random variables   (ランダム変数)

If treating several random variables formula_13 etc.

random variables, based on some underlying distributional form.

Let formula_3 be random variables.

other variables   (他の変数)

Values of other variables can be found subsequently in the same way.

miniC allows to set and simulate referrer, user-agent, accept_language and few other variables.

Also contributing to caffeine content are growing conditions, processing techniques, and other variables.

independent variables   (独立変数)

When the number of independent variables is zero, i.e.

This experiment involved two independent variables; and fullness.

Each such formulation applies within specific limits of the independent variables.

variables such   (そのような変数)

Lastly, Level 4 data contain modeled or derived variables such as ocean primary productivity .

Oozie workflows can be parameterised using variables such as codice_1 within the workflow definition.

Patient variables such as sex, age, and organ function may also influence the effect of the drug on the system.

number of variables   (変数の数)

The complexity of CAD is doubly exponential in the number of variables.

By induction on the number of variables, it is enough to consider the case formula_94.

While in these conditions, subjects are often assessed for a number of variables of interest.

state variables   (状態変数)

"State space" refers to the space whose axes are the state variables.

For more than three or four state variables, formulae such as Black–Scholes (i.e.

The state variables , , and are said to be the "natural state variables" in this representation.

several variables

In general, predicates can take several variables.

This proof has the advantage that it generalizes to several variables.

They generalize to several variables the Riemann–Liouville integrals of one variable.