random variable   (ランダム変数)

A random variable "F" is distributed on formula_1.

Let formula_27 denote a Cauchy distributed random variable.

The random variable E(|"Z"| | "X") is the best predictor of |"Z"| given "X".

highly variable   (非常に変化しやすい)

"Thapsia villosa" is highly variable in morphology.

Mature trunk diameter is highly variable.

This species is highly variable.

variable star   (変光星)

It has the variable star designation AE Ceti.

Beta Doradus is a notably bright Cepheid variable star.

It is a suspected Beta Cephei variable star.

variable stars   (変光星)

Canis Major is also home to many variable stars.

R Doradus is one of the many variable stars in Dorado.

Cygnus is also home to several variable stars.

dependent variable   (従属変数)

The dependent variable of the experiment was the amount of crackers consumed.

In spectroscopy, this distribution, with frequency as the dependent variable, is known as a van der Waals profile.

If is a dependent variable, then often the subscript "x" is attached to the "D" to clarify the independent variable "x".

very variable

The fruit is very variable in its other traits.

The geology of the reservoir is very variable.

Also, the pattern is very variable.

independent variable

The two-port becomes a one-port impedance to the remaining independent variable.

However, the nature of the independent variable does not always allow for manipulation.

Dynamical systems are defined over a single independent variable, usually thought of as time.

variable valve   (可変バルブ)

VVT-i variable valve timing was added later in 1997 for the 1998 model year.

Valvematic employs an intermediate shaft to achieve continuous variable valve lift.

The system provides two-stage variable valve lift in addition to continuous variable timing.

quite variable

The larvae are quite variable.

These colorful reef fishes have a complex and quite variable color pattern.

Information gathered from [Green Valley Lake Homepage] The weather is quite variable.

variable number   (可変数)

The inner alphabet was stepped a variable number of places by pushing a lever.

A variable number of other pages follow, and a new pair of PATs in turn follow this.

The text is written in black or dark brown ink in two columns of a variable number of lines.

continuously variable   (連続可変)

It's the boundary between both continuously variable ranges.

This allowed a continuously variable ratio between the two sides and so more precise steering.

It's the midpoint of the first continuously variable range, when both motor-generators rotational speed join.

variable size

These birds are of variable size with slender bodies, long tails and strong legs.

These birds are of variable size with slender bodies, long tails, and strong legs.

Their leaves are of variable size and alternately arranged, or with the upper leaves becoming nearly opposite.

more variable

The fossil shells are more variable than the Recent ones.

As a result Toronto shows a more variable speech pattern.

The away kit is more variable.

variable valve timing   (可変バルブタイミング)

VVT-i variable valve timing was added later in 1997 for the 1998 model year.

The standard engine was upgraded to Nissan's 4.0 L VQ40DE variable valve timing V6, producing .

All J-series engines are gasoline-powered SOHC 4-valve designs with VTEC variable valve timing.

variable length

In practice, variable length keys may be employed .

The "TSS" variable length intake ducts system was used.

A variable length space can be inserted between the code words.

variable species

It is a highly variable species.

It is a very variable species.

It is a highly variable species, with flowers in shades of pale mauve or white, often with darker stripes on the outer tepals.

variable speed

His vehicles were not very successful but his variable speed transmission and muffler were.

The pumping equipment at Moralane will be upgraded by introduction of a variable speed drive.

It was a luxury car, had variable speed transmission and reportedly made several cross-country jaunts.

each variable

For each variable, the values are normally all of the same kind.

In this case "f" has a partial derivative ∂"f"/∂"x" with respect to each variable "x".

For each variable formula_20 of formula_5, one makes a true cycle (T-cycle) and a false cycle (F-cycle) in formula_3.

variable in size

The brown bear is the most variable in size of modern bears.

The queen is variable in size, with body lengths between , and wing spans from .

The columella (the central sterile portion of the sporangium) are variable in size and shape.

extremely variable

The relative altitude and the size are extremely variable.

This is an extremely variable form.

The composition of such cultures is complex and extremely variable.