Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

point of view   (punto de vista)

He also stated, "I understand their point of view.

This leads by no means to a single point of view.

This is a very common point of view in chemistry.

field of view   (campo de visión)

MAHLI has an focal length and a 33.8–38.5° field of view.

The field of view available on the display unit is 7 ° x 5 °.

For Radiance an optic with a narrow field of view is required.

points of view   (puntos de vista)

It is an important road from many points of view.

These two points of view can be reconciled, i.e.

McGuire often had guests with opposing points of view on the show.

panoramic view   (vista panorámica)

The hill offers a panoramic view of suburban Mumbai.

Once up, you will see the panoramic view of Khao Pu.

Rangamati is a hilly town, which is known for its panoramic view.

public view   (vista pública)

He is on private property in public view.

Meleager put on his armor in public view, preparing to defend Arrhidaeus.

Multhopp himself, however, faded from public view in the mid- to late-1960s.

world view

Miwok myths suggest their spiritual and philosophical world view.

This experience greatly impressed his work and changed his world view.

The world view and tone of the world drew from that of "King's Field".

full view

He is forced to demorph in full view of Erek.

In full view of the army, Diocles drew his sword and killed Aper.

In full view of the battery of artillery was a large summer hotel.

traditional view

The more traditional view had been to see the two cities as economic rivals.

The traditional view (taught in schools) considers all of the above as diphthongs.

"Tears of Cold" and "Duel" were two films that have gone beyond the traditional view of war.

expressed the view

In 2011 she expressed the view that "climate change money should go to armed services".

Instead she expressed the view that the soul was trapped in the body and imprisoned in hell.

Bill Farrar with the ACLU of Virginia expressed the view that "severe mental illness should not be a death sentence."

not view

He does not favour story and does not view himself as storyteller.

They do not view fasting as a hardship, but rather as a privilege and joy.

Residents in the Philadelphia area cannot view these games due to blackout restrictions.

good view

Taft had a good view of those in the presidential box.

A good view of the site and the old hangars is had from Concession 10 Walpole.

Reinsfjellet is a mountain with a very good view and is frequently hiked by tourists.

clear view   (vista clara)

Stadium seating is also used to give every rider a clear view.

The building overlooks Lake Geneva and has a clear view of the French Alps.

Baby frogs have an almost transparent abdomen, allowing a clear view of their abdominal organs.

negative view

Potho's contemporaries generally held a negative view of his performance.

Horowitz stated that by 2018 Macerata residents had a more negative view of migrants.

While 10 surveyed countries have the most negative view (Below 50%) of the United States.

different view

The German kings had a different view of the matter.

Each player has a different view of the game from their side of the board.

Price and Pavelich have an entirely different view of the Internet than other free daily publishers.

took the view

Wheeler took the view that whether they were really cannibals "may be doubted."

He took the view that the reasonable suspicion test was the applicable test in Singapore.

Behan took the view that the provenance of Dylan's entire body of work must be questioned.

able to view   (capaz de ver)

Parents are able to view posts, pictures, and any interactions in real time.

When typed, words that appear in white are words that everyone is able to view.

At an altitude of about , Young was able to view the landing site in its entirety.

positive view   (vista positiva)

Still others had a more positive view of the title.

Some historians have a less positive view of his reign.

David Greven has a more positive view of the episode, even referring to it as "moving".

better view

Peled moved forward to get a better view.

The south summit has flashes of quartz in the uppermost rock and by far the better view.

Meier slipped while attempting to climb up a rock to get a better view and fell over 100 feet.

side view

Also included was a new, sleeker side view mirror design.

The side view shows the x-z plane, and the end view shows the y-z plane.

Sliding the object up the right edge of the bowl reveals the right side view.

alternative view

Chapter 5 presents a case for an alternative view.

(See Lewis 2001b for an alternative view to Harris'.)

The visual offers an alternative view on a 70's inspired culture.

s view

Walzer’s view has been criticized.

Anne Wyatt-Brown writes that "Catherine represents Pym’s view of the world.

Science, in Popper’s view, starts with problems rather than with observations.

hidden from view   (oculto a la vista)

It also keeps the outboard motor hidden from view.

After its return, it was, for some time, hidden from view.

Moreover, as its own name states, Pico da Neblina is clouded and hidden from view most of the time.

available to view   (disponible para ver)

Channel 4 has made full episodes of "The Big Fat Quiz of the Year" available to view on All 4.

For a time, looped news, sport and weather bulletins were available to view via BBC Red Button.

Dr. Anker took a total of 75 photos of the extraordinary species, yet only a few are available to view.

s view

Walzer’s view has been criticized.

Anne Wyatt-Brown writes that "Catherine represents Pym’s view of the world.

Science, in Popper’s view, starts with problems rather than with observations.

rear view   (vista trasera)

A single rear view mirror was mounted in front of the driver.

Only the taxi version had electrically adjustable rear view mirrors.

With the absence of a driver's position, the fully glazed car ends provide a forward and rear view for passengers.

view of life   (vista de vida)

Despite its shortcomings, the film gives an unparalleled view of life in Bali in the 1930s.

While Frasier and Niles are interested in high culture, Roz and Martin share a more down-to-earth view of life.

Eastern Orthodox churches and most of the more conservative Protestant denominations also teach this view of life.

critical view   (vista crítica)

Beryl's mother (Sheila Fay) voiced the critical view: "Man is the dog, and woman is the bone.

Some modern historians, such as Eric Foner, however, have taken a more critical view of Freeman's scholarship.

Jeremiah Films produced the film in 1982, expressing a highly critical view of the LDS Church, its practices, and its teachings.

own view

Americans' own view of the United States was viewed at 84%.

Keynes's own view is slightly enigmatic.

In the spring he recovered enough, in his own view, to supervise the lens installation at Cordouan.

common view

The most common view limiting devices are plastic visor hoods and foggles.

Alternatively, a less common view would end North America at the man-made Panama Canal.

For many years, the common view was that the melody was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

view of what

In view of what had happened at Sydney, this was a generous gesture by his Lordship.

Blind corner A blind corner or blind turn is a corner on a road where the view of what is behind the corner is obstructed.

It’s just such a multicultural upbringing, that I think it really shaped my view of what the world can or should look like."

view towards

This view towards him was also held by the mainstream UDA and UFF.

Avast Software said that it had an ambivalent view towards the product.

A ridge forms a crest line on its immediate East, shielding the view towards Thoa Khalsa.

view themselves

Finally, dismissive-avoidant adults aim for independence as they view themselves as valuable and autonomous.

Melkites view themselves as the first Christian community, dating the Melkite Church back to the time of the Apostles.

In this stage adolescents are also able to view themselves in the future and can picture the ideal life they would like to pursue.

view all

The box is then unfolded to view all of its exterior walls.

In this view all Christians are "priests" in the eyes of God.

In the Aristotelian view all emotions (called passions) corresponded to appetites or capacities.

angle of view

The cameras have a 45° angle of view and use visible light to capture stereoscopic 3-D imagery.

A lens of a certain focal length on a large sensor will yield a wider angle of view than the same lens used with a smaller sensor.

Perspective, angle of view, and acoustic and haptic properties change according to where the operator is standing and how he or she moves relative to the environment.

prevailing view   (vista predominante)

The prevailing view of decline of Buddhism in India is summed by A.L.

Hunt reported that: However, the prevailing view was starting to change.

The prevailing view then was that trade liberalization may help stimulate economic growth.

per view

It also featured as the theme song for the WWE pay per view Cyber Sunday 2007.

1, and was used as the theme song for the WWE pay per view Extreme Rules in June 2009.

The event was seen live on pay per view in the United States, and later released on home video.

did not view

Unlike in Jakarta, local citizens in Surakarta did not view the violence in their city as anti-Chinese.

Trentadue's death was investigated by the FBI, although the agent charged with the task did not view his cell.

Film criticism was heavily influenced by auteur theory, and did not view Walt Disney as a "fit subject for study".

beautiful view

"Belle Vista" translates to "beautiful view" in French.

Another place known for its beautiful view is restaurant Monte Azul.

The castle offers a beautiful view of the Lezha fields and the Adriatic Sea.

eye view

It provides a bird's eye view of Cairo to the restaurant patrons.

It provides a bird’s eye view of the monastery with all the surrounding buildings at the time of the painting.

When you are looking the square from a bird's eye view, the design of the square looks like a big violin that is lying on the earth.

commanding view

Mount Utatsu gives a commanding view of the city of Kanazawa.

The temple is situated on a hill with a commanding view of Mount Hermon.

At a height of about 6,600 feet, Mount Hermon has a commanding view of the Galilee.

similar view

Jehovah's Witnesses hold to a similar view.

In the same documentary, Rowan Atkinson voiced his similar view; 'Times past; that's what they were!'

Athanasius the Great, Church Father and Patriarch of Alexandria, expressed a similar view in "Against the Heathen".

held the view

He held the view that Anglo-Saxon Christianity had weakened German Christianity.

He held the view that short stories should seek to improve the standards of morality.

The government held the view that it would work as a kind of supporting city, where Adelaide residents could move.