different versions   (不同版本)

Two different versions of this album were released.

There are many different versions in circulation.

Their functions vary in the different versions.

cover versions   (封面版本)

All the songs from the album were cover versions.

These songs are all cover versions of original songs.

It consists of cover versions of songs by other artists.

other versions   (其他版本)

Four other versions charted in the US during 1950.

All of the other versions feature an indoor station.

In other versions, Artemis killed Adonis for revenge.

later versions

MSE 4.5 and later versions do not run on Windows XP.

WATFOR was succeeded by WATFIV and its later versions.

Sam Cornell also worked on the later versions.

both versions

Lee J. Collier has 100% copyright on both versions.

The rules to both versions are the same.

The album jacket cover for both versions are also different.

versions of songs

It consists of cover versions of songs by other artists.

The album contained many cover versions of songs by other artists.

The band's albums included jazz rock versions of songs by the Grateful Dead.

new versions

Interleaf did not produce new versions of Author/Editor.

Some new versions were reported to be four to six times stronger.

New model numbers were assigned to distinguish them as new versions.

early versions

Niles and Associates produced early versions of EndNote.

Among early versions is the French Lai d'Aristote from 1220.

In early versions of Boner's Ark, Dum-Dum is generally naked.

previous versions

Other schemes appeared in the previous versions of Windows.

All songs from previous versions were re-rated on the new scale.

This helps to keep backwards compatibility with previous versions of DirectX.

several versions

The cartridge itself was sold in several versions.

The story of her birth comes in several versions.

These variants are offered in several versions.

all versions

On all versions the dome lights are coloured red.

A total of 313 A300-600s (all versions) have been sold.

The game's voice acting was in English for all versions.

earlier versions

There are two earlier versions of "Thou Knowest Lord".

The earlier versions are performed occasionally as historical curiosities.

Examples of object-based languages include earlier versions of Visual Basic.

live versions

Several live versions have been released through Discipline Global Mobile.

Several live versions followed, along with a rerecording for K-Tel on 1976's Little Richard Live.

He has also performed live with the symphony orchestra live versions of the Entombed album "Clandestine".

various versions

There are various versions of the text.

There are also various versions of the vidiprinter on the internet.

After publication, various versions with minor changes were produced.

alternate versions

There have been many alternate versions of this event.

The CD releases of the album have produced a few alternate versions.

Several of his works have alternate versions, often painted years apart.

acoustic versions   (声学版本)

It mostly consists of acoustic versions of songs from his fourth studio album "&".

It includes acoustic versions of several of his earlier songs, as well as new material.

Miles has re-recorded acoustic versions of her songs in a series called "Black Flowers".

original versions

The original versions have not been commercially released.

Films were shown in their original versions with Polish subtitles.

The years are for the original versions only, not subsequent ports.

console versions

The console versions were released on June 28, 2016.

It has not been as well received as the console versions.

The forward roll from "Crusader: No Regret" was added to both console versions.

many versions

The NASTRAN program has evolved over many versions.

There were many versions of the Nikko F10.

This drink has many versions depending on where it is made.

versions were released

The console versions were released on June 28, 2016.

The following other versions were released

Both versions were released only in Japan.

own versions

, provided their own versions of the missing scenes.

Bassey also recorded her own versions of "Mr.

Each of these cultures have their own versions of the Evil Eye.

versions include

Other versions include Alcippe as one of his daughters.

Recent versions include support for three-dimensional geometry.

Early versions include "Hakebridge", "Hagbridge" and "Hogbridge".

older versions

That lets the latest standard cover all older versions.

Triple-tile and quadruple-tile tricks are not allowed as in older versions of Tien Gow.

The State Library of South Australia carries microfiche copies of older versions of the newspaper.

modified versions

The total build number, including modified versions, was 228.

They are modified versions of the .

Several modified versions of this design were produced in the Mk.

film versions

At least two film versions followed decades later.

Ireland usually receives the same film versions as the UK.

Both film versions used only a little of Friml's original score.

instrumental versions

Many instrumental versions have been recorded of this song.

Fan-made instrumental versions of the songs have been used in later episodes.

Among serious recordings, instrumental versions far outdistance the vocal ones.

language versions

", and French and German language versions of "Grock" in 1931.

The results were tabulated for several language versions of Wikipedia.

Vang said that he had a preference for Asian films, and specifically the original language versions with English subtitles.

multiple versions

Its thesaurus was based on multiple versions of "Roget's Thesaurus".

Despite multiple versions of the surname, the original name remains "van Wolfswinkel".

Dictionaries often have multiple versions, with content adapted for different user groups.

newer versions

There were also newer versions of Gizmo released, including his Rambo look.

One may own a version of the software, but not newer versions of the software.

CopSSH became popular and is kept updated with newer versions of its underlying solutions.

modern versions

There are modern versions of the waterless gas holder, e.g.

Fans have made modern versions of several of the screensavers in the years since.

The most modern versions of the Maverick are the AGM-65H/K, which were in production .

updated versions   (更新版本)

New updated versions of all parts were published between 2009 and 2012.

Boots trialled included updated versions of the Redback Boot as well as various off the shelf boots.

In the 1992 season the cars (which were updated versions of the 1991 car) rarely qualified for races.

recorded versions

She also recorded versions of "Mean" and "Jolene".

More than 100 recorded versions have been commercially released.

For a listing of some other recorded versions of the song, see External links.

international versions

The Commodore branding was retained for the international versions.

This passage was cropped from most international versions of the movie.

The international versions of the album exclude the bonus tracks "Love Bomb" and "Everything You Ever Wanted".

improved versions

The "Brin"-class submarines were improved versions of the preceding .

These NCs are called as such as they are improved versions of the past NCs.

The "Leander" design, or improved versions of it, were licence-built for other navies as well.

alternative versions

It includes 18 songs by Elvis Presley, including rare alternative versions.

Notable alternative versions include "Por ti volaré", a Spanish version with significantly modified lyrics.

Several alternative versions of "Advance Australia Fair" have been proposed to address the exclusion of Indigenous Australians.

versions of both

She wrote two-piano versions of both works and gave them to the duo as a gift.

It was followed by a sequel called "The World According to Bobb" and children's versions of both books.

Later CD versions of both "Alone in the Dark" and "Alone in the Dark 2" came packaged with "Jack in the Dark".

remastered versions

Until 1998, this was the only place to find the remastered versions of the Steely Dan albums.

The remastered versions of "Prince of the rodeo" and "Toodlepip, Fuck" also occurred on the Turbo-vinyl collection volume 2 in 2005.

She left Word/Warner, and contracted with EMI CMG who re-released her regular studio albums as remastered versions on August 14, 2007.

most versions

In most versions of the story, Shikhandi is male but born female.

In most versions, the theme of the game is investing in hotel chains.

According to the most versions, the original culture of Kumari Kandam survived in Tamil Nadu.

demo versions

They recorded demo versions of the songs "Bitch" and "Texas" with him.

This Demo features demo versions of "On the Page", "Watercolor" and "Chroma Key".

The album featured demo versions of Sweetbox songs, and unreleased songs from Villalon.

recent versions

Most recent versions can use satellite navigation.

More recent versions support the AIM-120 AMRAAM.

Software drivers for recent versions of Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows are included with most models.

first versions

The next version was the Nova 2, with the first versions shipping in 1973.

The first versions, operating at 400 and 450 MHz were introduced on 1 August 2000.

The first versions of the work were made in the 1860s whilst Rodin was working for the Sevres Manufactory.

versions of all

Instrumental versions of all the songs are bonus tracks on the disc.

New updated versions of all parts were published between 2009 and 2012.

In fact, MG Rover developed MG versions of all three Rover cars on sale at the time.

subsequent versions

Additional improvements came with subsequent versions of Windows Server.

Like the subsequent versions of the Constitution, the 1954 Constitution was not entrenched.

The first edition contained a ""Preface"" and a ""Moralité"", which were excised from subsequent versions.

versions received

The Game Boy versions received average reviews.

Some versions received separate air conditioning outlets for the rear.

According to Metacritic, the Windows and Xbox versions received "Mixed or average" reviews, while the PlayStation 2 version received "Generally favorable" reviews.

versions of themselves

In Springfield, everyone turns into plant versions of themselves.

Each episode is hosted by Jeff Probst with actors portraying fictional versions of themselves or others.

With the aid of versions of themselves from other realities, the Mauler Twins are able to construct the machine.

remixed versions

2" and remixed versions of their past tracks "Represent" and "...Something".

The album contains reimagined and remixed versions of songs from her two previous albums.

It featured the original version of "The Rejection" and six remixed versions of the track.

versions used

Previous versions used the LXDE Desktop Environment.

Later versions used a Giant frame produced in Taiwan.

The Fender and Gibson versions used bolt-on and glued-on necks.

versions of popular

VR-specific and VR versions of popular video games have been released.

In 2014, Aitana began to share cover versions of popular songs on YouTube.

These bands mainly performed cover versions of popular rock songs by bands like The Beatles and The Shadows.

future versions

However, future versions of EPUB (specifically OCF) "may" specify a format for DRM.

Hiding his disappointment, he told reporters that future versions would likely go faster.

For example, codice_9 means that codice_10 and codice_6 may apply (and future versions if any).

studio versions

It includes studio versions of seventeen hits from the years 1993 to 2013.

It included studio versions of some of the venue songs, and other non-album tracks.

were not performed in a specific format from the three studio versions of the album.