İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

viewing figures   (rakamları görüntüleme)

The next day, viewing figures were confirmed at 17million.

Episode viewing figures from BARB.

Scheduling problems meant that the show attracted low viewing figures.

public viewing   (herkese açık görüntüleme)

The work was not intended for public viewing.

These include: The armory is also open to public viewing.

viewing platform   (görüntüleme platformu)

The viewing platform weighs around 60 tons.

There is a good viewing platform on the Emperor William Tower, south of the town.

The center offers an education facility including a painted dog viewing platform.

viewing area

The gallery and public viewing area was forced to close in 1992.

Its stated capacity is 25,000, although grass terracing makes up part of the viewing area.

The mineral pool is available to guests and the viewing area for Old Perpetual is open to the public.

available for viewing   (görüntülenebilir)

Many of these are available for viewing on YouTube.

A bagpipes showcase will also be available for viewing.

On the digital platform, "Phagun Bou" is available for viewing on the app Hotstar.

viewing audience

The highest rated episode (in terms of viewing audience) is Part Four of "City of Death".

The series was a huge success, with an average viewing audience of three million in the UK.

The show, NBC's highest rated that season, captured 42 percent of the total viewing audience.

wildlife viewing

Many national parks champion wildlife viewing as a key activity.

Out of the 42 activities measured by the foundation, wildlife viewing came in at #6 on the list.

Snowmobiling, fishing, and Nordic skiing, and wildlife viewing are popular activities in the area.

when viewing   (görüntülerken)

FreeviewPlus is not always available when viewing channels through regional affiliates.

It is often used when viewing intracranial lesions with abnormal vascularity or abnormalities in the blood–brain barrier.

Desha complied, showed no emotion when viewing Baker's body, and did not attempt to flee although left unguarded in the house.

viewing public   (herkese açık görüntüleme)

The "Century 21" name was a tactic used to convey to the viewing public a "futuristic image".

In a twist this season, one HouseGuest each week (ostensibly the one who is playing the "best game") is secretly chosen by the viewing public to be the "Big Brother M.V.P.".

The series was broadcast in June the following year when the UK viewing public first saw Eyo as Denny Blood in a pink PVC suit dancing to the "N-Trance" remix of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees.

viewing experience   (izleme deneyimi)

Regardless, Personality impressions have made a more interesting Vlog viewing experience.

David Stratton of "At the Movies" dismissed the film calling it "a sad viewing experience".

The VIP Dugout Suites are situated immediately behind home plate and provide a unique viewing experience.