Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

river valleys   (valles de los ríos)

The habitat consists of slopes in steep river valleys.

It tends to grow in river valleys and meadows.

Alluvial soils of river valleys are ideal for banana growing.

deep valleys   (valles profundos)

In the Brittonic, Devon is known as , and , each meaning "deep valleys."

Basins like Renoir are known for having deep valleys in and around them.

In Sutherland quite a few are placed along the sides and at the mouths of deep valleys.

hills and valleys   (colinas y valles)

The trail crosses hills and valleys.

The place is naturally beautiful and is surrounded by hills and valleys.

Saint Andrew is located in the centre of the island and features hills and valleys.

between the valleys

It straddles the hill-top between the valleys of Painswick and Slad.

There may be a difference in colour between the valleys and the grooves.

Mače stands on a ridge between the valleys of Dry Creek () and Bistrica Creek.

glacial valleys

Cape Breton Island is composed mainly of rocky shores, rolling farmland, glacial valleys, barren headlands, mountains, woods and plateaus.

The deposit is mostly found within glacial valleys and is interlaid by the Paipatja pyroclastic flow which divides the debris into two units.

The older complex is formed mainly by lava flows, which during the Pleistocene were eroded by glaciers forming up to thick moraines and U-shaped glacial valleys.

mountain valleys

Strawberry blite is found in moist mountain valleys.

Andorra's cuisine is marked by its nature as mountain valleys.

The name originated from Malabar and is related to the mountain valleys.