variously described

Her parentage is variously described.

The bread has been variously described as "famous" and "world famous".

It was variously described as a "public", "provisional" or "half-time".

known variously

The Agency was popularly known variously as "Perka's Agency" or as "Brđanin's Agency".

The "ABCD"-parameters are known variously as chain, cascade, or transmission parameters.

A variant of the 3-satisfiability problem is the one-in-three 3-SAT (also known variously as 1-in-3-SAT and exactly-1 3-SAT).

variously known

It is variously known as the Psychro inscription or the Epioi inscription.

This is variously known as enlightenment, nirvana, presence, and the "here and now".

As a consequence of the album's confusing typography – it is variously known as "Ha!-Ha!-Ha!

variously called

This vegetation is variously called open taiga, open lichen woodland, and forest tundra.

In the early 1830s the island was variously called Caldez's Island, Toampe, and Joseffa.

One blurry area is in segments variously called "semivowels", "semiconsonants", or "glides".

variously reported

His middle name is variously reported as Treyanne, Trevane, and Trevanne.

At the end of 2013 the registered population was variously reported as 3148 and as 2772.

Greer's birthplace has been variously reported as Tallapoosa, Georgia, and Iron City, Alabama.

variously translated

The word "ayahuasca" has been variously translated as "liana of the soul", "liana of the dead", and "spirit liana".

The novel has been variously translated as "Biography of the White-Haired Succuba" and "Romance of the White-Haired Maiden".

In Ulster-Scots, the name of the city has been variously translated as "Bilfawst", "Bilfaust" or "Baelfawst", although "Belfast" is also used.