more varied   (より多様な)

The officers' dress was even more varied.

His repertoire as Black was more varied.

As he matured, the forms utilized by the composer became more varied.

varied between   (の間で変化)

Since then, membership has varied between 30 and 80.

Ranges sizes of males varied between and .

The lyrics to "The Derby Tup" song varied between performers.

varied widely   (多種多様)

The impact of mass extinction events varied widely.

The circumscription of the genus has varied widely.

The content of the stump speech varied widely.

varied greatly   (大きく異なる)

However, flutes varied greatly in size and range.

"Emporia" varied greatly in their level of activity.

Elements of the character's history have varied greatly.

varied over time   (時間とともに変化する)

The iconography of Surya has also varied over time.

Sociological attention to emotion has varied over time.

The role and importance of this official varied over time.

varied considerably

Older spore measurements have varied considerably.

Since then its electoral results have varied considerably.

The direct powers of the monarch have also varied considerably.

varied according

Effective application of the decrees varied according to local conditions and customs.

The theory and practice of divorce in the Islamic world have varied according to time and place.

In the past, notifiable diseases in the United States varied according to the laws of individual states.

varied depending

The American colonial diet varied depending on the region settled.

Methods of carrying out the procedure varied depending upon location.

The uniform of Temasek Junior College is varied depending on the day of the week.

varied career

Professionally Alexander enjoyed a varied career.

Anton Soans had a very varied career.

Singer has had a varied career, serving in the armed forces, government, and academia.

most varied   (最も多様な)

These foam nests are some of the most varied among frogs.

This makes Königrufen the most varied of all the Tarock games.

They are most varied, full of artwork, designs, and fashionable.

highly varied

Red foxes are omnivores with a highly varied diet.

Locke's work was highly varied.

"O. joubini" in captivity exhibit highly varied broods ranging from 140 to over 2,500 eggs.

many and varied

Asian cuisines are many and varied.

All languages change continually, and do so in many and varied ways.

These have taken many and varied forms, beginning with horse-drawn ambulances.

rich and varied

Holstebro has a rich and varied cultural life.

The music of Central Asia is rich and varied and is appreciated worldwide.

The rich and varied flora and fauna of the bays are a result of this tidal action.

very varied

The Indian video games market is very varied.

Anton Soans had a very varied career.

Agricultural crops were very varied.