towns and villages   (町や村)

It contains a number of "frazioni" (towns and villages).

and then sell products to towns and villages requiring them.

They form music bands and parade through towns and villages.

surrounding villages

which is not that typical in surrounding villages.

It has devotees from surrounding villages also.

There are two main cities with many surrounding villages in Pingyang.

nearby villages   (近くの村)

Some cowherds from nearby villages used to go there.

Other nearby villages include Loughstone.

Thazhekkad is covering a vide area comparing to its nearby villages.

other villages   (他の村)

so many other villages are close to Jangpur.

The literacy rate is low compared to other villages in Manipur.

Additionally, more independent "caciques" governed other villages.

contains the villages

The parish contains the villages of Ringwould and Kingsdown.

The parish contains the villages of Child's Ercall and Tibberton, and is otherwise rural.

The parish contains the villages of Berrington, Betton Strange, Cross Houses, and is otherwise rural.

villages and settlements

Sangam, Schools and Temples sprang up in different villages and settlements.

In fact, the town of Hrazdan was formed through the merger of a group of separate villages and settlements.

Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, after establishing the city of Manila on June 24, 1571, ordered the exploration and pacification of the surrounding villages and settlements.

several villages

Voia Voia may refer to several villages in Romania:

Vadu Vadu may refer to several villages in Romania:

Urși Urşi may refer to several villages in Romania:

small villages

Each of these has rural areas or small villages under them.

are the nearby small villages and considered as a part of it.

between the villages

It lies between the villages of Whalley and Langho.

The average distances between the villages are less than 3 km.

It is situated between the villages of Menaggio and Cernobbio.

neighbouring villages

The neighbouring villages are Mucias, Karavasta and Bedat

The closest neighbouring villages are Derry Hill and Studley.

Its neighbouring villages are Chak 130 NB, Chak 125 NB, Chak No.

many villages

Various major cities and many villages were renamed.

More than half died and many villages were wiped out.

This has destroyed many villages in its path.

inhabited villages   (人が住んでいる村)

The village is one of the oldest inhabited villages in the Syrian coast.

India has 641,000 inhabited villages and 72.2 percent of the total population reside in these rural areas.

A roadway along the north coast connects all of the several inhabited villages between Ta‘ū on the west and Fiti‘uta.

villages include

Nearby villages include Bramford and Burstall.

Kasang villages include Lamoitong and Tuirong.

Nearby villages include Fivealley about 3 km.

villages and towns

Andoni villages and towns are situated on islands.

There are also primary schools in many villages and towns: e.g.

People from surrounding villages and towns come to Allapalli to sell their wares.

neighboring villages   (近隣の村)

There are shows in Frisanco and neighboring villages.

Kuki (Thadou) and Maring are also spoken in neighboring villages.

Jews from neighboring villages were forced into the Ghetto as well.

villages around   (周りの村)

The violence affected the Bhagalpur city and 250 villages around it.

Budalur is the main educational center for lot of small villages around it.

Today Shiraguppi has become a centre place for the small villages around it.

includes the villages

It includes the villages of Niederglatt and Nöschikon.

It includes the villages of Dürnten, Oberdürnten and Tann.

The community includes the villages of Calcoed and Dolphin.

villages along

On October 4 the ironclad "Numancia" shelled several villages along the coast.

Suisuimënë is one of the larger villages along the Paru river and has an airstrip.

A total of 150 families were evacuated in two fishing villages along the mainland.

villages and hamlets

Each cluster of villages and hamlets consists of 50-400 people, with an average of 185.

Maney Bhanjyang is surrounded by several small villages and hamlets within a radius of 5–8 km.

800), while many tiny mountain villages and hamlets were depopulated, or completely abandoned.

following villages

The municipal unit consists of the following villages:

villages such

Mangos are also grown usually in the northern emirates in villages such as Masafi.

Around 52 tribal villages such as Kutia Kondh and Desia Kondh inhabit the sanctuary.

This area contains notable villages such as Hajij, Shamshir, Palangan and Hawraman Takht.

rural villages   (農村)

In rural villages, chiefs or elders are empowered to try minor cases.

However, most came from rural villages in northern and southern India.

Population in 1990 was 1,001,455; 551,124 in the district centers, 450,331 in rural villages.

number of villages   (村の数)

Joub Jannine is surrounded by a number of villages.

There are a number of villages forming part of Żurrieq.

The Partisans gained control over a number of villages.

villages near   (近くの村)

Other villages near Simalkha are Dhaniakot, Dolkot and Gairkhav.

Filming started in January 2018 in the green villages near Madurai.

Wampen, Ladebow, and other villages near Greifswald are of Danish origin.

cities and villages

It can be practiced in cities and villages or farms.

Nearby cities and villages : Hrnčiarske Zalužany, Husiná and Kružno.

As this eighty years war developed, raids against cities and villages occurred.

villages within

As a result, there are no more villages within Ehime Prefecture.

This regional council provides various municipal services for the villages within its territory:

Most of the Esselen people's villages within the current Los Padres National Forest were uninhabited by around 1820.

local villages

Cricket teams played against local villages from 1891.

These are youths from local villages.

For local villages, these shrimps can have a high economic value.

through the villages

It also passes through the villages of Intragna, Marone, and Malesco.

Shortly before its confluence with the Biebrza it passes through the villages of Polkowo and Dębowo.

The Nar Valley Way passes through the villages with a permissive path through the grounds of Lexham Hall estate.

remote villages   (遠隔集落)

Although less widespread, it is still spoken in some remote villages of the Of district itself.

Her paintings document the clothes and lifestyle of the local people living in remote villages in Northern Italy.

A reward of £200 was unsuccessfully offered for Koko, who was forced to flee from the British, hiding in remote villages.

fishing villages

Samish fishing villages were present on Cypress until 1900.

Escuminac and surrounding fishing villages, especially Baie Ste.

Other major women fishing villages in Fujian include Hui'an and Meizhou Island.

smaller villages

District Councils supply water to more than 200 smaller villages.

although there are also numerous smaller villages used for plantations.

Some villages consisted of smaller villages, which are listed separately.

administrative villages

The headman of this administrative villages is Syamsul Huda, M.Si.

The "tambon" is divided into 26 administrative villages ("mubans").

The "tambon" is divided into 20 administrative villages ("mubans").

all villages

Most people from all villages in Caprivi come to celebrate by dancing and feasting.

In northern Syria all villages, towns and cities governed by the PYD were co-governed by a man and a woman.

Listed below with the name of all villages in Sabang with 2016 data: Sabang is served by the Maimun Saleh Airport.

panchayat villages

There are 40 panchayat villages in Channarayapatna Taluka, for 407 villages.

mainly villages

The municipality of Conselve contains the "frazione" (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Palù.

The municipality of Duino-Aurisina contains the "frazioni" (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets).

The municipality of Budoni contains the "frazioni" (subdivisions, mainly villages and hamlets) Agrustos (Gall.

few villages

Ubli consists of a town centre and a few villages.

In relation to its size, Stavies is one of the few villages in the area that has more than one olive oil factory.

He states that the Hindu Shahi king gave them a few villages in Laghman in return for guarding against the Arabs.

near the villages   (村の近く)

From its source near the villages of Inkpen and Woodhay, the Enborne flows Eastwards towards Newbury.

It lies on a big rock near the villages of Lapanagoi, at a distance of 30 km from the town of Kalavryta.

It was built near the villages of Cark and Flookburgh on the Cartmel Peninsula which today forms part of Cumbria.

villages located

Todey Tangta Todey and Tangta are two small villages located in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal, India.

five of the villages located right inside the town of Xiang Tung such as: Xao Paed, Bo Heua, Nong Kham, Pa Laeng and Suan Luang.

Ha Keng Hau, Sheung Keng Hau and Hin Tin are three adjacent villages located along Hin Keng Street (), along a northeast-southwest direction.

villages including

21 London Road and at the Jubilee Institute, as well as villages including Grittleton and Yatton Keynell.

The villages including Phadani, Budhabare, Kheruwa, Khaireni, Kirtiman, Kamalpur, Lokhra, Kuinkunda, Biran etc.

Besides Inhaca settlement on the western shore there are five smaller villages including Inguane, Nhaquene, Ridjeni and Tobia.

different villages

Kumroj is divideded in nine different villages.

Hahli immediately began traveling to different villages for training.

Sangam, Schools and Temples sprang up in different villages and settlements.

both villages

Many politicians promised to build a bridge between both villages, but no one has initiated.

Esquelbecques and Ledringhem were parts of the same fief, but both villages had their own town magistrates.

They are part of the Althorne ward of the Maldon district, and have a parish council that covers both villages.

main villages   (主な村)

The main villages in the commune are Arâches, Les Carroz, and La Frasse.

The latter two are named after a sub-region, and the others after their main villages.

The Zumalai subdistrict has six main villages: Fatuleto, Raimea, Zulo, Mape, Lour, and Taisilin.

coastal villages   (沿岸の村)

Because of this, coastal villages were abandoned.

In the aftermath Japan established a new system of alarms and patrols for coastal villages.

During this period, Hibok-Hibok formed flank lava domes and produced pyroclastic flows that devastated coastal villages.

former villages

The population of the former villages swelled rapidly.

It was created by the union of the former villages of Serrara and Fontana.

Within Bollenbach's limits lie several former villages, now in sparse ruins.

villages surrounding

In 1914 there were more than 20 villages surrounding the town of Hivniv.

Under Tatar rule, the city was governed by the notables of the city and the 18 villages surrounding it.

Incomes in much of the South Hams and in villages surrounding Exeter and Plymouth are above the national average.