Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

production values   (valores de producción)

The poor production values provided a barrier to the acceptance of the game.

"Computer Shopper" praised the title's ease of use and slick production values.

Brian's worship recordings are known for their high production values and quality songwriting.

property values   (valores de propiedad)

Construction slowed, and property values slumped.

The cumulative effect is lower property values for homeowners.

Even before construction, property values began to rise on the west side.

cultural values   (valores culturales)

It encompasses ecological, landscape, historical and cultural values.

Macrosystem refers to the cultural values, customs and laws of society.

Consequently, cultural values such as the Betawi culture is threatened.

moral values   (valores morales)

Quaker moral values were deeply instilled in his family.

Conduct classes to revive Chinese traditional moral values.

Cải lương normally highlights/praises Vietnamese moral values.

traditional values

All this must be achieved without sacrificing traditional values.

They face their families' traditional values as they consider what paths to take as adults.

Many of these works were parodies of militarism and the traditional values of Japanese culture.

core values   (valores fundamentales)

Academics is an important part of the school's core values.

One of the core values of the company is open communication.

The experiences helped in shaping her core values on hard-work and diligence.

family values   (valores familiares)

These films provide mild criticism of consumerism while encouraging family values.

He has genuine family values and all the family members follow his words with respect.

Only Rubik’s family values for formula_1 equal to 2 and 3 are included in the second graph.

different values

Conversely, a tile bearing different values is called a single.

The second factor sums over different values of that are inequivalent gauge fixings.

Depending on the specification of formula_19, formula_16 will take different values.

social values   (valores sociales)

Camp Kinderland promotes progressive social values through its cultural program.

Socially responsible science is a combination of epistemic roles and social values.

Critics, such as Pat Gill, see "Halloween" as a critique of American social values.

possible values

(Here formula_25 are all possible values of "X".)

The idea is that all common possible values for a parameter are tested.

Another technique to decrease the state/action space quantizes possible values.

all values

An identity is true for all values of the variable.

signals that are zero for all values of t less than some value.

signals that are zero for all values of "t" less than some value.

democratic values   (valores democráticos)

It acts in defence of the freedom of expression and of democratic values.

His accessibility, affability and democratic values endeared him to many.

She warned of a hostile take over of democratic values by Kenney's campaign.

human values

Abhishekam is a story of family relationships and human values.

They are typically surrogates for humans with ideal human values.

He felt that contemporary Danish art was in a crisis and lacked human values.

values such

Empiricism values such research more than other kinds.

What happens to values such as loyalty and care in this conversion?

Consequently, cultural values such as the Betawi culture is threatened.

set of values

The literate elite therefore shared a common culture and set of values.

This novel is a saga of changing social order and decadent set of values.

The set of values of a function when applied to elements of a finite set is finite.

land values   (valores de la tierra)

The Florida land boom had peaked in 1925, and a hurricane in September 1926 further reduced land values.

He supported the taxation of land values, licensing reform, the extension of smallholdings and one man one vote.

Where appropriate he gives precise measurements for areas, land values, prices, breadth and depth of the river, etc.

point values   (valores puntuales)

In trick-play the cards have very unequal point values.

Ranks and point values of cards are as shown in the table.

In Linux/GCC, double/floating point values should be pushed on the stack via the x87 pseudo-stack.

negative values

The sum can be evaluated for negative values of the index .

The international kinetic theory temperature of a body cannot take negative values.

It can take positive or negative values, but is zero if "X" and "Y" are independent.

numerical values

Every CPU represents numerical values in a specific way.

Common Lisp uses bignums to represent numerical values of arbitrary size and precision.

It is essentially a reading of an individual based specifically upon numerical values such as their date of birth, letters in their names, etc.

religious values

At home, religious values were imposed upon Viva from her family.

In a 1940 study, she evaluated whether higher education impacted religious values.

For Fackenheim, self-defense, and its manifestation in Zionism, are not religious values but rather things that precede religious value or stand outside of it.

shared values   (valores compartidos)

"The Council of Europe and the European Union: different roles, shared values."

Ethnicity also involves a cultural component made up of shared values and a common worldview.

It provides services and support to the third sector in Scotland to advance shared values and interests.

higher values

Bimetallic coins are sometimes used for higher values and for commemorative purposes.

Still higher values of further increase the number of radial nodes, for each type of orbital.

The ratings represent a weight value in pounds, with higher values given to horses which showed greater ability.

spiritual values

Olson's approach is interdisciplinary, focused on fundamentals, and inclusive of physical, mental, and spiritual values.

The form factor along with the spiritual values associated with space exploration makes ASIMO an embodiment of techno-animism.

The schools under the group aim to impart modern education to upcoming generations through a system that is based on the ancient Indian moral, cultural and spiritual values.

positive values   (valores positivos)

If it's an odd number, the integral is zero; negative values cancel with the positive values.

He began playing organised football as a seven-year-old with Phoenix United, part of a scheme designed to use sport to keep youngsters off the streets and promote positive values.

The representations with odd, positive values of formula_1 are faithful representations of SU(2), while the representations of SU(2) with non-negative, even formula_1 are not faithful.

values between

Monobactams have "h" values between 0.05 and 0.10 angstroms (Å).

Most dry materials in combination have friction coefficient values between 0.3 and 0.6.

A crude analysis suggests that companies with PEG values between 0 and 1 may provide higher returns.

other values   (otros valores)

For other values of , the series typically has infinitely many nonzero terms.

All the other values – "p", "g", "g" mod "p", and "g" mod "p" – are sent in the clear.

Because sine and cosine are periodic, other integer values of do not give other values.

high values

The Fómeque Formation contains high values of TOC.

At high values of Δ"H", desorption becomes the rate-limiting step.

Prospecting intensified and the first high values of gold were discovered in 1939.

absolute values

The absolute values of the increasing antidiagonals are .

only relative changes in stress are considered, not the absolute values of stress.

The first column whose the absolute values are could be the numerator of a trigonometric function.

index values   (valores de índice)

It has refractive index values of n=1.974 and n=1.984.

Refractive index values are n = 2.170 - 2.200, n = 2.220, and n = 2.300 - 2.320.

It ""defines the mapping of character codes to the glyph index values used in the font.""

same values

At the turn of the year, the same values amounted to 73% and 82% respectively.

The Pauli exclusion principle states that no two electrons in an atom can have the same values of all four quantum numbers.

Schools for girls within the Hasidic world share the same values, outlook, methodology, and aims of the non-Hasidic Haredi schools.