million views

The video has had over 5 million views on YouTube.

It recorded forty million views since its release.

It has received over 100 million views on YouTube.

political views

Warrick had generally liberal political views.

In the 1980s, her political views shifted to the left.

Until then, his political views had been more conservative.

panoramic views   (パノラマビュー)

Part of the reward is the spectacular panoramic views.

There are panoramic views from nearby Creech Barrow Hill.

Most local landscapes have panoramic views of surrounding hills.

religious views

On religious views, Wigner was an atheist.

Hume's religious views were often suspect.

Karl Marx's religious views have been the subject of much interpretation.

different views

Different cultures have different views on power distance.

Socialist thought has several different views on democracy.

Different regions in Thailand have different views of Mae Sue.

views across   (全体のビュー)

These climbs, however, lead to views across the Catskill range.

From the headland there are views across to several small islands.

There are panoramic views across the Firth of Clyde from this location.

billion views

It currently has over 1.8 billion views on YouTube.

As of August 2019, it has received over a billion views.

In 2015 “Pladform” had 5.95 billion views.

page views

In 2010, Cracked drew over 1 billion page views.

The LMI website drew nearly 1.5 million page views in SFY 2012.

In June 2011, it reached 27 million page views, according to comScore.

own views   (自分の意見)

Many English members have posted their own views and testimonies on this website.

These different faiths have their own views and opinions towards the topic of homosexuality.

Instead, interpreters have to convey the political meaning of a speech, regardless of their own views.

scenic views   (風光明媚な景色)

The site provides scenic views of Lake Sakakawea.

Fairview Peak was so named on account of the scenic views it affords.

The trail provides scenic views of both the Susquehanna River and area farmland.

liberal views

Al-Awadhi is considered to an Independent member with liberal views.

Whichcote was one of the leaders of the Cambridge Platonists, and had liberal views.

He was a considered to be a gentleman of liberal views and worked towards the advancement of women.

conservative views

Reacting to the Genevan revolution of 1841, he turned to conservative views.

Since his dismissal from The Scorpions, Kottak has come out publicly about his politically conservative views.

Staples said that had he been elected lieutenant governor, he would not have compromised his conservative views.

similar views

Ulster Unionist Party leader Edward Carson expressed similar views.

Adam Ferguson shared similar views to Smith, though was generally more negative.

IRB President Denis McCullough and prominent IRB member Bulmer Hobson held similar views.

differing views

There are differing views on the extent to which it was achieved.

The only legal opposition became a home for all kinds of differing views.

In this connection, the Gemara reported differing views of who the former prophets were.

good views

Located on a small hill, it affords good views of the surrounding landscape.

There are good views of Magdalen Tower and Magdalen Bridge from along the walk.

A long footbridge crosses the depot tracks, providing good views of the facility.

offers views

Phidim, offers views of the Himalaya and other hills.

The height offers views and opportunities for cycling and trekking.

The barren mountain plateau offers views down on the Aurlandsfjord.

views within

The video for "Latata" exceeded 5.9 million views within the first week.

Season 2 of "FCU" generated over 9 million global views within six weeks.

The video received over one million views within 24 hours of being released.

personal views

Not much is known about Smith's personal views beyond what can be deduced from his published articles.

Although he wrote a great deal about religion, Hume's personal views have been the subject of much debate.

He believed that systematic research into Islam was essential, rather than periodical reports or personal views.

opposing views

Aken documents the opposing views of Monankim by women in the society.

When Edward Nangle died in 1883 there were opposing views on his legacy.

In the 2016 Honolulu mayoral elections the main three candidates again took opposing views on rail.

views regarding

Christianity encompasses various views regarding the nature of faith.

In March 1446, John of Segovia confirmed Otto's views regarding Maria's Immaculate Conception.

Around this time, Garrett also entered into discussion with male medical views regarding women.

extensive views

At the seaward end, there is a large plaza with extensive views of the harbor.

The summit itself is situated on a rocky outcrop offering extensive views of the Rhinogs and Snowdonia to the north.

A less steep pass to Eskdale over Birker Fell leaves the valley at Ulpha, with extensive views of the Scafell range.

excellent views

The trail provides excellent views of San Francisco Bay.

The trek offers excellent views and a beautiful camping site.

South of St. Flour there are excellent views of the Garabit viaduct.

views towards

disputing his views towards the US president.

The negative views towards Wollstonecraft persisted for over a century.

Sex-positive feminists take a variety of views towards existing pornography.

negative views

Many critics have negative views of the new stadium.

The negative views towards Wollstonecraft persisted for over a century.

Polls have shown that some Filipinos hold negative views directed against the Moro people.

whose views

It had little support in the highest ranks whose views were formed in World War I.

Her husband's right-wing views were no problem for Smith, whose views on race were even more hardline than his.

Naylor was the son of T. H. Naylor, Jr. who he described as a prominent Mississippi racist whose views he himself rejected.

views expressed

The production process might also have influenced the views expressed in the plays.

The National Union of Teachers said that it "could not support the views expressed by those in favour of hitting children".

The conservative views expressed in the plays might therefore reflect the attitudes of the dominant group in an unrepresentative audience.

video views

Additionally, in the second half of 2013, it earned just under 1.3 billion video views.

On 6 September, Kjellberg's YouTube account became the first to eclipse 10 billion video views.

As of January 2017, his main YouTube channel has about 220,000 subscribers and more than 11.3 million total video views.

strong views

He held strong views on race and was a proponent of white supremacy.

Friedman stated strong views against search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) research.

Woodbury held strong views on the superiority of Ligurian bees over the native Old English Black bee ("A. m. mellifera").

millions of views

By 2008, Jordan's YouTube page was racking up millions of views.

The song "Peach Scone" collected millions of views in just a few weeks.

Within a few weeks, the video had received millions of views, with Muñoz significantly expanding his fanbase.