İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

very similar   (çok benzer)

(1) "Goniodoma" and "Gonyaulax" were very similar.

This myth is very similar to the "Gunung Bonuli".

The two "Lion"s were followed by the very similar .

very popular   (çok popüler)

Gallery wrap is a very popular way to display art.

This makes fried durian consumption very popular.

The poem became very popular even before his death.

very little   (çok az)

They have very little future suffering to undergo.

There is very little behavior seen at the surface.

He is given very little role in most of the story.

very small   (çok küçük)

All increments are here required to be very small.

It has a very small population and four businesses.

His funeral reportedly had a very small attendance.

very high   (çok yüksek)

Uncompressed video requires a very high data rate.

Some portions of it were of very high antiquity."

She also holds Ranpha Franboise in very high regard.

very few   (çok az)

The beach has white sand and no or very few rocks.

These victories were all won with very few strikes.

Moreover, very few of the loans have been paid off.

very large   (çok büyük)

This is a very large family, available in Primus.

The genus has a very large ribosomal 16S diversity.

Liverpool contains a very large Irish population.

very much   (çok fazla)

We're very much interested in the ambiguity of it.

However, this is very much an unearned reputation.

He is very much admired by pupils and associates."

very well   (çok iyi)

Predator" has been very well received by critics.

I fought very well all the way to the 12th round.

The school has done very well in all of these areas.

very close   (çok yakın)

Tlemcen Arabic and Jijel Arabic remain very close.

Shedbal is very close to Sangli Miraj twin cities.

Peres won the bout by a very close Split Decision.

very first   (İlk)

Her very first performance was in 1990 in Istanbul.

Assi composed her very first song, "Itab" ("Blame").

The very first class had as few as 40 students.

very different   (çok farklı)

They are, however, very different from each other.

In the Maritimes the situation was very different.

A century later, the situation was very different.

very good   (çok iyi)

Fights in his own pace and is very good at aiming.

Agar said he thought Nelson "did a very good job".

The nearby river Åelva is a very good salmon river.

very low   (Çok düşük)

The building itself has very low energy emissions.

The cost were very low in the time of Ibrahim Lodi.

This rath is very low and is about 30m diameter.

very important   (çok önemli)

The mention of child stars are also very important.

It is a very important centre for hat production.

The sun plays a very important role in Turu society.

very successful   (çok başarılı)

In Nordic countries, the song was very successful.

He has had a very successful practice as a lawyer.

The album sale and the tour were very successful.

not very   (çok değil)

However, it is not very useful for making spirals.

Farrow later described him as "not very gracious".

Lord Clincham also marries, but not very happily.

very difficult   (çok zor)

It was very difficult for him to hear in a group.

However, the craft was very difficult to control.

Distinguishing the two groups is very difficult.

very short   (çok kısa)

Navalram Pandya's review was very short and terse.

"Trauermusik" consists of four very short movements.

The game is very short, and contains many animations.

very long   (çok uzun)

However, the steam tramway did not last very long.

Rhodesian giraffes are tall with very long necks.

Hugh Masekela did not stay very long in Sophiatown.

became very   (çok oldu)

The poem became very popular even before his death.

She wrote that he "became very attracted to me".

The work of Cheikh Anta Diop became very influential.

very early   (çok erken)

She started learning music from a very early age.

mRNA decay is triggered very early in apoptosis.

The exercise of her profession began very early.

very strong   (çok güçlü)

She is a very strong character despite her losses.

In the rainy season, the currents are very strong.

Sahelian goats are very strong and hardy animals.

very young   (çok genç)

He was appointed consul at a very young age in 491.

From a very young age he began writing and drawing.

Qian Daxin started to teach in a very young age.

very rare   (çok nadir)

Post-discard survival is likely very rare, though.

This lineup produced the very rare "Smile" album.

1.00 mm leads also exist, but they are very rare.

very common   (Çok yaygın)

Additionally, the use of nicknames is very common.

This is a very common point of view in chemistry.

One very common fast food dish is fish and chips.

very active   (çok etkin)

She is a very active member of the Journalism Club.

He was also very active in the Farmers Association.

Bangladesh have very active film society culture.

very limited   (çok sınırlı)

It has a very limited distribution near Newcastle.

It has a very limited distribution near Byron Bay.

It sold over 200,000 with very limited promotion.

very poor   (çok fakir)

Victims reported living conditions to be very poor.

It was in very poor condition in September of 2018.

The airport had very poor operating conditions.

very hard   (çok zor)

It's a folk song and the words are very hard hitting."

I pushed it very, very hard and it never failed me ...

Times were very hard in Brussels for Alma and her mother.

very quickly   (çok çabuk)

However, on the pitch, he settled in very quickly.

Clay which is exposed to air, dries very quickly.

Ward became involved in local politics very quickly.

still very   (hala çok)

The newspaper called the album "still very funny".

The facts in this case are still very much in dispute.

Kay is still very fond of him, but no longer deeply in love.

very simple   (Çok basit)

The evaluation model for functions is very simple.

The frame problem occurs even in very simple domains.

The original circuit had a very simple layout.

very beginning   (çok başlangıç)

DIEGO has own brands since the very beginning.

We clearly had that from the very beginning.

"From the very beginning I became extremely excited about the project.

become very   (çok olmak)

The pain of his head wound had become very severe.

The tone of the letters become very intimate.

Marlowe has worked to become very versatile.

very old

Wooden art is a very old tradition of West Bengal.

Since the car was very old, the back half collapsed.

He did not hire a housekeeper until he was very old.

very positive   (çok pozitif)

Critical reception of the album was very positive.

But what he has done so far has been very positive.

The book received very positive reviews in the press.

very fast   (çok hızlı)

He is also very fast in tuning his instruments.

She was very lightly built and was reputedly very fast.

Bit arrays are very fast, requiring only formula_153 time.

very young age

He was appointed consul at a very young age in 491.

From a very young age he began writing and drawing.

Qian Daxin started to teach in a very young age.

very end

In subordinate clauses, the verb occurs at the very end.

The femur is long, but the very end is not fully preserved.

He wrestled for the promotion until its very end in late 2001.

very often   (çok sık)

They are very often seen on nixies or vacuum tubes.

In the Middle Ages, feudal lords changed very often.

In either case his face very often shows his suffering.

became very popular

The poem became very popular even before his death.

In 1928, Edgar Chahine became very popular in France.

With the movie Kadgam, Prudhviraj became very popular.

very effective   (çok etkili)

It can be very effective in confirming causality.

They are very effective in combination with phenols.

Anti-obesity medications have also proven very effective.

very closely   (çok yakından)

illumos remains very closely involved with OpenZFS.

At one moment the car very closely missed a group of people.

Likewise, "where" and "when" question types are very closely linked.

very fine   (çok iyi)

The gold is very fine, and probably came from Ireland.

Growth lines are very fine, a little oblique.

Local soil is very fine and suitable for making pottery.

very happy   (çok mutlu)

Christie described her childhood as "very happy".

When she was young she had a very happy family.

She gets very happy and says "Jodie, you came back!".

very heavy

The fleeces are not very heavy, only weighing .

The result was very heavy losses for the British cavalry.

There was very heavy betting on the match.

very likely   (büyük ihtimalle)

His financial situation was very likely desperate.

There were very likely wars with other kings as well.

It seems very likely the "Kimberella" was a member of the protostomes.

very rarely   (çok nadiren)

The song was very rarely played live by the Who.

Polecats and pine martens are very rarely seen.

Only very rarely did E.M.A.K.’s music include vocals.

very useful   (çok kullanışlı)

However, it is not very useful for making spirals.

They are very useful and found throughout the world.

Ultrasound imaging can be very useful in these cases.

very powerful   (çok güçlü)

The dolçaina has a penetrating, very powerful sound.

Kichaka was a very powerful man and had immense strength.

But by this time the Inquisition had grown very powerful.

very narrow   (daracık)

This is a very narrow chairlift and the longest one.

There is a very narrow yellowish line border the wings.

The tower is entered by a very narrow door.

very expensive   (çok pahalı)

Tunneling is very expensive in such conditions.

It would be very expensive—very, very, very expensive."

The new Airbus aircraft proved to be very expensive to operate.

very same   (aynı)

He falls in love with her the very same moment.

We like them/us and hate them/us for the very same reasons".

The Indian Bank eventually came into being the very same year.

very wide   (çok geniş)

Ballarat is notable for its very wide boulevards.

As in other "Vallonia", the umbilicus is very wide.

The umbilicus is not very wide, 1/8-1/7 of diameter.

very last   (en son)

The very last motorcycles made in the Veloce factory were LEs.

The cave was one of the very last projects to start at the site.

On the very last episode of the series Penny married Tom Hartman.

very influential   (çok etkili)

The work of Cheikh Anta Diop became very influential.

He was very influential, referred to as "The Guv'nor".

This view was very influential in the medical profession.

very next   (çok sonraki)

Tomášek was secretly consecrated the very next day.

The very next day, he began his first painting.

It starts on the very next day of Chhath Puja.

very near   (çok yakın)

The Janapar Trail runs very near to the Fortress.

Edavaka village is very near Mananthavady town.

He begins at the beginning and ends very near the end.

very rich   (çok zengin)

Similarly, Britannia was also very rich in metals.

Batak burial traditions are very rich and complex.

This region has a very rich cultural tradition.

very specific   (çok özel)

This may indicate a preference for very specific prey.

Raitt's sand eel have very specific habitat requirements.

It is very specific, but not very robust.

very slow   (çok yavaş)

PACTOR) can send and receive email at very slow speed.

The biggest criticism was the very slow pace.

It is a very slow and painful way to die.

very best

It’s late-night cable fodder at the very best."

But is it possible that his very best work came first?"

Among the very best Union artillerists was German-born Capt.

very thin   (Çok ince)

It was prepared by being sliced into very thin chips.

In physical appearance, Dr. No is tall and very thin.

He was very thin when he was in the Young Army.

very clear   (çok açık)

Davies had very clear ideas what he wanted in "Archangel".

It is very clear and there are no territorial issues as such.

He passes everything he wants from the actor in a very clear way.

very bad   (çok kötü)

I have very bad feelings about it," he later said.

He had some very bad experiences with hard drugs."

Anacleto is an inept secret agent with very bad luck.

very famous

It is a very famous and small station of this area.

Nibta club is a very famous sport club in Makawanpur.

very serious   (Çok ciddi)

"He's very serious about his work, like I am.

Price is also very serious and thoughtful.

Allegedly Munatia Plancina was convicted of very serious crimes.

very special   (çok özel)

Donnacha O'Brien commented "It’s very special.

Womack told "The Early Show", "I thought it was very special.

She's also a very special girl, which I think shows in the film."

very soon   (çok yakında)

Could be very soon or not so soon at all!"

Two horses alone would very soon tire.

His wife died also very soon in 1821.

very hot   (çok sıcak)

Summers in Çankırı are very hot with low rain.

These discussions grew very hot and many side-issues sprang up.

The crowd was very hot for this match and were purely behind Hug.

very cold   (çok soğuk)

But Sugunamma & Shanta are very cold towards Usha.

Winters are very cold with rain and occasional snow.

It is then served very cold with lots of ice.

very dark

Some of the characters [are] in very dark places."

They are simultaneously very dark and wildly joyous.

The larvae are very dark green and very hairy.

often very   (genellikle çok)

The music is often very tough, according to Brown.

They do give good grip and are often very cheap.

Spring is often very windy and moderately rainy.

only very   (sadece çok)

Liquids are only very slightly compressible.

Adult frogs do not have tails and caecilians have only very short ones.

(The actual numbers of dead and wounded are known only very imprecisely.

very interested   (çok ilginç)

As a child, Halley was very interested in mathematics.

Cross stated, "The BBC is very interested in the project.

She was very interested in cricket while attending school.

very weak   (çok zayıf)

However, it is let down by a very weak narration".

Class I is super potent, and class VII is very weak.

Compared to amines, amides are very weak bases.

received very

The game generally received very negative reviews.

The book received very positive reviews in the press.

The alternate gameplay modes were received very well.

very easy   (çok kolay)

The resulting airplane was very easy to fly.

Also, the Bull Dog was very easy to carry.

He is making a lot of very difficult shots seem very easy."

very interesting   (çok ilginç)

It is very interesting that Kevin Rudd is from QLD.

The contraption is quite a toy and very interesting.

The geographic texture is very interesting.

very significant   (çok anlamlı)

The church was very significant to the community.

The Battle of Tali-Ihantala being very significant.

"The damage this has done to our franchise is very significant."

very slowly   (çok yavaşça)

They are eliminated very slowly in animals, e.g.

Hardy's push into health care proceeded very slowly.

The Moose started their second season off very slowly.

very proud   (çok gururlu)

I am very proud to have her captain of the team."

"I feel very proud", Dailly told the official website.

Steve Irwin said of his father: "I'm very proud of him.

very complex

Queries are often very complex and involve aggregations.

This is due to its very complex structure.

Bambra found "Bushido" to be very complex.

very dangerous   (çok tehlikeli)

That allowed us to win and it wasn't very dangerous."

It's a very dangerous precedent for the entire world."

He escaped in 1813, under very dangerous circumstances.

very wealthy   (çok zengin)

He was a very wealthy merchant and hacendado.

Richmond became very wealthy in the process.

His father was William Chapell Hodge a very wealthy banker.

very brief

Here, US 5 has a very brief concurrency with U.S. Route 302.

Some very brief footage was released in the Blu-ray version in 2010.

The final movement, in Rondo form, starts with a very brief introduction.

very light   (çok hafif)

), currently in the very light middleweight range.

The long bones are thin, hollow and very light.

He is not felt as a burden for God is light, very light.

very unusual   (çok garip)

Its design is very unusual in having no courtyard.

He plays the songs in a very unusual and technical way.

In that village it is very unusual building.

proved very   (çok kanıtladı)

Non-preferentiality proved very difficult to achieve.

Dover's own practice proved very lucrative.

This experiment proved very successful.

very sensitive   (çok hassas)

In contrast, P−2 is very sensitive to steric factors.

Although tough, an elephant's skin is very sensitive.

Chocolate is very sensitive to temperature and humidity.

becomes very

The man becomes very enraged and feels very unwanted.

He becomes very ill. Anjili is least concerned.

Therefore, timing of desertion becomes very important.

very least   (en azından)

A studio movie costs at the very least $1.5 million.

Furthermore, he was threatened at the very least with formal exile to the West.

Therefore, matter, should it actually exist, is, at the very least, not knowable.

very far   (çok uzak)

They told me because they lived so very far off.

It is very far from Earth, with a distance of about .

When the bell rings, the toll can be heard very far away.

very diverse   (çok çeşitli)

Today, the Club enjoys a very diverse membership.

Serpulids possess very diverse tube ultrastructures.

The mineralogy of fly ashes is very diverse.

very well received   (çok iyi karşılandı)

Predator" has been very well received by critics.

It was very well received by fans and critics alike.

The character was very well received by media.

very beautiful   (çok güzel)

The blue tints in the icebergs were very beautiful.

If you embrace it, it can be a very beautiful thing.

The result is quite amazing and very beautiful.

very broad   (çok geniş)

Generally the temporal fossae were very broad.

It has very broad wings, and is mainly black.

The valley gets very broad here and camping spots are plenty.

very late   (çok geç)

Gresser learned chess at a very late age.

In the very late 1980s / early 90s a thin white band of approx.

Down looked close to beating Cork at home but fell to a very late goal.

very real   (çok gerçek)

It dehumanizes the very real sufferings of war.

Hauserman said she would take the show seriously, it would be "very real".

This is a very real one.