4.5 frame size by simply using a different film back.

So, I have similar musical ideas, but I'm using a different palette to convey them."

only using   (sadece kullanarak)

Margaret is only using Fred for his money but he realizes and then dumps her.

The Furies have their own plans, though, and are only using Hercules to get to Cassandra.

The single uses the same picture and colour scheme as the original release of "I'm Ready", only using a different font.

now using

Most PVC materials for making artificial Christmas trees are now using tin as a stabilizer.

An all-new AD Van (Y12) debuted December 20, 2006, now using the Renault-Nissan B-platform.

An increasing number of businesses are now using wait marketing online as well as in public.

known for using

Rodriguez is known for using her art as a tool for activism.

He is also known for using social media to project the Gospel.

Enon was known for using Moog synthesizers and Teisco guitars.

instead using

The EuroStar has no doors, instead using large fabric panels.

Unusually, the deck has no balsa core, instead using solid glassfibre construction.

They rarely come to the ground, instead using their long arms to brachiate through the trees.

study using

The staff group conducted the study using several methods.

This analysis was not entirely supported by a study using the 16S gene.

To date, only one clinical study using MAGE-3 protein as a vaccine has been reported.

using steam provided

It drove a single propeller using steam provided by two Morton rectangular boilers.

They were powered by two geared steam turbines, each driving one propeller shaft, using steam provided by five du Temple boilers.

They were powered by two geared steam turbines, each driving one propeller shaft, using steam provided by three du Temple boilers.

using many

The scene was created by using many smoke pots.

This is accomplished by using many of the Gestalt principles.

It is cooked using many of the methods without additional spices and herbs.

recorded using

"EastEnders" is normally recorded using four cameras.

The film was recorded using the RCA Photophone System.

The album was recorded using two 4-track tape machines.

found using

Newer lens products can also be found using vague terminology.

Solutions may be computationally found using a Jumble algorithm.

These were found using the ElDorado genome database on Genomatrix.

determined using

T is often determined using a thermal shift assay.

These can often be determined using data collected for other studies.

Caloric requirements are determined using a basal energy expenditure (BEE) formula.

using water

Songkran is a popular festival in April which includes dousing using water.

Originally the railway was powered by a simple system using water and gravity.

Cyanobacteria normally perform oxygenic photosynthesis using water as electron donor.

before using

But MDO does not need to be preheated before using.

A key must be selected before using a cipher to encrypt a message.

The muscle graft is flattened by hammering before using it for grafting.

using technology

It also helps when implementing Blissymbolics using technology such as computers.

She was called "a role model" and "a champion of using technology to solve operational problems."

Ground-level conductive rails were tested from 2017 to 2019, using technology by the company Elways.

using special

They are handled only indirectly, using special tools.

Eating certain products and using special routines may help recovery.

There, they can fight enemies, and dodge traps using special abilities.

described using

The second reaction can be described using either theory.

Every waveform may be described using any multiple of this period.

The quest for new elements is usually described using atomic numbers.

played using

The game can also be played using an Xbox 360 controller.

Poker can also be played using a number of drinks as the wager.

The championship has always been played using a knock-out format.

accused of using   (kullanmakla suçlandı)

She was also accused of using witchcraft against Emperor Dezong.

Angola has been accused of using chemical weapons in its civil war.

Apple was initially accused of using the clock design without permission.

using this method   (bu yöntemi kullanarak)

NASA once commissioned custom watches using this method.

This example shows how to compute formula_2 using this method.

Suicides using this method are documented in the forensic literature.

using digital   (dijital kullanma)

Roger Ebert heavily criticized the technique of using digital images to mask the action.

In the 1990s and 2000s, many DJs switched to using digital audio such as CDs and MP3 files.

With the launch of this project, HMML began using digital technology to preserve collections.

using small

Cholesterol can be purified using small Sephadex LH-20 columns.

These are variations using small disks instead of balls, and light-weight cue sticks.

The hull of this class is bulletproof in cases of close-range firefights using small arms.

defined using

INAP messages are defined using ASN.1 encoding.

Strict operator can not be defined using non-strict operator.

The behavior of class or its instances is defined using methods.

obtained using

This representation can be obtained using the Karhunen–Loève theorem.

The effect of correlated subqueries can in some cases be obtained using joins.

For this, soft x-ray information can be obtained using hard X-ray Raman scattering.

using the standard

Coinage using the standard achieved a wide circulation in the region.

Andre also plays the guitar for the song, using the standard 12-bar blues.

256 dots (pixels) or 32 characters (using the standard character definition).

achieved by using

This was achieved by using the low-density but stiff Gaboon plywood.

This is achieved by using a tubular reactor with an oxygen-selective membrane.

Increases in effectiveness and UV intensity can be achieved by using reflection.

data using

These may process data using fixed-point arithmetic or floating point.

A modern digital computer represents data using the binary numeral system.

Over a four-week period, couples recorded IELT data using a stopwatch and noted condom use.

using conventional   (geleneksel kullanarak)

It sends these on by the most reliable route, using conventional routing.

WPCs have good workability and can be shaped using conventional woodworking tools.

On radiological studies, pneumothorax is visualized using conventional chest x-rays and CT scans.

carried out using

Initially, transport is carried out using lorries.

The communication in this gold-for-salt was carried out using drums.

Navigation between the islands of Tuvalu was carried out using outrigger canoes.

game using

It is the first FPS game using the Source Engine in Korea.

"Air Tactics" is a helicopter game using the "Army Men 2" engine.

That period started with a game using a court with three sections.

services using

The fan-funding of music occurs primarily through web-based services using a business model for crowdfunding.

Muslims share the same practice of conducting services using the "maqam", but differ substantially in many ways.

During June 2015, commercial services using the type commenced, having officially entered service for Expo 2015.