İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first verse   (ilk ayet)

", which included the first verse of "Marias Lied".

As he sang the first verse, he was booed by the audience.

The first verse is the most commonly sung.

second verse   (ikinci ayet)

In the second verse, Lecrae provide the solution to K.R.I.T.

Instead, the first verse and second verse are jointed together.

He just made it to plug it in before the start of the second verse.

free verse   (özgür ayet)

Majority of the poems were written in free verse.

Jaya Mehta writes rationalist poetry in free verse.

He started writing poetry (free verse) at the age of twenty.

third verse   (üçüncü ayet)

The narrator reads the third verse of the Quartet for the Dusk of Man.

At the beginning of the third verse, Keys and Eve are in the same room.

Neither is the identity of the traitor of the third verse as clear as might seem.

final verse   (son ayet)

The final verse sung by Bunton and the bridges sung by Brown.

The fourth and final verse usually ends with a word ending in the sound "aab" or "awa".

Righteous people are promised Paradise – the final verse says "And enter you My Paradise!".

blank verse   (kafiyesiz şiir)

The poem is written in blank verse.

Written in blank verse, the play was published to critical acclaim.

Marlowe's plays are known for the use of blank verse and their overreaching protagonists.

last verse   (son ayet)

The last verse of "Rain" includes backwards vocals, the first use of this technique on a record.

The last verse ("Munja vayan ini thai") of the poem referenced to Munja also support this hypothesis.

The final lines of the last verse are "God save the Good Samaritan and God save the worthless creep".

each verse

Kardinal breaks down the city's slang in each verse, similar to Big L's song "Ebonics".

The carol consists of five verses, each verse with eight lines, and each line with eight syllables.

He added a four-bar musical introduction to each verse and a coda, echoing melodic motifs of the song.

prose and verse

He wrote extensively both in prose and verse.

Cranmer wrote much for the press, both in prose and verse.

Plus Channel produced India's earliest audio books in both prose and verse.

verse form

They are completely free of the bawdiness with which the verse form is now associated.

This verse form maps stressed and unstressed syllables onto abstract entities known as metrical positions.

Spenser used a distinctive verse form, called the Spenserian stanza, in several works, including "The Faerie Queene".

verse and chorus

The closing credits featured a verse and chorus.

It has an extra verse and chorus at the beginning of the song.

After one verse and chorus, they smashed up the set and left the stage.