İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

many variations   (birçok varyasyon)

There are many variations on the festival theme.

There are many variations of first-order logic.

There are many variations of street craps.

several variations   (birkaç varyasyon)

There are several variations on the basic myth.

The POF Eye is available in several variations.

There are several variations on the design.

other variations   (diğer varyasyonlar)

There were many other variations of the Ida.

Works include (with spelling and other variations in attribution):

Custom versions for higher-power engines and other variations are also available.

different variations   (farklı varyasyonlar)

Many cultures have different variations of dessert.

Other denominations used different variations of it.

In total, thirteen different variations were planned.

regional variations   (bölgesel farklılıklar)

There were regional variations, as Logue shows.

but there are regional variations.

Four to six eggs are laid from March through July, with some regional variations.

slight variations   (küçük varyasyonlar)

There may be slight variations in meter.

Several slight variations of Davis's response have been recorded.

However, there are slight variations in their depictions in folklore.

minor variations   (küçük varyasyonlar)

Some types also have more minor variations.

There are many minor variations, even within the same regions.

Chelsea have had four main crests, which all underwent minor variations.

variations include

Some variations include bologna, salami or both.

Other variations include Kawalsky, Kavalski, and Kawalski.

Modern dialectal variations include: ; ; .

variations between

There are some game mechanic variations between the missions.

The variations between the historical narratives are however minute.

There are variations between the dates of execution, first showing and purchase.

temperature variations

In the deep of these basins the temperature variations are smaller.

"K-324" took advantage of temperature variations in the Gulf Stream.

Beaverdell has one of the highest diurnal temperature variations in Canada.

number of variations   (varyasyon sayısı)

There are a number of variations on the story.

There are a number of variations of parliamentary republics.

It is difficult to understand, and there are a number of variations.

local variations

Otherwise, normal English plurals are used, with many local variations such as "centime" in France.

In Hungary, only these local variations are referred to as pálinka with protected designations of origin.

The term Flemish can be applied to the Dutch spoken in Flanders; it shows many regional and local variations.

variations exist   (varyasyonlar var)

Wide variations exist within Lutheranism on this issue.

Other variations exist within Wales.

Further variations exist due to changes during the colonial period.

calculus of variations   (varyasyon hesabı)

They also form the basis of the theory of direct methods in the calculus of variations.

This relates the circle to a problem in the calculus of variations, namely the isoperimetric inequality.

Noether's theorem has become a fundamental tool of modern theoretical physics and the calculus of variations.

variations such

", or variations such as "shitzombies" or "shitsninjas."

The general class includes variations such as the B+ tree and the B tree.

The term "Prāyaścitta", and variations such as "Prāyaścitti", appear in the Vedic literature.

seasonal variations

The climate is generally mesothermal with seasonal variations.

The effect of seasonal variations in evaporation rate on the height of moisture rise have been comprehensively described.

The water surface reaches elevation above sea level, although seasonal variations sometimes cause the lakebodies to dry up.