motor vehicle   (自動車)

It is not accessible by any kind of motor vehicle.

ZIS-5 was the first Soviet motor vehicle to be exported.

With EMTs and paramedics, it is most often motor vehicle accidents.

launch vehicle   (打上げ機)

The Falcon 9 is an example reusable launch vehicle.

The Start-1 launch vehicle is derived from the RT-2PM Topol ICBM.

The Titan III was a space launch vehicle based on the Titan II ICBM.

electric vehicle   (電気自動車)

The Co-op continues to support electric vehicle adoption.

MG (Morris Garages) launched the ZS electric vehicle in India.

He studied battery technology and formed an electric vehicle company.

commercial vehicle   (商用車)

There was also a 16R-J version for various commercial vehicle applications.

The Dangan was originally a commercial vehicle, but became a passenger car in August 1989.

This marked the first time a ZENN or any other low-speed commercial vehicle could be sold in Canada.

vehicle registration   (車両登録)

aircraft registration or vehicle registration.

The international vehicle registration code for Qatar is Q.

The international vehicle registration code for Nepal is NEP.

vehicle traffic

Bicycle, pedestrian, and northbound motor vehicle traffic remain toll free.

By the entry of Bulgaria into EU, the vehicle traffic between Turkey has increased significantly.

Twenty-one bridges for motor vehicle traffic span Río Portugués in the municipality of Ponce alone.

new vehicle

In 2010, there were 1.17 million new vehicle registrations in force.

The new vehicle proposed is longer, higher and heavier than the Type 96.

About this time the new vehicle was known as the TVS-4, Travel Vehicle Streamlined.

aerial vehicle

Unmanned aerial vehicle, is an aircraft with no pilot on board.

CTRM Aludra Aludra is a Malaysian design of unmanned aerial vehicle operating since 2010.

These strikes were followed by an MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle firing Hellfire missiles.

fighting vehicle

The armoured car was the first modern fully armoured fighting vehicle.

The idea of a protected fighting vehicle has been known since antiquity.

January 6 – Seven national guards killed when IED strikes Bradley fighting vehicle.

utility vehicle

Honda Passport The Honda Passport is a line of sport utility vehicle (SUV) from the Japanese manufacturer Honda.

Tata Motors entered the passenger vehicle market in 1991 with the launch of the Tata Sierra, a multi utility vehicle.

Toyota RAV4 The is a compact crossover SUV (sport utility vehicle) produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota.

first vehicle

The Board took delivery of the first vehicle, no.

The first vehicle type to be manufactured in the new plant was the Siber.

The Rapide S was the first vehicle to finish the race with hydrogen technology.

another vehicle   (別の車両)

Vrishasena riding on another vehicle comes and afflicts all.

On his ride, Dorgan strikes another vehicle, causing extensive damage.

The cyclist attempted to flee but his car collided with another vehicle that was parked on the street.

unmanned aerial vehicle   (無人航空機)

CTRM Aludra Aludra is a Malaysian design of unmanned aerial vehicle operating since 2010.

These strikes were followed by an MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle firing Hellfire missiles.

The US Navy told the media that this was the first time an unmanned aerial vehicle had been refuelled in flight.

armored vehicle

Alpha and Bravo corner Salem, who attacks them with an armored vehicle.

IAG Guardian IAG Guardian is a United Arab Emirates-made armored vehicle.

Crosslin and Rohm fired several times at the police, striking an armored vehicle.

military vehicle

A military vehicle collided with the car Raif was driving.

He is described as the inventor of the first military vehicle in United States.

He was an inventor of various military equipment, including a military vehicle radio.

vehicle used

Car (disambiguation) A car is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting passengers.

The local politician beats the convict and breaks the vehicle used for transporting water.

The flag also appeared on the S-IC first stage of the Saturn V launch vehicle used for Apollo.

armoured vehicle

One multiracial regiment and one armoured vehicle squadron also formed.

Coughlan led the design of the composite body of the Ocelot armoured vehicle.

Kombat Armouring Kombat Armouring is a Russian armoured vehicle and car manufacturer.

each vehicle

The Dominican Republic issued a single plate to each vehicle twice a year.

Players can also take advantage of the varying deceleration of each vehicle.

In this sense, each vehicle is a unique result of a specific client's desire.

vehicle accident

Case 3: A vehicle accident fatality was reportedly seen walking out of the ambulance.

On 27 April, the death of a student in a vehicle accident was blamed on security officials who had fired tear gas onto the campus.

Dr Anrich Burger was a quadriplegic as the result of a motor vehicle accident and had publicly stated that he was seeking an assisted suicide.

when the vehicle   (車両が)

The year indicates when the vehicle was first officially shown to the public.

Only when necessary do the brakes slow the affected wheels, when the vehicle detects excessive oversteer or understeer.

Later in the tour Lance Bombardier (LBdr) Ben Parkinson was seriously injured when the vehicle he was travelling in hit a landmine.

investment vehicle

He also controlled an investment vehicle called Armada Partners.

Barnato had incorporated Baromans Ltd in 1922, which existed as his finance and investment vehicle.

For example, an investor in Abacus, IKB Bank, "created a structured investment vehicle called Rhinebridge.

vehicle manufacturer   (自動車メーカー)

In 1998, Carpenter was acquired by specialty vehicle manufacturer Spartan Motors.

Chrysler is the world's 11th largest vehicle manufacturer as ranked by OICA in 2012.

Sutphen Sutphen is an emergency services vehicle manufacturer and marketer based in Amlin, Ohio.

vehicle weight

Gross vehicle weight rating for the coach was and for the coach.

The W55 replaced the steel-cased W50, reducing the vehicle weight by 10 kg.

Overall vehicle weight is up 357 lbs, with weight distribution (front:rear) improved from 61:39 in non-hybrids to 57:43 in hybrid models.

concept vehicle

In 2005, the Opel Astra diesel Hybrid concept vehicle was introduced.

The Urus concept vehicle would evolve into the 2019 production SUV Lamborghini Urus.

At the 2004 North American International Auto Show, a Ford Bronco concept vehicle was unveiled.

vehicle was unveiled

The vehicle was unveiled at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

The vehicle was unveiled in South Korea on 4 November 1985.

The vehicle was unveiled in 2001 at the 35th annual Tokyo Motor Show.

test vehicle   (試験車両)

In February 1977, the OV-101 test vehicle began glide tests.

A test vehicle will be delivered in 2020, with the remaining 59 to be delivered in 2023.

The system was tested by driving a test vehicle from Hämeenlinna to Sodankylä with the same gear.

per vehicle

Often large lots can be had for pennies per vehicle.

The parking fee is $1 per hour per vehicle, maximum $5 for the day.

Parking prices vary depending on the event, typically between US$8 and US$15 per vehicle.

police vehicle

A police vehicle begins pursuing the car.

He rear-ends a police vehicle.

Whether or not the car was a police vehicle has long been the subject of dispute.

vehicle manufacturers

The TACO group offers a range of products and services in the field of auto components to automotive vehicle manufacturers all over the world.

In 2015, Royal Enfield, a subsidiary of Eicher Motors, India-based motor vehicle manufacturers, acquired Harris Performance for an undisclosed sum.

In addition to vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, a large group of semiconductor manufacturers, this concept of skill is complemented with a current database.

recreational vehicle

Camping and recreational vehicle sites are also available.

Starcraft's recreational vehicle business was sold to Jayco in the 1990s.

A large number of terms are used when describing aspects of recreational vehicle usage.

passenger vehicle

The other major passenger vehicle manufacturer is Peugeot Automobile of Nigeria also known as PAN.

He followed this in 1898 with a 20 passenger vehicle, which he sold to a South Dakota businessman.

The 2006 Saturn Vue Green Line was the first hybrid passenger vehicle from GM and is also a mild design.

other vehicle   (他の車両)

Batman uses the Batcycle to catch-up with and retrieve the other vehicle.

He died at the scene and the driver of the other vehicle was seriously injured.

М95's require trucks or other vehicle to move them, but compared to field artillery it is much lighter.

vehicle access   (車両アクセス)

Sloan Canyon NCA is (as of November 2006) closed to camping, shooting and offroad vehicle access, due to dumping and vandalism.

Foot, skis or Mountain bike along road from Charlotte Pass (closed to vehicle access), or walking/skiing trails from Thredbo or Guthega.

Adding boulders to block vehicle access and raising trail levels with logs was discussed as part of a restoration plan for a nearby stream.

inside the vehicle

Its infantry can fire their personal weapons from inside the vehicle.

The weapons station is controlled by an operator viewing a monitor inside the vehicle.

A standard TOW ground mount is carried inside the vehicle which enables the TOW system to be deployed away from the vehicle.

vehicle fleet   (車両隊)

A multi-purpose vehicle (MZF) completes the vehicle fleet.

In 2005 the city's vehicle fleet had 6,000 alternative fuel and 70 electric vehicles.

Farmer was also criticized for his management of the agriculture department's vehicle fleet.