various other   (各种其他)

'R2-45' by its various – various other techniques."

Wellington had various other nicknames: In addition:

added or subtracted, to yield various other relations.

various times   (多次)

Wooden cannons have been used at various times.

242 Squadron RAF at various times through the Battle.

The format was adjusted at various times.

various types   (各种类型)

There are various types of compressed air dryers.

There are various types for different applications.

There are various types of tongs available in market.

various forms   (各种形式)

Audi has competed in various forms of motorsports.

The social relationships could be in various forms.

The game has been re-released in various forms.

various parts   (各个部分)

Pandab Goenda roam various parts of India to solve cases.

In 1997 and 1998, there were riots in various parts of Indonesia.

The Southern eagle ray lives on various parts of the Atlanta coast.

through various

Students move through various medical disciplines.

The making of a mask goes through various stages.

"Nerves were getting compressed through various forms.

various locations

She worked at various locations for Deutsche Bank.

It may refer to various locations with similar name:

The novel is set in various locations in the Milky Way.

various ways

There are various ways to spell the dialect names.

Heaven for Christians is depicted in various ways.

The money multiplier is defined in various ways.

various countries

These cars were exported to various countries.

Tax codes of various countries can be very complicated.

Exhibited her paintings in various countries.

various aspects   (各方面)

Courses are held on various aspects of gardening.

Critics also viewed various aspects of the gameplay favourably.

Among his papers were found voluminous notes on various aspects of Zen.

various artists

Headlining Festivals (various artists) Opening act

The songs are performed by various artists.

This project led to multiple recordings with various artists.

held various

Prior to Salesforce, he held various roles at PeopleSoft.

Previously, he held various posts in the royal chancellery.

After independence in 1947, he held various public offices.

various places

There are various places of interest on the island.

People came from various places and they had guns."

Kalgah Kalgah () may refer to various places in Iran:

various reasons   (很多原因)

A possession by a jinn can happen for various reasons.

In other animals, growling can occur for various reasons.

Many characters choose to stop speaking, for various reasons.

well as various

Waldperlach), as well as various additional material (e.g.

By the mid-1990s, the B-1 could employ GP weapons as well as various CBUs.

It is used for the semiannual spring musical, as well as various plays and many events.

various points

Northern Arizona has various points of interest.

Stabilizers are mounted at various points on the bow.

They were built to cross the canal at various points in Bangkok.

various kinds

Restoration projects of various kinds are ongoing.

Business of various kinds, they might likewise pursue."

There are various kinds of email providers.

various positions

In 2001–2006 he worked in various positions at the World Bank.

From 1983 to 1990, Yadav served at various positions in the party.

He served in various positions in Spain, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.

various local

The club has teams in various local leagues.

The station is served by various local and regional rail lines.

From 1845 to 1915, various local laws governing alcohol were passed.

various stages

The making of a mask goes through various stages.

The various stages of the cathode process visually unfold."

Another of highways are under various stages of construction.

various groups

Catholicism categorizes sins into various groups.

She sang in various groups, then performed solo.

Franco initially sought support from various groups.

various levels

There are various levels of door protection.

It depends on various levels of kamma.

It lacks logic at various levels, but never ceases to entertain".

various sources

The data in this list are derived from various sources:

All information taken from various sources.

Ngatas are mentioned under various names in various sources.

between various

Eiffel provides a mechanism to allow conversions between various types.

Emperors were no longer peripatetic between various court capitals and palaces.

There were also freight tramways laid between various enterprises around the city.

various cities

NANM hosts a national convention annually in various cities.

The convention is held in various cities across North America.

The street in the Middle Ages connected various cities in the region.

various events

The eight Argentine swimmers competed in various events.

It provides details on the prizes won by the students in various events.

By 1834 Ada was a regular at Court and started attending various events.

various fields

in various fields as well MBA, MPhil and PhD.

The cast included many famous artists from various fields.

The alumni of the school have made their mark in the various fields.

various species

The island is a focal point for seabirds of various species.

The weevil and larvae both feed on various species of "Eucalypts".

Different species of "Cuterebra" prey on various species of rodents.

various media

The series has been adapted into various media.

Meanwhile, his promotion comes from various media reports.

Below is a list of pull quotes from various media: "Critics' pick!

various international

He won six gold medals at various international meets in 2001.

The various international training programmes are not well integrated.

Since 2001 he has taken part in various international open wheel series.

served in various

After that he served in various Fleet assignments.

He served in various judicial capacities in Seville.

The Commando served in various places throughout the world.

various areas

He is a founder of several companies working in various areas.

The film was shot on location in various areas of Nashville, Tennessee.

He has authored more than 50 papers in various areas of Computer Science.

various names

Ngatas are mentioned under various names in various sources.

It ran, under various names, until 1965.

Sack produced films under all of his company's various names.

various projects

Nowels and Cook had worked on various projects together.

He spent the majority of his time traveling for his various projects.

Bustec products are used or are selected to be used in various projects.

various social

He is an adviser to various social and political groups including the Kurds of Iraq.

Rangamancha: Enactments and plays on various social issues, aired every Sunday at 9 pm 7.

Legal arguments were also frequently used to explore multiple sides of various social issues.

between the various

There was very little crossover between the various comics.

As an artificial figure maya floats between the various on- and offline worlds.

During that decade, the tensions between the various elements within it intensified.

various roles

Prior to Salesforce, he held various roles at PeopleSoft.

It is the direction in which various roles in the game proceed.

He also played various roles in the sketch show "Man Stroke Woman".

appeared in various

She has also appeared in various art fairs across Japan.

He also appeared in various films, notably "One Trick Pony".

She appeared in various commercials.

using various

The state of a process can be changed using various commands.

Numerous other identities can be derived using various methods.

Types 12, 13 and 14 were electronic, using various technologies.

various organizations

Since he was a teenager he has been in various organizations in his hometown.

He has won at least ten belts in various organizations throughout his career.

University and vocational education are promoted by various organizations, e.g.

various sizes

Within the square lay 30 circles of various sizes.

They are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

Carpets of various sizes up to 6 meters square are known.

various members

“Dead 7” includes various members of different boy bands.

All of the other songs were written by Rundgren and various members of his band.

They continued recording successfully with songs written by various members of the group.

various capacities   (各种能力)

Hillary served the community in various capacities.

She served several institutions in various capacities.

Erskine has served in various capacities with the Ghana Army.

various television

Blackjack is also featured in various television shows.

He and Lupita together appear in various television commercials.

He has appeared in various television series and theatrical films.

used in various

Clay pots are used in various South American dishes.

It is used in various ways as described below.

The expression is used in various contexts in conversation.

various activities

For entertainment, the place offers various activities.

They select Cadets for various activities.

Many youth clubs offer various activities, such as table tennis.

various characters

The action then shifts to how Cupid has affected the various characters.

During Rhys's search for Maia, he recruits various characters to his cause.

Back in the city, citizens notice Vetvix firing the ray at various characters.

various national

It oversees the various national teams as well as development.

It oversees the various national teams and domestic competitions.

various regions

in the various regions of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The industry is expecting a growth in air travel in various regions.

Protests were held in various regions of West Belarus until mid 1930s.

various companies

Classes have also been held at various companies in South Carolina.

In his career in business, Chandy worked in and led various companies.

Salsano sits on the board of various companies as a shareholder and advisor.

various political

They target various political figures time and time again.

He condemned the politicising efforts of the media and various political parties.

There are occasional remote broadcasts to the site of news or to various political rallies.

various methods

There are various methods of cooking aloo gosht.

TAN value can be deduced by various methods, including

There are various methods that can be used to pack the abdomen.

various state

She worked as a lawyer for various state organizations of Georgia.

He has been honored more than 40 times with various state and regional awards.

Prince Jessadabodindra was trusted by the king to handle various state affairs.

various states

The district has many old brownstones in various states of repair.

Kerelaw Castle is now a ruin, with three walls surviving in various states of decay.

The Projects Division controls the operation in various states and project appraisal.

involved in various

They often disagree over the risk involved in various properties.

GUMSA is involved in various other activities throughout the year.

Members of Acorn are involved in various community service activities.

various publications

Mohammed has various publications which he authored and co-authored.

From 1946 to 1997, Kutty lived in New Delhi and worked for various publications.

From 1986, he worked on various publications such as Alternatives and Le Libraire.

worked in various

He has since worked in various films and TV series.

In 1938, 4% worked in various sectors of the economy.

He worked in various popular styles during his career.

various topics

The group also publishes reports on various topics.

Poll wrote on various topics in Latter-day Saint history and thought.

Her novels being based on true historical events touch various topics and periods.

across various

This title sets Bubsy traversing across various fairy tales.

Four studies showed no toxicity or mortality across various doses and processes.

These accusations were widely shared across various blogs and social media platforms.

various schools

Desai's social work included foundation of various schools.

Bhavnagar has various schools and educational institutions.

There are various schools and colleges in Banganga municipality.

various people

It is home to various people of different castes.

Other movies show her passing papeles to various people.

The sermons inspired various people in the German Resistance.

various issues

It addresses various issues that had arisen in the Christian community at Corinth.

Admired by some, he alienated others with his inflexible stands on various issues.

It also explored various issues faced by other baby boomers in similar circumstance.

various languages

Variations of TCOL supported various languages.

It can be seen that there are various languages on earth.

His novels were translated and published in various languages.

various sports

While living in Lithuania he actively promoted various sports.

Over weekends he pursued various sports and was a keen golfer.

Symbols of the various sports are embedded using laser etching.

among various

Most of his canvasses are scattered among various private collections.

Disagreements sprang up among various parties and the project was shelved.

There is disagreement among various sources regarding the dates of Saint Mary's life.

various awards

Gibbon has received various awards including the following:

It gives out various awards and sponsorships to promising mathematicians.

The game also won various awards and accolades, including best RPG of 2015.

various venues   (各种场地)

18 sporting events took place in various venues around Leeds.

The club played at various venues.

The competition featured 19 sports which were contested at various venues.

various government

Stone then went back to Mexico, where he worked in various government jobs.

From 1934 to 1937 he held various government positions in the province of Punjab.

He became a lawyer in Bergen in 1650 and later held various government commissions.

various genres

Sanu has sung songs of various genres with Anu Malik.

Sachin has made a variety of songs under various genres.

They produce various genres including jazz, soul, funk, and Italian pop music.

various public

After independence in 1947, he held various public offices.

The centre also hosts and arranges various public literary events.

It is the main venue for various public events including state holidays.

various jobs   (各种工作)

Bharat and Vilayati try to look for various jobs.

Lance worked at various jobs over the next few years.

Morant had had various jobs, including inoculating chickens.

due to various

The continuous changes down the water route are due to various factors.

Though filming started, it could not be completed due to various reasons.

Zimmerman would eventually be banned for life due to various accusations of corruption.

various clubs

After his playing days were over, Stamatiadis coached various clubs.

At the end of season he was linked to various clubs, including Chievo.

He headlines various clubs throughout America and lives in Los Angeles.

used for various

The name "Ma'di" is used for various peoples in the region.

Each group has its own set of masks used for various reasons.

These playgrounds are used for various games during the sports period.

participated in various

After that, she participated in various films of Lau.

During these years she has participated in various plays.

The school has participated in various mooting competitions.

various music

Asit Baran often called upon to sing at various music functions in Kolkata.

Eva Lind regularly appears on German TV where she hosts various music programs.

It's the ninth in its series of twelve albums highlighting various music genres.

other various

He supports other various philanthropic groups.

The duo played mostly Jack'o'Pierce and other various folk songs.

Like the forest's other various garden snakes, it is a daytime hunter.

along with various

They experienced slowness along with various bugs which hindered the user experience further.

On August 15, 1876, Ahtahkakoop, along with various other chiefs and officials met at Fort Carlton.

The new lineup features Imus in the Morning along with various political and financial talk programs.

various styles

The "mangalasutra" now comes in various styles and designs in gold.

There are various styles.

It includes Greek Revival from antebellum times and various styles up to the 1930s.

various branches

It offers four year degree courses in various branches of engineering.

Constitutions usually explicitly divide power between various branches of government.

In fishkeeping, color temperature has different functions and foci in the various branches.

various different

The radio station has had various different formats in its history.

The group continued with various different lineups in the mid-1980s.

He provided various different definitions of this term over his career.

various universities

She also teaches and lectures at various universities.

He works as a photographer and has lectured at various universities.

He teaches literature courses at various universities and conducts workshops.

found in various

Many of these can be found in various forms.

Both meanings of "Tapas" are found in various Hindu texts.

The E1b1b1 clade is presently found in various forms in Morocco.

various versions

There are various versions of the text.

There are also various versions of the vidiprinter on the internet.

After publication, various versions with minor changes were produced.

various subjects

The museum publishes booklets on various subjects.

Members contribute articles on various subjects.

His primary work has been "historical dictionaries" on various subjects.

include various

Its rocks include various gneisses and granites.

Other examples include various prescription drugs (e.g.

The theater organization grew to include various cultural offerings.

including various

The album contained twelve tracks, including various mixes of some of the songs.

In total, Kazakhstan juniors won over 90 international tournaments, including various Grand Prix.

Many slight variants were discovered thereafter, including various alternative mitochondrial codes.

various institutions

Today, it is used as a motto by various institutions, including:

Many segments have been given to various institutions in the world.

After the end of the conflict, he worked in various institutions in Paris.

various categories

Spells fall into various categories and have various ranges.

Institutions have been charging fees from students under various categories.

The AMG Heritage Awards presents twenty-five awards to artists in various categories.

various religious

Augustus took for himself its powers over various religious duties.

The groups meet weekly and participate in various religious activities.

The founders of Salem Communications supports various religious causes.

various musical

Plate has collaborated with various musical artists.

Took part in various musical competitions.

to fine arts (pottery, playing various musical instruments).

various elements

Below these various elements were cellars.

There is a tremendous interdependency of the various elements of PSM.

The proposal was assailed almost immediately by various elements in the community.

various works

The collection included various works by James Gleeson.

During this time Monet painted various works of modern life.

It has undertaken various works to improve the quality of military ammunition.

various occasions

He sat in the House of Lords on various occasions.

She also performed the tracks on various occasions.

Wooden cannons were used in Europe on various occasions.

held various positions

From 1368 to 1377, he held various positions at the court in Prague.

Salcedo has held various positions in USSF, FIFA, and Major League Soccer.

In order to fund her own education, she held various positions at Itochu and J.

among the various

Migration among the various islands is important.

Breasts and especially the nipples are among the various human erogenous zones.

There are, of course, great differences among the various different types of regulatory regimes.

various military

He visited various military bases and installations.

The EMIA is the heir of various military branch (i.e.

Phillips grew up in Taiwan and on various military bases.

various newspapers

As a journalist, his columns ran in various newspapers.

It had been advertised for several months in various newspapers.

Her photographs appeared in various newspapers including "The Globe and Mail".

includes various

Cerrado includes various types of vegetation.

“Dead 7” includes various members of different boy bands.

It notably includes various of Teodoreanu's attacks on Iorga.

various bands

He played in various bands in the Oslo region, e.g.

The song has been covered by various bands, including:

Over the years, Lucassen created various bands and musical projects.