Фразы и примеры предложений

ventilation system   (вентиляционная система)

The ventilation system can control smoke movement.

They were used in Roman antiquity as a ventilation system.

It has an emergency kitchen and a filtered ventilation system.

mechanical ventilation   (механическая вентиляция)

An inventive feature that is in working order is the mechanical ventilation system.

In fact, mechanical ventilation remains the therapeutic mainstay for acute inhalation injury.

The patient is likely to completely lose respiratory drive and require mechanical ventilation.

ventilation systems   (системы вентиляции)

For example, Jordans boasted one of the first cowl fresh air ventilation systems.

Contra-measures against such scenarios are building architecture and ventilation systems engineering.

The buildings, no matter how their exteriors were expressed, were functional and innovative, and adopted advanced acoustics, lighting and state of the art ventilation systems.

natural ventilation

The openness of the building allows for natural ventilation.

The building creates natural ventilation through its mechanical windows.

The building has an aluminum roof that is designed to capture winds, acting as a natural ventilation.