İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

market value   (Market değeri)

All assessments are at 70% of fair market value.

The market value of this work is estimated at $2,500.

Lykogiannis’ market value is now in the €2 million zone.

face value   (görünür değer)

Number cards carry points equal to their face value.

a $100 face value bond sold initially for $80).

For 160 years Wirt's account was taken at face value.

high value   (yüksek değer)

Russell places a high value on sexual restraint.

They identified him as a "high value detainee".

It also become a place of high value property.

total value   (toplam değer)

The total value of these bills was 250,000 pounds.

The total value of the shares was placed at .

The total value of exported goods that year were $4.3B (USD).

absolute value   (mutlak değer)

The real absolute value function is continuous everywhere.

The absolute value is closely related to the idea of distance.

The real absolute value function is a piecewise linear, convex function.

value added

The CEMAC countries agreed to replace the ICN with a value added tax (VAT) in 1999.

The system is equipped to provide value added services viz., SMS, DATA, Multi Media service.

Supplies to and from Crimea are treated as exports and imports for value added tax purposes.

expected value

From this discussion, the notion of expected value was introduced.

The bias also is the expected value of the error, since formula_32.

The expected value of the observable "x", if the system is in state φ, is then φ("x").

economic value

Others are simply traded for their economic value.

For local villages, these shrimps can have a high economic value.

Those trees are of medicinal, social, aesthetic or economic value.

historical value

The Book of Joshua holds little historical value.

Another monument of historical value is the church of SS.

Its historical value is Ward was on intimate terms with Spencer Perceval.

great value   (büyük bir değer)

Bavarians tend to place a great value on food and drink.

Rav Judah and Rava inferred from the great value of rain.

The great value in her works is betrayed to movement and gesture.

same value

The Greeks had a similar unit of the same value.

The coins replaced same value notes.

They had the same value as other kinds of notes of similar face value.

present value   (bugünkü değeri)

The sum can then be used as a net present value figure.

The PEA highlighted a net present value of US$1.377 billion and internal rate of return of 23.8%.

In theory, the permanent damage amount should be the net present value of all future damages suffered by the plaintiff.

replay value

Some critics also believed the game lacked replay value.

MacGamer liked the replay value.

The game features randomly generated dungeons and thus has long replay value.

nutritional value   (besin değeri)

These leaves have no known nutritional value, and are in fact not digested.

Without doing this they would be unable to obtain any nutritional value from plants.

The redigestion of pellets greatly increases the nutritional value of dietary items.

no value   (değersiz)

In short, Callicott claims, there would be no value without valuers.

In the past, wildlife was perceived as having little or no value to landowners.

When the other side sees no value in agreeing to any changes, they refuse to negotiate.

intrinsic value   (gerçek değer)

Their intrinsic value mainly concerns agricultural crops.

If the intrinsic value is higher than the market price, buying the share is recommended.

Art is another commodity in which speculation and privileged access drive prices, not intrinsic value.

maximum value   (maksimum değer)

the radius of the entrance pupil, is its maximum value.

Notably, in Europe, it is the maximum value expected in 1000 years.

The maximum value or amplitude of the Cauchy PDF is formula_8, located at formula_9.

commercial value   (ticari değer)

It is of little commercial value.

It is of no commercial value.

Considered a good game fish, but of little commercial value either as food or as an aquarium fish.

value chain   (değer zinciri)

All agents of the food and fiber value chain and those institutions that influence it are part of the agribusiness system.

Trukai also opened the country's first hulling mill marking a critical step towards creating a holistic paddy-to-plate value chain.

However, there has not been effective engagement from the other sectors in the coffee value chain to improve coffee producers’ remuneration.

numerical value   (Sayısal değer)

Since it is a 128-bit numerical value, it was dubbed an illegal number.

This numerical value is several times larger than the radius of the proton.

Other names for "absolute value" include "numerical value" and "magnitude".

monetary value   (parasal değer)

The monetary value of the award is US$500.

Land rent can be at most 12% of the normative monetary value.

The mahr does not have to be money, but it must have monetary value.

value for money

NDTV Gadgets 360 rated the phone 8/10, describing it as a good all-rounder and value for money.

The Telegraph newspaper agreed that the game offered good value for money but also criticised the size of the screen.

All were foreign, as the Department of Defence did not feel that Australian vessels offered the best value for money.

true value

It is this value that is considered the true value of the share.

PEG is a widely employed indicator of a stock's possible true value.

The STAR rebate is subtracted from the "true value" of the home in question.

aesthetic value   (estetik değer)

The aesthetic value of urban open spaces is self-evident.

Judgments of aesthetic value rely on our ability to discriminate at a sensory level.

Neel rejected traditional portraiture and the aesthetic value that came along with it.

little value   (az değer)

However, in the long-term, the new territorial gains were of little value to Spain.

Without direct ranging capability, however, the military found the "RUS-1" to be of little value.

William left Peter land of little value; Birmingham was one of the poorest manors in Warwickshire.

assessed value   (değerlendirilmiş değer)

It had an assessed value of 105,000 dollars.

A mill is $1 of tax for every $1,000 of a property's assessed value.

estimated value

In 2009 the estimated value almost doubled to $300 billion.

The transaction volume will reach an estimated value of €252 million in 2020.

Nowadays, an estimated value of the 10 discovered paintings totals €34.200.000.

average value   (ortalama değer)

Associated with each segment is the average value of the function above it, .

The average value is then computed from the measurement of all possible pairs of points.

Essentially, we try to get the average value of the estimates provided by the members in the crowd.

added value

When categorised in this way, it is possible to gain added value from holistic and integrated analysis.

He impressed scouts by showing his agility during Senior Bowl practices and added value to his draft stock.

The complex has important economic effects in terms of jobs, creation of added value and foreign investment.

real value

This lowered the real value of wages by about 11%.

Inflation has no effect on the real value of non-monetary items.

Therefore, the calculations are based on real value of variables.

higher value

More resources are required for higher value tiles.

Properties near urban open space tend to have a higher value.

Originality will have higher value and likely to be taken into consideration.

artistic value

The sheer number is a testament to the artistic value of their garments.

Some have questioned his artistic value, along with the price of his works.

However, the collection of coins for their artistic value was a later development.

theory of value   (değer teorisi)

At the core of Scott's vision was "an energy theory of value".

They contained his theory of value, which was admired at the time.

However, it developed an alternative theory of value and distribution.

fair market value   (adil piyasa değeri)

All assessments are at 70% of fair market value.

Under the agreement, Comcast's 33% stake can be sold to Disney at fair market value as early as 2024.

According to the IRS, "The fair market value of goods and services exchanged must be included in the income of both parties."

land value   (arsa değeri)

Recent sales suggested a land value higher than the Arrowcroft estimate.

UFCo said that the 1948 assessment was outdated, and claimed its land value was much greater.

Having the University of Manitoba nearby increased the land value from $125.00 to $4,000 per acre.

nominal value   (Nominal değeri)

The GDP per capita at nominal value was $475 in 2011.

Its nominal value was ƒ 5,- (€ 2.27).

Its nominal value was ƒ 1,- (€0.45).

home value   (ev değeri)

This can occur via the principal being paid down, via home value appreciation, or both.

The median value of a house in which the owner occupies it was $227,800 in 2014, which is higher than the average American home value of $175,700.

Her home value at the time was estimated to be $28,000, and her request for help from Morgan resulted in an offer of a one-time gift of $2,000, which she refused.

initial value   (başlangıç değeri)

The initial value of the index is 100 points and binds to the date of the 14 September 1993.

For example, consider the simple dynamical system produced by repeatedly doubling an initial value.

This initial value can probably be provided from the navigation message and the intersection of sphere surfaces.

entertainment value

These became quite popular both for their entertainment value and for use in education.

Sporting awards are made for the results and skill, rather than for the entertainment value.

To enhance the entertainment value, they mixed jumping rope, somersaults, and leaps into the routine.

mean value

The mean value of τ is formula_104.

The mean value formula_79, calculated from this distribution, diverges logarithmically.

This period has mean value and the Laplace transform can be expressed in terms of Kummer's function.

value system   (değer sistemi)

Vita was not to dwarf her own beauty or question her value system.

The Bakhshali manuscript also "employs a decimal place value system with a dot for zero."

At the 1956 election the change from the previous one vote-one value system was dramatic.

cultural value

They also maintain the cultural value of a subsistence lifestyle.

Also during antiquity, the aurochs was regarded as an animal of cultural value.

In 1995 the ancient monument was listed as a cultural value of national significance.

whose value

Client honeypot Honeypots are security devices whose value lie in being probed and compromised.

Derman believes that products whose value depends on a volatility smile are most likely to suffer from model risk.

The function whose value at equals whenever is defined and elsewhere is undefined is also called the derivative of .

low value

Centimes are now obsolete due to their extremely low value.

They are distinct from the other two due to their low value of fat content.

In GDKP, when a boss is killed, each item dropped is put up for auction with a low value.

expectation value   (beklenti değeri)

That is, its expectation value between the vacuum and a many-particle state is null.

One important exception is the vacuum energy or the vacuum expectation value of the energy.

Thus one obtains the expectation value of formula_25 up to linear order in the perturbation.

value of each

The value of each of these gift bags can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Every 0.33 seconds is worth +/- 4 points and thus the value of each swimming second is worth 12 points.

The sign of the oxidation state (positive/negative) actually corresponds to the value of each ion's electronic charge.

social value   (sosyal değer)

In Islam it is both a personal and a social value.

The topic in 2018 was the notion of inclusivity, as a social value.

Conservation groups believe their environmental effect outweighs their social value.

strategic value

The town of Luxembourg became the centre of a state of strategic value in the Low Countries.

The deep ravines penetrating from the north and south made the place of much strategic value.

Guernsey was very heavily fortified during World War II, out of all proportion to the island's strategic value.

production value

Films made during this period are polished and exhibit high production value and elaborate sets.

Films produced and distributed by Brain Damage Films are often criticized for their production value and quality.

Welles later said that he was proud that the film production value looked much more expensive than the film's budget.

value of all

She championed innovation in engineering whilst ensuring the customer saw the value of all investment.

Because the total value of all the cards is 120 card points, a winning score is 61 or more card points.

Utility, which emphasises the happiness of individuals, became the central ethical value of all liberalism.

current value

The current value is unknown to the heirs.

Set increment parameter to zero to fetch the current value of the program break.

His debts amounted to more than £23,000, equivalent to more than £3m at current value.

shock value

"The best way to get our message across is through shock value.

"never pretended to be anything less than radical; she's never shied away from shock value.

Her work focuses on beauty and design aspects of graffiti as opposed to Banksy's anti-government shock value.

property value

Subcript "net" refers to the equivalent and resultant property value.

The current tax rate is 10 cents per $100 of assessed real property value.

Loss of trees from a property can also lead to a decrease in property value.

point value   (Nokta değeri)

Each question has a point value determined by the number of dots above it.

Thus the surface effects in small samples could reduce the melting point value.

As the list progresses, the events become more obvious and the point value of the answer goes down.

actual value

The actual value of the watch is $15.

Statistics based on real play with their associated actual value in real bets.

The actual value is approximately 1.7320508, making this a very accurate estimate.

fair value   (makul değer)

He has also written about the costs and benefits of fair value accounting.

The following are the South African universities with the largest financial endowments, expressed in South African Rands at fair value.

Since the first World Congress of Accountants was held in 1904, presentation topics have included accounting for profits and government issues, public sector accounting, and fair value accounting.

truth value

Objectivity requires a definition of truth formed by propositions with truth value.

They express the speaker's/writer's feelings about the truth value of a proposition.

The truth value of this formula changes depending on whether "x" and "y" denote the same individual.

highest value

It is the highest value ever recorded in Germany.

Some scholars equate Brahman with the highest value, in an axiological sense.

The highest value of the index to 7 September 2006, was on that day, at 2642.95.

more value

Bacon’s inductive ideas now have more value.

Again, more value was placed on the development of a merchant fleet than on a navy.

It is defined as an educational movement which gives more value to experience than formal learning.

add value

So, the research can be useful to add value to the scientific community.

The provider creates an open market and a platform for others to add value.

In these roles they were able to add value and maximize savings for organizations.

historic value

This village has many dismantled Jain Temples and other historic value.

This meant that officials had to ensure the renovation would not damage the site's historic value.

Today, the neighborhood's historic value is officially recognized as the LeDroit Park Historic District.

critical value   (kritik değer)

If it is larger than the critical value, then strangelets become more stable as they get bigger.

With a further increase in t, the AC voltage becomes negative, and the field in the avalanche region drops below its critical value.

This amounts to the angular momentum of the black hole being constrained to below a critical value, outside of which the horizon would disappear.

equal value

If not exchanging goods with an equal value, one used linen, iron and silver for payment.

For the distribution of satrapies in the partition there are some several sources, not all of equal value.

In this way the papal letters took rank with the canons of the synods as of equal value and of equal obligation.

value between

That is, its expectation value between the vacuum and a many-particle state is null.

The consensus at the Green Bank meeting was that had a minimum value between 3 and 5.

The distinction in ethical value between existing persons and potential future persons has been questioned.

new value

The result is a new value for position and velocity for all bodies.

A new value can be stored into it, and that value simply replaces what is in the top-level binding.

The machine can only add the value of a column "n" + 1 to column "n" to produce the new value of "n".

book value

The book value of the attached assets was Rs 78 crore according to ED.

Originally, the expropriation was based on the book value of the properties.

These were all in Northern Cyprus and had a net book value of £25.5m in 1989.

surplus value   (artı değer)

This difference in values, he argues, constitutes surplus value, which the capitalists extract and accumulate.

In it, Marx focused on the labour theory of value and the theory of surplus value which, he believed, explained the exploitation of labour by capital.

According to Marx, surplus value is the difference between the value that the worker has created and the wage that the worker receives from his/her employer.

value when   (değer ne zaman)

[8] But it gets higher probative value when enhanced to a qualified electronic signature.

In his book, James Surowiecki mentioned that most scientists think that benefits of co-operation have much more value when compared to potential costs.

Recent scholarship has also shown an increased reluctance to take historical documents at face value when their author had strong reasons to deviate from the truth.

military value

The military value of Okinawa "exceeded all hope".

The fort was from that point not of military value in terms of strategic location.

Army Group E reported that the division's performance showed that it had "absolutely no military value."

minimum value

The consensus at the Green Bank meeting was that had a minimum value between 3 and 5.

The most common method for obtaining a golden visa is through the purchase of real estate with a minimum value.

This mark, called the "grade of execution" (GOE), is an integer with a minimum value of –5 and a maximum value of +5.

particular value   (belirli değer)

Popper noticed that two types of statements are of particular value to scientists.

The "Mayflower" holds particular value due to the rarity of her type and her atypical design.

The set of orbitals associated with a particular value of  are sometimes collectively called a "subshell".

par value   (nominal değer)

In the future, coins without par value were not issued.

In 1937, the curb sold only 560,584 shares with $26,000 par value of bonds.

It is pegged to – and exchangeable with – the British pound sterling at par value.

gross value

(Of those, Modern Continental was awarded the greatest gross value of contracts, joint ventures included.)

In 2017 total output (gross value added) in manufacturing industries amounted to 14.4% of total output in Denmark.

Total gross value added in agriculture, forestry and fishing amounted to 1.6% of total output in Denmark (in 2017).

educational value

"Academia" was critical of the film, believing it to lack educational value.

The canyon is a morpho-hydro phenomena with genetic, visual and educational value.

He long held that the game has intrinsic educational value and held other benefits.

scientific value

The criterion of scientific value as such is truth.

Professionals and amateurs alike collect fossils for their scientific value.

This last activity however reduced rather than augmented the scientific value of the original material.

annual value

The annual value was £4.

Academic estimates of the annual value of the food allowance (alone), are around £3 per year.

In 1291 the priory was inspected for tax and was recorded as having an annual value of £25 5s.

boundary value

Then solves the boundary value problem.

It has boundary value "S"φ) and normal derivative "T"* φ − φ/2.

The boundary value problem for the RS02 Green's function is given by

symbolic value   (sembolik değer)

For the opposition, they saw it as a threat to the symbolic value of marriage.

Thus, it was a prime target for the British invaders, both for its aesthetic and symbolic value.

The move had also a symbolic value, as Chute Boxe was at the time in a rivalry with Arona's Brazilian Top Team.

value added tax

The CEMAC countries agreed to replace the ICN with a value added tax (VAT) in 1999.

Supplies to and from Crimea are treated as exports and imports for value added tax purposes.

He was indicted in 2003 in the largest value added tax fraud in Norwegian history, but fled the country.

best value

Which means it's not even the best value."

All were foreign, as the Department of Defence did not feel that Australian vessels offered the best value for money.

Product testing seeks to ensure that consumers can understand what products will do for them and which products are the best value.

asset value   (varlık değeri)

Here, capital is defined essentially as economic or commercial asset value in search of additional value or surplus-value.

This can lead to rapid ruin, for even if the underlying asset value decline is mild or temporary the debt-financing may be only short-term, and thus due for immediate repayment.

In the case of decentralized cryptocurrency, companies or governments cannot produce new units, and have not so far provided backing for other firms, banks or corporate entities which hold asset value measured in it.

value problem

Then solves the boundary value problem.

The boundary value problem for the RS02 Green's function is given by

A formulation of the value problem in epistemology first occurs in Plato's Meno.

heritage value   (miras değeri)

In 2010 Brampton City Council passed a heritage designation bylaw under the Ontario Heritage Act, recognizing Camp Naivelt's significant cultural heritage value.

The citizen retains the ownership of the house; the government is only declaring the heritage value of the structure and providing funding for its protection and preservation.

However, a number of local governments in Victoria have taken steps to recognize the cultural heritage value of some examples of graffiti, such as prominent political graffiti.

value because   (değer çünkü)

They are of value because they produce muzzle velocities of up to several hundreds of kilometers per second.

The site has significant wildlife value because of its many features such as mixed hedgerows, scrub and woodland as well as the grassland.

Children’s rights education in schools has value because it fulfills the obligations of countries to respect the rights of the child and implement the provisions of the Convention.

full value

There was general agreement to pay the foreign debts at full value.

Toward this end he recommended all property be listed at its full value on the tax rolls and that all tax exemptions be removed.

In turn, this meant that the shareholders received fewer credits along with their dividends, and paid tax on the full value as ordinary income.

each value

and the path integral is a separate factor at each value of .

Fahrenheit multiplied each value by four in order to eliminate fractions and make the scale more fine-grained.

A simple example is multiplying each value in the stream by a constant (increasing the brightness of an image).

greater value   (daha büyük değer)

Now makers use it to create the appearance of greater value.

One MESO is likely to be more appealing, or a greater value, than the other options.

In a technologically complex world, this means employing both collaborative tools and a procedural framework to deliver greater value at a competitive price.

good value

Their principles consisted of "courtesy, reliability, good value, and enlightened management."

In 2004, the National Audit Office praised the prison as one of seven prisons providing exceptionally good value.

The Telegraph newspaper agreed that the game offered good value for money but also criticised the size of the screen.

predictive value   (tahmini değer)

Lecithin and sphingomyelin are relatively easy to identify on TLC and the predictive value of the test is good.

This test has a poor predictive value for the success of fertilization in IVF treatment at any insemination concentration.

The success of the screening program was judged in terms of predictive value: the probability that a child, if referred, would be eligible for services.