victory against   (に対する勝利)

Liga in a 3–0 victory against SpVgg Unterhaching.

A victory against the city wasn't so easily achieved.

Liga in a 2–0 victory against Karlsruher SC.

first victory   (最初の勝利)

His first victory was a 2–1 victory at Swindon Town.

The unit made its first victory claim on 12 April 1918.

It was England's first victory on Irish soil since 1895.

margin of victory   (勝利の余地)

The margin of victory was just 0.2 seconds.

Obama won Wisconsin by a comfortable 13.91% margin of victory.

John McCain carried Kansas by a comfortable 15-percent margin of victory.

home victory   (ホームビクトリー)

The win marked Michigan's 22nd consecutive home victory.

It is also played at the end of every Denver Broncos home victory.

He made his debut on 26 January during a home victory over San Lorenzo.

decisive victory   (決定的な勝利)

The UNO scored a decisive victory on 25 February 1990.

Neither side achieved a decisive victory in the battle.

The Lithuanians achieved a decisive victory.

away victory

This was the first away victory for Sri Lanka after 15 years.

His first goal of the campaign came in a 7−1 away victory over C.D.

Four days later, he scored the winning goal in a 2–1 away victory to 1.

landslide victory   (地滑りの勝利)

The President won a landslide victory, over 80% of the vote.

Hambro received 14,501 votes, and thus won a landslide victory.

Hispanics also played a large role in Obama's landslide victory.

final victory

A final victory would come in 1973, when a Porsche 911 won outright.

And having begun, He could give the final victory to either side any day.

During this time he got news of the final victory of Simón Bolívar in the war.

aerial victory   (空中勝利)

On 8 March 1918, it scored its first aerial victory.

Jasta 69's first aerial victory came on 23 March 1918.

Jasta 71 scored its first aerial victory on 9 May 1918.

victory came

Jasta 69's first aerial victory came on 23 March 1918.

Its first aerial victory came on 2 May 1918.

Its first aerial victory came 14 March 1918.

upset victory   (動揺した勝利)

Tara joyfully shares news of her upset victory with Jillian.

In the following spring he recorded a 25/1 upset victory in the 2000 Guineas.

They won only won match in an upset victory over Akebono and Daichi Hashimoto.

major victory   (大勝利)

During the 790s, he won a major victory over them in 796.

Given this major victory, Randolph agreed to cancel the march.

This was his first major victory.

victory gave

A 1–9 to 0–9 victory gave Ryan a Munster medal.

This victory gave Regan an All-Ireland winner’s medal.

A 5–11 to 3–7 victory gave Mulcahy an All-Ireland medal.

election victory   (選挙勝利)

The election victory ended 11 years of ALP rule in the Northern Territory.

Following an election victory for the social democrats, Gabi Burgstaller became governor on 28 April 2004.

After the election victory of the National Party in 1948, relocation plans were debated at the level of national politics.

second victory

His first career save was in the Tar Heels' second victory over the Titans.

Porsche earned their second victory in the next round, aided by rain on race day.

He held on to his second victory of the race ahead of Valverde, Daniel Moreno () and Rodríguez.

home victory against   (に対するホーム勝利)

On 17 March, he scored the winning goal in a 1–0 home victory against Genk.

Three weeks later, he scored a double in a 2–0 home victory against Tigres UANL.

On February 10, 2018, she made her debut in a 2–0 home victory against Hammarby.

series victory

The West Indies secured a 1:0 series victory.

This was the first series victory on British soil for Australia.

Verlander finished with 10 strikeouts and one walk in a shutout to seal the series victory.

great victory   (大勝利)

The battle was a great victory for the Welsh.

God really blessed me with a great victory."

This is a great victory to our cause".

overtime victory   (残業勝利)

NiKo had 45 kills in the double overtime victory as FaZe survived the group stage.

He finished the 34-28 overtime victory with three receptions, 17 receiving yards, and a touchdown.

Biarritz's overtime victory in the highest scoring final ever (37–34) crowned a final on the "edge".

claimed victory

In the end, Missouri Valley claimed victory 27–13.

Cumberland claimed victory by a score of 31–10.

consecutive victory

It was the fifth consecutive victory for Luhr and Graf.

The Vols scored their 22nd consecutive victory over the Wildcats of Kentucky with a 17–12 win.

At Knoxville, Alabama defeated the Tennessee freshmen 7–3 for their third consecutive victory over the Volunteers.

another victory   (別の勝利)

Ogier recorded another victory in Mexico, with Mikkelsen again on the podium.

Kalingo knocked Fernandez down in the first and appeared to be headed for another victory.

The Yankees won Game Three, and the following day clinched the Series with another victory.

team to victory   (勝利へのチーム)

He led Villa's youth team to victory in the FA Youth Cup in 2002.

At the tournament, Bing led his team to victory and earned MVP honors.

With the excellent use of codfish, Wei Han led his team to victory in the team challenge.

narrow victory

Williams achieved a narrow victory, winning by 7,406 votes.

However, Olin won a narrow victory.

The other batsmen played well but Australia won a narrow victory by 11 runs.

overall victory   (全体的な勝利)

He had one overall victory, which came in round 5, at Gopher Dunes.

Tiernan-Locke finished within the peloton to secure the overall victory.

Due to this, Sala did not see him as a front-runner for the overall victory.

military victory

Despite its military victory, France granted independence to Algerians.

By the beginning of 1646 military victory for the Parliamentary forces was in sight.

The military victory led to Wu Zixu's elevation to Duke of Shen and his alias Shenxu.

career victory

Kogo took a third career victory at the Parelloop in April 2011.

Her lone career victory was in a 10 km event in Switzerland in 1988.

His first career victory came on June 1 against the Colorado Rockies.

victory when   (勝利時)

Macmillan claimed an "out of control" victory when he returned to base.

Murray failed to benefit from his victory when he continued his retreat to Alicante.

Australia then collapsed to 6/31 in pursuit of 60 for victory when Tallon strode in.

victory away

He netted his first goal on 8 January in a Copa MX victory away to Atlante.

Boston now led the Series 3–1, and was one victory away from a championship.

Rodríguez's professional debut arrived on 26 November 2017 during a victory away to River Plate.

decision victory   (決勝)

Ruslan Karaev took out Nordstrand by a unanimous decision victory.

After two rounds Magny was awarded the unanimous decision victory.

His first fight resulted in a sixth-round decision victory over Joe Wade.

easy victory

Nevertheless, Gongarad Nkoua won an easy victory in the first round, receiving 86.16% of the vote.

This might have made the Austrians expect an easy victory, which as it turned out was not the case.

Fnatic started out strong, but G2's offense in the second half ran over the Fnatic defense to lead the French to an easy victory.

innings victory

Australia declared at 8/462 before completing an innings victory.

Johnston was rested as Australia completed another innings victory.

England completed a whitewash with another innings victory at The Oval.

first aerial victory

On 8 March 1918, it scored its first aerial victory.

Jasta 69's first aerial victory came on 23 March 1918.

Jasta 71 scored its first aerial victory on 9 May 1918.

only victory   (勝利のみ)

Carlos Pace scored his only victory at the 1975 Brazilian Grand Prix.

The 90C-V achieved its only victory at its debut race at the Fuji 500 km.

In 1991 the Gabba was host to Queensland's only victory over a Victorian side.

away victory against   (離れて勝利)

The final match under the Wenger era was a 1–0 away victory against Huddersfield.

On November 9, he made his first team debut in a 0-1 away victory against Palmeiras.

Hiddink's first game in charge was a 0–1 away victory against Aston Villa at Villa Park.

league victory

This was The Mariners first league victory of the season.

On 13 April 2013, he scored both goals of a 2–0 league victory over Auxerre.

His first goal was the winner in a 2–1 league victory over Colón in September.

victory lane   (勝利の車線)

25 Chevrolet back into victory lane.

In 1981, Bobby Unser also did not drink the milk in victory lane.

Beauchamp was unofficially declared the winner, and he drove to victory lane.

aggregate victory   (総勝利)

York progressed to the final with a 2–1 aggregate victory.

They won the 2005 season with a 4–2 aggregate victory over Suwon City in the final.

Alloa Athletic won promotion following a 2–1 aggregate victory in the play-off final.

electoral victory

They denounced Guevara's electoral victory as fraudulent.

Despite his electoral victory, coalition building proved very difficult for Netanyahu.

Despite Hoffa's large electoral victory margins, this did not signal broad approval of his leadership.

victory improved

The victory improved Alabama's all-time record against Tulsa to 3–0.

The victory improved Alabama's all-time record against Miami to 7–2.

The victory improved Alabama's all-time record against Miami to 6–2.

road victory   (道路勝利)

The final score was 20–10 and gave Nebraska the road victory.

He finished the 37–19 road victory with 21 carries for 147 rushing yards.

The Rams beat Seton Hall 1-0 at home and followed that with a 2–1 road victory in New Jersey.

stage victory

This gave him his fourth and final stage victory.

He left his rivals for the overall behind, and soloed to the stage victory.

As a result, the second-place finisher, Alessio Di Basco, was awarded the stage victory.

last victory   (最後の勝利)

On 1 August, 1918, he scored his last victory against a British SPAD aircraft.

Partizan only won the 1989 national cup, 32 years after the last victory in that competition.

In late August 1654 Janusz Radziwiłł defeated invading Russians at the Battle of Szkłów, but this was his last victory.

victory at home   (自宅での勝利)

2 ranked Richmond, pulling off a 42–14 victory at home.

Talajić led his club to victory at home against Muangthong United winning by 1-0.

He netted his first pro goal on 14 April 2018 during a victory at home to Temperley.

round victory   (ラウンド勝利)

Traoré predicted a first round victory for President Compaoré.

Emboldened vote shares indicate percentages above 50%, indicating outright first round victory.

The deficit extended when Astralis took the pistol round, but bit back with an economy round victory.

third victory

His third victory did not come until 14 April 1917.

In 1970, Brazil's third victory in the tournament entitled them to keep the trophy permanently.

Niki Lauda became the most successful driver at Kyalami, taking his third victory at the circuit in 1984.

victory during

It was the first American land victory during the War of 1812.

Krupinski won his first aerial victory during Operation Barbarossa.

Dale Fennell played in Featherstone Rovers' Championship victory during the 1976–77 season.

championship victory

It remains their last championship victory.

The 2010 event was Langer's first senior major championship victory.

The Super Bowl win was the Redskins' first championship victory since 1942.

important victory

Seven years later, Lawson recorded the most important victory of his training career when Never Say Die won the 1954 Epsom Derby.

At the strategic level, the battle of McDowell and the resultant withdrawal of the Union army was an important victory for the South.

The result was, in accordance with continental custom, admitted to be an important victory, though Waller's main army drew off unharmed.

victory margin

The victory margin was 21,000 votes.

Their contribution was critical, as Hampton had a victory margin of only 1100 votes statewide.

Roosevelt's victory margin of 515 electoral votes was the largest victory margin since the 1820 presidential election.

comeback victory

Earlier in the primary season, Ohio had given a major comeback victory to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

On 10 September 2016, Holebas scored his first goal for the club in a 4–2 comeback victory at West Ham United.

Highlights of the 1985 season included a last-second, 20–16 comeback victory on Labor Day over Georgia to open the season.

ever victory

The biggest ever victory recorded by Roma was 9–0 against Cremonese during the 1929–30 Serie A season.

It was Lynch's first Munster winners' medal and Clare's first ever victory over Tipperary in the provincial decider.

His tally also included two goals against Maltese side Valletta in what was the club's first ever victory in the Europa League.

biggest victory

's, which was the 22nd's biggest victory.

The match ended 4-0 to the Wasps, their biggest victory to date.

It was their second class win, and the team's biggest victory to date.

race victory   (レース勝利)

This was his first stage race victory and was a race which his father also won in 1985.

Top Ten Results • This would mark the final race as well as race victory for the older Chevrolet Monte Carlo body style.

Villa finished fourth overall in the drivers' championship with 19 points, and Pic finished fifth with a single race victory.

victory parade

Two months earlier, on 27 October 1945, it also witnessed a naval victory parade.

While watching him in a victory parade after the Armistice, Caroline collapses and dies.

Rommel returned briefly to Warsaw on 5 October to prepare for the German victory parade.

game victory

Huang pulled off a stunning 7 game victory in the match.

This was the first World Series game victory for the Yankees.

The victory was the Knight's 6th consecutive away game victory, tying a school record.

victory made

The victory made it a 9-win streak for Manachai.

Her come-from-behind victory made her a national celebrity in Canada.

This victory made him the first horse since Red Rum in 1974 to win back-to-back Grand Nationals.

significant victory   (大きな勝利)

The battle was a significant victory for the Japanese.

Yet, for the Greeks, it was an enormously significant victory.

The following year Ginkell won a significant victory at the Battle of Aughrim.

knockout victory

Saddler captured the title by knocking Pep down four times en route to a four-round knockout victory.

Murray faced George Aduashvili of Georgia on 25 September 2009 and scored a first-round knockout victory.

Cook returned to the ring on 18 March 2002, with a knockout victory over Albanian boxer Fation Kacanolli.

surprise victory

Qualifier Alexander Peya, ranked at #148, scored a surprise victory over no.

Langlois delivered a surprise victory for the Bloc in this traditionally Liberal riding.

In a surprise victory RK Gorenje Velenje defeated PSG 30:28 in the EHF Champions League.

unanimous decision victory   (全会一致の決定の勝利)

Ruslan Karaev took out Nordstrand by a unanimous decision victory.

After two rounds Magny was awarded the unanimous decision victory.

Rivera's first fight in the UFC was a unanimous decision victory over David Loiseau at "UFC 44".

victory speech

What a victory speech.

During his post victory speech, Lawlor had dedicated his fight to his late sister; Katie.

In his victory speech, Low declared his win as a "political landmark in modern Singapore".

achieve victory

Striking the star of an opponent "Heaven" is the only way to achieve victory.

The last winner to achieve victory in the Irish Derby was Fame and Glory in 2009.

This stopped a dangerous Austrian attack in its tracks and helped to achieve victory.

victory marked

This victory marked a major watershed for the party.

The victory marked her second title in just three weeks.

This victory marked the end of the Second English Civil War.

naval victory

It was Carthage's greatest naval victory of the war.

Two months earlier, on 27 October 1945, it also witnessed a naval victory parade.

Both sides thus sought a naval victory that might decisively alter the course of the war.

playoff victory

It was the only playoff victory in the Mike Smith era.

He is second to Marvin Lewis for the NFL record for career regular-season wins (125) without a playoff victory.

They defeated the Green Bay Packers 26–20 in overtime, giving quarterback Carson Palmer his first playoff victory.

won a victory

He won a victory over the Sassanids at the battle of Satala.

She began her career in France and won a victory at Cagnes-sur-Mer.

He won a victory and sent some captured enemy, but not Babak, to al-Ma'mun.

first ever victory

It was Lynch's first Munster winners' medal and Clare's first ever victory over Tipperary in the provincial decider.

His tally also included two goals against Maltese side Valletta in what was the club's first ever victory in the Europa League.

On September 9, 2017, UTSA had a landmark 17–10 victory over Baylor which gave UTSA its first ever victory over a Power Five team.

including a victory

The team compiled a 6–3 record, including a victory over Kansas State.

Williams won five titles on the season, including a victory at the BPAA U.S. Open.

Known as "Tombstone", Purlette turned pro in 1992 and won his first 32 bouts, including a victory over Jimmy Thunder.

overwhelming victory

By November, 1310 Vira Pandya was in the ascendancy, after an overwhelming victory over his brother Sundara.

The election was an overwhelming victory for the Party of the Right, led by Émile Reuter, the sitting Prime Minister.

Matsui was re-elected to a second term in the Osaka "double election" of November 2015, scoring an overwhelming victory over his challengers.

tournament victory   (トーナメント勝利)

The Hammer's training and 2000 tournament victory are depicted in the documentary .

This was Chiudinelli's first main-draw Grand Slam tournament victory since the 2010 US Open.

Carrington led the Pirates to their first NCAA tournament victory in 14 years as a senior, scoring 26 points to defeat NC State.

premiership victory

The premiership victory was Tupou's third as a player.

He missed Wests' premiership victory in 1952 because he was selected for that year's Kangaroo tour.

The match, attended by 99,683 spectators, was won by Sydney by 10 points, marking the club's fifth VFL/AFL premiership victory.

famous victory

In June 1940, Germany's leader Adolf Hitler had triumphed in what he called "the most famous victory in history"—the fall of France.

In 1962, Eastern Transvaal recorded another famous victory over a touring test team, this time defeating the British & Irish Lions, 19–16.

By nightfall the Austrians were pushed back and Napoleon was able to declare a famous victory, albeit one plucked from the jaws of defeat.