İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

vast majority   (büyük çoğunluğu)

The vast majority of Sherbro people are Christian.

The vast majority were born in Nicaragua (287,766).

The vast majority of the population was literate.

vast number   (büyük numara)

Roland slew a vast number of enemies wielding Durendal.

A vast number of recordings have been issued under Presley's name.

By the end of the 1950s, vast number of Assyrians started to speak Iraqi Koine.

vast array   (geniş bir dizi)

The surf breaks have a vast array of size and skill sets.

This led to films being made in a vast array of genres and styles.

In the dressing room there are walls lined with a vast array of costumes.

vast amount   (büyük miktar)

It also required a vast amount of wood.

There is a vast amount of literature on this, in both popular and serious culture.

Jean-Louis' boat has a large sleeping platform and a vast amount of dedicated storage.

vast amounts   (büyük miktarlarda)

The galaxy contains vast amounts of hot gas.

On occasion, vast amounts of garbage suddenly wash up on the beach.

NoSQL’s greatest power is its ability to store vast amounts of data.

vast area   (geniş alan)

A vast area more than was submerged in some seasons.

The vast area around this temple provides the scope for forestation.

This was especially true of the Bastarnae, who are attested over a relatively vast area.

vast collection   (geniş koleksiyon)

Given enough resources, this can result in a vast collection.

In this vast collection of woodland there are many rare and local species.

There is a vast collection of materials on overseas Chinese and children's books.

vast areas   (Engin alanlar)

Its landscape is a mix of vast areas of coconut trees and many reefs.

In the 1930s, vast areas of land were planted in "Pinus radiata" by relief workers.

In addition it contained vast areas of desert and the few communities were poorly served by road and rail links.

vast numbers   (büyük sayılar)

The southern Plains Indians acquired vast numbers of horses.

It was produced in vast numbers; by August 1941 well over 6,000,000 had been manufactured.

Lemmings do migrate, and in vast numbers sometimes, but the deliberate march into the is false.

vast quantities   (büyük miktarlar)

Railroads, for example, consumed vast quantities of steel.

The process of making charcoal demanded great skill and vast quantities of trees.

For World War II, the company was again called upon to supply vast quantities of Wellington and thigh boots.

vast range   (çok geniş)

The Triads of Ireland cover a vast range of subjects.

"Campbell’s art explores the vast range of the human condition.

It was from these beginnings that the vast range of Doulton figures can be found today.

vast territory   (geniş bölge)

Many outposts were built to extend the power of the state over such a vast territory.

This vast territory full of crevices and natural caves was an ideal place for thieves to hide.

Brazil, with its vast territory, received almost 40% of these African people via the Atlantic slave trade.

vast knowledge   (geniş bilgi)

Ivy's vast knowledge makes her a phenomenally powerful magical being.

She traveled a lot to amass a vast knowledge in the arts of Dance and movement.

The authors of many of the icons had a vast knowledge of iconography schemes of the New Testament.

vast network   (geniş ağ)

A vast network of industrial/ vocational institutes was established in the State of Punjab.

The Roman Empire maintained a vast network of roads, known as "cursus publicus", for similar purposes.

But when these obstacles have been overcome, the rivers and lakes afford a vast network of navigable waters.

vast improvement   (büyük gelişme)

184, a vast improvement from her ranking of No.

However, the 2007 season was a vast improvement for Williams.

The city's modernised defences, a vast improvement on those of Tudor times, proved effective.

vast tracts   (geniş yollar)

Coal, a fossil fuel formed over vast tracts of time in swamp ecosystems, is one example.

The project virtually eliminates the requirement to acquire vast tracts of land and limits evaporation of water from the long canal.

He also owned shares in the Ohio Company, prompting some political opponents to characterize him as an owner of vast tracts of western lands.

vast experience   (engin deneyim)

He had vast experience as a maritime sailor.

Many of the women at the time had vast experience compared to me.

Nihal has vast experience in the fields of CSR and good corporate governance.

vast distances   (geniş mesafeler)

Hub had the ability to teleport herself and others over vast distances.

These vast distances from the sea have had a profound impact on Chad's historical and contemporary development.

Due to poverty, lack of resources and vast distances, public access to treatment maybe difficult or non-existent.