aerial victories   (空中勝利)

On 11 March, it scored its first aerial victories.

The unit would score 17 aerial victories during the war.

The squadron would score 63 aerial victories during the war.

victories against   (に対する勝利)

In 18 encounters, Aragua has achieved 6 victories against Carabobo's 4.

The fall of Burgos was one of the first major victories against Joanna la Beltraneja.

Flying the Messerschmitt Bf 109, he claimed all of his victories against the Western Allies.

consecutive victories

The team began the season with seven consecutive victories.

In 2019, the SMU season began with six consecutive victories under Dykes.

A run of 11 consecutive victories was halted by a 2–0 home loss to Chelsea.

victories during

He recorded 12 victories during the Spanish Civil War.

He achieved a total of 8 air victories during the wars.

The unit would score 17 aerial victories during the war.

more victories

Flying Albatros D.IIIs, he scored nine more victories.

In August he was credited with two more victories, both over Hurricanes.

The Bears have also recorded more victories than any other NFL franchise.

military victories

For early medieval authors, Charles Martel was famous for his military victories.

The new guns contributed to French military victories during the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars.

England's defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 associated Elizabeth with one of the greatest military victories in English history.

straight victories   (ストレート勝利)

Reich led the Bills to two straight victories.

To close out his collegiate career, he had 13 straight victories.

Lewis led Weequahic to 40 straight victories and two New Jersey State championships."

most victories   (ほとんどの勝利)

Position 17 has the most victories, with 7.

They have also the most victories on the UCI Road World Championships.

Cloud State University to earn their eighth win, their most victories since 1991.

career victories

Loitzl has seven individual career victories from 1998 to 2003.

He has two career victories (2004, 2005) in distances up to 15 km.

She also earned seven individual career victories from 1996 to 2000.

victories came

His nine victories came in his first nine games as captain.

The unit's victories came at the expense of one wounded in action.

The unit's victories came at the expense of three killed in action.

race victories   (レース勝利)

All eleven of his race victories happened during those three seasons.

The cars were known for their design beauty and for their many race victories.

However, Audi were able to secure the championship in 2008 even though Peugeot scored more race victories in the season.

number of victories   (勝利数)

Bold numbers denotes record number of victories in certain disciplines.